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I got up early in the morning and went to the outdoor pool to swim a few lanes. When I arrive, there is only one empty lane left. Shortly thereafter more guests come and quickly the pool fills up. Two swimmers now have to share one of the lanes. I was joined by a slender girl in a black bikini. Nothing exciting actually, but somehow the triangle between her legs, in combination with her thighs and the flat belly, radiates a certain eroticism while swimming. I watch her movements through my swimming goggles and get quite a lust for her.

When I have completed my work, I briefly stand on the side of the pool to rest. My fellow swimmer joins me, pushing her swimming goggles on her hair and smiles at me. She is very pretty. I smile back.

“It’s nice that you chose my lane. It was very nice to look at every time you passed me by.”

“You’re welcome, you seemed to me to be the crunchiest of all those here — and I also like to swim in pleasant company.”

That and the smile that accompanies it cause a boost in my pants. I smile back. We look at each other. No one knows what to say next.

“Do you keep swimming or are you done,” she finally asks.

“Actually, I’m done,” I say, “what about you?”

“I don’t know — I want to have breakfast right away, do you want to join in?!”

Her question does not exactly serve to cause the tube in my swimming pants to get back into sleeping modus. How can I just get out of the water now?

“Great,” I reply, but make no effort to get out of the pool.

“Well, what are you waiting for,” she asks, and pushes herself out of the pool elegantly.

I follow hesitantly. As soon as I am out of the water, she notices why I am so restrained: a thick, long rod shows in my skimpy white pants, which are tight and transparent and — through their wetness — highlighting each contour leaving little to the imagination.

“I’m a little uncomfortable with that,” I grin embarrassed.

“Don’t have to,” she smiles without taking a look at the package between my legs, “I hoped it would look like this after being teased by what I could see under water.”

We walk to the changing rooms. There she looks around quickly, than slips in on my side. Before I can say anything, her lips are on mine, an arm is around my neck and a hand firmly on my package.

“Jeez, you have a real big bahis firmaları one,” she moans into my mouth.

I reply to the kiss, grab her by her firm butt, lift her up and push her into a locker room where I put her down.

She locks it, looks me in the eye as she tears down her bikini and whispers in a raucous voice, “down with your pants — no foreplay!”

As my pants lie on the floor, she hugs me, begins to kiss me passionately. She puts a leg over my butt. My hard cock presses against her pubic mound. I let my hand slide down, stroke her thigh and slowly slide between her buttocks. There I softly touch her hairless pussy, gently separate her soft lobe flaps with my fingertips, let my fingers sink deeper into her juicy flesh and for the time being ignore her calls moaned into our kisses, such as “Put it in!” or “Fuck me already!”.

After enjoying her fidgeting for a while, I lead my maypole to her labia and slowly push it in. My horny fellow swimmer hangs herself onto me, lifts the second leg and slides down my piston with her well lubricated, tight mouth. I moan with lust. I hold her tightly by her thighs and standing I push my manhood deep and hard into her.

“Oh, yes — what a great shaft!” she shouts, then bites her tongue and kisses me tightly to suffocate our moaning.

She pushes her lower body firmly on my stiffness while I push it back into her cunt. I lose my balance on that. My lover slips off my cock, takes the opportunity to touch it, push the foreskin all the way back to admire my glans in its full thick splendour shiny of her juice. Slowly, she puts her lips over it and begins to suck it. She weighs my balls in her hand and plays with them. Then she pushes me to the bench, turns her back towards me, puts her hand in her mouth, gets as much mucus as possible to make her pooch slippery. Then she sits on my lance, pushes her butt over it until it is deep inside her and starts fucking me.

I press my hips against her movements and massage her firm tits and nipples while she fucks me. She moans, presses herself more and more firmly against my cock, which is already until the stop in her while clawing her nails more and more into my thighs, on which she leans. I come to her aid, hold her mouth with one hand and rub her clit with the other. She sucks my hand, bites into it, sucks it again, and kaçak iddaa winds herself under my caresses. I push my cock towards her, bite into her shoulder and in a silent scream we come almost simultaneously. My juice shoots into her gut and she starts shaking as she indulges in her orgasm.

