Live For The Moment Ch. 1

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Living For The Moment
Short stories of delicious sexual encounters
Episode 1: A Special Book Signing

My name is Jimmy, and I am a writer. I had been staying with a friend in his beach house for the past week. The location was good for my creative juices. David, my host, had some younger friends from work who had stopped by for an impromptu pool party.

I was relaxing in my bedroom after an early morning ocean swim. The exercise felt good, but I was feeling the effects on my 36-year-old body. I could hear the noise and splashing from the pool just below my window. I was relaxed and enjoying the warm breeze on my naked body. I am not a vein person, but I do have a fit body, and an average size dick. I was holding my cock when there was a rapid knocking on my door. Before I had a chance to do anything, the door opened, and a beautiful blonde stood with an expression of some anguish. “Oh God she said…sorry…bathroom!” she managed to say loudly. I was bewildered, and could only point to my bathroom door. “Ohhh thank you so much. All the bathrooms downstairs are occupied!” as she slipped into the bathroom and closed the door. I could hear her give an audible sigh of relief as she peed.

I got up and managed to put on a pair of boxers before she opened the door, her hands trying to cover her eyes and find her way. “It’s ok, I put some pants on.” I said. She glanced my way and said, “I am so sorry I came in like that. It was rude. But I was desperate.” No harm done, and I venture to say I am not the first naked man you have seen, so don’t forget it.” I told her. “Ok”, she said, adding, “My name is Mandy.” I smiled at her and said, “My friends call me Jimmy, nice to meet you Mandy.” I then became aware that we were staring at each other.

At that moment, I felt that she and I were, or our souls were, communicating. “I guess I best go, I have bothered you enough.” Mandy said softly. Equally softly I said, “you are no bother, and I have to say that you are beautiful!” Her sweet face beamed, and she seemed to relax her stance a bit. “Are you the writer that David was telling me about?” “The very one.” I said.

“I am sorry, I am not familiar with your name, what do you write?” she asked. “Well,” I said, “have you heard of Loren Westlake?” She said, “Oh yes, my college roommate turned me on to her, and I have every book!” Mandy became quiet, turned her head to look right at me and said, “Oh my God! You are her, I mean him.ohhh whomever!” “Most folks just assume that it is a woman because I write romance based novels.” Mandy said “Wow”. A few seconds later she repeated herself, “Wow!” She blurted “You have no idea bursa escort how many times we..” her words trailed off and she looked at me and said, “Wow, I don’t even know you, but then I feel I know every feeling you have ever had, I love your writing. It comes from the soul, and Wow! you must have some woman in you.” “Oh God” she laughed, “I can’t believe I just said that, sorry!” We both burst out laughing.

When we calmed down, she moved to in front of me and said, “I can’t help my self.” With that, she bent down and kissed me on the lips. Her ample breasts touched my chest, and I could feel and see the hard nipples through the bikini top. It was a long sensual kiss that was so mature and knowing. She withdrew her lips and said, “I had to kiss the man who, and I can’t believe I am telling you this, that made my roommate and I cum night after night. We would sit and read your books to each other. Sometimes we would mutually masturbate each other, other times we would have a full on bi-orgasmic experience.” She added, “Does that shock you?” “No”, I said smiling, “but it sure as hell made me horny!”

I watched her move around the bed, her eyes glued to me. I realized that my dick was getting hard and rising to the point of being obvious. She ran her hands over her body, passing her narrow waist, spreading to cover her firm hips. Her hands reached behind her and untied her top. Her breasts dropped into view, and they were so perfect with nipples that were pouting. I felt a pressure around me dick, and at that moment it slipped out the unbuttoned hole. There I was looking at this beautiful creature sharing herself with me visually. Her hands traced down her abdomen and her fingers disappeared into her suit bottom. It was really only a thong, and she pulled the fabric together and bulled it between her cunt lips.

My hard on was now raging, and precum had formed in copious amounts at the end of my cock. In fact, it was drooling onto my legs in stringy strands glistening in the ambient light. Her hands pulled her bottom off as she came back around to my side of the bed. She again stood before me, but this time she took a hand and grasped my cock. She cupped the head of my dick and got her palm wet. Her hand slid up and down my member as she knelt on the floor, her lips gently touched the drooling cock head. I watched as the mushroom tip of my cock disappeared between her lips. I felt her tongue bathing me and working it deeper into her mouth. Her right hand cupped my balls tenderly as she thrust her mouth down until she was chewing at my pubic hair. As she pulled my dick back, the length was wet with her saliva and my pre cum. bursa escort bayan

Her lips played with my head and strands of sticky love juice stuck to smiling lips. She pushed me back on the bed and flung her naked body on top of me. Her lips pressed against mine in a feverish kiss. Her tits pressed against me and my dick had migrated to between her legs. My dick slid along her slick pussy lips. She positioned herself so that the head pushed against her swollen clit. I sucked on her breasts and kept my hands busy by squeezing and kneading her ass cheeks. I timed my hands to help her lift up, and pulled her to me as she relaxed. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed again, “This so unreal, and really not like me…oh damn this is great.”

