The Hillingdon Club Ch. 02

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Joanne took her coffee and cake and found a secluded seat in a corner of the café, as far away from anyone else but still with a clear site-line of the door. She shrugged her coat off onto the back of the chair, emptied the sachet of sugar into the cup and stirred it before taking a sip. Just how I like it, she smiled to herself, strong and black like my men. It was an old joke from years ago, when she was young free and single.

She loved coming to Michaelhouse; it had been a regular meet up place with other mums when the kids had been younger and served a mean slice of cake. From the outside, it looked like a small gothic church, but it had been converted into a bright airy café with a balcony and spiral staircase, a hidden gem in the centre of town. Unfortunately for Joanne, it was also close to St Cedd’s College. It was just three days since she had passed through its arched gateway and allowed herself to be used and abused for a large cash pay-out. She had blushed at the memory as she had passed, looking down at the pavement. Every time she saw a young male student, she could not help wondering whether he had been inside her, filled her with cum. Had he been the one to fist her? The one who had sodomised her? Worse still, she was terrified of meeting the austere woman with the ponytail who had escorted and paid her, the only woman who knew what she had done. Well, not the only one, but she doubted the three other women who had gone through the same experience would want to stop and make small talk.

All of which bought her back to the reason she was here. She put down the coffee cup, removed her purse and took the small strip of paper out of it. Written on it, in small neat handwriting, was a mobile phone number. Joanne had found it in her bag the morning after and felt physically sick when she saw it – members of the Hillingdon Club were supposedly barred from making contact with the women they “employed”, and she had signed a contract stating that she would not discuss her activities that evening with anybody. She had no idea how it had come to be in her possession. Had Ms Ponytail put it in as she went by? Had one of the students followed her through the college as she left? How else could it have got in there? Who did it belong to?

There was, of course, only one way to find out the answers – call the number. Did she need to know the answers? Should she call the number? Her head spinning in confusion she had, she had dropped the kids off at school and left her husband snoring after a night shift before coming into town, paying in the cash she had kept hidden in a drawer.

And now she sat with a phone number, a slice of cake and a cup of black coffee.

Call? Don’t call?

What should she do?

All in all, she decided, the best thing to do was eat the cake.

Having delayed thinking about the problem for two minutes but feeling better for consuming 470 calories, she made her choice. And dialled.


She didn’t know what she was expecting (maybe a Bond villain drawl or horror movie cackle?), but it wasn’t this. The voice that answered sounded normal, youthful. Like someone who had just been woken up. She was momentarily flustered, dumbstruck.

“Hello.” Damn! Was that the best she could come up with?

“Erm… who is this?” The man on the opposite end of the farm had obviously picked up without checking who was calling and was now ever so slightly confused.

“My name’s…” Should she give her real name? What should she say? “Jo. My name’s Jo and I… found your number…”

“Found it?”

“Yes. I found it. In my bag. On Tuesday evening…”

There was a pause as the man thought back – what had he been doing Wednesday evening? Joanne’s self-worth began to plummet further: was an evening of debauchery really so normal that it didn’t stand out as being unusual? Or was this anything to do with the Hillingdon Club at all?

On the other end of the line, the penny finally dropped.

“Shit!! It’s You! Wow! Erm… I never expected… Wow! Where are you?”

The question, like the voice, took her by surprise; this wasn’t the way this conversation was supposed to be! She was so shocked by his pleasant tone, by his puppy-dog excitement, by the way he was talking to her like she was an old friend, she spoke without thinking.

“I’m in Michaelhouse but…”

“Opposite Caius?”

“Yes, but…”

“I’ll be there in 10!”

Joanne stared at her phone in disbelief. What the fuck had just happened? And more importantly, what the fuck was she going to do? She could call back but what would she say? Leave, she thought, just get up and go… but then she realised that she had now given her own number away. What if he kept calling? What if he called when she was at home? What if…?

Reluctantly, she accepted her fate and ordered another coffee.

It was more like 15 minutes later that he walked through the door. Joanne knew it was him instantly; he was younger than the usual clientele, more casually illegal bahis dressed He was also, she thought, drop dead gorgeous: tall and muscular (the St Cedd’s Boat Club hoody he wore explained how he had got that physique) with a mop of unruly brown hair and pale blue eyes that scanned the room. When they settled on her, he smiled and began to walk over to her.

