Unquenchable Thirst

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Watching the clock, waiting for my shift too end, thinking to myself what a long day it had been. My last customer, a man, was at the checkout, when suddenly, I heard him say, “Casi, is it you, is it really you?”

Looking at him closely, it dawned on me straight away, it was Brad, from high school, “Brad” I cried, “Oh my God, how are you?” and I leaned across to kiss his cheek. ” I am well Casi, very well, and it is so good to see you again, after all this time. How have you been Casi?”

“I am good too Brad, wow it has been years since I last saw you hun.”

“Yes” he replied, “far too long.” With that lustful look in his eyes, that I remembered all too well, I blushed, and smiled at him.

“Hey Casi,” he said,” what time you get off, maybe we could go for a drink, for old times sake?” Grinning, I replied, “Well, you are my last customer Brad.” I could feel his eyes undressing me, as he softly whispered, “Do you remember? I was your first.” My mind drifted back to that day, when Brad had popped my cherry, how Brad had taken me, making me his.

“CASI, CASI,” I heard, as his voice pulled me back to reality, “What about that drink then, are you up for it?”

Brad waited by the staff entrance as I changed, and then we strolled leisurely across the parking lot. Brad’s car was parked close to mine, and as we passed it he grabbed me, pressing me back against the vehicle, and kissing me hard.

His lips crushing mine, then his tongue slipping into my mouth, swirling in a lustful dance, as my tongue joined his. I could feel the hardness of his cock as he grinded against me, his strong hands kneading my breast. Breaking fro the kiss, breathing hard, I whispered, “I thought we were going for a drink Brad?”

“We can take my car,” he said,” and I can drop you back here later.” As he drove we made small talk, about the years gone by, and what we were both doing now. It felt good to be with him again. We decided to go to the next town, then, as we waited at a stoplight, he reached across the seat and grabbed my left breast, giving it a rough squeeze. My nipple hardened immediately with excitement, and he noticed straight illegal bahis away, grabbed at it, and twisted. I moaned out in pleasure. “Casi,” he said “play with yourself for me.” Blushing profusely, I looked at him., ” Brad!! I cant do that here.”

“DO IT CASI, or I will stop the car, and leave you here.” I laughed at him, saying, “You cannot be serious Brad, I am not doing it.”


My god he was serious, I lifted my top, and began to rub my tits and nipples through my red lacy bra for him. “That’s a good girl” Brad said “but I meant like this,” as he reached over, and, taking hold of my bra ripped it from my body. I was shaking, a mixture of fear and excitement, running through my mind. The more i played with my tits, the more excited I became, I could feel my juices building between my thighs/move between my thighs. Arching my back I moaned, my hips lifting slightly, rocking slowly in my seat.

Brads hand slid across, resting on my knee, before sliding his finger up my thigh. Feeling his touch on my thigh, my legs parted slightly, and he chuckled “hmmm, is CASI girl getting wet?” His finger teasingly traced the crotch of my panties, rubbing slowly up and down, as I whispered hoarsely, “Yes”

“What was that you said Casi girl?” YES I am wet.” I cried out. Grabbing at my panties, he ripped them from me, and held them to his nose, inhaling deeply. “Did I tell you to stop?” He asked, “No Brad,” I replied, as I slid a finger into my cunt.

He seemed to be driving forever, as I was fingering my cunt, and rubbing them against my clit as. Moaning, as I rocked back and forth, 2 fingers sliding in and out, my cunt was burning up, I so wanted to cum. Closing my eyes, I fingered faster, my hips humping my fingers, faster and faster, as I drove them deep inside me.

“That’s the way Casi girl, get that cunt ready for me.” He reached over and twisted my nipple, giving my tits a good shaking. “OOOOH GOD,” Ii screamed out. My body trembling as I felt my orgasm starting. “DONT YOU DARE CUM CASI, not yet.” Brad snapped, in a stern voice, as I begged,

“PLEASE, Brad I need too cum.”

