Technically, I’m a Working Actor

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The terms aspiring actor and struggling actor describe the same person. Whether you’re a cup half full or a cup half empty type of person will determine which phrase you use. Growing up in LA, the film industry was all around me. Honestly, there’s nothing else I wanted to do since I was a kid but to act in movies. Unfortunately, things don’t just come easily for everyone. In fact, it doesn’t feel right to refer to myself as an actor.

I had a fairly privileged life growing up. My dad is a plastic surgeon so we certainly were certainly in a good position financially. That being said, I didn’t want to rely on that safety net as I worked towards my dream. I got a job at a restaurant Beverly Hills that allowed me to pay my rent while still having time to get to auditions. Unfortunately, restaurants aren’t always the most reliable places to work for. As the business started to slow down, the hours also started to get cut.

My rent became more and more difficult to cover each month. Eventually, I had to give my landlord thirty days’ notice that I would be moving out. In retrospect, this moment was a huge turning point in many ways. That was when I met Mrs. Fox.

Her post was different than most I had found. First of all, it was cheaper by a significant amount, especially considering the room was in a house in the Hollywood hills. But, honestly, that wasn’t the most attractive part of the post:

“To be honest, I don’t need the money. Money has never really been an issue. What I really need is some entertainment. My daughter recently left for college and so now I’m without my best friend. Of course, you can’t take her place but I’d love to find someone to help my home feel less empty. Ideally, I’d hope for a lady but a gentleman would be considered if you sell yourself properly.”

I reached out to her and introduced myself. I explained my situation but I didn’t feel that I necessarily made a good enough case for myself that would convince her to choose me. However, I heard back from her within fifteen minutes. She asked if I could come over the next day at noon. Having absolutely nothing on my schedule, I immediately agreed to meet.

I pulled up to the house and wondered if I was getting scammed because this seemed too good to be true. The house was beautiful and was in a great location.

As great as the house looked, it was nothing compared to the first time I laid eyes on Mrs. Fox. My god. Let’s just say that her name was very fitting. Her blonde hair and ample bosom certainly fit the stereotype of a wife in the Hollywood hills. In addition to that, she had a beautiful face and a very inviting smile as she welcomed me to her home.



“It’s so nice to meet you! I’m Michelle.”

“You as well! Your house is beautiful by the way.”

“Thank you so much! I’ve been here for going on twenty-five years now. I couldn’t picture being anywhere else at this point.”

She walks in and I follow her into the living room where there’s a pitcher sitting with two glasses on the coffee table. She asks me, “Would you like some iced tea?”

“Sure. That sounds perfect right now actually.”

She pours me a glass and hands it to me, “Thank you!”

“Of course!”

I take a sip of the iced to, “Oh my god! This is so good!”

“Thanks! I found this one at a store down the street a few months and now it’s the only one I’ll drink. Anyways, please tell me about yourself. You said you’re an actor, right?”

“I guess it’s more accurate to say I’m a waiter at this point who auditions occasionally. I know that’s very unique in LA.”

She laughed and replied, “There’s no need to feel embarrassed by it. I respect anyone who’s willing to go after that dream. You’re much braver than me. What do your parents do?”

“Well, my dad is a plastic surgeon. My mom used to work but she hasn’t for years.”

“Do they live around here?”

“Yeah, they’re up in Pasadena.”

“You don’t want to just stay with them to save money?”

I took a second before replying, “To be honest, I don’t want to lean on them. I want to fend for myself and I feel like I get the best out of myself when my back is against the wall.”

She smiles and looks deeply at me, “I really respect that. A lot of kids in your position would mooch off their parents as much as possible.”


“The room is yours if you’d like it.”

“Wait. Are you serious?”

“I am. Just help around the house, no overnight guests, and keep me company from time to time. That’s all I ask.”

“Absolutely! Thank you so much!”

I started moving my stuff in the very next day. Trust me I’ve had some rough roommate situations before. This, however, was not one of them. From the jump, we got along great. I had to deal with the slight discomfort of trying to hide boners and the fact that I constantly was having some pretty dirty thoughts about her. Regardless, we were quickly moving past the landlord/tenant relationship and becoming…friends.

