The Elevator

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I work for Acme Consolidated International, in a tall building in downtown Chicago. I’m a middle manager, which means I take shit all day for a living. Today is no different. I get on the elevator on the 4th floor, headed for the 18th floor, where I have to deliver some papers to my boss.

The elevator stops on the 9th floor. The doors open. You get in. I’ve seen you around before, but don’t know you, except that all eyes turn when you walk by. You are HOT. You are wearing a close fitting business suit that accentuates your magnificent body. Dangly earrings, and high heals complete the picture. Your hair hangs to your shoulders, with wisps cascading in different directions. You don’t even notice me, as you turn around and press 24.

We assume normal elevator positions, facing forward, pretending we don’t know the other exists. Somewhere around the 12th floor, there is a grinding sound, and the elevator comes to a halt. We both rock a little, and grab the walls for support.

“Shit,” I say. “Just what we need.”

“I second that,” you say.

We look at each other briefly, then turn away. You put your briefcase down on the floor, and sigh.

A minute later someone above us calls down “are you OK?”

“Yes,” I yell back, “but it’s getting hot in here.”

“How many of you are in the elevator?”

“Two” I say, “How long will it take?”

He says, “We know what’s wrong, as it’s happened before. It’ll take about an hour. I’m sorry.”

“Hey”, I yell, “It’s not your fault. Just get us out canlı bahis of here as quickly as you can.”

“Will do,” I hear.

“Damn, now what?” I say as I turn to you.

You actually really look at me for the first time and say “It’s really hot in here, I’m taking off my jacket. You should too.”

We do. I can’t help staring at your perfect breasts and I am caught. You smile. I can’t tell if it’s a mischievous smile or not, but it is definitely a gorgeous smile.

You say “They’re real, and they’re spectacular.”

I laugh and say “Oh, a fellow Seinfeld fan. Run away with me.”

You say “I would, but we’re stuck in an elevator.”

“No matter,” I say, ” we can use our imaginations.”

This flirting seems to be going well.

You say “Let’s play a game to pass the time.”

“OK let’s play Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

You laugh. Then you say, “I was thinking more along the lines of Doctor. And I get to be the doctor.”

I respond “well, it just so happens that I’m due for my annual exam. Maybe you can save me a trip.”

At this point it’s pretty clear where this is going, and I am getting hard, and it’s difficult to conceal.

You walk over to me and say “it seems that you have a problem here” and you touch the front of my pants.

“May I examine you there first?”

“Of course. You’re the doctor.”

You unzip my fly, and reach in. You find my boxers, and reach into the front of them. You take hold of my cock, and pull it out of the front of my pants. It is hard bahis siteleri and sticking out at a 30 degree angle above horizontal. You don’t look at it, but you surround it with your hand.

“Hmm” you say as you stare into my eyes, “this seems to be where you may have an abnormal condition. Shall I treat it?”

I say “by all means.”

You drop to your knees and examine the problem. You touch the end of my cock with your tongue, and lick around the glans. You take it into your mouth, but only about an inch. You suck a bit, and circle the glans with your tongue. Then you abruptly plunge your mouth all the way down, and my cock goes in to the hilt. I moan. You move in and out on me until my legs are shaking a bit, and then you remove your mouth.

“It’s getting even hotter in here. I think we should remove some more clothing.”

We look at each other, and grin. We both start to rip off our own clothes, and within a minute we are both quite naked.

“Yes indeed,” I say “they ARE real, and they ARE spectacular.”

You giggle.

I walk up to you and push you against the wall. We stare into each other’s eyes. You spread your legs, and raise your right leg off the floor a bit. I put my cock up against your pussy, and rub until I am covered with lubrication. I then point the tip right at your clit and massage it. You start to moan yourself. I rub your clit with my cock some more, while kneading your breasts with my right hand, holding us up on the wall with my left.

We’re both quite turned on bahis şirketleri by now, when a voice from above yells “are you OK down there?”

We both make a mischievous face at each other.

I yell back “fine for now, but it’s damn hot. How much longer?”

“Well, we’re close to finished. About 10 more minutes”.

“Thanks,” I yell.

You whisper in my ear “I think WE might be close to finished, too.”

I look you in the eyes, stick out my tongue, lick your lips all around, and plunge my cock into you. You gasp. I move in and out slowly, and then more forcefully. You stare at me as long as you can, then close your eyes. I can feel your legs get weak. I plunge harder.

I am getting close, and I can tell you are too. A final couple of ins and outs, and you and I both come like volcanoes. It’s all we can do to keep from screaming. But staying quiet just enhances the orgasm for both of us.

I stay inside you for a bit, and then pull out. You are dripping down your leg. I go over to my pants, remove my handkerchief, and hand it to you.

“I am nothing if not chivalrous,” I say.

“Well thank you, sir knight. That was an excellent exam, and I pronounce you healthy. Would you like to schedule a follow-up?”

“Indeed I would. Shall we discuss it over drinks after work?”

“That works for me,” you say.

We know time is limited, so you wipe yourself down, and we both rapidly get dressed.

“What should I do with the handkerchief?”

“Leave it in the corner. It might start some interesting rumors.”

We are now fully clothed and ready to go back to work. You pick up your briefcase just as the elevator starts again. We both face forward and resume our proper elevator positions. Until later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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