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Big Tits

It’s one of town’s largest libraries. She worked there almost three years now. She know’s almost everything about that library.

He’s been going to the library almost everyday for the last few months. Just for her. He likes to watch her. Always dressed in mid length flowing skirts and low cut tops. The way she walks, she’s so beautiful. Maybe he’ll make a move . . . and one day he does just that.

He comes into the library and sits down, removing several things from his backpack. He spreads them out on the table he’s chosen. He looks up to see her take an armful of books and walk over to the shelves. He knew where she was going, he looked at the books as he came in.

She was headed to the very farthest corner. Time to make a move. Very slowly he walked in the direction she was moving in. Just act like you are looking for a book, he tells himself. Periodically he stops to look at a cover or flip a couple pages.

Finally he gets to the aisle she turned into. She was just putting down her armful and picked up the top few to put away. He watched her for a while, until almost the whole pile had been returned to their shelves.

Time to act, it was now or never.

He walked over to her, her back was to him. He kissed the side of her neck. She turned abruptly and bumped into the wall. He put his hands on either side of her head, effectively trapping her. Although still giving her the option to leave if she wanted to.

Her blue eyes met his green ones. He smiled his most charming smile and she just grinned. She put her arms bahis firmaları around his neck and drew his head down to hers. This was even better then fantasy.

He didn’t expect her to be this co-operative with him. He expected some struggle, or argument, or something but not this. This was good.

She was the best kisser he’d ever had. He almost melted as her tongue gently parted his lips. He felt almost like a virgin again. It was ridiculous, he was the one supposed to be in charge, this was interesting though. Talk about turning the tables . . . .

Slowly one hand made it’s way slowly to his fly. She rubbed him to erection through his jeans. It didn’t take long at all. As her tongue probed his tongue, inviting his to join, she smiled.

He found that she was very skilled at what she was doing. She was driving him to all distraction. He wanted to drop to the floor with her right this minute, but it wasn’t what he’d planned. None of this was like what he’d planned.

Suddenly he found her hand inside his pants, and making it’s way into his boxer shorts! As soon as her hand met flesh he jerked. Her hand was cool on his flesh, and expertly skilled as she began to stroke him.

Much to his dismay he felt her hand leave him. He moaned softly, “Shh, this is a library we must have quiet.” She smiled up at him and suddenly dropped to her knees.

She withdrew his rigid member and stroked it some with her delicate hand. He let his head fall back, this was beautiful. Suddenly he felt her take him into her mouth. If this felt kaçak iddaa good, it must be heaven to be inside her.

He stretched out his arm to cup the back of her head, gently encouraging her efforts. He let her take him deep into her mouth, thrusting gently so he wouldn’t hurt her.

Without warning he let go. His head came up and his eyes flew open. He expected to see her choking and a look of disgust on his face. Instead when he looked down she was swallowing it all, with a smile no less.

He grinned at his luck and stroked her hair. When he finished and she had him cleaned off he helped her to her feet. He hugged her close and whisper in her ear, “I’m sorry love. I didn’t expect it. It was as much a surprise to me as it was to you. Darling I’m so . . “

She put a finger to his lips, “no apologies” she kissed him and snaked her tongue into his mouth. He could taste himself on her and it made him hard instantly for her again.

She reached down and felt it. She looked up and him and saw the apology there. “no apologies”

“uh, ok. Thank you.”

“You don’t think I’m done with you yet, do you?”

“uh well, I didn’t . . . um uh” he stumbled and smiled pathetically at her.

She gave him a broad smile and stroked him gently. He bit back a moan. She turned quickly to face the wall and pulled up her skirt. Much delight he found she wore nothing underneath.

He came up behind her and started to rub against her. He buried his face in her neck smiling. As he stroked her he nipped and bit and kissed her neck. She kaçak bahis spread her hands against the wall and almost moaned.

He reached around her and covered her mouth with his hand, “this is a library we must have quiet.” She smiled against his hand and he entered her with one swift movement.

She lightly nipped his hand and he drove himself into her. She moved back against him and he pounded her harder and faster. She knew how to be quiet. Not a peep escaped her lips.

He had to restrain himself not to make any sound. It didn’t take long at all for both of them to climax. She didn’t make a sound and he had to bite down on her shoulder to keep from moaning and screaming.

He let her go and fixed himself up. She did the same, very quickly. He stood still for a few moments. When he looked up he remembered how he bit her shoulder. His mouth fell open to speak and he slapped it shut again, he didn’t know what to say.

She smiled at him and pulled her shirt over for him to see the mark he left. It was a deep purple and it looked tender. He brushed his fingertips lightly across it and she didn’t even flinch.

“Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you too bad anywhere else?”

“I’m fine darling. Even this didn’t hurt that much” she indicated her bruise. “I don’t mind at all. I’ve made my mark as well.” She giggled and pointed to a small bruise she left. “Don’t worry nobody will see them. Only you and me.” She dropped a kiss on his lips and left him standing alone in the middle of the aisle.

He went back to his table and sat. Attempting to concentrate on his homework. It was useless. Every time he glanced her way she smiled a knowing smile at him. Maybe he would make this a regular thing . . . . a huge grin spread across his lips, maybe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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