To be honest, it was nice. It was a refreshing change of pace to tuzla escort spend so much time with someone outside of my age group that wasn’t my parents. I could talk to her about things that I couldn’t talk to other people about. I think the feeling was mutual too. She got some things off of her chest as well, especially when the wine bottles came out.

One particular night, we both got pretty tipsy. I possibly crossed a line by asking, “Were you married before?”

Thankfully, she took it in stride, “Yes I was. My husband was a studio exec but he passed away a few years ago.”

“I’m really sorry to hear that! I’m sorry I brought it up.”

She laughed and replied, “Sweetie, no you’re fine. You don’t need to walk on eggshells around me. I’m an open book.”

“Good to know. It seems like you’re doing well. I’m honestly surprised that you’re still teaching.”

“You know, it never really occurred to me to stop teaching. It’s something I love to do and I guess I’ll keep doing it until that’s not the case anymore.”

“Those are some lucky guys at your school. I definitely never had a teacher that looks like you.”

She giggled, “Look at you the sweet talker. Now that you mentioned it, there might be a couple of boys that have taken notice. To be honest, there’s a few that I’ve noticed too.”

“Really? Have you ever thought about acting on that?”

“I mean I’ve fantasized about it but I would never act on it for so many reasons.”

I laughed, “I guess that makes sense. Well, there’s other options.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, role play seems like a healthy way of satisfying fantasies that are off limits.”

“That’s true. You have to go on a date first though. It’s been so long since I’ve gone on one. I don’t know if I still know how.”

I paused for a moment and took another drink to build up my courage, “If only you knew a young, single actor who would be perfect for the role.”

Her eyes widened as she realized what it was that I was actually suggesting. I was frozen for a moment as I waited for an indication of what was going through her mind. I tension subsided as I saw her expressionless face transition into a smirk, “Jason, I’m not going to sugarcoat this. Your work has been very subpar lately. I’d like to see you in my office right now so we can figure out how you can make it up.”

“Yes Mrs. Fox.”

We went into her room and thoroughly tested the structural integrity of her bedframe. It seemed as though she was making up for lost time because we went at it for hours. She welcomed my tongue and my dick into all three points of entry. Speaking of points of entry, she snuck a finger into one of mine. It was a new experience for me but honestly wasn’t all that bad…dare I say I enjoyed it.

This honestly just kickstarted the depravity in that house. We began to fuck constantly. We did it in every room in the house. We did it in public. We did it when she had guests over. In fact, sometimes we did it with her guests. I very much enjoyed being her toy.

As it turns out, teacher/student wasn’t her only role play fantasy. We explored all of her fantasies. Apparently, she very much appreciated all of this as she stopped asking me for rent.

This made me notice a somewhat transactional aspect to our relationship, “Am I a prostitute?”

This question almost made her spit out her coffee, “What?”

“I was paying rent before. Then we started having sex and now it seems like that’s taking the place of my rent. Feels like it’s arguably prostitution,” I said with a slight smirk.

She laughed and replied, “Well, if you were a prostitute, you’d be a very cheap one considering the number of times we’ve had sex.”

“Good point,” then I got slightly more serious, “I hope you know that that’s not why I do it. I was thinking about it the second I met you.”

She gave me a kiss on the cheek before saying, “Considering the fact that I woke up to having you licking my asshole, I’m pretty confident that you’re interested in more than money.”

That type of conversation was pretty common with us. Everything was pretty easy and nothing felt off limits which was very comforting.

After a moment, she added in, “Your role playing is actually amazing. It’s been a big help because I honestly don’t know if I would have had the self-restraint to not go for it with one of my students in particular. Seriously, it helped so much. Is it something you would consider doing for money?”

“I don’t want your money. I want to help you play out any of your fantasies that I can.”

“I’m not talking about me.”

“Who then?”

“I’ve run it by a few of my friends at my school and they’ve been begging me to ask you. There could be some real money in it.”

“That’s actual prostitution.”

“It is. But, is it wrong though? You’re helping these women play out fantasies in a way that doesn’t threaten their careers and reputations. You would be providing a service and they would be compensating you for that.”

“When you put it that way, it doesn’t really sound that bad.”

Michelle tuzla escort bayan grabs her phone, does a bit of searching and then turns the screen towards me, “This would be your first client, Rachel.”

