Weekend with Katie

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Double Penetration

It all started innocently enough, nearly 2 1/2 years ago, when Katie entered the martial arts studio that I operate. At age 17, she was bright, bubbly and had the hard-body that would make any man gasp. She introduced herself, extending her hand and asking about the classes.

As a matter of course, I determined through some basic questioning that she was only 17, and we would require her parents’ permission for her to begin her lessons. After a few days of insisting that she get parental approval, she finally returned with a signed enrollment agreement from her father. Thus began the strange and exciting relationship that follows:

Katie turned 18 less than three months after joining the studio, and was an exceptional student. She spent her early teen years horseback riding, so she was strong and balanced. She also had no fear. She took to the martial arts like a duck takes to water, quickly catching the eye of many senior students. Though she is not tall (maybe only 5′ 4″), her years on a horse made her an awesome competitor.

As her instructor, and also as someone 20 years older than her, I kept my distance personally, but always was there to help guide her through her training. Occasionally, over the next year or so, she made hints that she was interested in more than a martial relationship with me, but I passed it off as wishful thinking on my part. I truly did not imagine that this hot, now 19-year old woman would have any physical feelings for someone my age. However, being a martial arts instructor, I have kept myself quite healthy and enjoy more strength and flexibility than most men my age.

One year ago, when she was preparing for an upcoming competition, she asked if we could do some sparring. Normally I don’t spar with my students, but I jumped at the chance to work with her, both as a martial artist and as an ‘interested’ older man wondering if I’ve still got it. We put on the minimal gear we use for safety, and began to mix it up. Her kicks, fast and furious, were effective, however my years of experience and naturally stronger physical techniques made scoring difficult for her. We agreed that she would need more training in order to jump to the next level.

Somehow, we managed to keep the relationship plutonic for nearly another year, though the training sessions were filled with sexual tension. When working on close-range self-defense techniques, she always managed to rub against me in a sensual fashion. She volunteered to be my partner as I prepared for the next week’s lessons, offering to let me practice the grabbing and twisting movements of self-defense and reviewing the forms (preset patterns of movement) that comprise a big portion of our training. It is during these times, when the studio was mostly empty, that our physical contact began to move into a more sexual nature. Finally, after a long day of training, we agreed that she would come over to my house for some spaghetti (one of her favorite meals), and we can talk about the upcoming tournament the following week.

At around 7:00PM, Katie arrived, looking every bit as good as a 20-year old can. She wore a short denim skirt, and the trendy layered t-shirts illegal bahis that are the in-thing right now. Her tanned and muscular legs were beautiful, and her shoulder-length blond hair shone.

We sat at the kitchen table, shared some wine and bread while the pasta cooked and the sauce simmered. Our conversations ranged from martial arts, to horseback riding, to family and friends, and before we knew it, the pasta was finished and the sauce was ready. Pouring another glass of wine each, we moved to the living room to watch some TV and eat. We drank yet some more wine, and before long the bottle was empty.

I went to the kitchen to get another bottle, and when I returned, Katie had moved the dishes and motioned for me to sit on the floor in front of her. I did, and she began to massage my shoulders and back, commenting on how she’s admired my body through my uniform for the last few years, and how she was impressed with my grace and strength. I mentioned that I, too, was impressed with her and that over my many years of instructing, have not seen a student as dedicated to winning as she.

“Oh”, she said, “you have no idea how good I am at winning and getting what I want”. With that, she leaned forward, and gently kissed my neck, wrapping her arms around my chest. Leaning back, I reached up to her, and quickly flipped her over, onto the floor. She was caught off guard, but the game had begun. She laughed at being caught unprepared, and reached up for me. Before long, we were rolling on the floor, each trying to get the best hold on the other.

Eventually, I gave in and let her roll on top of me, pinning me to the ground. Her legs, now nearly fully exposed from her short skirt, were on either side of me. She leaned forward, and for the first time, our lips met. The passion jumped in both of us. Her hair, scented from her recent shower, glanced my face. Her hands, now holding my arms as the ‘victor’ of the wrestling match, moved down to my chest.

I slid my hands to her legs, and then up to her hips, holding her over my now hardened manhood. She sat there for a moment, looking into my eyes, and began rocking back and forth. I wasn’t sure if she was wearing any panties, but could feel the heat coming from her sex through my kkakis. I slid my hands down from her hips, and to her legs again, and then moved them upward, under her skirt. I could feel the slight strings of a thong, and smiled internally, as I pictured what they might look like without her skirt.

She smiled down at me, and asked “Like what you feel?”

“Of course”, I said, “you knew I would”, and with that moved my hands around toward the front of the thong, feeling the hot, moist treasure awaiting me.

She sighed, moved her hands from my chest to the hem of her t-shirts, and slowly lifted them over her head, exposing her large breasts. For a short girl she had a disproportionately sized chest, firm and capped with long, protruding nipples.

I gasped as I saw them for the first time, only imagining what they looked like over the last few years under her sports bra and uniform. She reached down, lifted my t-shirt and tossed it aside, and then leaned forward, rubbing illegal bahis siteleri her breasts and nipples against my chest.

She seemed to be really turned on by this, and started moving forward and back on me, with both her chest and her pussy rubbing hard against me.

