A Most Rewarding Boss Ch. 01

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Female Ejaculation

Theirs was an unusual relationship. She, the experienced company director. He, the much younger man working under her, reporting to her and accountable to her. However, for some time, there had been more to Karla and Jack’s relationship. Much more.

Karla had worked in the marketing industry for many years and was probably selling before Jack had even been born. Now in her early fifties, she was still perfectly capable of turning heads with her good looks, blond hair, and legs that deserved a second look. With her manicured fingernails painted in a striking colour and often wearing classy heels, Karla was a dominant figure.

26-year-old Jack, on the other hand, was less striking, but no less ambitious or adept at getting what he wanted. Clean-shaven, short-haired, he preferred to listen more than he talked and was happier being guided than leading the way.

They had worked together for six years, through challenging times and Jack was by now Karla’s longest-serving employee. She would give him the occasional perk including gifts, purely out of gratitude for his hard work and professional nature. She was well aware that workers like him are hard to come by and couldn’t risk losing his services.

Nevertheless, Jack wasn’t entirely happy. He longed to earn more money and felt he was too often relied upon to go above and beyond his remit. While in private he might rehearse a compelling case to put to Karla, his confidence deserted him when face to face with his boss. To him, she was a powerful woman who commanded respect and duty – perhaps to the detriment of his professional career.

He had become disillusioned and was giving some serious thought to moving on. Karla, meanwhile, was oblivious to this – Jack being as guarded with his feelings as he was quiet. She didn’t think he had either a wide enough range of skills or the self-confidence required to find a job elsewhere.

Jack had long admired women’s feet and legs. He had a foot fetish, of that there was no doubt and he knew it. He’d sucked the toes of previous girlfriends and got a massive rush from doing so. He often fantasised about worshipping the feet of women he either knew, had met, or saw on the street.

Karla was no exception. As they worked more and more together, Jack had begun to seriously lust after her feet and used to especially enjoy it when she wore outrageously coloured heels to the office. He knew that to try to take his fantasies – imagined perabet fantasies that had helped him to orgasm on many an occasion – any further would be professional suicide.

But didn’t he want to leave anyway? If he did some research and had some jobs lined up, what was the worst that could happen? Would the potential payoff be worth the possible destruction Karla could cause?

Previously, when Jack had helped her out by working late or getting projects turned around on time, she’d either cooked him a meal or given him a cash bonus. Always a most accommodating boss, this time was different. He had indeed got her out of a hole.

“Look, I don’t know what I would have done without your help this week,” she said. Turning to face him as he sat opposite her, she reached out and placed her hand on top of his, her painted red nails glimmering under the fluorescent lights.

This was different.

“I genuinely don’t know how to thank you,” she continued. “Do you want money?”

“No, but there is something else,” Jack said slowly, taking time over his words, and gauging her reaction.

“Look,” he continued. “There’s no easy way to say this.” By now his mind was racing. How much of his obsession should he declare? Was he about to sign his own P45?

“You know how you like to wear nice shoes and that?” She nodded, indicating that he should go on.

“Well, would you let me worship your feet?” he asked.

Silence. She looked at him, then looked at the desk, withdrawing her hand and then looking back at him.


Jack bit his lip. He wasn’t sure which way this was going to go. He nodded his head.

“Well,” she said, playing with her hair as she did so, “I guess it can’t do any harm.” She wore a frown, evidently bemused as to why Jack, a man young enough to be her son, wanted to play with her feet.

Her reaction told him what he had long suspected. She was aware of the effect that wearing heels, sandals and showing off her legs could have on men. She had possibly guessed that he wanted her feet, but he couldn’t be sure of that. Jack could be pretty discreet when he wanted to be.

Discretion went out of the window now.

Jack smiled. A reserved, contented smile. He was about to get what he had wanted for a long time.

He stood up and began slowly making his way around the end of the desk, ready to get down on his hands and knees.

“This is kind of weird,” she perabet giriş said. “How are we doing this?”

“You just stay there, sit back and enjoy it,” Jack replied.

