The Present

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“So… if we’re going to do this thing, we’d better lay down some ground rules,” mom said, walking back into the kitchen with a pen and a blank piece of paper. My cock veered up in my pajama boxers, not just because her bathrobe was hanging open and I could see her revealing nighty, not because her nipples were hard and poking through her nighty — probably from dad who, as she had seen him to the door, had probably groped her and she just didn’t care enough to cover herself up. The most important reason why my cock jumped up was because of what mom was referring to when she said, “This thing.”

You see, the day before, mom had asked me what I would rather have for my 19th birthday, a new bike or a gaming laptop.

“Can I pick something else?” I had asked.

“Sure, anything you want sweetie, it’s your special day,” mom had answered, clueless to what I had in mind.


“Come on honey, spit it out… you’re obviously thinking of something, what is it that you like more than a bike or a laptop?”

“PUSSY,” I blurted out.

“Excuse me,” mom said, in calm voice — as a matter of fact, I don’t think she had ever raised her voice at me.

“Pussy,” I repeated, “I need to fuck, mom… I am almost 19!”

“Sweetie,” mom replied with a smile, “I understand you’re at a difficult age right now and I know you’re constantly horny… I can tell from the dozens of cum wipes in your trash, but your dad and I are not getting you a whore for your birthday!”

“I am not talking about a whore, I am talking about you,” I blurted out, thinking I was making things better, but after hearing myself say those words, I realized I had just called my mom a substitute for a whore.

“Me?” she asked dumbfounded, “You would trade in a new bike or that gaming laptop for me… for a fuck with your old mom?”

“You’re not an old mom, you’re fucking hot… and I am not talking about one fuck, I am talking about you being mine for an entire day… and yes, I would trade in anything for that!”

“Well,” she had said after sipping from her coffee, “I am flattered, I guess… and also a little offended I think, but I can’t do that, you’re…”

“Please mom,” I pleaded, realizing this was my one and only chance to seal the deal, “I need this, I want this… I want you! I am horny 24/7, I wank off several times a day, but it’s not helping anymore… none of the girls I date want to put out, I can’t even get a handjob out of them… please mom, you’re my only hope! Just for one day, please…”

“Oh sweetie, I sympathize, believe me I do… it must be uncomfortable to be so fucking horny all the time

and have no release valve, but I don’t think that stuffing your cock up my twat and pumping it full of sperm, for an entire day, is the solution.”

Hearing mom use that kind of language, made my cock fucking hard, much harder than it was at the time… it became so hard that I couldn’t contain myself any longer.

“Jeez mom,” I said as I jumped up, grabbed my cock in my pajama boxers and ran out the kitchen, heading for my room to have a good wank. I ran up the stairs and barged into my room, slamming the door against the wall and rammed it open. I dropped to my knees in the middle of my room and started wanking, hard and fast. My cock was so fucking hard that it felt as if there wasn’t enough blood left for the rest of my body. I wanked and wanked, thinking of mom and replaying that nasty sentence over and over again. She must have done that on purpose, I theorized, she must have known what effect that kind of nasty language was going to have on an already hormone-saturated teenager… she must have known.

After half a minute of pumping my disgustingly fat dick, I moaned and shot my huge morning load all over the carpet floor of my room. After catching my breath, I opened my eyes, looked at the large puddle of cum on the floor and was about to get up, when I noticed movement in the door opening. It was mom, who was leaning against the door post, watching me and said, “I’ll think about it, that’s all I can promise, okay?”

“O… okay mom,” I stammered, looking her as she gawked at the sperm in front of me. After a few seconds, she turned and left for the bathroom.

That was the last thing we had said about it. To be fair, it was the last thing we had said to each other for the rest of the day. And now, here she was, walking into the kitchen with a pen and a blank piece of paper, suggesting we write down some ground rules.

To avoid painful misunderstandings, I played dumb and asked, as I stared at her nipples poking through her nighty, “Ground rules for what, mom?”

“For your birthday present, what else?” she smiled sweet and calm.

“You’re agreeing to this?” I asked surprised, but also deliriously happy.

“Apparently,” she said, a shy and embarrassed smile around her mouth.

“That makes you a slut,” I concluded.

“I guess it does,” she smiled embarrassed.

“That’s so cool mom, you’re the best!” I said.

“So, what would you like ataşehir escort bayan to do to your slut mom, or have her do to you, on your birthday?”

