Teenage Kicks

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Group Sex

I’d known Helen for over a year, and from the first time I set eyes on her I couldn’t get her out of my mind. It wasn’t surprising since by anyone’s standards she was an eye-catcher. Long, shiny, blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and the tight jeans she wore always showed off her gorgeous bottom at its best. With her waif like figure I’m sure she could have been a model if she had wanted. Luckily for me, however, she chose college instead.

Despite the fact she was the principle object of desire for most of the boys on our course, nobody ever got anywhere with her. This was partly due to the way she didn’t socialise with the rest of us. She was by far the best student in the class, and while everyone else would spend their free periods messing about in the pool room, she’d be in the library doing extra work. From time to time someone would try to chat her up, but they would never have any luck. She didn’t show much interest in boys. To be honest, I didn’t think anyone stood a chance with her. Anyone except for me that is. Deep down I always knew Helen was my destiny.

My big breakthrough came at one of our college parties. It was only a week after my 18th birthday, and several days of heavy drinking had taken it’s toll. While everyone else was enjoying themselves, I was propped up against a wall feeling ever so slightly queasy. It was almost by accident that I ended up talking to Helen for most of the night. Like me, she didn’t seem to be enjoying herself too much and we gravitated to one another because neither of us was in a dancing mood. Initially the conversation revolved around Physics, like it always did with Helen. That didn’t bother me because I knew I’d have to start somewhere. With a bit of luck this would be the first step towards getting into her pants. Even if it wasn’t, at least I had finally got to grips with complexities of the Doppler Effect.

We decided to leave early and shared a taxi home. When we got back to her place Helen got out, said goodnight, then suddenly turned round to say something else. For a moment I was sure she was going to make a move on me, but before she did she paused and clearly had second thoughts.

“If you’re not in class tomorrow you can borrow my notes, if you want.” She said it with the kind of hesitancy that you don’t normally associate with a polite enquiry. I knew I’d have to make my move then and there. If I didn’t strike now I might not get another chance, never mind a better one.

“Helen?” I said, as I squeezed out of the taxi door she was carelessly closing behind her.


I couldn’t think of anything else to say, so plucking up as much courage as I could, I clumsily lunged forward to kiss her. Not knowing what to expect, I latched on to her lips with the sole intention of hanging onto them for as long as possible. Nothing happened. No slap in the face. No rampant groping as Helen finally realised I was the only man for her. It was quite disappointing really. I was left with no choice other than to disengage from her face and find out exactly what was going on.

As I moved away I was relived to see she that she seemed happy. Very happy in fact. A look of spaced-out joy had spread across her face, although for the life of me I don’t know why. Even if it was her first kiss, I’d have to say it wasn’t up to much. I was in that awful ‘shall I use tongues?’ predicament, which rather detracted from the passion a little, and Helen had spent the whole encounter giving less response than a dead fish. Not that I cared in the slightest. The only thing that mattered to me was that, finally, I was making progress. Suddenly the possibility of fucking Helen seemed real.

Over the next few days we saw a lot of each other. The more time we spent together, the more desperate I was to have her. To my relief I didn’t have to wait long. It was a Tuesday morning and our classes had finished early. At one time this would have been an open invitation to waste a day playing 9-ball, however, this time I was off to the library instead. Just as I was about to enter the revolving doors into the college library bahis firmaları I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Helen.

“You can come round my place to do your work, if you like.” Again, for such an innocent statement she sounded incredibly nervous saying it. I hoped for all I was worth that she had a hidden agenda.

“Yeah, sure.” I replied, trying to stay calm.

Five minutes later we were on the bus back to her place. I hardly said a word all the way. My heart was racing and all I could think of was how to get her into bed. The opportunity was definitely there, I just had to make sure I didn’t blow it. My head was filled with visions of what she’d look like naked. I’d had the same thoughts a thousand times before but now I couldn’t get rid of them. The last thing I needed was I sudden loss of composure. I had to get my head straight, and fast.

When we got to her place things changed. Without warning, Helen started to make all the running. This wasn’t expected at all. First she made coffee, then she asked if we could have a little break before doing any work, then finally, she asked me up to her room to ‘listen to some music.’ I knew then we were going to end up in bed together, but the inevitability of the situation only made me more nervous. This was what I had wanted for so long, but now I wasn’t sure I was up to it. My previous experiences had been fumblings in the dark which hadn’t exactly lived up to expectations. This time I wanted to get everything right. A year of research on Helen had told me that despite her being 18, this was almost certainly her first time. I wanted it to be memorable for her. Memorable for all the right reasons that is. I didn’t want to be remembered as the bumbling fool who stole her cherry in less time than it takes to change a light bulb. I owed it to myself to put on a performance to be proud of. I hadn’t spent a year of underhand scheming and planning for this to be over in 30 seconds. I could only hope I’d learned from my mistakes.

