Thursday: Overlooking the Stereotypes

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Alex Grey



The Seven Days are a collection of seven one-chapter stories involving fantasies and role-playing with a personal flavor. These are my personal wish lists that I wished I had lived out before I had gotten married. So sit back and enjoy.

MONDAY: Law & Order
TUESDAY: Mile High Club
WEDNESDAY: Forbidden Fruit
THURSDAY: Overlooking the Stereo Types
FRIDAY: Two is Fun Three is Never a Crowd
SATURDAY: Power of Trust
SUNDAY: Out in the Country


“Why the glum face bud?” Asked Lisa, as her boss stormed into the office.

“ Can you believe it?” Growled Steve, “ I look after her, take her all over the place, and I catch hear cheating at the Rose Bud Pub.”

“Sorry, I thought you two were an item,” Lisa replied. “ Look on the bright side, at least you found out what kind of person she is now, before you guys got more serious.”

“Yeah, right,” Frowned Steve, “Thanks for your advice, you have been right on a lot of things. I just need some time to sort things out. Talk with you more at coffee time.”

Lisa smiled at Steve as he headed to his office. They had been friends for just over three years. She was his assistant ever since she started working at Ace Accounting. Steve had gone through numerous relationships, most never lasting longer than three months. Even though he was thirty-three and she was twenty-six, she had offered more advice and consoling over the three years that they had worked together. Steve had lots of money working for his Dad at the accounting firm, and it seemed that the only women he could attract were the greedy money grabbers.

“Lisa, what time is my appointment with Bill Carruthers?” Called Out Steve.

“He’ll be here at 11:30, you have plenty of time. His file is on your desk, and the last three business years are included.” Lisa yelled out back.

Steve chuckled to himself. Lisa was so efficient. He would be lost without her. She was the best accounting assistant he had ever had. She always thought ahead. She was like a sister to him as well. She always helped him through a lot of his personal crises. Steve read over the Carruthers file and was quite happy of the layout. He was up to speed and had time to kill.

“Coffee Lisa?” He asked.

“Thank you.” Came her reply.

Steve poured a couple of cups, and handed a cup to Lisa and lounged around on the chair outside his office. Lisa was finishing up the next project on her desk.

“Hey bud, I know the flesh wounds are fresh, but could I ask a favor.” Lisa asked him.

“Sure, ask away.” Replied Steve.

“Well, if you’re okay with it, I’ve got my Softball banquet and dance tomorrow,” Lisa told him, “I hate going alone, and was wondering if you would like to come along?”

Steve thought for a moment. He always wanted to keep his personal life and work separate. But Lisa was different. She was such a great friend, an advisor, how could he say no.

“Sure why not,” Smiled Steve, “ How come you haven’t got some stud under your arm already?”

“Sure Steve,” said Lisa sarcastically, “Just look at me, who wants to date the Goodyear blimp?”

“Oh, you’re too hard on yourself,” Steve told her, “You’re just curvaceous.”

Lisa did carry a few extra pounds, but the Goodyear blimp she was not. She was curvaceous with a forty-two illegal bahis inch chest, and pretty solid frame. Perhaps a pound or two around the tummy, but Steve always liked her cute smile and great personality. Lisa was also quite social with all the clients that came into the office.

“Yes well, all the guys seem to pick the Barbie dolls.” Lisa told him, “ Pick me up around five thirty, cause dinner is at seven.”

The rest of the day flew buy quickly and the weekend was finally here. Steve woke up Saturday and did some chores around the house. He did some maintenance work on the hot tub, and before he knew it, it was time to shower and pick up Lisa for the Softball banquet.

It was a casual affair. Steve wore a golf shirt and new blue jeans. When he arrived at Lisa’s apartment to pick her up, she too was in a light white silk top and blue jeans as well. Steve mused to himself how nice her big chest poked through the white blouse, and how nice her “few extra pounds” filled her blue jeans.

The food at the banquet was nice, as they had served a choice of Prime rib or ham. Wine was served at the table, and soon the DJ started up the music to dance to. Steve was impressed on how Lisa was so good on the dance floor.

