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Steve was a normal guy with a normal job. Instead of going to college he entered the work force right out of high school so he could help support his mother and sister since his father had abandoned them years earlier after his mom had suffered an injury in a car accident that left her in a wheelchair. She had been able to support Steve and his sister for a while afterwards by doing closed captioning for live television broadcasts but then there was a medical issue with the tendons in one of her hands so she had to stop that and the only money she could get was through a bit of teaching she did with a distance learning website. It was never enough money so Steve didn’t even entertain the idea of college. He got a job right out of high school.

Unlike Steve, his sister did go to university thanks to Steve and unlike the stereotype of the ungrateful brat little sister, Steve’s sister Allie was at all times very appreciative. Sometimes, she was a little too appreciative and would hug or kiss Steve on the cheek causing him extreme discomfort.

There was a time when they were younger when a hug or kiss from his sister would be icky just because she was a girl. Then there was a time when they were a little older when a hug or a kiss would be nothing to say anything about one way or the other. Then there was the day in high school when Steve was looking at a cheerleader bending over to pick something up and he was at just the right angle to catch a glimpse of her underwear. Oh, nice. Then the cheerleader straightened up and he saw that it was his sister.

The normal thing that should have happened, the yucky feeling, didn’t come. In fact, he felt nothing the same way as he might feel nothing if it had been that girl Sarah he liked. If it had been Sarah who gave him a show like that, all he might feel later was that the show was over and to move along. And with his sister, that was all he felt. The show was over. Move along.

But it wasn’t over. He couldn’t move along. He was supposed to be grossed out. Why wasn’t he grossed out. Why didn’t he feel ashamed. He did feel shame, but not about looking at his sister, rather for not feeling the initial shame. He was ashamed of not being ashamed.

So, yeah, that was a thing. That would have to be a thing he kept to himself.

He eventually dated Sarah and that relationship continued for almost a year after graduation. On Valentine’s day she broke up with him with the reason that he hadn’t showed her that he was really willing to commit to her. Steve acted heartbroken because he knew he was supposed to act heartbroken but really he was relieved. He’d known there was something wrong with the relationship for a long time. He didn’t know what it was but he just couldn’t put his finger on it. He heard a rumor later that Sarah had actually been cheating on him and that was why she broke up with him. He just shrugged and sent her a text saying he thanked her for the time she dated him and that he supported her in her new relationship while wishing her happiness in the future. There were no hard feelings.

Yes, well, a text offering positive feelings like that must be punished. Sarah took the text as some kind of insult and nothing Steve said in his defense got past her yelling. She just would not be happy until she cornered him and unloaded all her hateful feelings towards him. In the end Steve was just silently waiting for her to finish so he could leave and his silence just made her more and more pissed off when she saw she couldn’t provoke him.

After Sarah, Steve took a break from dating for a bit and when he did go out again he found that he was rather picky. This one’s too short. This one’s not educated enough. This one wears too much pink. This one sounds like a high pitched hyena when she laughs.

Then after every date, when he’d be back at home and in the safe privacy of his own apartment he’d be honest with himself. That girl wasn’t actually too short. She just wasn’t as tall as Allie. That other girl was smart in her own way but hadn’t gone to college like Allie had. Allie didn’t usually wear pink so how could he want to date a girl that wore pink? And that last girl’s laugh wasn’t so bad really. It just didn’t sound like Allie. And then he thought back to Sarah. He’d always secretly compared her to Allie. He always felt that Sarah was too blond because Allie had brown hair. He always thought Sarah was pretty but not pretty enough because Allie was prettier.

Steve was 22 and had a beard now. It was the day after his sister had turned 21 so he decided to take her out for a drink. He took her to a nice place and in his head he discovered that he both was and wasn’t nervous. On the one hand he was able to act like he wasn’t nervous. On the other hand, in his head he had to keep reprimanding himself for checking out her body. The internal battle raged as one part of him would wonder how to even start a topic that might lead to … something. Then another part of his mind would shut that line of thought down as clearly impossible.