Much like Mrs. Fox, this woman didn’t look much like any teacher I had ever seen before either. Even though I had the opportunity to sleep with both of them, I found myself weirdly jealous of the high school students that these two goddesses wanted to fuck. Unable to hide my lustful eyes, I finally replied, “She’s not ugly.”

“And she’s great in bed.”

“You slept with her? I didn’t know you were bi.”

“I’m not most of the time. I don’t think she is either. We call it convention gay, which now that I’m saying it out loud sounds kind of offensive. But, anyways, we just kind of hook up when we’re away at conventions and stuff. It’s kind of the usual at those things with everyone.”

“Wow. I honestly never thought of my teachers having sex at all, let alone all fucking each other.”

“Teachers are still humans, silly.”

“I know. Okay fine. I’m in.”

“I knew you’d be in. I already told her you’d do it.”

I laughed and responded, “You know me so well. So, when do I start?”

“Tomorrow. Meet her at the school.”

And with those orders, my career as a prostitute began. Although, I would prefer not to think of it as prostitution. I mean, technically, I’m a working actor. Say what you want but I’ve always been a glass half full kind of guy.

Even though I was nervous, it went well with Rachel. It went really well to be honest. Though it was my job to fulfill her fantasy, it was awesome for me to fuck a teacher on her desk in an actual school. After that, it continued to go well. I proceeded to work through her friends a school, including a night with both Rachel and Mrs. Fox. However, that night was for free. Pro bone-o if you will (I know…I’m the worst). Based on that night, I would say that they’re both a little more than “convention gay” but that’s really none of my business.

After that, things started to expand a bit. Word apparently spread and we started to get some new clientele. It was pretty fun. Let’s say I got to show my range. Also, I began to find that there were a variety of fantasies that women had. I got to play a brother-in-law, a son-in-law, a co-worker, a football player, a masseuse, a servant as well as a few other normal ones. There were also some weird ones. One woman had me break in to her apartment to fulfill a rape fantasy. One woman had me fuck her pretending to be a trump supporter (please don’t ask me to elaborate). Another had me pretend to be her gynecologist. They were a bit odd to me but I definitely have no room to judge.

Eventually, I got one that I wasn’t sure about. One Sunday morning, I noticed that Mrs. Fox hadn’t come home the night before. Eventually, I heard the rattling of keys outside the front door and she popped inside. I gave her a teasing grin and said, “Looks like someone had a fun night.”

“I had a fun night but it hasn’t been as fun of a morning.”

“Who’s the lucky guy?”

“It was a lucky lady actually. I need some water first and then I’ll tell you all about it.”

A few moments later, Mrs. Fox walked back into the room with a glass of water, drinking it like her life depended on it. She sat down and looked disheveled but in a really sexy way. Her hair was a little messy. The top few buttons on her wrinkly blouse were unbuttoned. And honestly, she straight up smelled like sex. Eventually, she composed herself enough to start telling me about her night, “So, I met a woman last night that could be a decently sized payday if you’re interested.”

“Let’s not jump straight to business. I want to hear about your night.”

She laughed and blurted, “You don’t care about my night! You just want to hear about two MILFs engaging in some kinky lesbianism.”

“Well, I didn’t know she was also a MILF before this. I like learning new things. Come on, Tell me the whole story.”

“Okay fine. It’s honestly not that fun of a story. I got a few drinks after school with some of the other teachers. They have younger kids so they were done after like two drinks. I was in a mood to drink so I decided to stay for a few more. There was this beautiful woman sitting a few seats over from me at the bar. We got to talking. We got to drinking. Drinking a lot. She told me that she was staying in a hotel up the street. She lives in the area but she sometimes comes up with fake trips to get away from her husband. Apparently, their empty nest has taken a toll on their relationship. So, anyways, then she invited me to her room.”

“What happened in her room?” I asked just to be annoying.

“You know what happened in that room, you horny little shit,” she said with a smirk.

“Maybe I want some details.”

“Okay I’ll give you one detail but that’s it. Remember that one thing that I did with Rachel?”


“Well, we did that but reversed it.”

“Oh, interesting. How was that?”

“She definitely enjoyed escort tuzla it. And those sheets definitely had to get changed.”

“Wow. Well done. So, how do I factor into this equation?”

