The Babysitter’s Surprise

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I’ve been babysitting for The Millers for two years, since I was sixteen. Mrs. Miller posted an ad on craigslist looking for someone to watch their one year old for a few hours on Saturday afternoons, so that they could each do things with their friends. It was an ideal side job for me, since I already worked at a ballet studio three days a week as a class helper. My job at the ballet studio only put out paychecks every other week, so babysitting for The Millers was a great way for me to earn cash for gas money each week.

I’ll be honest. Ome of the main reasons I enjoy working for the Miller family is because Mr. Miller was HOT. He is tall, dark, gorgeous and incredibly funny. At twenty-nine he isn’t that much older than me, and I’ve spent many hours fantasizing about him. The orgasms I gave myself while thinking about Mr. Miller were the only ones I’d ever had. I’m not a virgin, but the two sexual experiences I’ve had were in no way as satisfying as fucking myself while thinking about Mr. Miller has been. I’ve often wondered if he ever cheats on Mrs. Miller, since they are total opposites. They seem friendly with each other, but not passionate. Aside from the fact that I know that she is seven years older than he, she is very controlled while he’s very loose.

Last week Mr. Miller called and asked me if I would be willing to house sit for a few days. Mrs. Miller was in New York with their daughter, Madison, to visit her parents for a month. Mr. Miller said that he wanted to go down and see Madison for a few days as a surprise, but he hadn’t been able to secure a spot for their dog Rufus in the local kennel. Even before he told me that he would pay me $150 for the three days of my time, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I’ve been adjusting from being an only child at home to having three room mates in a small apartment, and the idea of having so much room all to myself sounded great!

After my last class on Friday, I headed over to the Millers. Mr. Miller had left me the key under the front mat. I went inside, walked and fed Rufus, and then made myself dinner. I can’t tell you how nice it was to be truly alone in a quiet environment after months of living with three loud, messy girls. I love them to death, but the peace and quiet was exactly what I needed right now. Plus, I knew the Millers house fairly well, so I felt comfortable. After dinner, I decided to take a nice leisurely bath & watch some TV in bed.

I went upstairs to the master bath that was off of the Millers bedroom. They have one of those big tubs with the jets, and I couldn’t wait to use it. I filled the tub with hot water and some bath salts, lit some candles and climbed in. It was like heaven. I hadn’t been this relaxed since I’d moved in to my college apartment. I washed my entire body from head to toe before shaving my legs. I was feeling silky and smooth and very, very relaxed by the time I got out. I dried my hair at Mrs. Millers vanity, brushing my long auburn hair until it shown in the light. I saw that Mrs. Miller has some nice body lotions, so I chose one to apply to my entire body. I stood up to look at myself in the ceiling to floor mirrors that ran the length of the dressing area.

As I began to rub the lotion in, I started to feel shivers of arousal. My nipples were beginning to peak, and I was getting very turned on. I watched myself in the mirror as I continued to rub lotion on myself. My green eyes were sparkling with the intensity of the feelings I was having. It was a heady experience, looking in to my own eyes as I caressed my tits. I was loving illegal bahis how full and beautiful they looked to me. I could feel my pussy starting to get damp.

When I could wait no longer, I slid my fingers down to my clit. My eyes half closed & I enjoyed listening to myself give a little gasp as my middle finger slid up into my wetness. While my middle finger was in my pussy, my thumb and index finger were slowly working my clit. I was moaning pretty loudly now, as I worked myself up to a small orgasm.

Slowly I brought myself back down, knowing I was going to need a lot more to be truly satisfied. As I walked through the Millers bedroom, I began to wonder if Mrs. Miller had any toys I could use. I walked over to the nightstand on Mrs. Miller’s side of the bed but found nothing. Nothing on Mr. Millers side either. On a whim, I decided to look under the bed, and it was there that I found a long, flat, plastic bin full of porn DVD’s, several dildos, lube and some vibrators. It was like Christmas and my Birthday all at once! I couldn’t help but notice that the top of the bin was pretty dusty. I wondered how active a sex life the Millers had these days.

I realized that I would need to use the TV in the Millers bedroom, because the guest room doesn’t have a DVD player. I was excited to fuck myself on the bed where Mr. Miller slept, even though it felt wicked, watching their porn, using their toys , but I was too wet to care. I washed the dildos and vibrators that I wanted to use, put a DVD in & positioned myself on the bed with the toys around me.

