Tanning Fun

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Big Tits

As I walk into the tanning room, I notice the sign that says – “Only One Person in The Tanning Room at Any Time” A smile crosses my face – one would have to be quite sneaky to get two in the room. I shut the door, locking it and listening as the speakers bring in current popular music to tan to. I slip off my shoes, and out of my clothes quickly.

As I am putting my accelerator lotion on, I am facing the mirror on the wall, back behind me, watching, was the guy I happen to notice upon entering the video/tan shop. I had seen him there maybe three times now. He said, “let me help you with that.” I was at a loss for words, my silence made him think I was accepting his offer, walking over he pulls the lotion out of my hands, and starts smoothing ataşehir escort it on. As he is doing so…he whispers that he won’t hurt me….”just keep quiet.”

First he smoothes it on my back, neck, shoulders, my breasts, stomach, butt, then my legs. As he is smoothing it on…the lotion is heating and his hands are playing as they are spreading the lotion. He looks into my eyes, seeing desire smouldering there….he repeats the smoothing on my shoulders and then closes the small distance between us…pressing me against the wall. He starts kissing my ear, then my neck…. as he sees the response he is getting he slides his hands into my hair, pulling my head back a little he starts kissing my throat, sliding his hands down kadıköy escort bayan my neck, over my shoulders again, then down to my breasts, cupping, pinching at my nipples…and he lowers his head to dart his tongue over them, nibbling, teasing.

Sliding his hands around to my back…he lets his hands run across my back, down to my butt…then my hips. He pulls me into him….and I feel that he is getting quite aroused, dropping to his knees, he runs his hands down my hips, my thighs and over my calves. He then runs his hands over my ankles, back over my calves, up to my inner thighs……pulling my thighs apart slightly he puts his head between my legs, as his tongue starts playing with my clit, he starts fingering me.

Hearing escort maltepe my sharp intake of breath, my body arching toward him, he realizes how much his exploring is exciting me….he increases his tempo, my body is shudderingly close to climax. Straightening up, quickly pulling all of his clothes off he presses his naked body against me. As he runs his hands over my breasts; cupping, then teasing the nipples some more, he slides his leg back between my thighs, pushing his hard cock against me, penetrating slowly at first…then sliding into me quickly…..grabbing my hips he pulls me toward him.

Watching my reaction, he half lifts me as he is holding me against the wall…feeling him sliding deeper into me, my eyes close. His breathing is coming in gasps,….spreading my legs wider and pressing me against the wall he moves in and out…as he sees in my eyes what he is doing, he covers my mouth with his…with a very long, deep, wet kiss…. we both shudder hard in orgasm against the wall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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