TGTN: Incest is Best Ch. 02

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As Emily was now 4 months pregnant with Ethan’s child, Kyle and Marie had gone on a trip to Mexico to promote Incest is Best there. In the middle of July, all the kids were home and fucking around the clock.

One Friday afternoon, Emily, Selena, Roxie and Savannah were chatting by the pool, discussing their favorite topics. The cocks of their hung sons. Emily prided herself on having Kyle’s heir, with an enormous cock producing as much cum as his father.

Roxanne Tyler, one of the cows fed her mistress a vanilla-coated strawberry as she basked in the sun with Kyle’s other highly valued queens.

Kyle’s four queens were getting the full experience from their wonderful sons in the pool. And nothing was better then cooling off in the pool on a hot day. Nothing but having even hotter sex that is.


“Oh yes baby…” Savannah moaned, as she bounced on her son’s cock on one of the lounge couches by the pool. Her large breasts tried to keep up with her. “Fuck mommy with your monster cock.”

Her bikini was costumed designed with windows for her nipples, pussy, and ass. All the women had at least a dozen different styles. Little Charlie moaned, his tiny hands reaching up to squeeze his mommy’s breasts.

“I love you mommy!” He proudly screamed.

“Mommy loves you too!” She shouted, moving his hands to her pregnant belly. “And this child of ours is proof of that love.”

“I can’t wait to be a daddy.” Charlie said, sitting up to suckle on Savannah’s nipples.

“Oh Charlie…” She moaned, as milked pour out of her tits. “Drink up baby… Drink up all of mommy’s milk…” She helped by squeezing her breasts harder to get more out.

Charlie’s hands reached around to grab her ass, making her bounce harder on him. For a teenager, he was surprisingly strong. Savannah could not hold back against her wonderful son’s might and call all over his cock.

Feeling his mother’s juices was Charlie’s sign to cum, and he fucked up into her like a jackhammer gone wild. His balls spanked her ass, while he kept on drink her udders dry.

They rolled over, and Charlie fucked her missionary style. “Who’s the man mom?” He demanded.

“You are!” She proudly declared, “You’re the manliest man I know! You, your father, and the sons I bear you will be the only one with any right to fuck me! All the daughters will be raised to worship your cocks and bear your children!”

Charlie gave a huge smile, as he slapped his mother’s ass, and fucked her harder. “Oh mommy…” He moaned, rolling his head back. “I’m going to cum…”

“Cum inside me baby…” She demanded, “Give mommy your white, hot seed…”

Charlie trusted harder and harder, till he could not hold it anymore. Shoving his entire cock into her, Charlie came right into Savannah’s pussy, filling it with thick ropes of cum.

Once they were done, they laid their kissing and cuddling. “Just a few more months.” She said.

“Then I can knock you up again?” He said, beaming.

Savannah loved that smile, full of love and lust for her, giving one back. “Of course bursa escort baby. As many times as you wish.”


At the deepest end of the pool was a small 8x8x8 pressurized glass box with only a water bed. Wendall and Roxie were currently there with Wendall having set up his camera around the place to record every moment.

“Oh yes!” Roxie screamed, not having to hide anything. “Fuck me with your monster cock!” She could not believe that this was the son Kyle had blessed her with.

The son that was currently fucking her and pulling her hair to force her to face the camera. His massive 8 inch pole slamming into her ass at the speed of light as his face was filled with pleasure as his heavy nuts slammed against her cunt.

“Smile mom.” Wendall told her, pulling her head back harder. “Smile for the camera.”

She did as she was told, giving it the sluttiest smile she could to the camera. She imaged all the mothers and their sons fucking to each other to these videos.

She dreamed of giving Wendall enough children to make his own studio. More children who would fuck and grant her many grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on.

They soon flipped over, with Roxie bouncing on her son’s cock in reverse cowgirl. “Oh baby!” She screamed, “You’re the best lover I ever had!”

“Even better then dad?” Wendall asked.

Roxie did not know how to respond to that, but she just looked over her shoulder and gave a slight nod. It was a lie, but he did not need to know. Besides, he was nearly there

This lie empowered Wendall, making him ram his cock upward into Roxie with more force then a charging bull.

“Oh yes!” Roxie screamed, her tits wildly bouncing around. “Fuck that beast deep inside your pregnant mother! Force it into my womb! Let’s bath our baby in your cum!”

Wendall grabbed her ass, using it to bring her down when he would go up, increasing the pleasure.

“Oh Wendall!” Roxie shouted, “You’re the best son a mother could ask for! Let’s make millions of videos of us fucking and breeding!”

Wendall groaned in agreement, sitting up to grab his mother’s bouncing breasts from behind. “I love you so fucking much Mom!”

“I do too baby!” She agreed, “Mommy is your woman! Your breed-slave! Your cock-sleeve! That’s all your mommy will live for! Forever! And Ever!” She shouted, cumming all over Wendall’s cock and the bed.

Wendall forced her all the way down on his cock and unleashed a tidalwave of cum into her, holding her down to make sure she took every single drop.

Once they were done, they fell back, cuddling together. “I hope the people watching enjoyed the movie.” Wendall said.

“I know they did sweetheart.” Roxie ensured him, “Just as I enjoy loving you.” They kissed passionately, before getting on with part 2.


In the pool, hanging on the edge near the sallow end was Ethan and Emily. Ethan was fucking Emily from behind, hanging onto her boobs, while his 13-inch cock repeated beat at her womb’s door.