We talked for a while as we drank our coffee, all the time I was trying to keep my mind off sex. I started rummaging through her CD collection, hoping it would calm me down. It seemed to do the trick. At last my heart beat slowed and I could think straight. This had to be the moment where I made my move. After all the effort I’d put into building up to this day, I wasn’t going to let Helen be the one to seduce me.

I put my arms around her and pulled her onto the bed. As soon as we started kissing I could feel my cock harden again. This made things very awkward. The last thing I wanted was for Helen to feel my cock pressing against her. Well, not just yet anyway. I placed a hand on her hip and began to rub it. When she didn’t object I took the opportunity to go further. I pulled her T-shirt out of her jeans and slid my hand up, slowly caressing her from the top of the thigh to the bottom of her ribs. Her skin was soft and warm, a real turn on. I was amazed that I could I find such a simple thing so erotic. Until then I’d only been interested in the obvious parts of a woman’s anatomy. It was at this point Helen pulled away from me. For a moment I thought I’d gone too far. Instead she was simply untying her hair.

“Do you want to make love to me?” This time she was speaking in such a matter of fact way it beggared belief.

“Yeah. If you want to.” Hardly the most enthusiastic of responses, I know, but what was I supposed to say to such a stupid question?

Helen walked towards me, still shaking her hair loose. As it was set free it formed a frame around her face, somehow enhancing her already pretty features. She was wearing a tight, white T-shirt which appeared to be stuck to her skin, and not leaving much to the imagination. However, the little it did leave was still far too much for my liking. I pulled it over her head to reveal her plain white bra. Even though her breasts were little more than bee stings they seemed perfect, and matched her slender frame.

I undid her jeans and slid my hands down, seeking the front of her panties. I was greeted with a handful kaçak iddaa of soaking wet cotton. It was almost too much for me, and if I hadn’t quickly removed my hand I probably would have cum on the spot. Wasting no time, I pulled off her jeans and rested my face on her flat stomach. After regaining a degree of composure, I turned my attention to removing what remained of her clothing. Awkwardly, I unhooked her bra. Even though I tried to show some restraint I couldn’t stop myself feasting on her breasts. Occasionally I’d glance up to see her pretty little face smiling back at me. I’d have happily spent all day flicking her erect nipples with my tongue but I knew we didn’t have that long.

I gently eased her legs apart and placed my face between her thighs. With my tongue I traced over the outline of her slit, through her sticky panties. The smell of her juices was so enchanting I had to get them off. I couldn’t bear the thought of that flimsy barrier separating me from her moist pussy lips any longer. Slowly, I rolled them all the way down, my eyes nearly popping out of my head as I caught my first glimpse of her muff. It was perfect. Her pubic hair was a forest of fine blonde pubes which sparingly covered her groin. Her pink fleshy lips contrasted beautifully with her snow white skin.

With one deep breathe I buried my face straight into her wet snatch. I frantically began to eat her, dividing my time evenly between her pussy and clitoris. The occasional moan of pleasure escaped from her mouth which spurred me on even more. I could tell she was holding back and enjoying it more than she was letting on. If I had carried on licking I’m sure she would have cum before too long, but I wanted to make her wait. Things were going well and I didn’t want them to stop.

I lifted her legs into the air to access her gorgeous bottom. I gently spread her buttocks apart and probed her ass with my tongue. As I pressed on rosebud she let out the odd giggle of delight. To be honest, I didn’t care if she enjoyed it or not. For the past year every time she had walked past me my eyes were fixed on her ass, so now I had my chance, I was desperate to indulge myself.

By now I could wait no longer and I needed some relief. I knew if I attempted penetration it would be a disaster. Self-control was a problem at the best of times. The only way out I could see was waving my cock in front of her in the hope she would respond. I should have just asked her to suck me off, but I was too shy back then. Luckily she took the bait and began stroking my dick. Helen struggled at first to come to terms with my foreskin and kept pulling it back too far. Although it was a bit painful I didn’t mind, and in some ways it made it even more enjoyable. Being the keen student she was, Helen quickly learned and grew in confidence. It wasn’t long before she took my tip into her mouth. Again it took a while for her to adjust, but gradually she swallowed more and more. Before I knew it, she had crammed her mouth with cock and I was on receiving end of an expert blow job.

