The Portfolio Ch. 01

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This is an edit from the previous posting. I know there may still be some issues, but I am currently working on the sisters story. There is a follow up story after the sisters story, but fear not there is still two months of summer to explore once the sisters get home.

* * * * *



{Throat clearing} AHEM!

I’ve never done this before: I don’t even know how to begin: I’ve often seen my mother; when things are bothering her, write them down to no one in particular. It seems to give her peace.

I’m no writer, so I hope that by talking into this machine, I may achieve the same results.

My name is Priest, Priest Paragon. You may find Irony in my name after I tell you what I need to say, but I ask you; please, not to judge me. I have judged myself and I am guilty; I don’t deny it…

Guilty of my feelings. Guilty of my actions. And most definitely; guilty of wishing I could do it all again.

I recently graduated High school. I live at home with my two sisters, Capri and Jadyn. They came home from Europe today, but this is not about them.


This is about me. Who am I? You ask.

If you saw me you might say I’m reasonably attractive. I’m tall, dark and people tell me I am handsome. I recently turned 18 but have not been “carded” since I was sixteen. If you saw me you wouldn’t think me a monster; a monster that covets his Mother. But then again, if you saw my mother you would understand.

My mother, the epitome of beauty, no taller than my chest, with raven black hair and the most incredible green eyes. If you saw my mother you would know the true definition of covet, and yet, I only recently discovered her beauty for myself.

The irony is that with as beautiful as my mother is: for the life of me I can’t remember her ever dating anyone.

My mother owns several rental properties and has always been home to care for my sisters and I. She’s always just stayed busy. Her hands have never been idle.

And this is where my story begins…

It was 10am, I’m not sure which day, I just know I was up earlier than normal. The house seemed quiet which wasn’t unusual as my sisters left a couple days ago to tour Europe for a month and my mom was probably shopping, well… because that’s what she does.

I dragged myself out of bed and made my way down the stairs towards the kitchen. I wasn’t hungry so much as thirsty, but I never the less poured a bowl of cereal and a big glass of juice. I had no sooner taken a bite of cereal when…


I about choked on my spoon “HOLY CRAP MOM YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME!”

“Nice mouth” she rebuked. “I raised you well”.

“Sorry” I stammered (my mom had some anal thing about cussing) “but you did scare me”.

“Ha!” she exclaimed “A strapping big boy like yourself scared by little old me”.

Feigning embarrassment I sarcastically responded. “Yeah, well it was so quiet in the house, how was I supposed to know there was a little old lady lurking around?”

She responded with a mock grimace on her face and wagging her finger. “Ah! Someone wants to go to bed without his dinner tonight, don’t they? And for your information Mr. Smart butt…(see? Anal!) I’m not that old. I’ll only be 37 years young in a few months…”(okay I just turned 18, you do the math) “…You’re right though it has been quiet without your sisters here hasn’t it? …I miss them, I hope they’re safe.”

“MOM!” I exclaimed. “They’ve only been gone two days, give me a break!”

“Hey mister! I’m allowed to miss my own flesh and blood if I want to.” she said poutedly.

(Okay, well I’ll admit the house did seem empty without my sisters Capri, a year older and Jadyn, my twin, but I wasn’t going to admit it, so I changed the subject)

“Hey old lady, you’re looking a little grubby today!” I said pointing out the tired old sweat pants and dingy D.C.United t-shirt she was wearing. “You’re not going out in public like that are you?” I said with mock exasperation… (It really didn’t matter; my mom could wear a burlap sack and still be the prettiest woman in the room).

This time she looked hurt.(Oops)

“Does this look that bad? Should I go change?” She pouted…

“Ummm no mom I was just kidding you look fine…”

“No you’re right I should go change.” she said appearing on the verge of tears

(I had no idea she was this concerned about her looks, I started to back peddle, I told her my burlap sack theory)

“…really!? …the prettiest?” she questioned

“Of course the prettiest. I confirmed.” (Hell, it was true)

“Oh; you’re sweet,” she said. “and you know what?”

“What’s that mom?”

“YOU’RE JUST SO CUTE WHEN YOU’RE GULLIBLE!” she laughed while squeezing my cheek and shuffling my hair.

(Okay for those of you new to my life, this is the hell I have to endure, being brought up in a house with all women; constant harassment!)

“Sweet tarnation boy! You know if it wasn’t for your twin sister, I’d swear you ataşehir escort bayan were switched at birth (this being said with a really, really bad southern belle accent) but alas ladies and gentlemen meet my poor gullible son.”

“HA HA HAR HAR! You know Mom you’re pretty funny… too bad looks aren’t everything…. I’d keep your day job.”

“And that my fine sir is what I intend to do. I’ll be at the El Panoche street house all day prepping it for new tenants. If you need me, I’ll have my cell. Okay?”