“Oh mommy…” Ethan moaned, “I love fucking you…”

“Mommy bursa escort bayan loves it to…” She said, thinking back on how Kyle blessed her with such a wonderful boy. And now that boy had blessed her with another child.

She imaged what it would be like. If it was another boy, she thought about him, Kyle, and Ethan gangbanging her over and over, even going round robin on her. They would line up, dumping boat louds of their cum into her womb to make sure she was knocked up once again.

If it was a girl, she imaged watching her and Ethan fucking each other. That little girl wanting her daddy/big brother to knock her up like mommy. Or better yet, having her grandfather knock her up, while mommy and daddy make her more siblings.

Ethan stopped for a moment, wanting Emily to turn around and face each other.

When she did, he went right back to fucking her. This time hold her ass.

They kissed, moaning into each other mouths. “You’re a great kisser Ethan.” She said, smiling down at her son with pride and joy.

Ethan blushed, looking away.

“What’s wrong honey?” she asked tenderly, rubbing his head.

“I…” He started to say, trying to get the courage. One he did, he looked at his mother right in the eyes. “I’ve been fucking this girl at school!”

“Really?” she asked in a shocked tone of voice though she was overjoyed.

“We hide in the giant tire during recess and fuck there the whole time.”

He admitted, “I love her mommy. I want to make her my woman.”

Emily smiled, “That’s wonderful news.” She said, “I’m so proud of you. How about you give me her name, and I’ll see about having her, her mother, and any sisters she had move in with us. That way you can make her entire family your wives.”

“Really?” Ethan shouted, his eyes lighting. Emily just nodded.

Ethan kissed Emily with wild and hot passion. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” He repeated, fucking Emily harder with every line.

“Oh Ethan…” Emily moaned, getting close. “My son has his first girlfriend! And soon she will be worshiping your cock 24/7!”

Ethan loved hearing that, taking his mother’s tits to start sucking on them.

“Oh baby…” Emily screamed, “Make mommy cum! Fill her with your mighty seed!!” She came right into the pool.

Ethan rammed his entire cock into and started pumping a pool’s worth of cum right into her pregnant womb. Emily screamed loudly, feeling completely weightless as her son’s thick shots of cum filled her.

When is was over, Ethan looked right up at Emily. “I can’t wait to knock up my girlfriend, and all her female family members!”

“And I’ll be here to watch and cheer you on.” Emily said as they kissed, “and you better get some rest tonight baby. Tomorrow we will practice what you’re going to do with her mother…”

Ethan smiled, Emily licking up his cock and getting him hard once more to do it all over again.


On the east of the pool was Selena, moaning as Nicky oiled her golden tits with sunscreen, his famous cock pushing through his escort bursa trunks into her back.

“That feels so good baby…” she moaned as he tweaked her hard tits. The heat from his cock seemed to outdo the sun as she pulled them down, the slick meat making her mouth water.

She then drew Nicky into her arms and they began to passionately kiss each other. Her hands were feeling up his body, tracing his toned stomach. With his right hand, he reached around and untied her bikini top.

She quickly took the hint and began to take off their now useless top. He pulled back and saw those amazing breasts which defied gravity. Despite her pregnancy, her tits had absolutely no sag to them.

Selena nodded silently as her son took my slippery rock hard cock and began to run it up and down her slit. She was so ready for this fuck. She was moaning at this small activity and was moving her hips to try and get the cock into her pussy.

All preparation was done and Nicky finally pushed the head into her pussy.

She started to squirm and tried to disengage from him. Selena grabbed her hips hard and held them in place. Selena, due to her size, was stronger but loved feeling her son dominate her. As she continued to squirm, his cock was slowly entering her deeper.

Nicky started to push in and out of her pussy. He could feel it loosening up and sliding in easier, hearing her soft groaning.

“Does it feel good Mommy?” he asked, slowly moving back and forth.

“Yes, it feels very good baby. Fuck me hard Daddy!” Selena screamed and he did as he was told, his loaded sack slamming into her pussy.

He reached around and give her a hard slap on her ass. He did it over and over, which put her over the top.

“Nicky, I’m cumming so hard!” Selena shrieked.

As his mother went over the edge, Nicky was pushed over the edge and began cumming in his mother’s cunt.

She nodded emphatically as he gripped and slapped her right tit, making her scream loudly. Nicky began to rapidly switch between slowly and quickly fucking her.

“Oh God Nicky. Fuck Mommy’s pussy good!!!!.” Selena screamed.

“Who owns this pussy? Tell me you dirty whore!” Nicky taunted her, sounding like music to her ears.

“You own my pussy it is only for you!! Keep going Nicky!!! Please don’t stop!!!!!” She screamed.

She clenched hard onto the chair, her pussy drawing him into her with each stroke. He then pulled Selena’s tits hard and pounded into her warm twat, making her cry out to the heavens.

“Mom I’m gonna cum! I can feel it building up. You are going to get a massive load!!!!!” Nicky shouted in her ear.

“Yes baby. Give me all your cum. My pussy is ready to receive it. BURY IT DEEP!!!!!” she screamed.

Nicky’s cock exploded with cum filling up her pussy and it started to squirt out the sides onto the couch. Selena was shaking like she was having a seizure.

“Holy shit!” Selena panted as he ran dry, falling onto her back. She looked where much of his load had landed on her torso.

“I suppose I have all the sunscreen I need…” she said, rubbing the hot sperm into her skin. Nicky smiled and began to spoon her, his cock held between his mother’s thighs as the two drifted off to sleep, dreaming of the further hard fucking they would do later.

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