“You’re a pretty good dancer.” Commented Steve as he opened the second bottle of wine.

“You would be surprised at how many things that I’m good at.” Slurred Lisa seductively.

“I bet.” Steve replied cautiously, not knowing where this conversation might lead.

“A lot of guys just don’t give me the chance.” Sighed Lisa, taking another sip of wine.

“I would give you all sorts of chances.” Steve replied, not realizing what he had just said to her.

“Well then, lets go back to your place for a swim in your hot tub then.” Suggested Lisa.

“Uh, that’s not what I meant, besides I’m your boss, a person of authority, I can’t take advantage of you like that.” Steve said backtracking.

“See,” Sighed Lisa, “Another guy dumps me again.”

“Now wait a minute, I’m not dumping you, and I’m trying to maintain a professional relationship here.” Steve argued.

“Okay, I know how to solve this,” Lisa smiled while taking another sip of her wine, “I quit. Now there’s no unprofessional stuff, so lets go back to your hot tub, or I can start here, right now.”

Lisa rubbed her hand on Steve’s inside leg. His cock immediately began to rise. He really did like Lisa, but didn’t want to mix business with pleasure. They had both drank lots of liquor that night, and perhaps both of them were not thinking straight.

“Okay you win, the hot tub it is.” Steve agreed reluctantly. Hoping that the drive to his place might sober both of them up so that they could think straight.

Lisa grabbed another bottle of wine off the table as they left the banquet hall. Steve was sure now that she was pretty drunk. Maybe if she has a few more drinks she’ll pass out, and nothing will happen, and in the morning cooler heads will prevail and no feelings will be hurt. Steve was so wrong. As the drive home began Lisa snuggled closer and began to pet his cock through the jean material.

“I bet I could make you come before we reached your place.” Lisa giggled.

“Just wait, I have to concentrate on driving.” Steve replied, “Besides it will only be ten minutes to get us home.”

Lisa illegal bahis siteleri began to unbutton her silk blouse. “Do you like my big tits? She asked.

“I’ve always liked your breasts.” Smiled Steve.

“Oh, so you have been staring at my breasts for a while at work, what happened to professionalism and that taking advantage stuff.” Mocked Lisa sarcastically.

“That’s not what I meant.” Said Steve backtracking hastily.

They arrived at Steve’s house. Lisa quickly found the hot tub and stripped off her clothes in seconds. Steve chuckled to himself as he poured more wine. Lisa looked really good naked. “What the hell.” He thought to himself as he slowly began to disrobe. He might as well enjoy the situation.

Steve walked over to the hot tub, and put the wine glasses on the edge. He slipped into the water to join Lisa who was already in enjoying the hot tub as the jets bubbled the water vigorously.

“Did you know fat girls give the best blow jobs?” Smile Lisa mischievously.

“I didn’t,” replied Steve, “And quit calling yourself fat. You are not fat. You are properly proportioned.”

“Oh, properly proportioned, how politically correct.” Snickered Lisa as she moved up closer to Steve. She reached under the bubbling water to find Steve’s cock. She wrapped her hand around his growing tool and made a suggestion. “Sit on the edge so I can show off my talents.”

Steve obeyed, and sat on the edge of the hot tub. Lisa squatted in the water and looked eagerly at his cock as it continued to rise. She began to slowly lick the head of his throbbing cock. Steve shuddered with excitement as he could feel her tongue work its way from the tip to the base, as her hands slowly massaged his balls. She expertly took his full six inches into her mouth as her nose pressed tight up against him. Steve had never had a woman take all of his cock before. Lisa slowly leased his cock and worked her tongue on the underside of his shaft, and started licking his balls as she stroked his fully erect penis.

“Stand on the bottom step and put both of your hands on the top step,” Suggested Lisa. “I have something else to blow your mind, so to speak.”

Steve obeyed and was down on all fours. Lisa moved up behind him and resumed licking his balls, and stroking his cock with her free hand. She worked her tongue a few minutes on his balls before she moved up to his puckered ass hole. Steve could feel the tip of her warm tongue tease his ass hole.