What could be said that wouldn’t escort ataşehir be crazy? What could be done to signal his real interest that wouldn’t blow up in his face. How could he even ask if she felt the same way without showing his hand? He knew this was all a lost cause but he still wanted it.

His sister slammed back drink after drink like an old pro and in no time she was so drunk that she could no longer walk. She wouldn’t listen when Steve told her to lay off and not to put down so many. She seemed to actually get enjoyment out of defying him and just drank more and more. Then she passed out. Steve had to actually carry her home. Well, the taxi carried them to his apartment but he carried her from the street to the bed.

She was there resting and she was so beautiful. He could just lean over and kiss her and she’d never know. That was all. Just kiss her. And not on the lips. He could kiss her some place normal like the forehead. There would be nothing wrong with that. Of course not.

He was almost going to do it. He was looking at her and resisting the urge to look at her body. He was looking at her face and thinking that it wouldn’t be wrong to just kiss her forehead. But before he could do anything she suddenly started to throw up all over his bed.

“Gross, sis.” he said.

What followed was him putting her in the shower while he cleaned up the mess and brought the sheets and the clothes down to be washed. When he got back up to the apartment, she was in a bad way and was in no condition to be kissed on any part of her body, even if her standing in the shower naked and flashing her bush at him made him really, really want to kiss her there.

Then she turned away from him, bent over to show her ass to him with her pussy lips showing between her thighs. He was just about to ask what the deal was but then he knew.

“Huuaagh.” She started to spew puke all over.

About a week later one of Steve’s coworkers had a request for him.

“What exactly are you asking?” Steve asked.

“Just come with me. You don’t have to buy nothing.” his friend John was saying.

“For what? What is it?”

John looked around the stock room and then decided that the other guys were just too close.

“Not here. I’ll tell you but not here.”

“You know, this doesn’t sound like something I want to get involved in.”

“Come on. Please.”

“Is this something illegal?”

“Sh. No. It’s just not for everyone.”

The two men left the building but John wouldn’t actually feel comfortable until they had gotten some distance. They went over to a nearby park that was on the small side and they stood by the water fountain.

“Ah’aight. Just listen. You heard about that paternity thing in the news, right?” John started.

“You didn’t.” Steve said. There had been this big controversy of men finding a way to fool dna tests and get out of paying child support.

“I did. Look man, I had four baby mommas coming after me trying to take me to court.”

“But you said …”

“Yeah, yeah, listen. The company got busted.”

“I heard.”

“Thankfully, they destroyed all the names of the customers but now every woman in the country wants new tests done.”

“Wait. Explain to me exactly what they did, cause I’m a little hazy on that.”

“Alright. Listen. They swap you with someone else.”

“See, that’s the part I don’t understand.”

“They swap your sperm with someone else.”


“I don’t know. They just do. They make it so that if I get a girl pregnant the baby is actually related to some other guy and if that guy gets a girl pregnant then that baby is related to me.”

“That’s sounds horrifying.”

“It’s not so bad. I mean, that other mother don’t know me and can’t come after me.”

“Dude, so you could have kids out there being raise by a single mom and you’re ok with that?”

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“That is fucked up. So you really were the one who got those women pregnant.”

“No. Well, maybe.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“I’ll take being an asshole over baby jail any day.”

“Baby jail? Really?”

“Yes. Baby Jail. You know what they do if you don’t pay child support. They lock your ass up.”

“Yeah, cause they should.”

“Look, the swapping thing is over.”

“I would hope so.”

“There’s this other company that can reverse it but it’s expensive.”

“Well, you can pay for it with all the money you saved avoiding baby jail.”

“They have this promotion right now. If I bring a friend with me, I can get the …”

“No. I don’t want nothing to do with …”

“Come on, man. You my (expletive deleted). Don’t I always got your back? Just come with me and I can get it reversed for free. Please. The courts are going to assume I’m guilty and make me pay if I go there like this even if I didn’t get those women pregnant.”

“Maybe you should pay.”

“They’re not going to let me pay. Child support for four kids is more than I make.”