“Oh, God”, she cried as she suddenly had an orgasm that must have snuck up on her. She threw herself forward, pushing her nipples into my face, begging me to kiss and suck them. She obviously has sensitive nipples, and this suited me just fine!

I obliged, and while working my oral magic on her breasts, reached down and began to slide her skirt towards her feet. She settled back for a moment, helped me slide her skirt off, and then, without warning, slid her thong off as well. She glanced at me, smiled, and then reached for my belt, undoing my pants and sliding them down and off. Next came my boxers, but not before she commented that they seemed awfully wet for some strange reason.

Looking up at me from my legs, she purred like a kitten, smiled at me, and began to slide her tongue up and down my shaft. Her hands, holding me like a banana, worked in tandem with her tongue, up and down in unison.

“I think I know what you’d like”, she said, as she slid her tongue up the shaft, to my cock head, and then slowly engulfed it, gently pumping me with her hand. She moved her head from side to side, her beautiful blond hair tickling my balls and sac.

Slowly, she raised her head until my cock was at the tip of her lips, and then plunged back down, taking me fully into her mouth. Over and over again she did this, occasionally looking up at me to ensure that I was enjoying myself.

It wasn’t long before I was about to come, and I told her I was close. Instead of pulling up and away, she took a breath and thrust her mouth down onto my cock, pumping her hand and gently growling, with the vibrations of her larynx resonating onto my cock.

I began to shoot into her, my hands now holding her head. She took it all, sucked a few more times to make sure I was empty, and then slid up, sliding her breasts along my legs, my cock and then my stomach.

“How was that, Master” she asked, coyly smiling and stroking my shrinking cock with her hands.

“Not bad”, I said. “But your technique is only half completed. We now need to work on getting your hips in the correct position for maximum power and thrust”.

With that, I rolled her onto her back, moved myself between her legs, and began to lick her breasts, stomach and hips. As my tongue moved down her body, I reached up and gently massaged her nipples, twisting and turning them in my fingers. I then moved my hands under her ass, lifted her slightly, and positioned my face squarely between her legs, with my hands pulling her pussy lips apart after I snaked my arms around her hips.

She was soaking, with warm juices begging to be lapped up. I began by licking and sucking her lips, darting my tongue in and out of her. She cooed, raised and lowered her hips and placed her hands on the back of my head.

I kept working her, knowing that she was ready to explode again in another orgasm. As I felt her body canlı bahis siteleri tighten, I picked up the pace, moving my tongue in and out faster and deeper. Her strong legs, wrapped around my head, began to squeeze. I could hardly breath, but she kept pulling me into her, beginning to thrash about and moan loudly. Soon, she fully tensed, shot her legs straight out, and began a tumultuous orgasm that shook her all over. I kept licking and sucking, driving her mad, and when she violently yanked my head up, I knew she had had enough.

“Jesus, that was GREAT” she squealed, pulling me up to kiss her. She licked her juices from my face, rubbed her hands up and down my shoulders, and commaned “Now…what do you say to good fucking?” and with that, reached down, found my once again hard cock, and guided it to her slick, wet opening.

Without much resistance or hesitation, I slid into her. Since she was not a big girl, her pussy was tight. It felt so good, so hot, that I could have stayed there all night, deep inside of her, feeling her muscles tighten and loosen around my shaft. After a few minutes, she regained her composure, and our rhythmic dance began. We moved in and out, up and down, left and right. Our hips connected like a well-designed fuck machine, and our animalistic natures took over.

We moaned, grunted and uuuugghhh-ed away for at least 15-minutes. I had the urge to really take her hard, to ride her like she probably rides her horses. With that in mind, I pulled out of her, grabbed her hips and flipped her to her stomach.

I positioned myself behind her as her hand reached for my cock, nearly pushing it back into her so fast that I never really felt like it was out. I reached for her golden mane, yanked it back as I watched her back arch downward. I pulled on her hair, wrapping my fists in it, and began to slam into her hard.

She loved it, meeting my every thrust with her own, urging me on with her words. She reached between her legs, grabbed my sac, and began squeezing. It hurt, but it also felt good. I released one hand, and reached around to pinch her nipples, hard and rough. She moaned out loud, telling me to pound her harder. I did, and it turned her on even more.

“My pussy….play with my pussy” she gasped.

I slid my other hand from her hair, reached between our legs, and began to rub her pussy lips up and down, side to side. She began to come again, screaming at the top of her lungs “fuck me….hard…yes, fuck…fuck…fuck. Oh, yesssssssss! Yessssssssssssss!” she cried as I shot my load hard and deep into her.

Our spasms eventually ceased, and she collapsed onto the carpet, my hands still holding onto her breasts and her pussy. Our combined juices were draining out of her onto the carpet, and our sweaty bodies were pressed together.

I eventually slid my hand off her pussy, brought it to her lips, and let her lick her juices from it.

“Hmmmm…you and I taste wonderful together”, she said. “Almost as good as you taste by yourself”.

I removed my fingers from her lips, stroked her hair and back gently, and kissed her neck.

“Where do we go from here?” I wondered, as the fact that I was her instructor hit home again, and the thought of ‘pooping in your own back yard’ crept into my mind.

“Well” she said, “for starters we can go take a shower, and then maybe the bedroom, the kitchen, the stairs…”

To be continued….

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