“Jo?” he asked, and she nodded before taking a sip of coffee.

“Wow! I’m Dan! It’s good to…” He began before she interrupted him.

“What do you want?” she asked coldly. “And how the fuck did your number get in my bag?” Good looking or not, she wasn’t going to let his boyish charms stop her from getting answers. His eyes flicked away from hers, and he looked sheepish for the first time.

“Well… I think I may owe you an apology… I was a bit drunk and I… I…”

“Fucked me up the arse?” She enjoyed the way he squirmed in his seat at the crudity of her words.


“Fucked me up the arse when I’d asked you not to?”

“Err… I suppose…”

“Fucked my arse and came inside me. Can you even guess how much it hurt?”

“Look, I’m sorry!! I used lube and I thought it would be ok but I know…” He paused and looked around helplessly; this was obviously not going the way he’d planned. “I’m sorry.” he repeated lamely.

Joanne paused for a few seconds, taking another sip of coffee. “So how did I get your number? I thought it was all supposed to be anonymous.”

“It is but I…” He paused again, looking for the right words; it was clear that this was not going the way he had expected and know what to say next. “I had it already written out and slipped it into your stocking tops while…”

“While you anally raped me.” Joanne finished for him matter of factly, and she could have sworn he turned green. She was beginning to enjoy this! She thought about the long list of improbable events that had lead her here: the number being slipped inside her lingerie and going unnoticed as she was released from her restraints; the fact he has given it to her and not one of the other women; the fact she hadn’t noticed it when undressing; the way it had fallen into her bag and not onto the floor; and that she had noticed it, rescued it, before the prying eyes of her family. And, of course, the fact that she had called him. Maybe this was meant to be? She sighed and relented.

“To be fair, I was spread-eagled and on offer, and I suppose you had paid enough money to fuck me wherever you wanted to.” She smiled ruefully.

Dan perked up slightly. “It was noisy too. I honestly didn’t hear you say no. And besides…”

Jo raised an eyebrow quizzically.

“I didn’t want to have sloppy seconds.” She blurted out a snort of laughter and covered her mouth; she wasn’t sure whether it was the ridiculous obscenity or the way he had uttered it, like a naughty schoolboy caught out lying, that made her laugh. A grey-haired lady two tables away turned and glared at her.

“So what was your plan, when you slipped your number into my stockings?” she asked.

“Well, I was pissed, and I thought you might… you know… be up for it again? “

“Up for it,” she repeated incredulously.

“I mean, I’d be willing to pay…”

The look of thunder that crossed her face was enough to silence him. “What do you think I am, a fucking prosti…” she paused, realising the ludicrousness of what she was about to say: hadn’t she been paid to have sex with a large number of men, the very definition of a prostitute? She sighed. “Ok, maybe I am a fucking prostitute, but I’m not some cheap whore. I did that because I was desperate, it’s not something I’m going to repeat and it’s not a lifestyle choice I want to make either.”

A sly smile crossed Dan’s face. “How about having great sex with horny young men?” he asked. “Is that a lifestyle choice you could make?”

Joanne smiled despite herself. There was something about him that she liked, and it wasn’t just his good looks. There was a puppy dog enthusiasm about him, an energy that she liked. “Horny?” she asked.

“Well, I’m sat with a pretty woman who I know is very sexy from the waist down…”

She blushed and averted her eyes. My God! she thought, All he has to do is turn on the charm and I’m blushing like a teenager! “And have you got a friend who’s horny too?” she joked.

“My flat mates probably back from rowing training,” Dan replied, leaning towards her. “I’m sure he could be… tempted, if that’s what you’re into.”

There was a pause, and Joanne knew that this was a sliding door moment. Everything that had happened in the last few days had led to this point, this decision. Thoughts flashed through her mind in quick succession, images and feelings and ideas, almost overwhelming in their intensity. What to do? Take control or be swept along? Be a victim or be a conqueror? Prude or whore or mother or wife or all at the same time?

She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. The grey-haired lady tutted again.