“Well,” I said, figuring I’d start small and take it from there, “Could I call you names?”

Mom thought about for a moment, then said, “I guess I wouldn’t be much of a slut if I didn’t let you call me a slut, now would I?”

“How about bitch or whore or cunt?” I asked.

“Not the C-word Alex, the other two are fine, I guess,” she said as she wrote them down, “What else?”

“Your tits, I have to be able to see them and touch them whenever I want to…”

Mom smiled and said, “Okay honey, if we’re doing this, let’s just assume that you can see me naked anytime you want and you can touch me anywhere, okay?”

“Ok, handjobs then?” I asked.

“Handjobs,” mom repeated as she wrote that down.

I carefully snuck my hand under the table and took my hard dick out, as I carefully stroked it, I said, “Blowjobs?”

“Ok,” mom said as she wrote that down too. I was jacking off by now, as mom apparently had no problem with the prospect of jacking and sucking me off.

“Can you eat my cum too?” I asked, slowly bringing my cock into view, stroking it in plain sight now.

“I guess I can…” mom said as she looked at my hand jacking my tube and wrote “+ swallowing” after “blowjobs.”

This was going even better than expected.

“I want to finger and lick your cunt,” I blurted out.

“My pussy Alex, or twat if you want to be nasty… not cunt, okay?” she asked as wrote it down.

“Sorry mom,” I said, realizing this was the second time she’d corrected me.

“That’s okay, I know how fucking horny you must be right now,” she said, glancing at my purple cock head.

I just stroked, looking at her, forgetting the list for a moment.

She looked at me and gave me a few seconds to jack off to her; she was very relaxed and seemed to be perfectly at ease. She looked at my swollen dick, then smiled at me as she looked me in the eye, then back at my dick…

Suddenly, my balls contracted and I began ejaculating; I watched at my cock head as it spewed out big fat ropes of cum, onto the table, all over my plate, cup, toast, my knife. After a few moments, I got up and jacked off wildly, spraying my cum all over the table.

Mom just looked on and waited until I was done and I sat back down, catching my breath.

“How about fucking?” I asked, as mom gawked at the disgusting cum shower I had given the breakfast table.

“Uh, sure… I suppose so,” she replied.

“No condom,” I said.

“Deal, I hate those things too,” she replied as she wrote down, “FUCKING, NO RUBBER.”

“What positions?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” mom asked, looking at me funny, not understanding the question.

“Missionary, doggy-style, wheelbarrow, cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl…”

Mom smiled and said, “Honey, fucking is fucking… I don’t care about the specifics, you can fuck me from behind hanging from the first floor window for all I care.”

“Cool, can I fuck your ass?” I asked

“Sorry hon, I don’t take it up the ass… tried it once a couple of years ago, and I am not keen on repeating it any time soon, I couldn’t sit straight for days.”

“Okay, no problem,” I said; assfucking wasn’t that high up on my wish list anyway.

“Anything else?” mom said, looking at the list; it was clear she couldn’t think of anything anymore.

“Uh, what about my cum?”

“What about it?”

“Where can I shoot it and what’s off limits?” I said.

“Well,” she replied as she moved her pencil over the list, “I already agreed to eating it and taking it up my twat without a rubber, but I guess that isn’t enough, is it?”

Her playful tone of voice indicated that she knew what I was going to say and that she didn’t mind.

“No, what about your clothes? Can I cum on them?”

“I don’t see why not,” she replied, not even having considered that option.

“What about your hair?”

“My hair?” she repeated surprised, “I guess so, I can take a shower afterwards.”

“And your face?” I asked, a little apprehensive, this is where I expected a negative response.

Mom smiled and whispered, “What is it with guys and cumming in a girl’s face? Your father’s been nagging me for years to let him give me a facial. I don’t think you men realize how degrading that is.”

I was ready to move on and let the facial go, but then she said, “However, considering that it’s your 19th birthday and all, I guess I could make an exception, just this once!”

“Wait… are you saying… is that a yes?” I asked shocked.

“Yes,” mom grinned, “That’s a yes, you can give mommy her very first facial… how’s that for a birthday present?”

“You’re the best, mom!” I said, feeling my cock stir again, realizing she was going to let me do something to her, not even dad was allowed to do. I watched her write it all down, in one line, summed up as: CUM ON CLOTHES & HAIR + FACIAL.

“Anything escort kadıöy else?” mom asked, eager to wrap up the list.

