The Awakening of Laura Ch. 04

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This is the final chapter in the story.

I hope you have enjoyed the first three parts and I hope the final chapter will be as equally rewarding.


The morning seemed to have arrived quickly. The sun was shining through the curtains onto Laura’s nakedness. Remnants of John’s cum clearly visible on my wife’s breasts and stomach.

As Laura was still asleep, I gave her a light kiss and headed to the shower.

The shower was big enough for four people and I laughed to myself about how big it was.

I stepped in and put the water on. The cascading water felt relaxing and I closed my eyes to get the full effect of the hot water running over my body.

As I was lathering up, the shower door opened. For a second I thought Laura woke up and joined me. As I turned around, I saw John and Lisa, asking permission to join me.

I moved further in the shower to let them in. My soft cock was starting to stir and Lisa wasted no time in getting it hard. John was lathering my back and moved his hand to my front to help Lisa with her task.

Lisa knelt down and started to suck my cock. John lubed my asshole and I felt his finger find its way inside my ass. Between the two of them, I was in heaven and did not take long for me to cum.

We finished showering and the three of us went downstairs while my whore wife still slept.

While we had breakfast, Lisa and John both said they really like Laura and that she is a fantastic person and so sexually exciting. I thanked them for their comments and told them I was pendik escort very proud of her.

Lisa said she had a special day planned for Laura if it was ok with me. I told her that as long as there was no pain involved, they could expect Laura to participate fully.

John said that they had planned a party for this afternoon and they wanted Laura to be the centerpiece of the party.

I asked them to tell me more about the event and what would Laura’s role be.

Lisa said that they invited some couples from the resort over for a bbq and pool party. I looked at John and asked them to tell me more.

John said the couples are friends and nudists and swingers and would like to meet you and your wife, especially after I gave rave reviews to them about you guys.

Just then, Laura appeared. She had on the sheerest of black baby dolls and a g-string.

We all welcomed her to the table and Lisa gave her some breakfast.

I told Laura that our hosts have some friends coming over for a bbq and pool party and that they all wanted to meet us.

I told Laura that she was going to be the center of attraction and not to disappoint anyone. She said should do whatever they wanted.

Laura then looked up and said that it was ok with her but she better shower and get John’s cum off of her first. We all laughed.

The morning moved quickly and Lisa and John got things ready for their friends. I helped, as did Laura.

By 1:00 p.m., the four couples arrived. Lisa took them directly to the pool and told maltepe escort them to get comfortable.

Laura and I were upstairs getting ready. I put on a pair of shorts and a tank top. I told Laura to put on a short skirt, no panties, no bra and a sheer blouse, which she did.

We headed downstairs and Lisa escorted us to the pool. By the time we got there, all the guests were nude.

Lisa introduced us to everyone and we found a couple of lounge chairs to sit on at the pool.

John came by with drinks and we were all chatting and having a nice time.

Laura and I removed our clothes to be more comfortable.

One of the gentlemen got up and walked over to Laura. I just watched and did not say anything. He must have been in his 50’s, slender build, big cock that was already hard, a big pair of balls and was smooth with a landing strip.

He sat down next to Laura and picked up her hand and placed it on his cock. Then he told her to jerk him off.

Everybody stopped and watched. Laura looked over to me and I gave her a nod of approval.

Laura then started jerking the guys cock. One by one, the people got up and moved toward Laura.

Soon, she was playing with another cock and had one in her mouth. The women also approached Laura and started feeling her breasts and legs and a couple even moved their hands down to Laura’s pussy.

From the corner of my eye, I saw John and Lisa smiling and they had that look of satisfaction on their faces. They saw me looking and came over to me and said kartal escort that Laura is amazing and everyone loves her.

In a short time, the fellows shot their loads all over my wife’s body. A couple of the women moved down and lapped their cum off of Laura.

At one point, Laura had a cock in her cunt and another in her ass and was sucking John’s cock.

I stood up and told the guests that my wife would be available to each guest for them to enjoy for 30 minutes each, right here in the pool area for everyone to see.

They all cheered and Lisa and I got Laura ready to perform. Blankets had been placed on the grass in the shade for comfort.

Much of the afternoon, I watched my wife service every man and woman at the party. During a quiet time, I mounted my wife and fucked her in front if the guests.

The party ended in tbe evening and the guests left.

Laura went up to shower and clean up. I followed her shortly.

John and Lisa told me that they would like to stay in touch and get together often. I told her we would like that as well.

On the way home, Laura said she had a great time and was glad I hooked up with them.

I asked Laura, “Are you glad you went from prude to whore?” jokingly.

Laura looked at me and said, “Tony, the greatest thing in my life, except for you, is when you and Dom made me your whore.” She continued, “I never realized how much I love sex and the power it gives me over men, especially. I bet we could make a fortune if you rented me out.”

I looked at her and said, “Hon, if you are serious then we should consider it and if you want to fuck others for money and if that is what you really want, then we should do it.”

I looked at my wife and said, “Laura, you are my whore and I love you.”

The end?

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