The Weekend

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Grace is nervous, she will be spending the weekend at her friend Kara’s house.

Kara’s older brother Dave is there. He moved away but was back for a visit. He is staying for three weeks, while his parents where on vacation. They asked him to watch over Kara, and the house, while they where gone.

At the age of fifteen Grace developed a very big crush on Dave. Over the years, it grew into a lot more. At eighteen she knew she could turn heads, and took great pride in her body. And her sights where set on Dave.

She packed the cloths that would show off her body to the best advantage. Right now she has on a dark blue dress that has a low neckline and stops just above her knees with nothing on beneath it. She planed to use everything; she had to make him notice her. Now she is going to try to make him see her as an adult; not the child he remembers.

As Grace pulled into the drive way her heart was racing. Kara called her just before she left her house to tell her she had to work late at the store. Kara has had the same summer job for 3 years as a cashier at a grocery store. Kara said she would not be home until near midnight.

Just thinking about all the time she would have alone with Dave and what she was going to try to do was making her heart pound and her body respond. Her nipples are hard and she can already feel her self getting wet. For a moment before she gets out of her car she closes her eyes and pictures some of the things she wants him to do to her. She opens her eyes and gets out of the car, grabbing her bag out of the back seat.

Grace takes a few deep breaths before she rings the door bell and tries to calm her nerves.

The door opens and Dave is on the other side. He smiles and looks her up and down like he had never seen her before and liked what he saw.

“Hey Grace, I didn’t know you where coming over today. Kara’s not here right now, but you can come in and wait if you want to.”

He stands back to let her in and shuts the door behind them.

“Hi Dave; I’m not sure if Kara told you but I’m spending the weekend. I hope you don’t mind”

“No, I don’t mind I just wish someone had told me.”

He stood there and stared at her for a moment then said

“Well you know where the guest room is. I’m going to watch a movie illegal bahis in a bit; would you like to join me?”

“Sure, I’ll just put my stuff away and be right back.”

Grace beamed a smile at him and bounced to the guest room down the hall. It only took a moment for her to get her stuff in the dresser then she took a moment to freshen up her make up and hair. With long brown, hair and a good complexion this did not take very long. She just hoped that the way she looked appealed to him.

Dave was trying to pick a movie to put in. he had gotten about 4 from the video rental place and thought he knew witch one he wanted to watch first but one look at Grace had scrambled his brains. He finely picked one and put it in just as she walked back into the room.

“Go ahead and sit down, the move will be starting in a second.”

Grace sat down and waited for him to join her. He sat down as far away from her as he could on the couch and put the popcorn he had made between them. He was trying not to think of her as a woman but as his little sister’s friend.

As the movie started to play she decided to take things into her on hands. She stood up.

“I’m going to get a drink before the movie starts do you want anything?” “No I’m fine but thanks for asking” he said

When she got back she placed the drink on the coffee table, then picked up the popcorn bowl and sat down right beside him placing the popcorn in her lap. Dave seemed to sit a little straighter next to her so she took her leg and placed it where she could rub his leg, with her leg. Dave gave a little sigh as she started to move her leg against his very slowly.

They sat like that for a few moments, Grace thought he would not do anything and she was trying to think of what she could do next when Dave took his free hand and took the popcorn from her and put it on the coffee table.

He put his hand on her thigh just above her knee. He started moving is thumb back and forth over her soft skin. Grace was having trouble sitting still because the slight movement of his thumb is driving her crazy. She glanced over at him and saw he was not watching the movie; but was watching her. She looked down and saw a bulge in his jeans. Knowing he was getting hard just with small touch turned her on so much she almost illegal bahis siteleri moaned. She moved her head closer to his and said.

“See something you like Dave?”

“Maybe” Dave shifted in his seat and looked a little startled as he asked “why did you come over here Grace?”

“I wanted to spend some time with my friend. And I wanted to get closer to you.”

She said it as she moved her hand over his and brought it higher on her thigh bringing her dress up with the movement. When her dress had raised up far enough he could see that she does not have any underwear on.

“Are you sure this is what you want? Because if your not; stop now” he said it as he moved his head closer to hers.

“I’m sure; I’ve wanted you for a very long time”

He moved his mouth to hers. He used his tongue, moving into her mouth tasting her. When he changed the angle, and deepened the kiss, she moaned into his mouth causing him to go rock hard. He moved his hand from her leg and brought it to her breast, cupping and gently squeezing it.

He broke off the kiss long enough to ask her if she wanted to go to his bedroom.

Taking a deep breath she nodded her head and said

“Yes; I would like that.”

Dave turned off the move and reached out for her hand.

Together they walked to his room; when they got there he locked the door.

He walked up to Grace and started kissing her again as he slowly pulled the dress over her head and dropped it on the floor. He stepped back and looked at her. She has nothing on under her clothes and he groaned and reached for her pulling her into his body with his hands on her ass. He brings his mouth down on hers in a hard kiss.

Dave took Grace to the bed and lay down beside her. Using his hands and mouth he started kissing his way down her body lingering over her breasts licking her nipples. When he used his teeth on her nipples she arched her back and moaned out his name.

He moved on caressing her ribs and kissing a line down her torso. He reached and passed over her pussy and kissed down to her knees. Then he started working his way back up again passing over her pussy.

“Please I need you now I want you inside me.”

“I’m going to take my time with you and enjoy this.” He said

Grace was running canlı bahis siteleri out of control. He kept passing over the one place she wanted him and it was driving her crazy. She took her hands and was running them through his hair and over his shoulders.

“If you don’t hurry I’m going to go crazy”

He moved over her and moved her legs around his hips. He leaned down and kissed her as he pushed his way inside her.

“Babe you feel so good”

At the feeling of him inside her she almost screamed. She wrapped her arms around him and tightened her legs to pull him to her even more.

He grabbed her legs and pushed them over his shoulders as he moved faster and faster inside her.

Grace moved her hands over his back and chest stopping over his nipples rubbing them with the palm of her hands. Dave moans arches his back and moves even faster inside her.

“Please, please faster, I need to cum!” Grace almost screamed.

“That’s it babe cum for me! Cum with me Grace!”

That’s all it took to make her cum. She screamed and arched almost off the bed as Dave groaned and buried his face in her hair as he found his own release.

They laid there for a while, catching there breath and holding each other as the after shocks subsided.

“As much as I would love, to stay here with you like this; we are going to have to get up. Kara is going be home soon and I don’t think she wants to see us like this” Dave said.

“I wish we could stay here with you like this all night” she said.

“I know I wish the same but I’m going to be here for three weeks witch gives us some time. I have not told anyone yet but I’m thinking about moving back here. You are a really good reason to come back.”

Grace beamed a smile at him and started to kiss him but after a few minutes he groaned and pulled away.

‘Babe we keep this up and my sister is going to find us this way. I don’t know who she will kill first me or you.”

He laughs and rolls to the edge and stands up. He reaches down takes her hands and pulls her to feet.

“Let’s take a shower before she gets home ok?”

“That sounds good to me” Grace laughs and walks with him to the bathroom

Over the 3 weeks, that Dave stayed in town he spent as much time with Grace as he could. Almost 2 months later, he moved into a house not far from Grace’s and they told everyone that they where dating. Kara looked stunned, but after the shock faded she was all for it.

Three years later Grace and Dave got married and live happily to this day.

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