“Well, there is one more thing…” I whispered.

“What?” mom said, giving me an exasperated look.

“Will you masturbate for me?”

“You’d like that?” she asked, surprised.

“Yes, I’d like to see you play with your tits and pussy… and finger yourself…” I said as I wrapped my hand around my cock again and started softly squeezing it, feeling it come to life.

“… hearing you moan and squirm… seeing you push a dildo up there and make yourself cum!”

“Sure,” mom smiled widely, “I can do that for you,” using a seductive tone as she looked at my hand, realizing very well what I was yet again doing under the table.

After writing MASTURBATING on the list, she asked, “Now are we done?”

“Just a quick question,” I said, “To avoid awkward moments when we’re doing this.”

She looked at me and asked, “Yes?”

“Do you do pussy to mouth?”


“Would you suck my dick right after I pull it out of your pussy?” I asked, wanking my dick.

“Eeuw gross,” she replied, “I guess you picked that up from watching porn?”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“I don’t know if I’ll like it — I doubt it — but I guess I can give it a try,” mom replied.

“Seriously?” I asked, wanking faster, genuinely surprised she’d agree to that.

“Mmmm,” mom murmured, a little shy about her own eagerness.

“It’ll be so cool to treat you like a fucking slut!” I blurted out, my hand a blur over my dick right now.

“I just want…” mom started to say, but I was about to blow, again.

“Hold that thought,” I exclaimed as I veered up from my seat and started pumping another load out of my balls, right in front of her, spraying my goo all over the breakfast table.

Mom chuckled as she gawked at my cum raining down over the plates, glasses, cutlery, butter, orange juice, the bread… and said, “You are so cleaning this up!”

She looked on and waited for me to finish decorating the table, then gave me a few seconds to catch my breath and then finally continued her sentence, “As I was saying… I just want you to remember; it’s just one day… until that day, and all the days afterwards, you and I are just mother and son, no funny business, understood?”

“Understood… does this count as funny business,” I asked with a smile.

“Considering how horny all this sex talk must have made you, I’ll let this one slide,” she smiled as she got up and headed for the living room, holding the sheet of paper she’d written the rules on in her hand.

I didn’t want to jinx everything or push my luck, so I was on my best behavior for the next couple of days, wanking like a madman in the privacy of my room multiple times a day, in anticipation of the big event. Two days before my birthday, mom walked into my bedroom late at night. I was browsing through some old books.

She closed the door behind her, and whispered, “About your present, how about we do it on Saturday?”

My birthday was actually on Tuesday.

“Dad has to work on Saturday, you don’t have classes, so we can spend the whole day together,” she said, putting it very gracefully.

“Ok,” I replied, “So Saturday, from midnight to midnight?”

“Yes,” mom chuckled, amused by my eagerness to make every moment count, “From midnight to midnight… you can wake me if necessary!”

She smiled as she turned and left the room; I told myself she was looking forward to it as much as I was, although I somewhat doubted that. Still I wasn’t going to pull on that thread, so I just focused on counting the hours until midnight Saturday and trying to think about how I was going to use — and abuse — my mother.

Friday morning when I woke up, I was horny, as usual, but didn’t jack off. Nor did I touch myself all throughout the day, I was saving up. Dad went to bed early, and mom wasn’t far behind. They were in bed by 10pm. Impatiently, I passed the time in my room, watching my digital alarm clock, and the clock on my computer, just in case one of them was running behind…

At 11.59pm, I snuck out of my bedroom and tiptoed to the master bedroom, wearing nothing but boxers, which did very little to conceal my hard, fat cock. I carefully opened the door and snuck in and walked over to mom’s side of the bed — closest to the door. I was somewhat relieved to hear my dad snoring.

I kneeled in front of the bed, put my mouth next to mom’s ear and gently whispered, “Mom.”

I repeated this a few times until she started to wake. Softly she moaned and asked, “What is it?”

“It’s time,” I whispered.

“What?” she asked, still sleepy and not having a clue what I was talking about.

“It’s Saturday… come on, get up, I want to cum on your tits.”

These words seemed to do the trick as she poked her head up, glanced at the alarm clock and then sat up straight, whispering, “Where?”

“My room, come on,” I said as I got up and tiptoed out maltepe escort of the room. Mom followed me, closing the door to the master bedroom behind her, gently. In my room, I dimmed the lights, all except the one on my night stand and pulled out my dick, stroking it. She walked into my bedroom, closed that door as well and said, “Where do you want me?”