“I illegal bahis siteleri am now,” she whispered.

They pushed their chairs back and she gathered her belongings before heading out onto Trinity Street turning, thankfully, away from St Cedd’s and headed towards the Market Square. They cut diagonally across it, weaving through the stalls before walking down Petty Cury, turning onto St Andrews Street and finally turning onto Christ’s Lane where Dan unlocked an innocuous door between Starbucks and MetroBank. As soon as they were on the other side, Dan pulled her towards him and they kissed again, his hands holding her head, running through her hair. When they broke, he led her up three flights of stairs and opened a door.

For a student flat, it was impressive. A small corridor opened onto a spacious sitting room, with plush sofa in the middle and a kitchenette to one side. Large windows overlooked Christ’s Pieces at tree top height. It was so high, above the shops and offices, that she barely noticed the bus station directly below. To one side there were two doors, obviously Dan’s bedroom and that of is mysterious roommate. She could hear the sound of a shower running behind one of them, the one which Dan went and banged on.

“Hey Liam! Get yourself out here!” he shouted. “I’ve got a surprise!” Joanne dropped her bag by the sofa, shrugged her coat onto the floor and went over to where he stood. She kissed him again, resting her hand on his chest before letting it slowly run down to his crotch, feeling his erection through his jogging bottoms. The sound of the shower stopped. She turned to face the bedroom door, her back to the rugby player, who pulled her so close that she could feel his cock pressing against her arse and wrapped his arms around her waist.

The door opened, and Liam emerged. He was, to be frank, gorgeous. Tall, dark, handsome, muscled and, most importantly, wearing only a town around his waist.

“Hi!” she grinned, taking in the view with anticipation.

“Hello yourself, “he said, smiling. “And to coin a phrase – what’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?”

“I think she wants to be a naughty girl instead” Dan told him. “Do you want to help?”

“Well… I’ve got a lecture later, but I think I could spare an hour,” Liam replied.

“Don’t put yourself out on my account!” Joanne smiled.

She leant back, enjoying the feeling of Dan’s large hands slowly moved up her body until it was gently caressing her breast. Turning her head slightly towards him, she felt his hot breath as he leant in and kissed her. Her lips parted as their mouths came together and his tongue slipped into her mouth; Liam, meanwhile, walked towards her.

As the kiss ended, she turned to the young man in front of her and released the towel that was wrapped around his waist, exposing his semi-erect cock. The hand that had been rubbing her nipples slipped down her stomach and inside the waistband of her jeans and began to rub gently at her pussy through the thin cotton of her knickers. She took Liam’s cock in her hand and began to wank it slowly as he took his turn to lean in and kiss her gently. The hand in her trousers was removed and she became aware of Dan shifting behind her, then of her right hand being guided to another erection. Again, the kiss ended, and Joanne looked down; she had a cock in each hand and was gently wanking them both as they stood next to her, one completely naked and the other with his jogging bottoms around his ankles. Neither cock was massive, but both were bigger than average: the one in her left hand must have been seven inches but thinner than the shorter, fatter one in her right. She looked at it and remembered how big it had felt inside her anus days ago and was surprised it was not bigger.

The realisation of what she was doing suddenly hit her: she was sat in a strange flat masturbating two people whose names she barely knew, knowing that there was a high probability that both men would have fucked her before lunch. She couldn’t help laughing at the absurdity of it.

“What’s so funny?” Dan asked.

“I’ve never had two cocks before,” she replied. “I’m still dressed, and I’ve got a cock in each hand!”

“We can soon do something about that,” said the man in front of her.

Liam’s hand moved up to her neck and stoked it before pulling her gently towards his groin. Joanne didn’t need asking twice; she bent forward, opened her mouth and took the head of his now fully erect penis into her mouth. Still wanking the shaft with her left hand, she began to bob her head up and down, her lips closed around his cock and her tongue swirling around his glans. Her right hand carried on stroking the cock on the other side of her until its owner moved away and she heard clothes being taken off and dropped to the floor.