“Hmmm, still not sure about that, but if it keeps you on my side, then I’ll do my best.”

“I’m always on your side,” he joked. A nervous laugh, almost a giggle, emanated from her mouth as she pushed her chair back and straightened her legs. She tried to flick off her heels, but he gently put a hand on her leg.

“Keep those on for the moment,” he said, softly. She nodded.

He was now sitting at her feet. On them, she was wearing a pair of light brown court shoes with cute flower patterns all over them. On all fours, he began by licking the top of her left foot, gently to start with as he didn’t want to shock her. As his tongue moved around the small part of her foot that was available to him, Jack could feel her tensing and wiggling.

He could sense she wasn’t in discomfort. That was a sign he needed to continue. He moved onto her other foot, the one she had almost liberated. As he licked the top of her foot he felt an incredible sensation sweep through his body – a cocktail of excitement and fear wrapped up in sensual euphoria.

As her right foot was partially out of her shoe, Jack cupped his hands around her heel and firmly rubbed her heel and sole. He knew she’d appreciate that and as he worked his fingers slowly down her foot, the shoe slipped off, making a soft thud as it hit the floor.

He carried on slowly massaging, and Karla let out a contented sigh. She loved the feel of his warm hands and fingers touching her feet. Jack pressed some more and drew her toes close to his mouth, licking across the top of them before taking her big toe and gently sucking. She let out an excited squeal as he ran his tongue up and down while working his skilful fingers up and down the underside of her foot.

He sucked a little harder, and with his other hand, worked her other foot out of her shoe. He grabbed her little toes and gave them a squeeze before popping his index finger between two of them and gently rubbing.

Jack was utterly lost in the moment by now. Carefully sucking each toe on her right foot in turn while fondling her left foot as she wriggled her approval and let out the occasional, stifled moan, he was in ecstasy, switching feet, massaging, sucking, pumping, playing.

Always very reserved and not over quick perabet güvenilir mi to show her true feelings, he got the impression that Karla didn’t really want to let him know how much she was enjoying this, but Jack knew. He could sense it. He could feel it through his hands and tongue. It made him even more determined to give her the best foot worship experience she’d ever had. He moved on to reaching with his tongue very deliberately into the gap between her toes, and this seemed to take her to a new level of sensation. As his tongue danced between her toes, she gripped her chair firmly.

“Oh. That…is…good,” she breathed out, each word as heavily emphasised as the last, letting herself go a little. As if Jack sucking her toes and massaging her feet wasn’t enough, feeling his fingers and his tongue between her toes was making her feel incredible. Jack took both of her feet, lifted them to his face and continued to lick between her toes as she wiggled them feverishly. She let out sigh after sigh, ultimately betraying her excitement and pleasure.

“You are so good. Wow. I wish you’d asked me before!”

Jack smiled. He looked up at her, all the time sucking her little toes and rolling his fingers up and down her soles. Increasing the intensity of both his sucking and massaging, she put her face in her hands, threw back her head and let out a moan-cum-giggle.

He must have been at the feet of this woman, who to him, was something of a goddess, for around half an hour before he figured that would be enough for today. He slowed his sucking to a stop, softly licked her soles one last time each and placed her feet gently back into her shoes.

“Thank you,” he said as he got up from underneath her.

“Thanks, yes, err, good.” She stumbled over her words, a combination of still feeling incredible and unable to comprehend why he had stopped.

That evening, thinking back to the brazen way in which he had taken the gamble to get into her shoes, Jack smiled to himself. It could have gone so wrong, yet it felt so right. He couldn’t help wondering what Karla had felt. What had she actually been thinking? And when would he next get to suck those toes?

Karla, meanwhile, let out a contented sigh as her mind was cast back to her first foot worship encounter with her willing and submissive toy boy. Footboy, perhaps, she mused. She came to the realisation that each time over the years she had worn heels, taken her shoes off or rubbed them suggestively, she had been driving him wild. She smiled to herself.

Until that evening, she’d never known herself just how good it felt to have her feet played with. Now she did, she just wanted more and more of that feeling.

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