Treality Stories Vol. 01 Pt. 06

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A modern love in the making — Another sunrise in the Penthouse

All characters are well over 18 years old and include ‘Rocket Man’, his cock ‘Mojo’, ‘Sparkling Red’ and her ‘Genie’ who first met online a few years ago as their alter egos ‘Jardine Man’ and ‘Mimbabe’.

These are their stories mostly written by Rocket Man from both their perspectives – often of their same adventures in love. Some of the Stories, such as this one though, are written by Sparkling Red with her own perspective and very enthusiastic input. She is just the most fabulous lover and quotable lady I have ever known!


Dancing with my All Man in the Penthouse …

I love doing this with you … soft music playing through your speakers, the lights playing on Lake Burley-Griffin, our hips locked together, your arms around me …

I tell you my Mum loves dancing and you say we should get her to give us some lessons. We shall see I say!

In any case, you are the best dancer as is and I will enjoy learning to dance a lot of different varieties to maximise my getting hugged by you and getting to look and feel your body move close to mine.

The new All Man in my life never seems to sleep!

Jardine Man says he’s got better with six hours sleep these days, but do you know what that means? Whilst I know I did say that if you ever feel horney, just wake me. I didn’t expect that to happen two or three times a night as well as when we go to bed and then at dawn too! Given that we usually are having AO Weekends every 2-3 weeks, I love it though. Not sure how that’s going to go we if this is long term, as I love my sleep! He obviously wants me all the time and I do lap up all the attention from this beautiful man.

You obviously enjoy running your hands up and down my body as we cuddle and when we spoon. It is beautiful. Long slow sweeps of your magic casino siteleri hands from my legs, over my hips and up my back with delicate cupping of my breasts as I come awake. I feel your hardon grow and your hardon ‘press my thigh’ and my happy hips start — giving away yet again that I want you. You kiss my neck as your throbbing cock starts looking for my hotcore. Your hands tease open my already dripping wet pussy as you have this strange ability to turn me fully on even when coming out from my deep sleep! ‘Oh yes’ I gasp as your right hand starts to play with my tits which sends lightning bolts into my core. I am so damn hot for you. ‘Stop teasing me’ I whisper as I guide your cock into me so his ridge plays on my pussy’s lips. I love that feeling as your hard huge cock Mojo enters me ever so slowly.

I want to be nice but the naughty starts to take over as I feel your smooth hardness enter me ever so slowly. ‘You have to stop being a tease’ I whisper ‘and take me hard, right now’. Now that’s what I need as you push your manhood deep into me groaning with how good my tight little pussy must feel as you are fulfilling me completely. You whisper that you love this as I start to orgasm sending my pussy muscles crazy around you and, right on time, you start to come yet again with that beautiful pulsating penis.

Sunrise in the Penthouse

I reach for you as the light plays across Parliament House during an AO Weekend in the Penthouse. I am hungry for you right now. It is still predawn but warm, so you lead me out onto the Balcony to enjoy the suns warmth. Slowly you tease off my dressing gown and you me lie my on the table and tie my hands above my head with my dressing gown tie.

The predawn light is beautiful and you kneel before me and start slowly kissing my toes and all the way up stopping only to savour my pussies nectar and canlı casino scent. You’re a tease as you’re the only man whose loved me so completely and who loves smelling and tasting my nectar with such obvious and endless joy so much. Your hands continue to massage my warming body but conspicuously avoid my tits! You do however slowly kiss my neck, arms and ears and slowly insert your tongue between my sighing lips which I welcome with gusto, your tongue is engulfed with the passion of my kiss.

You look into my eyes which are pleading for you to take me now. ‘No, not now you say’ and return to slowly kissing, my ears, arms and neck before taking my nipple into your mouth and flicking it just the way I love. That makes up beautifully for ignoring them earlier — the sensations you give me in love are just so good. I love your teasing me and surprising me with even better joys and sensations. Your tongue playing with my tits so beautifully is soooo good. You then run your tongue down my quivering body to my waxed pussy and I hear you sigh with pleasure as you try and put out the fire consuming my hot little pussy with your moist exploring tongue — to no avail. Your tongue enters me and finds my nectar is literally flowing everywhere as you circle my clitoris endless. My hands are tied so I am helpless in your hands and have to just enjoy whatever you do to me. As the sun finally pokes it’s light above the horizon Mojo finally enters me in a long deep stroke covered in so much nectar and I come for the first time today. How good does Mojo feel deep inside me as the sun warms our bodies. He stays deep and I wriggle against him enjoying his hardness and smooth ridge pleasuring my tight, humming pussy. You untie my hands as I grab your butt and pull you in for my pussy muscles to grip you and send you over the top as I start to come yet again. This orgasm kaçak casino racks my body in jubilation as my lover starts to pulsate and Mojo cums deep inside of me.

Now for breakfast eating on the table you’ve just made such great love to me on … I will never see this table in the same light again: my body draped across it with my fabulous lover making sure I’m pleasured in every single way, his love self-evident in everything he does for his Sparkling Red …

Your Jockey and Tour Director

Rocket Man obviously loves me riding him Cowgirl style and he starts calling me his Jockey he enjoys it so much. Rocket Man especially loves it when I lean on the headboard draping my perfect HDs over him …

My nipples lightly touching his — beautiful sensations …

If that doesn’t finish him his Tour Director will whisk him off for a quick Eiffel Tower tour … I’m looking forward to that …

Rocket Man names my pussy Genie

Rocket Man continues to be intrigued as to how Mojo keeps rising and goes hard during cuddles and kisses — I tell him that one is easy, as he loves me. It’s trickier than that you say as numerous times as you know I can feel you cum inside me which feels so good, but you get hard again straight away and off Mojo goes again!

The only thing you can think of is that my pussy has magical properties and hence you name it Genie.

Just one rub, and Mojo …

I have worked hard at my kegels to try and improve my match fitness so I can keep up with my Rocket Man every single night! Except when I am on night shifts, I think we have made love at least 3 times a night and some nights it is easily five times. Originally we were using lots of lube but now I get so wet when you cuddle me it is only after the 5th or 6th time we have need to lube up to protect my Mojo!

I love you and how you make me feel, I can’t keep my hands off your gorgeous loving body and absolutely worship you and your Shape Changer.

Sparkling Red and I hope you enjoy our Treality and we truly welcome any and all constructive comments you can offer us.

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