“Get kadıköy escort a second job.”

“I already have a second job. I got three jobs, actually. I can’t get more hours in a day. Come on, man. Help me.”

“I don’t have to buy nothing?”

“Not a thing, just listen to some presentation they have.”


“Tomorrow, after work.”

“Look, I’ll only do this if you promise to contact those women and offer to help with something. At least something.”

“No problem. I already been helping. I just don’t want the police putting his gun in my face or putting me behind bars. I can’t help from behind bars.”

“Good. You should help. You were raised by a single mother.”

“Yeah, and I turned out just fine.”

“Fine? You still work here.”

“Which is why those women don’t want me for nothing but a booty call. Just like my mom, they all got like four or five other guys hovering round them, just waiting for their turn to get in there and tap that ass. Me, I’m just being honest and realistic about it. Ain’t none of them gone marry me.”

The office had the feel of a very expensive dentist’s office. Everything was polished clean and reflective. Steve felt a bit out of place with his simple jeans and flannel shirt. Steve had expected that he’d be in a group of people listening to some lecture or something but instead, when they called him back, he was in a room all by himself.

Instead of an examination room or anything like that, the room they brought him to was a sitting room with two sofas facing each other and a coffee table between them. Instead of a doctor, a man came in with a suit that yells ‘salesman’ to the world.

“Hello Mr. Goski. How are you?”

“I’m not going to buy anything, just so you know.”

“That’s fine. I’m not going to sell you anything.”

“Good. Just so we’re clear.”

“I’m Alan Worthington. Here’s my card.”

“No thanks. I don’t need it. Just get on with whatever you want to tell me.”

“You seem very apprehensive about being here. May I ask why?”

“I don’t know what kind of thing you sell here but if a guy doesn’t want to have children he can just get a vasectomy.”

“Ah. That is a nice shirt you have on. Do you have many like that?’

“A few.”

“Do you ever wear any other kinds of shirts?’

“Yeah. So?”

“So, what if I told you that you could only wear that kind of shirt and no other. What if I told you that every man could only wear that exact size and color of shirt and if it didn’t fit them then tough, they’d have to go shirtless.”

“I don’t get your point.”

“My point is choice. You have a choice to wear a shirt or not. You have a choice to wear a shirt that fits or not. You have the choice to wear that or something else. It is all your choice.”

“So you sell clothes.” my sarcasm said.

“No, I offer you a choice but not a one time choice, like a vasectomy, which by the way, are not 100% effective and can reverse themselves over time. I want to offer you a real choice. A choice where you can change your mind if you need to. A choice that is still a free and open choice every day.”

“Oh, so this is part of the pro choice movement.”

Alan smiled. “In a way I guess we are. We trust that men know what is best for their own lives the way women insist that they know what is best for their own lives. We simply want to give men the same freedom of choice that women have.”

“By swapping out my sperm with someone else’s.”

“The service that Paternity Fraud Solutions inc offered was fundamentally flawed all the way down to it’s conception. Here at Casmed we offer a real solution.”

“Which is what?”

“Health. If you ever do have a child, you want that child to be healthy, right?”

“Of course.”

“That is what we offer. Health. We give you the freedom to choose to have a child or not. And not just once here in the office but at every sexual encounter you have. If you choose to have a child, you can have the piece of mind that comes with knowing the child will be healthy because you are passing on genes that have no genetic defects in them. While there is a side effect of this process that could allow some men to choose to deny paternity, our mission is health and we leave those other decisions to each man’s discretion. We offer the opportunity to have healthier children. Nothing more.”

“But the kids won’t actually be mine, right?”

“That is where you are wrong. They will be you. Your genes, your family history. They will look like you and likely act like you. Not stronger, not faster, not more intelligent. They will be you, but when we clean the genes that are passed on by your gametes the process creates enough of a discrepancy between the genes you use in the rest of your body and the child that no paternity test will link you as the father.”

“I don’t see how you can even offer something like that. That can’t be possible.”

“Believe it or not but 99% of your DNA is worthless.”