“Oh wow.” Flinched Steve not really wanting to interrupt her plan, “I’m okay, really, this is a new sensation.”

Lisa giggled and resumed exploring his ass with her tongue. She slowed down her stroking of his cock with her free hand. She tongued his ass hole until it was well lubricated before she inserted a finger inside of him. Steve’s hard-on stretched out even more as it grew harder with her finger probing him. Even though Lisa had slowed down her stroking of his cock he knew he couldn’t last much longer. He was enjoying her finger fucking him up the ass, a sensation that he had never experienced.

“I’m going to cum soon.” He warned her.

Lisa swung around under him so that his legs were on each side of her and as she sat on the middle step, she resume sucking his hot cock. Steve could feel Lisa take his cock deep inside her mouth again, and quickened canlı bahis siteleri her pace. The quickened speed was two much for Steve as he groaned loudly as he emptied his load inside her wanting mouth. Lisa matched him as she swallowed each pulse of cum that he shot into her. Lisa didn’t let up on her sucking as she milked him dry with her hand and mouth.

“Hey, It’s my turn to blow your mind.” Steve told her. “Lay down on the edge so I can get a good taste of what you have to offer. And, Oh yeah, that was the best blow job.”

Lisa lay down on the edge of the hot tub. Steve had purposely built a wider deck, specifically for this reason in mind. Lisa put a foot on each of Steve’s shoulders as he was kneeling on the bottom of the hot tub. Steve smiled as he parted her pussy lips, and dived deep inside of her with his tongue. She tasted so good as she was extremely excited. Steve rubbed her clit with his thumb as he continued his penetration of her pussy with his tongue. Lisa moaned softly and massaged her breasts as Steve kept licking her. In minutes, Lisa reached her climax and thrust her pussy hard into Steve’s face.

“I want to get you hard again so you can fuck me.” Panted Lisa.

“Not yet,” Replied Steve, “I’ve barely had a taste, and I want to drive you wild so you have beg me to put my cock inside of you.”

Steve parted her legs again. He noticed Lisa’s pussy juice running past her pussy and dripping through her ass. He licked it all up, savoring the taste of her sweet pussy. He resumed fingering her clit as his tongue explored her ass hole as well. Steve could feel Lisa muscles contract as she was building for another orgasm. He slid three fingers deep inside her pussy as he continued to anally probe her with his tongue.

“Please do me now.” Pleaded Lisa.

Steve ignored her and continued to pump his fingers inside of her. Her anus had relaxed enough that Steve was able to tongue her deeper than he could imagine. Lisa squealed with joy as these new sensations were driving her wild.

“Okay, get on all fours.” Ordered Steve.

Lisa obeyed him. Steve was only half erect, and since he had come earlier, he knew he would be able to last a long time inside of her. He slid his six inches inside of her hot slippery pussy, and slowly rocked back and forth. Steve could feel Lisa’s pussy muscles grasp and squeeze his cock as she had another orgasm. Steve quickened the pace as his cock pumping deep inside of her. He fingered her ass as he pumped her hard with his cock. Lisa came again moaning loudly as her sensations sent her over the edge. Steve smiled as he shifted gears and slowed the pace down as he rocked his cock back and forth. Lisa had another surprised for him, and swung around so his cock popped outside of her and was left swinging in the air. Lisa quickly turned around and began to lick his throbbing tool hungrily again.

“I want to taste you again.” Lisa smiled mischievously.

She brought Steve’s cock between her breasts and used them to squeeze and stroke his cock. Steve slid his cock back and forth so the head of his penis peaked through the top of her breasts, inches away from her chin. Lisa would occasionally tilt her head and quickly lick his penis head as it popped up. Steve could barely contain himself. He soon came, spewing his hot come all over Lisa’s breasts and chin.

“Now you know that fat girls give the best blow jobs.” Winked Lisa.

“Stop stereo typing, and stop calling yourself fat.” Gary sternly told her.

“Only if we can do this more often.” Said Lisa.

“Okay,” Replied Steve, “Okay.”

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