The DVD began to play and I was instantly engrossed with what I was seeing and hearing. It was a guy/girl/girl scene and it was hot as hell. By the time one of the girls straddled the guys cock and slid it in her, I was soaked. I grabbed one of the dildos, gave it a few good sucks, and slid it down to my now dripping pussy and began to slide it up and down on my clit. I watched in awe as the girl that wasn’t riding the guys cock got on her knees and began alternately licking the guys balls and eating the girls pussy. It looked amazing. The moaning and fucking sounds were making me so wet it was almost painful. I grabbed a pillow, positioned it under my hips, and pushed that plastic cock in to my hot tight pussy. It was no coincidence that the DVD I had chosen featured a guy that reminded me a bit of Mr. Miller. “Oh god Mr. Miller,” I moaned as I pushed the dildo as deep as it would go in to my pussy, “fuck me with your hot cock”. Suddenly, I heard a gasp. I looked over to the door and saw Mr. Miller standing there with his jaw hanging open. “Oh my god, Mr. Miller, I’m… I’m so…”

His eyes were blazing as he walked over to me. “Don’t apologize Rachel… Don’t. Say. Anything.” He stopped at the foot of the bed, his eyes boring in to mine. I’d tensed up, feeling sure he was going to throw me out, and moved to grab the blanket to cover myself. He grabbed my hands, stopping me from being able to get the blanket. His gaze traveled from my eyes down to my pussy, where the dildo was still inserted. “My god,” he said, “your totally bare.” He let out a groan, let go of my hands, grabbed my hips and lifted my ass in to the air. I let out a sound of disbelief when he lifted my pussy to his mouth.

With the first stroke of his tongue, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I felt the dildo fall out, but didn’t care. “Oh my god Mr. Miller… unh, fuck, oh yeah!” My head was thrashing from side to side as his mouth devoured my pussy. I thought that fingering my own clit was the best I could illegal bahis siteleri ever feel, but I was wrong. Mr. Miller was doing things to my pussy I could never have imagined. I was flooding his face with my cream, and nothing had ever felt better.

He was using long strokes, up and down my clit, tonguing me so good, I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing his hair and anchoring his mouth to my dripping snatch. “Oh lick my pussy Mr. Miller! Eat me!” I didn’t think anything could ever feel better than his mouth all over my slit, when he slipped two fingers inside me. I was so wet that he immediately added a third.

His tongue was going crazy, his fingers plunging noisily in and out of me, my legs thrown over his shoulders, the sounds of the moaning and fucking going on in the porno in the background adding even more to my arousal, when he suddenly began rubbing my g-spot. I thought my body was going to explode, the feeling was so intense. I clamped my legs around his head, threw my head back and came like I never had before. The feeling was so intense that I was struggling to catch my breath.

He began slowly kissing, licking and gently biting his way up my body. I was so sensitized that each time he did something, the inner walls of my pussy would clench with need. I couldn’t believe what was happening to my body. I’d just cum so hard that I almost blacked out, and still all I wanted to do was cum more. My body was in no way winding down from the release. If anything, I wanted him to fuck me more than I did when he first put his tongue on my clit. “Please, Mr. Miller, fuck me,” I begged.

He gave a throaty chuckle before he responded. “I’m going to Rachel. Believe me, I’m going to. But first, I want you to taste yourself,” he said as he finally lowered his head to my mouth.

Being kissed by Mr. Miller was nothing like the kisses I was used to from boys my age. He had skill and technique that made me even hotter, even wetter. I tasted my cum on his tongue, and it was delicious. I devoured his mouth, his tongue simulating what was going to happen when he finally put his cock in to me. I grabbed the front of his t-shirt and yanked up, pulling it over his head. “I need you to be naked Mr. Miller, RIGHT NOW.”

He pulled back from me a bit and said, “Patience baby. I’ve been fantasizing about you for years and I’m not about to waste a moment of this.” He proceeded to stand up at the foot of the bed and unbuckle his jeans. After he had the jeans off, he started to pull his boxers down. I couldn’t help the squeal of delight that came from me when I saw his cock. It was at least 8 inches long and it was fat. I’d never seen anything so beautiful. My fantasies hadn’t done him justice. Just looking at it was making me so hot, I almost came again right then and there.

