Teacher Falls Out of the Frying Pan

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Been so busy that it has been a while. Let me know what you think. Stay safe everyone. Everyone in the story is over 18.

Miss Anderson waited with bated breath. Why was he taking so long? And yet he had phoned and told her he had been successful. So why was she so anxious? She knew that only too well. Even if only for the next few weeks, he was still her student, and this favor she had asked of him was totally inappropriate. It could ruin his life, and yet not asking him would ruin hers, and so in the end, there had been no choice.

Miss Anderson was riddled with guilt and even self-loathing but at the same time a sense of relief that she and her loved ones were safe.

When finally Joe arrived, it was his turn to wait patiently. It felt like Miss Anderson was taking forever to open the envelope and digest the contents, but then finally, she put the papers down and smiled at him.

“Thank you, Joe,” she said, the emotion showing in her voice. “You are so brave and kind to have risked everything to do this for me.” She sensed in him left-over pent-up excitement and energy from what must have been a big adrenalin rush. Understandable with what he had just done.

“Well, Miss,” he chuckled, “let’s get rid of the evidence straight away. We don’t want to take any chances, right?” Miss Anderson shook her head as if to say, “no, we don’t. Then we can forget all about it.” Joe retrieved a set of matches from his bag, and reaching down, he lay the document in a bit of crevis in the ground. Joe shielded the match from the non-existent breeze and used it to set fire to the papers. They burnt quickly. Concentrating hard, he burnt every scrap, stamping and scattering the remains for good measure.

He looked up about to say something cheerful like, “that’s done,” but he was stopped in his tracks. His beautiful English teacher was troubled. Now all trace of her guilty secret was gone. The emotion and strain of the last few weeks finally overwhelmed her. She wrapped her arms around her upper chest as she stood shaking from head to foot. Then her head raised, and she looked at Joe, raising her right hand as she did; she bit her nails in a bid to control her emotions.

Joe took a step towards her, but she shook her head slightly and turned away, embarrassed by what was happening to her. A student should not see a teacher like this, but now he was more than that. A line had been crossed, and there was no going back. Miss Anderson realized that having Joe in her class would be difficult from now on. He was her star pupil, but things would be awkward.

Joe watched her shoulders shaking, and then he slowly walked around her.

“I am sorry,” she said, “you have been wonderful, but I just need a moment. Perhaps you should go, and we can talk later,” She added.

“It’s okay,” he replied softly. “I understand.” Miss Anderson could tell he was not about to go anywhere. Joe thought he had never seen his teacher look so lovely.

“You took such a risk, Joe,” she said quietly. “You saved my life and the others. We would have all been ruined. I, they would have gone to jail.” She added.

“It’s okay,” he repeated. “You are safe now.” She nodded her head and smiled, regaining a little of her self composure, but then she froze. Joe had raised a hand slowly, pausing when she had flinched but proceeding again when she made no further reaction. Her eyes fixed on his hand as he hesitantly stroked the side of her face before, with his tongue protruding between his lips, he lightly stroked her face on the other side too. She had seen him do that with his tongue in class when he was concentrating hard. She smiled, and his hands traveled to her raised one. She had continued biting her nails but allowed her arm to be lowered and her fingers to be unfurled.

He made a sandwich of her hand, placing both of his on either side, gently rubbing the top side of her soft cool hands before using the fingers of his bottom hand to intertwine with her fingers. It felt so comforting, precisely the support she needed at that moment. Inside though, she was screaming with horror. Miss Anderson stood frozen to the spot as she watched her hand go up to Joe’s mouth, and he kissed the back of it.

“Joe don’t,” she whispered, panicking now, “it’s not right.” He placed her hand onto his shoulder and then pulled her to him, and they hugged. For a moment, she let herself be held by Joe. Miss Anderson closed her eyes and lost herself in his embrace. She was telling herself as she did that there was nothing wrong with a hug. Of course, that was not true, but the favor had crossed the student/teacher line, and in every sense, this was nothing in comparison. But of course, she knew a deeper, darker place lay beyond, and she felt it move a step closer, tempting her.