He illegal bahis siteleri drove into an open field, and stopped the car. Getting his cock out from his pants, he said “Are you ready my cock slut” and grabbing me by the hair, shouted, “NOW BITCH.” He pushed his cock roughly into my mouth, bruising my lips, as he pumped my head to his cock making me gag. I was now sucking Brad’s cock freely, and he tasted so good. Instead of pulling my hair, he was now softly stroking it. I was moaning as i worked my tongue and lips along his growing member, licking from head to his balls. His cock was pumping deeper with every stroke. “God Casi, suck me you Slut, that’s my Casi girl, get me hard so I can fuck you, FUCK YOU, just like I did that first time. I slid my hand under his sack taking hold of his balls, and rolling my fingers around them, and, giving them a squeeze.

My lips tighten around his cock deeper and harder i swallow his entire length into my throat. His hips bucking “God CASI YES, your such a good cocksucker.” I moaned around his cock, as 3 fingers slipped into my cunt and he began to thrust them in and out.

My cunt was dripping by now, as it gripped his fingers tightly, when he pulled them free, and ordered me to clean them. Releasing his cock from my mouth, I licked and sucked on his fingers, delighting in my taste, until he said “Enough.” He leaned closer, to kiss me, tasting my lips, before plunging his hot tongue into my mouth once again. Breaking from the kiss, he stepped out of the car, and came around to my door. Then, without warning, he dragged me out, and pushed me down onto my knees. He lifted my skirt, and hissed at me, “What do you want slut? Come on then, fucking tell me what you want,” as he slapped my bare ass.

“Please fuck me Brad.”

“What Casi girl, I can’t hear you?” he cried, as he slapped me again three times, making my ass sting and burn.

“”FUCK ME,” I screamed.

He started rubbing his cock between my cunt lips, teasing me as I begged him to fuck me. He push the head of his cock onto my dripping cunt hole, grabbing a handful of my hair turning my head. “Tell canlı bahis siteleri me whore, is this is what you want” He rasped, as he thrust his hard cock into my wet cunt, sending me forward, while pulling my head back by my hair.

“This is what you need Casi a good fucking.”

He rammed it deeper and deeper with each stoke, as my cunt gripped him tightly, squeezing him.

“YES, YES” I cried out, Letting go of my hair, he reached around to grab my tits, and pulled them, pinching my nipples roughly.

My hips were bucking back to his hard cock.

I could feel my juices dripping around his cock, and his balls slapping against ass. His legs smacking against my thighs, “ride me bitch” he grunted as he fucked me harder, ramming it in deeper.


“Please what you fucking whore?”

“FUCK MEEEEEE” I begged him, panting, like a bitch in heat.

With that he released my tits and grabbed at my hips, thrusting in and out, faster, harder, slamming his pole into my hot wet cunt.

“That’s right Casi slut I’m fucking you, fucking my cunt. Just like i did the first time, every time and like I’m doing now”. I screamed, as I felt his cock throbbing inside me, my cunt tightened squeezing him.

“OHH FUCK CASI” he moaned loudly, quickening his pace.

I felt my orgasm rush, as my cunt flooded yet again. His cock thrusting, harder, my hips bucked, trying to match his pace.

He screamed, “CUM CASI, CUM YOU SLUT, cover my cock as I fill you.”

I screamed in release, drowning his cock with my hot cunt juice.



” GAWDDDDDDDDD CASI I`M CUMMIN!!” His hot cum spurted deep in my cunt hole, filling me until it leaked out.

As his cock softened, he slipped it from me, and he stood there, looking down at me, offering his hand.

We kissed, deep and hard, lost in the moments that followed our passion.

Retrieving my torn panties, we clean up best we and returned to the car.

We drove in silence, content in the blissful afterglow. Arriving back at the store parking lot, Brad came around and opened my door. We kissed one last time, and I walked to my car.

As I opened the door, I heard Brad call out.

“HEY CASIGIRL, what are you doing tomorrow night?”

“Nothing Brad” I replied, A smile crossed his lips, as he called out,


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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