I scrambled to the end of the bed, stood up, and gestured for him to sit, and then I got down on my knees in front of him. I took his cock in my hand. It was hot and it was beautiful. I leaned forward and slowly licked the glistening drop of pre-cum at the head. It tasted salty and delicious. I was loving hearing his moans of delight as I licked the tip of his cock. It was bright red when I decided it was time to pay attention to the rest of his beautiful shaft. I lowered my head and began sucking his cock with deep, long strokes. I’ve heard girls complain about giving blow jobs, but I have always loved the entire experience. I felt like I could cum just blowing him. I couldn’t seem to get enough of his cock. I alternated between sucking him and bathing his canlı bahis siteleri entire cock with my tongue. I came back to the tip and worked it again with my tongue.

I looked up to see him staring down at me, the most beautiful expression on his face. I took his cock in my hand, stuck out my tongue, and lightly tapped his dick on my tongue a few times in a row. His head rolled back and he moaned. “Oh my god Rachel, your fucking amazing.” I chuckled as I began kissing my way down his iron hard cock, making my way to his balls. He laid back and I started giving his balls the tongue bath of a lifetime. It tasted like heaven to me. I took one of his balls gently in my mouth and let out a slow hum. Mr. Miller grabbed my hair and started urging me on. “Fuck Rachel, I’ve never had my balls licked before. I can’t… you’re so…. jesus baby, you’re so fucking hot.”

After a few minutes, I let his balls out of my mouth, leaned forward and spit on the top of his knob before inhaling his cock again. He started yelling in earnest now. “Fucking hell, baby you are unbelievable!” He was moaning and thrashing as I worked my mouth up and down his cock. He had grabbed my hair and was giving me a thorough face fucking. I was taking as much of him as I could, far past the gag reflex. Every time he moaned, he would jerk harder in to my face.

Suddenly he pushed me away. “I’ve got to get in to your pussy NOW!” He stood up, grabbed me, and threw me face down on the bed. I knew that I was about to be royally fucked, and I couldn’t have been happier. He got on the bed behind me, pulled my ass up and toward his cock, shoved my legs further apart with his knees, and slammed in to me with one thrust so hard that my hips and legs came off the bed.

I let out a loud yelp as his cock went deeper in to me than anything ever had before. My pussy was contracting hard as I tried to adjust having something so big inside of me. Mr. Miller gave a few long strokes in and out, giving me a minute to adjust to him. The feeling as unbelievable. I felt my pussy leaking fluid down my thighs. I looked over my shoulder at Mr. Miller and said, “fuck me harder!”

He didn’t need any further instruction. Within seconds he began fucking in to me like a battering ram. The headboard was banging against the wall, the porno was continuing on in the background, and we were both yelling incoherent fuck sounds as he slapped my pussy with his balls with each thrust. He was pulling my hips back with each forward thrust, forcing my cunt to meet his cock as hard as possible each time. “Unh, fuck fuck oh god fuck Mr. Miller… oh fuck your… cock! Oh jesus fucking Christ I’ve never…. Unh unh unh, slam me, slam my pussy, FUCK ME HARDER!” I wasn’t making sense, but when your being fucked this good, you don’t care. He slowed down for a minute and leaned forward to grab my tits. The second he pulled my nipples, I came like a fire hose.

He grabbed my hips again and started fucking me with all his strength, and god help me, I kept cumming. “Your pussy.. I’ve never felt anything…Rachel I’m gonna blow!”

I turned around and looked him in the eye and said, “cum inside me Mr. Miller, I want every last drop.” He slammed forward a few more times and then I felt it. It was hot and it was spraying all over my womb. Just the feeling of it caused me to cum again. We were both writhing and moaning, his thrusts getting less intense, but still going.

He continued slowly thrusting in and out of me from time to time as we both recovered. After a few minutes he fell out of me. I could feel him rubbing my back lightly as I finally came all the way back to earth. Slowly he rolled me over and looked in to my eyes and said, “I never thought that having my car break down would lead to the best thing that’s happened to me in years.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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