Being held by him made her feel safe, and yet the enormous danger was all she thought about. His strength seemed to flow into her, and her bahis firmaları composure returned. Then she froze again, and her eyes went wide. He had begun to nuzzle her neck. Yet, she could not bring herself to reproach him as she should. He was her hero. At the same time, she needed to stop things from going too far.

She moved her head slightly, succeeding in breaking off the nuzzling but only achieving something far worse. They came face to face, noses lightly touching with their mouths millimeters apart. Miss Anderson could feel Joe’s hot breath on her face. For a moment, their eyes looked into the others, and Miss Anderson suddenly found she longed for more.

The next few moments, she only really spectated what she did; Miss Anderson did not feel she was participating. To her own surprise, her two arms came around the back of Joe’s neck. For what felt like ages, they paused there. Joe went to speak, but Miss Anderson’s face made a hesitant, very slight movement forward as if testing what would happen. Instead of saying something, he moved an equal fraction back. When her mouth also pushed back, he made a similar hesitant move forward. This strange game repeated itself once more, before suddenly, without anyone being clear who initiated it, they kissed. They broke off quickly and looked at each other in shock.

Miss Anderson reached forward again and kissed Joe for a second time. It was as if they had thrown a switch. A release of passion superseded the first tentative touch. This time her mouth explored his, and her hand behind his head pulled him towards her. They broke off, and she noted the look of shock on his face was even more significant now and smiled. What the hell are you doing? She thought to herself.

Stop this now! A commanding voice in her head told her. She went to speak, to defuse the situation before everything turned into a complete mess. What was that saying? “Out of the frying pan into the fire.” She would make him see the kiss as a sign of her deep gratitude to him and appreciate they were going no further. However, while she dallied, Joe was not idle.

One of his fingers had brushed down her mouth, tweaking her lips and his hand then went down and firmly touched her breast. For a moment, it stayed there, rubbing her chest through her thin blouse. She could only stare at him.

“Joe?” She said, confused at how fast things were moving and her own conflicted feelings. Miss Anderson found she had no more words. Surprise at his assertiveness morphed into an intense thrill that swirled through her body. All those logical thoughts that were in her head went instantly to one side. Miss Anderson went to move forward again, to kiss him for the third time.

She needed to touch him, but at the same time, she kidded herself that acting this way would regain some control of the situation. His hand took hold of hers. He gripped it tightly and stoked the back of her palm with his fingers, and he began to move. He pulled her arm to make her come with him.

“Not here,” he said curtly. Miss Anderson realized what he meant. In the tension of the situation, they had forgotten they were in full view of the school. They would only be tiny dots in the far distance from any of the classroom windows, but still, it was a worry. Miss Anderson froze. None the less this was a decision point. Did she go with him? That would be another step towards disaster. Perhaps though, it was safer to go with him. Be out of sight. Then talk herself out of this without wounding him. Should she go or resist his tug and have the discussion here?

She stayed completely still, trying to think fast, but a firm decision eluded her. Slowly her arm stretched out as Joe moved further away, and she did not move. Finally, when she was at full stretch, the decision seemed taken for her. She stiffly turned and walked with him.

They walked silently into the thick copse that lay behind them, and when they reached the center, Joe pushed her gently against a large tree. She went to speak, but he began to kiss her, and she kissed him back. She knew she was fanning the flames, but she could not help herself. His hands stroked the top of her thighs and her ass.

She began to undo his shirt. That voice in her head was screaming for her to stop, but on she went. As they continued to kiss, he began to open her blouse. Skilfully opening each tiny little button and she remembered that she had worn no bra. Joe slid the blouse off her shoulders. He stopped kissing, taking a moment to admire her standing there with most of her breasts exposed while she stood just blankly looking at him. She could see he liked what he saw and that he wanted her.

Miss Anderson found that she liked that. It excited her, and she wanted him back. The dilemma of the situation hit her again. However, his hands were moving down slowly, taking her blouse with them. She held her breath as it slid slowly off her shoulders, kaçak iddaa baring her breasts.