I embrace her tightly from behind. Put one hand on one breast and the other on her flat stomach. I snuggle my cheek on her back and listen as her violent breath slowly calms down. She pushes herself against me. I’m starting to caress her. She turns to me which causes my cock to slip out of her and kisses me tightly and gently at the same time. She holds my head in her hands.

“That’s wonderful,” she whispers.

“Yes, it is,” I whisper back.

She gets up and stretches her abdomen towards me.

“Can you do it again,” she asks softly.

In response, I kiss her flat stomach and keep kissing her until I reach her pussy. There I stretch out my tongue and tickle her clit with its tip. She shrugs.

“That tickles,” she giggles.

I grab her by her firm butt and press my tongue against her tickler.

“Ah,” she moans, squeezing her abdomen towards me.

I lick it hard. She grabs my head, presses it against her snatch and turns her hip to me so that I have no trouble licking her well. She moans quietly and presses me against her. Then she begins to tremble, to shrug. She comes violently and quietly. Even before her orgasm is over, she grabs my already stiff again shlong and sits on it with her cunt.

As she pushes her tight, wet canal over me, she raps in a raucous voice, “show it to me, fuck me!”

Actually, I can’t. I’m sitting on the bench. She sits bent on me. Her abdomen is angled. I’m as deep in her cunt as that is possible in that position. At the same time she kisses me and snuggles up to me as close as possible.

We sit twisted to a bullet on the bench. Our genitals and mouths are intertwined. I stretch myself without our kiss dissolving and try to bump her. It doesn’t really work out. We jerk and push, but it doesn’t help. We have to start laughing and we have to get away from each other. She sits back, looks at me. I look back.

“It’s too horny with you,” I say.

I look at her, her pretty open face, her firm, round bosom, her flat stomach, her shaved cunt that sits like a glove on my shaved kaçak bahis cock, the tense tendons and muscles of her thighs.

“It doesn’t help,” she says, standing up. “You have to do me from behind.”

She stands against the wall, ensures a firm stand and stretches her butt towards me. I grab it, position my thick, shiny glans at her labia and push my thick truncheon into her with a strong, but not too fast push. She pushes her behind towards me. I start bumping her, fucking. Faster and faster. My pelvis claps at her butt. I watch myself fucking her. How my fat, long shaft rattles into and out of her tight mouth. As the juice I shot into her gut, run out of it, onto my rod and smear it. My upper body bends backwards, my lower body pushes forward. We moan.

“Damn, I can’t hold it anymore,” I moan.

In response, I get a pressed “Yes, yes!” and a slap on the side of my buttocks. Then another one and one more. I slap, push and squirt.

I press my twitching, squirting cock as deep as possible into her fuck grotto. She pushes against it in order to have all my hard flesh in her. She moans and whimpers softly as she is shaken by her orgasm. I bend over, hug her from behind, put my hands around her bosom and kiss her on the back. She reaches behind us and caresses my butt. Then we straighten up, my cock slips out of it, my sperm dripping on the ground. We turn to each other, look deep into each other’s eyes and kiss each other.

Then she breaks away from me, looks at me again and says, “I’m Katrin!”


“Breakfast, Tom?”

“Absolutely!” I answer.

I kiss her and stroke her smooth, dripping cunt, into which I slide one or two of my fingers. She breaks away from me.

“You know what I mean!”

“Of course!”

She grabs my cock, presses it lovingly, looks at it first and then at me and says, “until later!”

She lurks out of the door, apparently the air is clean. As she rushes out, she turns briefly to me and I manage to pull my pelvic floor muscles together in time, so that my half-stiff, still powerful-looking schwanz beckons her to say goodbye. She smiles and as she disappears on her side in the shower, I hear her singing loudly:

“I want it, I want it so bad
I want it, can’t get you outta my head
I want it, I want it so bad
I want it…
I want it in the bedroom, I want it on the floor
I wanna make it naked, I want it hardcore
I like it big and juicy, I want it sweet and tough
I love to bussy bussy, I just can’t get enough.”
(I Want It Lyrics – Performed by Groove Coverage)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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