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Public Sex

His powerful voice resonated in her ears. He coaxed her, “Come on baby girl, suck my cock. You know you want to, you know it is what you need.”

The room around them was sparsely decorated and dominated by a large wrought iron bed with a thick burgundy duvet. He stood naked before her, a soft black towel at his feet. His body still glistened from his shower. The rivulets of water still running from his raven hair over his broad chest down his stomach to the nest of hair around his rapidly hardening cock. He reached to stroke her hair, his azure eyes meeting hers, a lighter shade of the same color. She was kneeling before him her ass resting on her heels, a soft pleading look in her eyes. His hands tangled in her cherry tresses pulling her mouth closer to him. She tried to pull her head back with a gentle whimper and his grip tightened for a moment then released her.

He looked sternly at her. He could read her like an open book. Her breasts shivered under her over sized flannel shirt, unbuttoned just enough to show the subtle tremors he was evoking in her. He patted her cheek drawing a finger lightly across her lips. “ A little shy tonight, baby girl?” he asked, then chuckled. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri He moved his hand to his cock and began to stroke it. “Do you see what you do to me?” he asked and she nodded then turned her eyes downward. His right hand still around his engorged cock his left went to her chin to pull her eyes back up to his. “Look at me while I am stroking it, don’t look away again” he instructed firmly. “I want you to see me. See how hard you make me? You may be resisting now, but I know you want it, need it, crave it.”

The first drops of precum become visible and she drew her tongue across her lips. He smiled at that simple action, knowing she was breaking. His grip tightened and the muscles in his well-developed forearm and wrist became more prominent. His teeth pulled in his lower lip chewing on it lightly. Her lips, naturally ruby, were calling to him.

Each movement she made was a signal to him, the way she shifted her thighs, spreading them slightly as if inviting him in. The way she moved her hands from her sides to rest them on her knees. It brought her just a few inches closer to the glistening head. His voice softened more güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to almost a whisper. “You like that don’t you, baby girl? You like to see my hard cock as I stroke it.” He pushed his hips forward teasing her with each stroke. “God baby, suck it, please, I know you need it. You need to feel it throb in that hot little mouth of yours.”

His rhythm quickened, she began panting softly. He teased her lightly with it just a breath away from her mouth, her eyes pleading with him, he began to trace her full lips with it. Drawing a line of shimmering precum on her mouth. Her lips were firm as he tried to slide it in, resisting him. “Come on baby, just a little suck, just let me slide it in for a minute.” he said his voice charming her. Weakening her. Her lips parted a tiny bit allowing him to feel the moist heat of her breath. “Mmm, that’s it. Be a good girl, let me fuck your mouth.” Her mouth opened a little more, letting just the tip of his cock in. He moved his hand from the shaft and put both on the back of her head pushing her mouth onto him.

She moaned softly, giving away how badly she wanted it. He started slowly rotating his güvenilir bahis şirketleri hips, grinding himself into her mouth. With each slight movement her mouth opened more to him. “Yes baby that’s how you do it“, she began rolling her tongue on the head, feasting on his precum. Her eyes locked onto his the whole time. She looked so damn innocent were it not for the cock on her tongue. He was speaking softly to her now, like a child. “That’s it darling, suck on the head. Take it in further now. Oh yes baby, take it all the way in. Make me cum with your mouth baby.” She was now lost. Any resistance was gone and she began pulling him into her mouth. Sucking, licking, moaning. His hands push her to take it all in. She became frantic, stroking him with her tongue. She was like a starved child. His moans were getting louder as he fueled her fire “Oh fuck yes baby girl you suck me so good. God you make we want to cum so hard. I love fucking that sweet little mouth of yours.”

She could feel him tensing, each muscle, nerve, cell electrified. She pulled him to her taking him all the way into her throat just as he began to cum, she milked him with her lips drawing out spurt after spurt of his hot cum. He moaned wildly. His body shaking as he thrust into her mouth. She swallowed each drop as fast as she could. As the waves of his orgasm subsided he slipped his cock out of her mouth. He stroked her hair and said “I love you baby girl.” and she smiled a drizzle of cum peeking out of her lip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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