Vaginal Muscles

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It happened way back I was 23 years, traveling from Delhi to Bombay in a/c train Rajdhani Express – chair car.

As usual I reached the station on time and luckily had a window seat and 2 seats were empty, a while later a good looking couple enters with a kid (4 years old) and are seated next to me after adjusting their luggage the husband kissed the wife and the kid goodbye. I as usual acted very naïve and quite.

So it was myself, a kid next to me and a young mother, we exchanged pleasantries, offered her the magazine to read, luckily I was caring some chocolates to the kid – after sometime we started chatting and was having fun with the kid. Her name was Sultana and sons name was ………. We were talking like an old friends, she was 5 years elder to me – but looked quite young. She was slim and had nice breast, neither big nor small just a perfect one.

Like a good Samaritan I offered the window seat to the kid and shifted to the aisle seat – this went on till we had our dinner and at 10 PM, the lights were out. We already had removed our quilt and pillow and were about to sleep – I stepped out for a smoke and was back in about 25-20 minutes. Mother and son had already gone to sleep by then – I quietly slid myself onto my seat bahis firmaları – removed my shoes, covered myself with the quilt and dozed off.

After an hour or so, I felt something on my toe – I just rubbed it on the front seat and was about to sleep and I felt it again on my toe, slyly I decided to check – it was Sultana’s leg. I kept myself still to check and she started rubbing my leg – my average but very thick dick responded immediately. Very confused as to what should I do, decided to dare I slowly shifted my hand onto her leg and kept it still for a while – she responded the same way & went little further squeezing my engorged dick .

I got bolder and softly started squeezing her breast, she took hold of my hand and shoved it in her t shirt. She had the biggest nipple I had ever felt, felt like holding a tiny dick between my fingers. She like an expert removed my belt and unzipped my jean – releasing my engorged dick, her tiny soft hands felt like a fur on my dick & kept whispering “oh god you are so thick” this went on for about 20 min. I decided to venture a bit further – shifted a bit to slide my hands under her trouser, to my surprise she had unbuttoned it well in advance, it was a hairless, smooth & soft as if touching kaçak iddaa a hairless teen cunt, it was dripping wet – my 2 fingers were deep inside her and I felt her vaginal muscles gripping and releasing my fingers.

She removed the arm rest between the 2 seats and started sucking me as if there was no tomorrow – I came in about 5 min. and kept shooting my cum she kept pace with my cum and drank all of it without spilling, kissed me & made me taste my cum – smart, she actually kept a good amount in her mouth which I heartily swallowed. I removed my finger from her flowing cunt, licked my fingers to taste her and them made her lick her cum.

We kissed for a while, she latched onto my dick for a second round repeating the same thing and gave me mouthful of my cum. I looked around was relived that every one were fast asleep around us. Just as I was about to relax she whispered “lick me” it was more of a command. I slowly slid myself between her legs & slowly started teasing her swollen lips, fingering her simultaneously – then shoved my lubricated finger in her arse hole and her cum flowed like a hot lava, I could not cope up with her flow and it was dripping all over me, she came twice in one session. I kept mouthful of cum and gave it kaçak bahis back to her, which she swallowed greedily and licked my face clean, she wanted more of her cum. My dick was hungry and wanted to be buried in cunt & I wanted to feel her vaginal muscles on my dick.

I excused myself to go to the wash room & she follows me, she latches the door from inside and almost rips of my clothes, keeps caressing n kissing my dick as if it a little baby.

Keeps whispering “put it in” ….. “rip me apart” she can’t get over the thickness of my dick. Finally she goes down on all four and instead of inserting her – I start licking her arse hole and tongue fucking her ass, she squirms and starts cumming and without any warning I shove my dick in her – all my 6.5 inches inside her, I kept still not moving a bit and then she started using her powerful vaginal muscles on my dick …… it was like heaven she came twice and I shot my cum without moving my dick it was all her vaginal power, they were so powerful that my dick was still erect and inside her, I slowly started moving in & out, her vaginal muscles came into act again – they were gripping and releasing my dick in motion of in & out.

Exhausted, we came back on are seat and slept on each others shoulder. We didn’t exchange our contact numbers as it was her request and I apprenticed it.

It was the most memorable sex I ever had – I still have to come across a girl with such a powerful vaginal muscles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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