The removal of the second cock allowed Joanne to shift into a more comfortable position, kneeling down in front of him. She felt her hair being gathered into a ponytail in one hand, canlı bahis siteleri and she knew that he would be wanting to get a better view of the blow job he was receiving. She ran her tongue around his bulbous head before sliding her mouth along its length. A few seconds later she felt his other hand being placed on the back of her head, pushing her down so that more of his erection filled her mouth. At the same time, he began to move his hips and thrust more forcefully into her mouth, making her take her hand away. Millimetre by millimetre, she took more of his cock into her mouth until she realised that he was pushing her head down and all seven inches was in her throat, her nose buried in his pubic hair. He carried on pulling her towards him and thrusting up until she found it hard to breath and began to gag, until he released her. She lifted her head and gasped for breath before spitting on his cock and starting to suck again. After a few seconds, the hand in the back of her neck pushed down again and the whole process was repeated until her felt the pressure released completely and she sat back on her haunches.

Turning around, she looked at Dan who was standing naked in front of the sofa, his athletic body revealed to her for the first time, cock in hand and masturbating slowly. She stood and walked over to him, sat on the edge of the seat; reaching out to place her hands on his hips, pulled him closer and took him into her mouth. As she began to suck him, she ran her hands across his buttocks, relishing the feel of his taught muscles. Seizing his chance, Liam squeezed behind her on the sofa before reaching around and cupping her breasts, squeezing them enthusiastically. At the same time, she felt Dan’s hands being placed on her head; holding her head still, he began to fuck her mouth, rhythmically forcing his erection as far down her throat as she could take. Again, she soon found herself with her nose in thicket of pubic hair and a pair of balls squashed against her chin, struggling for breath as strong hands held her in place until she gagged and slapped the bare arse she was stroking. Again, she was released, spit and drool falling from her mouth over her chin and chest.

Dan stepped back again, and she felt Liam tugging at her tops and lifted her arms so that they could both be removed. As they were tossed to one side, she reached around and unclipped her bra, sliding it off her shoulders and dropping it between her feet. Hands grasped her again: one pair groping her tits and pulling on her stiffening nipples, the other holding her head still so that she could take his erection into her mouth. Another session of energetic face-fucking left her gasping for breath; as she was released once more, she leaned back onto Liam’s naked chest and enjoyed the sensation of her breasts being played with, her nipples tweaked. She closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure until he shifted position again and kissed her passionately on the lips; This time Joanne slipped her own tongue into his mouth. She became aware of her trainers and socks being pulled off, then raised her bottom slightly in anticipation of the tugging on her jeans that followed.

Naked but for her knickers, she broke off kissing Liam and looked towards Dan. Smiling, he dropped to his knees in front of her and parted her legs before pulling her pants to one side and exposing her unshaven pussy. Without waiting, he bent his head down, slid two fingers into her wetness and began to lap furiously at her clitoris.

Joanne arched her back, thrusting herself into Dan’s eager mouth. “Oh God, yes!” she murmured. The pleasure swept through her body as her vagina, clit and nipples were stimulated by the two youths. Even after a short time, she could feel her orgasm begin to build.

“You like that?” Liam whispered in her ear, pulling he left nipple out as far as possible before releasing it and pinching the right one hard. “Do you like your pussy being licked?”

“Yes” she breathed. Dan put his hands on her thighs and pushed them further apart, increased the speed of his tongue an eased another finger inti her. “Oh God yes!” he moaned, “Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

“Dirty fucking whore,” Liam whispered, flicking her nipple, and with that Joanne’s first eye-rolling orgasm ripped through her, arching her back and leaving her shaking with pleasure.

Before she had properly recovered, she felt herself being manhandled. She was lain down on the sofa, her right leg over the back, her left foot on the floor, her shoulders on the edge and her head lolling off the end. Whilst Dan knelt between her legs and began to rub the head of his cock between her labia, Liam stood behind her and guided his bell-end towards her mouth again. Joanne groaned with pleasure as she was spit-roasted for the first time in her life: one cock slid easily into her soaking pussy whilst the other forced its way down her throat. She was unsure what to do with her hands, so they moved from her breasts down to her aching clitoris, from Dan’s neck down to his pecs, from the balls slapping against her forehead to their owners taught buttocks. She could feel her throat bulging each time he forced his cock into her mouth, and all the time her pussy was being slowly and steadily reamed.

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