Miss Anderson looked down at them and then back at Joe. For a split second, she hoped he liked them. Men always seemed to! Instantly she could see from his face he did. She calmly took his hand and placed it on her left breast before coming forward again to kiss him. He kissed her on the lips and then the neck. Miss Anderson took his head in her hands and steered it down onto one of her already hard nipples. Joe felt her body tense as he took the soft flesh into his mouth. He browsed on her breasts for a while, first one, and then the other being directed by her hands.

Then they slid awkwardly onto the hard, uncomfortable ground. Joe pulling the reluctant Miss Anderson down.

He lay beside her to giving his full attention to her breasts while Miss Anderson lay on her back. She watched Joe’s head slowly moving across her body or absent-mindedly looked up at the blue sky. It was apparent they were about to have sex, and she knew that she should stop this madness. A smile crossed her face. It had already gone too far. She did not want to or, more importantly, have the will to. So she surrendered to him. Her resistance was replaced by a sudden fear that it would be Joe who would lose his nerve. Miss Anderson felt that rejection now would be more than she could take. She needed to know, to be sure, and so she asked him.

“Are you going to screw me?” she said. She had swiftly debated about saying, “make love to me,” but she feared that would make her seem old to him. There were only eight years between them. She could not bring herself to say the word “fuck.” He stopped playing with one of her nipples with his tongue and looked at her. Miss Anderson wondered what he was thinking but could not be sure.

For a little while, they played a little game. Neither one wanted to be the first party that committed to having sex. They disguised this by seeking reassurance from the other that they really wanted to. Then Joe’s hand went down to her left knee, which was raised, and he slowly lifted the hem of her skirt. His eyes were fixed on hers, and she smiled slightly. She knew any other reaction would make him stop.

So Miss Anderson just watched as the decision was taken for her. Joe ran his hand back slowly down the slightly rough outside of the leg that he had uncovered. His hand moved to the inside, finding it silky and smooth. His fingers moved back up her leg while gently pushing it outwards at the same time.

Miss Anderson’s body tensed, and she gasped with pleasure. Not wanting him to see how much she was under his control, she pulled Joe in for a further kiss. At the same time, she lifted her ass as he pulled her knickers down. They kissed and giggled in embarrassment as they awkwardly removed her undergarment while Joe dropped his trousers and pants.

Slowly Joe moved on top of her as Miss Anderson pulled his shirt open and kissed his chest.

“Make love to me, Joe,” she said, laying quite still beneath him and watching his reaction closely. Needing at that moment what they were about to share to sound more than it would be. This act would be something that every single person, even her closest friend, would condemn her for.

As Joe settled between her legs, she opened them for him, lifting her legs, so they were either side of his ass. She still wore her heels. He reached down and displaying far more skill than Miss Anderson expected from Joe; he slid his cock gently insider her. It felt wide and long, and as it went all the way in, she let out a little gasp. “That’s lovely Joe,” she said in a tone that suggested surprise. They kissed. He saw that she was not too comfortable laying on the hard ground, so he lifted himself off her, taking his weight on his arms while lowering his head to kiss her neck.

Her hands had been traveling across his back as Miss Anderson considered how young, soft, yet strong he felt. As he entered her, they dropped to her sides and then up to his legs as he twisted his hips. Joe watched her closely, making his first pullback slow and deliberate. Then he pushed into her. Not hard but firmly.

“Oohhhhhhh,” she quietly moaned, and her arm came up, tensed, and then fell back again. Joe’s hips flexed again, another little cry, and the back of her heels came to rest on his legs. Above her, his body sagged a little, and the weight on her increased. She tried to offset this slightly, using her hands against his chest to ease Joe pressing down. “Oohhhhhhh,” she moaned again, a little louder this time, and then to distract herself from her discomfort, she kissed and lightly nibbled on his shoulder. Her head came off the hard ground to reach him, offering some further relief.

