Loveless Marriage

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“I can’t do this anymore Ryan. This marriage is going nowhere. Neither did we found love in this nor did we try to work it up. I can’t do this. Just sign these fucking papers and end this crap.” Cathy sighed and pushed away the chair she’s been sitting from the afternoon when Ryan yelled at her.

As much as he tried to accept the fact that there’s no love between this arranged marriage and it is purely a waste of time, he can’t fight over the possessiveness he held over her. Whenever he see her, all he could think about is how she’d look on HIS bed, how she’d suck on his cock, how her hair would toss on her pale skin and the number of ways he could take her- on the bed, in the bathtub, on the dining table and the couch. Whenever, he hid himself in his study and she’d sit in the living room, her body sprawled on the couch while watching TV, laughing at the lamest jokes, crying for the cliché scenes and blushing at those romantic scenes, all he could think while sneaking behind the door is her naked body in his arms.

He always had a soft corner for women, and when they were married, he knew she was his and only his. Maybe that was the reason why he was so turned on about her tactics, which he once thought were boring.

He was brought out of his thoughts abruptly when he heard loud sobs from the kitchen. Before he could properly thinks, his legs brought him in front of the 25 year young lady, who’s crying hysterically. His heart pained merely looking at her red face and swollen eyes.

“Cathy..” he called her in a low voice, taking long strides to reach her.

“Please Ryan, I need to cry after all the bottled up feelings. Don’t try to calm me because I can’t” she said, taking her face in her small hands and shaking her body. It pained him to see her cry, because of him. Wait, what did he do? It isn’t him who asked her to divorce him.

“Cathy, listen-” he tried to explain but she wouldn’t hear him. She ran past him into her bursa escort bedroom. Never in her life did Cathy think that her life would be like a sugarless ice cream. As much as she tried to stay calm she couldn’t now that it is official that they are breaking apart. But why is she crying in the first place, it isn’t like she loved him! Maybe it is because of living with him for the past one and a half year. She has been an official wife and besides that there’s no chemistry between them. Not at all. Suddenly she was lifted into a pair of arms, which she could recognize at any time. Ryan took her into the bathroom and stood her on the step. Taking some tissues and wetting them with a little warm water, rubbed them on her face. His sudden care brought tears to her face again, and this time she didn’t resist the hug she had been waiting since their wedding night. He dropped the tissues and hugged her too tight, not to leave her a second at least.

Maybe because they have been preserving their private juices for so long, the hg became all so passionate and he drew his fingers behind her tank top. The pleasure she felt all of a sudden made her to blow uneven breathes across his neck making him more and more frantic. He looked into her eyes, as she was leant too much into the sink, in a way that her butt flesh was pushed into it. His hunger struck eyes which mirrored in her blue eyes, scanned her entire body while his lips became eager to taste the first part he reveals. Without her permission, he removed her tank top and threw it, which fell somewhere across the bathroom. She hugged him in embarrassment while he unclasped the white bra, which held her 34c sized breasts. She could already feel the hard iron like bulge in his pants on her core making her blush even more. He pulled her into him pushing her from her butt and in a second she was in his arms. It is like a dream come true for both of them.

He laid her on the bed and removed his t-shirt. His bursa escort bayan perfectly toned abs made her to realize the wetness she felt in her south.

“Fuck” he muttered and she giggled as he pulled her neck towards him and kissed his frantically. Never in his lifetime did he feel this way with any girl. He was known for laying numerous women in the news, but right now, he felt euphoria taking a toll on him. He shoved his tongue in her mouth forcefully and pledged himself to feel all of her that night.

“I wanna take you deep and hard Cathy, please allow me” he whispered in her ears as he pinned her hands above her head and sucked on her untamed breasts. All he got as a reply is her loud moan and goosebumps. She moved her hips to reach out for the touch of his shirtless body. Her desperateness turned him more and so he removed his pants in the very next instance exposing his erect and straight eight inches cock. Her throat dried up with the view. Like she needed the dominance she sucked on his tongue and danced hers’ around his mouth. She flipped them so that she was on top of him, savoring his body with her mouth. She nibbled his neck and kissed the finest abs slowly slewing her mouth towards his south. After savoring his manhood with her hand, she realized her juices are flowing down her thigh which ended up on his. Before she could kiss him, he says in a low silvery and husky voice,

“I’ll taste it.” As much as she wants to protest, her mind kept insisting her to stop him; so much did she want to feel how his tongue works there. Just that mere thought made her to squirt more. He sucked her nipples once again before working up on her downside. His hands stimulated her thighs as his eyes appreciated the approval he got from her. He kissed her clit and sucked it earning a moan from her.

“Oh, god!” she gasped as her left leg shook itself from the pacing pleasure and desire.

He pushed his index finger in her core and escort bursa thrust it in and out while his mouth worked on her clit sucking and biting it occasionally making her frenzy. When he realized she would squirt, he stopped and gasped at the red body of his wife who is gasping for breath.

“Ryan, complete it, please!” she yelped but he just shrugged.

“I do, only if you kiss me fully.”

“You don’t have to ask” she pushed her body on his like she wants nothing but his mouth now.

“I want your did Ryan” she said but he stopped her.

“I want inside you” he said claiming his position. He trust himself inside her making her push back and forth and her moans were all but silent. With every push, the way her breasts shook was a view to see. He knelt on the mattress taking her in his arms and pushing up and down whilst keeping the kisses erotic. She would shudder every second of his thrusts and they cared the effort to the least bit.

“Keep doing it Ryan.”

“Ryan-Oh yeeessssssss”


“Oh my fucking god!”

“I want more of you Ryan more.”

Were all the loudest moans she yelped and he is not any less.

When his dick contacted the hot squirt she released, he himself was surprised why on earth it was taking so long for him to blow out. Maybe it is because of the pledge he made before to taste her every bit. He turned her making her to kneel and then fucked her from behind. The banging sound when her butt was pushed against his body, the creaky sounds of the bed, their gasps, and those moans are all the only sounds in that mansion. He pressed her breasts between his hands and did the driving with full force.

Goosebumps aroused on his body indicating that he is going to climax soon. He increased the pace and so did she with her moans.

“I am coming Cathy” he said as he fucked harder and harder deep inside her. She clung to him in utmost pleasure as he moaned loudly releasing inside her.

“Oh my god Cathy” he said as he kissed her gift and hugged her before going to a slumber.

In the evening, when he found her staring at him, he raised an eye brow

“Ryan, we could do this again?”

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