Just as I was coming to terms with the sensation spreading from my dick, Helen grabbed my balls and squeezed them firmly. Squeezing and tugging, again she was a little unsure and rough, but it was enough to send me to the edge. I warned her I was about to cum, giving her plenty of notice I was about to fill her mouth. To my surprise she moved away completely and I was left with no option but to finish the job myself. She watched from the other end of the bed as I beat myself into a frenzy. It only took a few strokes to send my seed flying across the room. Some landed on Helen, the rest made a mess over the bed and sheets. I suppose I could have controlled myself better, but it didn’t seem much of a priority at the time.

The look on Helen’s face was one of pure shock. She clearly hadn’t expected it to be such a messy business, although she seemed happy enough. As I gasped for breath, her hand started to run down my gleaming shaft, which by now was slowly deflating. For a while I worried I might not get it up again. I don’t know why kaçak bahis since impotence doesn’t normally effect 18 year olds.

Even though the room stunk of cum, I could still faintly make out the pungent odour of Helen’s virgin pussy calling to me. This reminded me I still had unfinished business to deal with. I nestled my head between her legs and began lapping at her juices again. This time she was even more sticky, although just as sweet as before. It didn’t take long to work her up. Her hands pressed my head even harder into her mound, almost suffocating me in the process. No matter how frantically I ate neither of us could get enough.

Helen began desperately bucking back into my face, searching for the relief I wanted to give her. Eventually her breathing reached a climax and her grip on my head loosened. Knowing that I’d done my job allowed me to relax for the first time that afternoon. I moved my head out of her lap and we shared a long, passionate kiss. We lay next to one another for what seemed like an age. All we did was kiss and giggle like a couple of innocents, which I suppose we were. Of course, I was determined Helen wouldn’t remain innocent for too much longer. That thought got me back into action again, and this time I was going all the way.

I pulled myself away and took one last look at Helen. My jaw dropped at the sight. She was lying on the bed, her legs wide apart, offering herself to me. All the time her cute face was smiling back with an almost angelic grin. Helen had always been beautiful, but never more so than that moment. It was almost with reluctance that I moved myself into position. After a moments hesitation I plunged the bulbous head of my cock into her expectant pussy. A little gasp greeted my entrance but Helen encouraged me to keep going. Worried it might be hurting, I tentatively fed her a little more of my length.

“Is that okay?” I asked.

She nodded gently and her smile grew broader. I tried a few gentle thrusts. This brought more than a smile to her face, and she let out a low pitched groan. Still using only a fraction of my length, I increased the velocity of my strokes ever so slightly. Patiently feeding her more cock until her hungry pussy had accommodated every last millimetre I had to offer. Her breathing became deeper and deeper, gently blowing into my face. I was bewildered how I could find something so minor as breathing such a turn on.

I was still pumping fairly slowly and I needed to up the pace if we were ever going to reach orgasm. Faster and faster I went, hoping it wouldn’t be long for us both. The feel of her hot skin touching me was bringing me closer to climax. It was pure ecstasy. As her breathing became deeper, my buttocks clenched in anticipation. I realised I could cum at any moment, I just needed to hang on that little bit longer for Helen. I kept going, the orgasm growing in both of us. The stirring feeling in my groin was building steadily, my stomach filling with butterflies. Helen’s snow white skin was by now a throbbing shade of red, her hair partly covering her face. I brushed it away with my cheek so I could see her properly. As my face touched hers I felt her body tense beneath me. Her hips raised up slightly as her body began to writhe in orgasm.

I knew I no longer needed to hold back. For a few moments I allowed myself to fully enjoy Helen’s body without the worry of firing off too soon. I was able to look at her, hear her and feel her as much as I wanted. Those few moments were perfect and I was desperate for it to continue. All too soon however, my body tensed up again and I knew this was it. No matter what I did, I couldn’t wait any longer. With one final thrust I exploded into Helen. My face rested on her head, and I grunted as spurt after spurt semen was released deep inside her body.

Afterwards we only had a few minutes to ourselves. Helen was worried her mother would be back soon and so wanted everything tidy. We spent a while mopping up any suspicious looking fluids, making the bed, and doing our best to get rid of the smell of sex from her room. It wasn’t the way I wanted it to end. I’d have liked to have done it again that afternoon, or at least have spent more time in bed. I was still happy though. For the first time I could see what all the fuss about sex was.

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