“Right here, on your knees,” I pointed at the rug next to my bed.

She walked over and kneeled down, fighting a yawn.

I began stroking my dick, pointing it at her and said, “Take off the nightgown… slut!”

She looked up at me, visibly fatigued, but amused at the insult and lowered the straps of her gown, sliding them down her shoulders and then pulling her nightie down, exposing her tits. They were big, fat and just a little saggy. The sight alone was enough to make me instantly rock hard.

I wanked and I wanked as I grunted, “Oh yeah, you fucking whore!”

Again, she just smiled, amused by my lust and grabbed her tits with her hands, and began playing with them, squeezing them, tugging her nipples, edging me on. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, so I just forgot about everything else and just stared at her big tits, jacking my dick. A few seconds later, I aimed my dick at her chest and ejaculated.

She pulled her hands out of the way just in time. A huge barrage of sperm splattered against her tits, completely soaking them. When I was done, I sat down on the bed and watched her take a few tissues from the box of my night stand and wipe herself clean. She needed five tissues to clean herself up, pulled her nightgown back up and got up.

“Goodnight,” she said as she headed towards the door.

“Hang on, one more thing,” I said.

She turned and whispered, “What?”

“I wanna see your twat,” I replied bluntly. Having been on her knees the whole time, and having peeled off only the upper half of her nighty, it had up until now been obscured.

Without hesitation and using both hands, mom raised her nighty, all the way to her tits. I gawked at her naked twat for the first time. She just stood there, exposing herself for my viewing pleasure and patiently waited. It wasn’t until I had been gawking at her pussy for like a full minute or so, that she said, “‘Are we done here, Alex?”

“Sure mom, you can go,” I replied and smiled contently as I watched her leave.

I put my alarm for 2.30am and dimmed the light on my night stand, going to sleep.

When the alarm woke me up, my dick got instantly hard, realizing it was time for round two. After wanking for about half a minute, I got up and tiptoed into the master bedroom again. I kneeled on the floor, next to mom and gently flipped back the covers on her upper body. After feeling around for a few seconds, I quickly found one her tits. I gently started tweaking her nipple, over and over again. I felt it getting hard, even before she woke up.

“Alex, what…” she grunted softly, glancing at the alarm clock, “Jesus, again?”

“Again,” I whispered, as I got up, and finally let go of her nipple.

Mom followed me into my bedroom, closing the doors behind her.

I took off my boxers and got onto the edge of my bed, on my knees, while mom yawned and struggled to keep her eyes open. When she got a look of my huge, hard dong, she whispered, “My my, someone is eager to say hello again.”

My sense of humor was not getting enough blood at the moment, so I ignored her comment and said, “Take off your gown and come suck my dick… slut!”

Mom pulled her gown over her head, exposing her naked body to me and wandered over to the bed, kneeling in front of it; her face now right in front of my swollen dick.

“Hands behind your head,” I said.

Mom complied and then slowly leaned forward, sliding her mouth over my throbbing cock.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I moaned as I tilted my head back as I felt mom’s tongue swirling all around my shaft, coating it with her saliva. When it was covered in her saliva, she began bobbing her head up and down, slowly at first. The fact that her hands were interlocked behind her head, made the whole experience extra kinky. It should come as no surprise then, that I blew my load in mom’s mouth after only four minutes of heavenly sucking.

“Oooh, swallow it, you fucking whore!” I grunted as I unloaded. Mom, unperturbed, kept doing what she was doing and gave me a terrific orgasm. After sucking me completely dry, she put her arms down, got up and licked her lips, and asked, “Are we done?” Not in a annoyed or impatient tone, just informing.

“Well, I can wake you up in another three hours, or we can do it now and I’ll let you sleep,” I said.

“Now,” she said, visibly fatigued.

“All right, lay down,” I said, pointing at my bed, “And spread your legs, like a whore!”

Mom knew exactly what I meant apparently and laid down, pulling her legs up and put her feet as wide apart as she could. I kneeled beside her and caressed her inner thigh for a moment, a brief tender moment before finding her entrance and pushing two fingers inside of her. She looked at me, surprised, shocked at the speed with which I had started fingering her, but didn’t object or pull away. I explored, softly and curiously feeling around, carefully stretching the confines of her twat in all directions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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