The Evil Slutmaster

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Once upon a time, in a land in the far northeast…lived an Evil Slutmaster who ruled his small kingdom with an Iron Will.

In this small kingdom were several young wenches, all of them belonging to the Evil Slutmaster save one. This one that he did not possess was the fairest of them all, with flaxen hair and big blue eyes, tits firm and large and the uncum pussy that dreams are made of…and the Evil Slutmaster was convinced that this wench could be the living embodiment of all his evil desires, if he could but own her.

Regularly the Slutmaster fucked the homefront wenches but there always seemed to be that one last load in his cock left over for the kinkiest wench of all, and he somehow suspected that this missing wench would finally satisfy him completely. He came up with a plan to kidnap her from her Father’s home and set about to do so…

One early autumn morning, while most of the kingdom was still asleep, the Evil Slutmaster mounted his trusty steed and rode to the home of the flaxen wench. He had already determined which sleeping area was hers, and he stealthily got off the horse, climbed into her open window, and the sight he beheld entranced him fully.

There in the complete abandonment of sleep lay this flaxen beauty, the bedclothes all bunched at the foot of her bed, and her naked loveliness open to full and total view. Her breasts rose up with pink hard and pointed nipples, her mouth was red and wet and open, her legs splayed open just enough for him to view the pussy of his desire, and her breathing was measured and even as she dreamt sweet dreams. The Slutmaster was beside himself with desire and felt his huge cock inflate in his breeches. It took all the restraint he could muster to not ravish her right there, asleep in her Father’s home…

He moved closer to the bed, his own breathing becoming heavier, and as he knelt near her, he could inhale the warm scent of her, it inflamed his desires all the more. He slowly reached out to touch her flaxen tresses and as he did, she moved and shifted position in the little bed so that he could see more of her wet cunt.

As he inspected the object of his total and complete illegal bahis desires, his cock throbbed harder with need and he had an overwhelming urge to stroke it off all over her tits and cunt. He stood up slowly, pulled out his huge hard cock, and began stroking it with one hand while with the other he rubbed her flaxen tresses around the cockhead.

She shifted again and sighed this time and he nearly came when her hand inadvertently strayed southward to touch her pussy hair. As she slept, she began to rub and touch her clit, which was very pink and becoming hard enough to protrude through the pussy lips and the soft curling hairs. He realized how hot she must be, after all, she was still an unfucked virgin but obviously had needs…

Just as he was about to cum for the first time, she moaned in her sleep, arched her back, and there was a profusion of cream that gushed from her crack…he couldn’t take this and his cockload blew all over her flaxen hair…he moaned with lust as he came and it was enough to wake her up and as she opened her eyes, he whispered, ‘Do not fear my little one, I am only here to please you, I will not harm you, do not scream out…’

She slowly sat up in the little bed and rubbed the sleep from her eyes and as she looked at him, standing there in front of her holding his hot cock, she asked, ‘What is that, Master?’

And he said,’This is the instrument of your possession and the controller of your loins, and I will use it to own you and to make you mine forever’. And she whispered, ‘What makes it so big and strong?’ and he murmured, ‘You are what inspires it my love’…

He reached to touch her hair and her face and she was lost in the sensation of a man’s touch…and as her eyes closed, he lowered his head and kissed her mouth, full and soft and wet and opening to him…as he knew her virgin pussy soon would be, also…

As he kissed her and their passion intensified, she pulled away from him, saying softly, ‘I am afraid’…and he held her gently and stroked her back and neck until she relaxed against him, all the while murmuring his endearments.

He kissed her again and this time she did not flinch illegal bahis siteleri from his touch as he reached for her breasts…but allowed him to hold them, to suck at the nipples and to kiss them.

She was beginning to throb with anticipation now, the anticipation of something unknown, and her back was arching from the bed, thrusting her pelvis forwards and not really understanding why, she said, ‘ I am feeling very strange now, very empty inside’. And the Slutmaster said, ‘That is because you need something from me…you need that hard flesh of mine inside of you to fill that emptiness’…and she responded, ‘But that is so large, you will hurt me inside, I can only get a finger in there and only when I am very excited now’. And he responded, ‘Will you trust me completely so I can show you the pleasure you deserve?’ and she said, ‘Yes…’

So very slowly he removed the remainder of his clothing and climbed into the little bed next to her. As he did so, she whispered, ‘What if someone comes into the room when you are here with me?’ and he said, ‘Do not worry my love, I came here today to buy you from your Father and to take you to my mansion home where I will keep you and love you forever.’ As he spoke these words, he reached into his clothing there on the floor and removed a small box of ointment which smelled of cloves and spices. Puzzled at this, the wench asked ‘What is that, Master, and what will you do with it?’ and he replied, ‘This is for your cunt and for my cock…I will put it on your mouth for you to taste and then I will rub it into your cunt to ready you for me, as it will make you able to take me all’…

So the Evil Slutmaster reached into the ointment, taking a fingerful and rubbing it around the head of his again-hardened cock. As he rubbed it around, the wench said, ‘I thought you were going to put it on my mouth’ and he replied, ‘That’s right, I am’… and he rose up and stuck his cockhead in between her virgin lips and said, ‘Suck this into your mouth my love’..and it was so delicious and forbidden, she did as she was told…feeling for the first time a man’s hard flesh between her lips…

This caused a new sensation canlı bahis siteleri in her cunt and as she sucked him gently, she moaned with unexplained need..

Careful not to cum again, he reached into the box of ointment and took out another very large fingerful and found her pussy and clit, where he began slowly and gently to rub it in…and as the spices and cloves touched the delicate tissues, her cunt flamed with heat and need and she arched against his hand, wet and open and needful and wanton…and not knowing why, she moaned with lust for him and he moved into position between her warm cushiony thighs…

She was very wet now and very hot, and he knew that it was time to fuck her…so he carefully took his cock in his warm hand, and opened her pussy lips with the other hand… and said to her,’I am going to fuck you now, fuck you for the first time, and you are going to give yourself to me fully…do not be afraid, little one…you bring me great pleasure and this will be for us both…but the first time is hard for you and I will do my best to be gentle…relax….ooohhhhh, there, do you feel my cock in you?… you feel me separating the lips of your beautiful cunt?…that cock longs to be all the way deep inside of you…but I will not do this until you ask me for it…do you want this, my love?’ And she moaned out, ‘Yes, Master, I do want it, I do want you, ooooooohhhhh, please, Master, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaase take me…’

With one hard and very firm push, the Slutmaster drove the entire length of his hard cock up into the little wench as she screamed in pain…and as she screamed, he stroked her hair and held her body and lovingly said, ‘Easy, my love…it will only hurt for a short while’…and as she began to relax and respond to his words, he began gently moving in and out of her abused pussy, gradually building up his speed as he felt her cunt responding, clamping down in its hot eagerness to that first feel of cock…

As she writhed beneath him in pain and pleasure, the Evil Slutmaster pumped harder, until his hot seed gushed deep into her creamy wet and sanguine cunt…and as she screamed with the pleasure of her orgasm, he felt true completion for the very first time.

He collapsed on top of her, where they slept away the remainder of the morning…his hot cock held deep in her wet virgin pussy…and the Evil Slutmaster was tamed at last.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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