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Melissa and Jeremy were heading to their parent’s house for the weekend. Melissa and Jeremy are stepsiblings. Melissa was eighteen and Jeremy was twenty-two. Their parents were on cruise to celebrate their five-year anniversary. Jeremy was coming home to do laundry. Melissa was commuting to community college.

Melissa had hazel eyes and straight black hair that almost touched her shoulders. She wore a white dress shirt with a red bow around her neck. Over that was a manila colored sweater from her breasts down. Her legs bare bright red sweat pants. Her feet had leather boots with fur around the inside. Melissa only knew Jeremy briefly. She had braces and acne when they hung out. Now her skin is flawless ivory clear of blimps and bumps. Her teeth were straight. She licked the front of her teeth, not used to the metal from the braces not being there.

Jeremy had blue eyes and blonde hair. His hair was nearly all shaved off. Jeremy had broad shoulders and average height. He was president of his university’s cycling club. His peach skin reflected the sunlight when he pedals around the neighborhood. Jeremy wore a leather jacket, blue jeans, and an old güvenilir bahis high school t-shirt that is real worn out.

Jeremy walked inside their house. He brushed the sweat off his fore head. Melissa was passing through the halls. Stopping she looked at her stepbrother. He pulled his arms out of the leather jacket. He reached down and pulled off the worn t-shirt. Melissa stared at his wet toned chest. She hid behind the wall. She began unbuttoning her sweater. She leaned back as the sweater fell back onto the floor. Jeremy went into a nearby room. Melissa followed. Jeremy stood in front of the sauna. He turned the dial. Fog began to form inside. Jeremy unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He pulled them down with his underwear. He turned around and placed his clothes aside. A foot-long cock was visible. Melissa put a hand over her mouth to keep from making a sound. She pulled on the bow around her neck. The bow fell to the floor. Jeremy walked inside the foggy sauna. Melissa could feel the heat.

Melissa unbuttoned her dress shirt. She took the dress shirt off. Standing now in bright red pants and white bra. She unclasped her bra. Slinging it off her türkçe bahis revealing B cup breasts. She kicked her shoes and peeled her socks off. She took off her pants and thong together. Melissa was completely naked. She followed her brother into the sauna. She could barely make out anything. She went over to the bench. Melissa sat down in her brother’s lap. He woke up.

“Melissa! What are you doing here?”

“Jeremy, I wanted to join you.”

Jeremy scooted over. Jeremy occasionally glanced at his stepsister. He could see her perky breasts. Her hard pointed nipples. The sweat falling of her fair skin. Melissa looked at Jeremy. His cock was still erect. Melissa spread out her legs. Her pussy had no bush. Melissa turned, catching Jeremy staring at it. Melissa walked over to Jeremy. She grabbed his cock and pumped. Jeremy just sat there looking at Melissa. She leaned forward and gave Jeremy a kiss on his lips. She could still taste his garlic breathe from lunch.

Jeremy hesitated. He gestured for Melissa to sit on his lap. She wrapped her legs around his waist. Melissa kissed his lips again. She stretched over Jeremy. Jeremy pressed his lips around güvenilir bahis siteleri her left tit. He began to suck. Melissa ran her fingers through his buzzed scalp. Melissa made a short noise. Jeremy leaned back. He went back in kissing her breasts. The right breast was kissed. The right tit was kissed. The valley between was kissed on both of Melissa’s peaks. Finally, he kissed her left breast. Melissa unwrapped her legs around him. Now standing above Jeremy.

“Jeremy, we both like each other. Our parents are not here. Let’s do it.”

Jeremy grabbed his cock thrusting into his willing stepsibling. Melissa grabbed Jeremy’s wet shoulders. Melissa pushed her head back in a moan. Jeremy continued to thrust upward. Melissa continued riding. Jeremy began with short slow thrusts. Overtime, Melissa was given fast strong thrusts. Melissa was practically yelling. Jeremy paused. Melissa could see that he was thinking of something.

“Jeremy, you can cum inside or outside of me.”

Jeremy thrusted upward releasing his cum. Melissa yelled. Jeremy popped his cock. Their cum dripped of his cock and her vagina. Melissa cupped her vagina running out. Jeremy could hear the shower turned on. Jeremy grabbed the nearest clothing outside the sauna door. He picked up Melissa’s thong. He cocooned his limp cock. He walked over to the shower. Melissa developed into a beautiful young woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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