While she talked I rolled the beautiful girl on her back, lowered myself and positioned my mouth around her pouting cunt. I looked at the light colored pubic hair, neatly trimmed leaving her lips smooth and delicious. She was so hot; her precum was flowing out like a sticky fountain. My face lunged for her gash, and I buried my tongue in her hole. I sucked in her love juice and lathered my face with her famine fragrance. My tongue assaulted her clit, gently but firmly pushing it from side to side, in and out. I licked it hard and soft, with the tip of my tongue and as far back, on the rough part, as I could.

She was a wild child. I clit fucked her with my nose and lips while my left middle finger scooped up some of her juice and pushed against her anus. As I continued to suck her pussy, my finger slipped into her asshole. She moaned softly, and I could feel her muscles relax and allow me to push upwards. As I licked her clitty, her muscles tightened around my slick finger. Her hips rotated and pushed off the bed as I hit her rhythm. She said, “Oh baby, here I cum baby….oh it feels so good, so good, ohhhh.”

A flood of orgasmic cum rewarded my efforts. She held my mouth to her pussy and came time and time again. “Fuck me Jimmy, I have to feel that big cock in side me.” I rose up and held my cock in my right hand. It was hard as a rock and pulsing with desire. She spread her legs wide as my cock pressed against her pussy lips. The slimy dick head pushed against her wet pussy and clitty. Then the dick slid between the two sweet lips and slid down the tight love tunnel. My thrusts were slow and deliberate. She watched, no stared, as my dick slid in and out of her cunt, pouting outwards as I withdrew my sword only to again thrust it deep inside her pussy. This woman was so hot and passionate that I had to fall back on research I had done to prolong climax indefinitely.

“Oh Jimmy, you escort bursa fuck me so good. Let me turn over and fuck me from behind.” She rolled over and on her knees. Her beautiful pussy looked me and dickey square in the eyes and said, “fuck me hard”. This was one of my favorite positions, because I can watch my wet cock sliding in and out, inch by inch. I could feel her muscles pulling my cock in and squeezing it tight. My hands went from her hips to the flat of her stomach. I pulled her into me as my cock slid in and out rapidly, my balls slapping against her pussy. She reached another orgasm that held my dick deep inside. I tried to pull, but it felt like my prostate was going to be sucked into her. As she relaxed, she pushed back against me and ground her pussy onto my cock.

“I want to taste me on you.” She said. I pulled my cock out of her hot hole, and let her mouth take over. “I want you to cum in my mouth, my face, all over!” she said hungrily. She licked my vein-engorged meat like a pro. She licked my balls as well as the thick shaft. As she took my cock in her hand, her mouth sucked on first one of my nipples and then the other. Her left hand went under my balls and up my anus. My body and soul were soon on fire, and this was the right time for me to blow. I let all my feelings of joy, and pleasure focus in my soul. I could feel an incredible pressure building deep inside me.

Like a tidal wave, it ebbed and surged, each time getting stronger and bigger, an overwhelming wave of pleasure crashing down and through me. My cum was hot, I could feel it as it raced towards the opening. “Oh baby, here I cum baby!” Her hand had the tip of my cock lined up with her open mouth. My cum exploded in a series of spurts that flooded her mouth, face and hair. Even her breasts managed to get covered in my spunk. She was masturbating while sucking and licking my cum. Her hands spread my stick gift over her tits, and she rubbed the cum on her face all around her cheeks, lips, and chin. I pulled her up to me and mashed my lips against hers, tasting my own cum, salty and thick. Our lips were bound together as she reached another orgasm. Soon we were both spent and collapsed on the bed.

“Jimmy, thank you!” She said. “Perhaps I should thank you, each experience ends up in one of my books.” I said. “Your passion and beauty have been nothing short of inspiring.” “Really, wow, I will read your books with a whole new understanding and appreciation.” She said, and kissed my sticky lips.

She slipped her bathing suit back on and said, “I have to go, you are such a handsome mature man, and you fuck as good as you write about it. Thanks for letting me be inspirational.” “My pleasure sweetie, any time. You are one of the most sensual women I have ever met, not to mention so fucking hot. Thank you!” She smiled and left as quickly as she had entered.

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