“What?” Great way maltepe escort bayan to sell something, asshole.

“That is not an insult. That is true for everyone. 99% of our dna just hangs on and gets passed down generation after generation but it doesn’t do anything and in fact, can’t do anything. We keep the genes that are used. Of course we would. If there are any genes that are mutated in a harmful way or damaged, they get fixed. As for the rest, it gets edited, not thrown away. It is still you. And with this you can know that you are passing on healthy genes to your child and you also know as a side effect of this process that you will always have the ability to walk away if the child’s mother demands things of you that are unreasonable.”

“But, isn’t this illegal?” Now watch him squirm.


“Then why all the secrets and security?” Checkmate, Steve thought.

“If a thing is exposed to public scrutiny at too early a stage, there is the chance that public fear and panic will push lawmakers to make something illegal that shouldn’t be. But if enough people in society already approve of and engage with a certain thing, than it can’t be made illegal or the people will not stand for it. Tell me, which should be illegal, inhaling dangerous chemicals that will give you cancer or marrying someone who happens to be the same gender as you?”

“Neither is illegal now.” Steve looked down at his watch.

“Ah, but for a long time smoking was legal despite the damage it did to people’s lives and homosexuality was illegal even though the vast majority of people would never engage in it and those who did, it could be argued, weren’t hurting anyone. At Casmed, our core mission is to improve health. It is true that some men may be attracted to this on the promise of avoiding child support payments but our core mission is health. We want to improve the health of everyone in society. The children you have will themselves have children one day and they will pass on these healthier genes and that makes everyone in society stronger. But if we let the public panic, we may be faced with a situation where it is legal to smoke chemicals that permanently damage the brains of young people while a genuine good for society that could eradicate nearly all known birth defects could be banned. We don’t want that to happen. Can you imagine a world where vaccines are banned because of the fear of the public? Within a generation we’d have a polio epidemic on our hands.”

“I don’t see an epidemic of birth defects on the horizon, either.” When was it time to get out of here? This guy sure had a lot to say for not wanting to sell me anything.

“I can see how you can have that opinion. The news isn’t really out yet and people don’t want to talk about it. However, the ever growing popularity of IVF as a valid choice for women who want to have a child has raised serious concerns. Did you know that 90% of women choose only the top 2% of sperm donors for their child’s father? Even when the women are told that the man’s sperm is very popular, instead of deterring her, she will actually be more likely to choose the more popular sperm and feel her choice has been validated. There are already real cases of adults who are the product of the same sperm donor meeting and attempting to start a family without knowing the dangers.”

Caution. Steve felt his caution rise. The salesman hadn’t said it, and Steve was internally telling himself not to think it but a part of him stopped wanting to keep his distance and his ears opened up. “Then the sperm bank should put a limit on how many times they sell sperm from a certain guy. Or they should have to spread it out to other cities.”

“You’re right. You’re absolutely right. I agree with you. However, as a matter of public policy the government has decided that it will not allow any restrictions on a woman’s reproductive options. The sperm bank can not legally place any barriers in a woman’s way. The best that they can do is inform the women. Even when the women knew the dangers of choosing the more popular sperm however, they did it anyway and there was nothing the sperm bank could do but provide the service offered. Recently some in government have pushed to make a law limiting the number of times a man can donate. However, we here at Casmed believe a man should have all the same choices in life that a woman has. With our procedure if you chose to donate sperm millions of times, you could feel confident that even if your children did happen to accidentally meet and fall in love, that no birth defects would occur.”

As Steve heard that it was like there was a high pitched tone in his ear. The room went silent and still while all the background noise fell away. He looked over at the other man and examined his face. Was he telling the truth? Surely medicine was not that advanced yet.

“How? How could that even be possible?” Steve asked.

“In order for a child to have a birth defect they have to inherit two copies of the same broken gene from each parent. If they only inherit healthy genes from you, the chance that even your grandchild will have a birth defect goes down to below the normal chance in regular society. If the mother has had a similar procedure done, as is an extra, though expensive, option during IVF now, then the real chance goes to practically zero.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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