“Well, after we were finished, we drank a bit more. I might have told her about you a little bit and the little operation we have going on. She was definitely interested.”

“Who does she want me to be? The pool boy? Landscaper?”

“Her son.”

“Her son?”


“Oh. I don’t know about that. You said they had an empty nest. Does she have a son?”

“I think you should do it. It’s just helping a woman live out a fantasy in a healthy way that won’t jeopardize her real life relationship.”

“You mean she’s actually into her son?”

“Well she got pretty drunk. She might have indicated that there’s some reality to this fantasy. You can’t bring that up to her though. Just let her enjoy the fantasy.”

“I never said I was going to do it.”

She then showed me the check from the woman.

“Okay, I’m in.”

“I know you would be. She’s expecting you at her hotel room at 6pm.”

I knew that this was against my better judgment but this was a price that I was in no financial position to say no to. Though I had done at least a dozen of these meetups, this one had me feeling nervous. Honestly, I’m not sure why but my heart was racing as I knocked on the door. However, as much as my heart was racing before, it was nothing compared to when she opened the door, “Mom?”

She looked just as flustered as I did, “Tom? What are you doing here?”

I could barely clear my throat to speak, “Mrs. Fox sent me.”

I was suddenly feeling very different about the story Mrs. Fox had told me earlier that day.

“What did she say to you?”

“She said you were looking for role play.”

“Tom, it’s not what you think. It’s just the taboo. It’s just a fantasy.”

“It’s fine. You don’t have to explain yourself.”

We both stood there in silence for a bit, not sure what to say. She was finally the one to break the silence, “Well, we could still grab dinner or something, maybe go see a movie?

“Um, I don’t know. I actually think I should go.”

I could see the disappointment in her face but it seemed clear to me that was the right plan of action.

“I understand. Do you need a ride?”

“No, I have my car. Thanks though.”

I got up and made my way out of the room. I could see the look of loneliness on her face.

“Bye, mom.”

“Bye, honey.”

With that, I walked out the door, down the hallway, down the elevator, into the parking garage, and got into my car, and put my key in the ignition. I just sat there. I think the situation was just now fully setting in. I honestly wasn’t sure how to move forward after this. She told me that it was just a fantasy and the taboo of it but that doesn’t seem to be true based on what Mrs. Fox told me. Frankly, I think she knew that I knew it was more than just a fantasy.

I couldn’t get the image of her sad, lonely face as I left the room. Honestly, I wasn’t in the least bit surprised that she was taking these fake trips and staying at these hotels. My dad really didn’t pay her much attention and was a pretty big jerk when he did.

I took my key out of the ignition, got out of my car, walked out of the garage, went up the elevator, down the hallway, and knocked on the door.

Surprised, my mom answered, “Hi.”

“Hi. I’m Tom. Mrs. Fox sent me.”

My mom couldn’t bring herself to actually say anything. She didn’t need to though. The smile on her face said more than her words could have.

“Okay, mom. Want to go see that movie now?”

“Of course. Let me grab my jacket.”

Off to the movie theater we went. I could tell she was happy but it was also clear that we were both incredibly nervous and anxious. I mean, can you blame us. Without saying it, I essentially agreed to fuck my mom and she agreed to fuck her son. That uneasiness lasted for at least half of the movie. We were acting even less affectionate than normal mothers and sons. In fact, we were both as far to the opposite sides of our seats as possible. I’m not sure what eventually allowed me to work up the courage but I finally slid over in my seat, resting right up against our mutual armrest. My mom smiled as she noticed. In that moment I was able to fully appreciate her gorgeous smile, her cute nose, and her seductive eyes, all gracefully framed by her luscious red hair. I put my hand on hers and before I knew it, our fingers were intertwined. I could feel chills going through my entire body. We both shared a loving smile and then looked back at the screen

Once the movie was finished, we decided to go get a drink at a bar around the corner. I figured there was no way that any of this would go down sober, especially considering the fact that I rarely even would give my mom a kiss on the cheek.

“So, have you been on any auditions lately,” she asked as we sat down with our drinks.

“I’ve had a few that are somewhat promising but I don’t think any of them are gamechangers.”

“That’s okay! Just keep working at it and something will work out. You were always so talented, even some talents I wasn’t aware of apparently,” she said with a sly grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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