His left hand, which had been caressing her thigh, came up to her head, and he pushed it back down again and then held it there. He was fucking her a little kaçak bahis harder now, increasing her pleasure but also the pain. Once more, Miss Anderson’s hands on his chest tried to reduce the pressure on her body. Joe’s mouth, though, was pressed firmly against her neck, and the vibration from being screwed went through her whole body. Every stone and a bumpy bit of ground bit into her back, but she told him not to stop.

Miss Anderson grabbed his hand, which had been holding her head, and pulling her blouse to one side; she steered it down to her breast. Hoping her tits would be enticing enough for him to keep it there. They were, especially from the thrill of feeling that she wanted him to touch her. Free now, she turned, trying to get his head off of her. Their lips met, and once more, they shared a long lingering kiss. Now right on top of Miss Anderson, Joe’s brought his arms into play again, giving her respite from the pain once more. His mouth went down to her chest, momentarily kissing her left breast before his head came back up again. She held him there above her, staring intensely into his eyes and then sharing a further lengthy passionate kissing session with him.

She assumed he then realized how uncomfortable she was as he lifted himself while staying inside her. Now in an upright position between her legs, his hands grasped her ankles as he continued to fuck her. He held her legs in the air but wide apart. Fucking her now with a kind of frantic trembling rather than thrusting.

“Oh Joe, that feels so good,” she whispered, but then he did something no one had done to her before. He lifted her legs, held them tight together, and rested them both on his right shoulders. This allowed his dick to go deeper inside than before and tightened her pussy around it. Increasing the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of her. “Oh fuck,” she said, reacting to the unexpected heightening of her pleasure. She watched him smile, the way he did when she gave him an A. Perhaps it was from her enthusiastic reaction, his delight at screwing his teacher, or hearing oner swear. She had no idea which one, or maybe it was all three. She swore again and then forced herself to say the word “yes” instead. There was no way she could be silent. Not while he was creating such a sense of excitement throughout her whole body.

How could a boy of twenty with no experience of girls that she had seen at school be this good? She thought. But he was, and she wanted so much for this to continue.

“Don’t stop,” she pleaded, lifting her head to look at him. “Right there, right there,” she now chanted, and deep inside her, she felt her insides tighten. “Oh Joe, make me come,” she said, and then her chant became this. He was going like a train now, fast and hard. The word “shit” came to her lips as her body tensed, quivered, and then exploded. Pleasure, lights, and colors flowed through her body as she came hard. She saw a look of smugness come across his face as he realized what he had managed to do.

“Shit Joe that was so good,” she said breathlessly, shaking her head as she spoke, conveying her sense of disbelief at how great it had felt. Joe, though had continued screwing her. He was pressing down on her again as she held her folded legs against her body. “Oh my god,” she said, feeling her body tighten again as Joe relentlessly carried on. She came again with the same intensity as before. At the exact moment, Joe withdrew from her. Miss Anderson watched with a smile as he spilled his seed over the grass. Joe’s breathing up till then had been so controlled, but now it was ragged as his balls drained onto the ground.

She pulled him down, twisting at the same time, so he now lay on the ground, and she kissed him while he groaned.

“Oh, you find it uncomfortable on the ground, do you?” She mocked. “Try lying on it while you have your wicked way with me.” They kissed again. “We should go,” she said sadly. Suddenly she felt she needed to getaway. Miss Anderson pushed the grumbling Joe away and began to dress while an awkward silence hung in the air. She thanked him again for saving her life, and they mechanically agreed she would head back to the school and he would take the longer route via the little village. Clearly, grumpy Joe decided he needed a soda anyway. As she walked away, he called after her.

She turned and waited for a moment before giving him a sad little smile. When he did not speak, she resumed walking.

He had wanted to ask if this was a one-off or if there would be a repeat, but he decided a no would break his heart, and a yes was no guarantee, so he stayed silent.

He watched her walk away, feeling a tiny burst of happiness when she looked back. Of course, he was unaware of what Miss Anderson was feeling right then. And then she was gone.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she was saying. “What have I done?” That phrase, “out of the frying pan into the fire,” fixed in her mind, but in a small corner was a thought she would not lose either, of how good it had been. Reckless and exciting, just like she liked things to be. But that was how she got into this mess in the first place.

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