“Umm… okay…. umm… do you need… help?”(Say no, say no!!)

“Your enthusiasm is overwhelming buddy, but no thanks I’m just painting one room today and I’m done. Why don’t you call that Anastasia girl you’re seeing and get out of the house?”

“ANASTASIA!? We haven’t spoken in months.” (Okay Anastasia is my ex, well technically not my ex because we never broke up, but she, being the same age as Capri went away to college and we just kind of quit calling each other)

“Oh! That’s too bad, I liked her. She reminded me of someone, I’m not sure who, but she was a nice girl. Well in any event you can clean the garage like you promised me last week.”

(Dammit I liked the first idea better)

“That’s right! I did promise to clean the garage didn’t I?” I said as if it were some recovered memory. “Ummm okay I’ll get started after Gilligan.”

“Gilligan’s a rerun buddy boy. Why don’t you get started after you eat your breakfast!?” with subtle menace in her voice.

“Why… don’t… I… get… star…ted… after… I… eat… my… break…fast.” I repeated between chews. Smiling wide making sure she could see the gnarling mesh of teeth and cereal.

“Charming baby doll: Charming; I raised you So… well; and with that I bid thee farewell to my adoring yet ill-mannered fan; adieu.”

“HEY! A DO TO YOU TOO!” I yelled after her, spitting cereal… “MOM! Can you pick up some milk on the way back?” “MOM!?” …no answer.

So here we are 11:47am… (Hey what can I say re-run shmee-run, Mary-Ann is still a hottie) …and I’m standing in front of the garage. Still trying to come up with good excuses why I didn’t get the garage finished, but since none of them seemed plausible. “ALIENS… no… VAMPIRES… no… HONEST POLITICIANS CAMPAIGNING DOOR TO DOOR… no…”

I sighed heavily and clicked the garage door button… (before we proceed bare in mind, in a “Normal” household the garage would be a man’s domain, but when you live in a Matriarchy, and your Mom and two Sisters “like are shopaholics, you know.” The garage becomes an extension of the closet, something this peon only gets to clean. So I had no idea what to expect)

…and waited …nothing happened.(This was promising)

“Mom I couldn’t get in the garage!” I practiced.

I clicked several more times and nothing.

“I tried really hard!” I continued to practice.

Our garage is a two car garage set to the side of the house and non-attached, so I walked to the backside and turned the handle on the backside door; it started to open (damn) and then stopped (alright!!). I peered inside, but couldn’t see past some boxes that were blocking the door. I did spy the hardwired garage door button though. I reluctantly pressed it and heard the garage door start to open. (Shit!)

I walked to the front of the garage and stopped dead in my tracks. What stopped me was seeing the wall of boxes, garment bags, miscellaneous old furniture. etc… etc… etc…

In the interest of not boring you with my tedium let me just say that five hours after digging through the rubble, I felt like an archaeologist uncovering layer upon layer of some lost civilizations bad and worse fashion statements; but as I stood at the back of the garage sweating, proud of what I had accomplished and wishing I could have done it the Indiana Jones way. I just happened to spot a folding banquet table leaning on the back corner wall that would make a good makeshift desk for my room.

I grabbed the table, in the process disturbing a spider-web(sorry dude, my table now) and started to carry it out of the garage when something that had been leaning behind the table fell over squashing the poor spider with a large THWUMP!(sorry again, dude.). The murder weapon was flat, roughly 4ft by 4ft and looked like a black card table without legs.

SCORE! I said aloud… as the banquet table I had was large and would have taken up a whole side of my room. I leaned the table I was holding against the boxes I had stacked earlier and went to get my treasure.

When I got to it, I noticed it wasn’t a table at all but some kind of case, as was evident by the handle, the long shoulder strap and the zipper that ran along 3/4 of the edge. I picked it up flicked my recently deceased friend towards the light…of the window (later dude!) and started to open it thinking maybe it was a case with a card table in it.

No luck! (Or was there?) It wasn’t a table unless it was made from several sheets of 4ftx4ft plastic covered black cardboard. I continued to unzip the escort kadıöy case, because now I was curious.

Something fell to the ground, it appeared to be just a blank 8×11 piece of paper I grabbed it and felt the smooth underside and realized it was a picture. I turned it over to look at it and my jaw went slack, what I saw was my sister Capri much as she looks now, laying on what I presumed to be a very large bed covered with pink silk or satin sheets. Her tanned body was completely naked, except for the two pink ribbons she wore in her jet black hair as pigtails and white knee socks with pink stripes at the top. One sock was pulled up the other lay bunched up at her ankle. She lay propped up on her left elbow looking down at her erect nipple while she toyed at it with a lollipop, but it was her right hand that garnered my attention even more, as it was ever so busy stuffing the head of a huge white fluffy teddy-bear between her spread legs.

I studied the picture for a few moments, blinked, and then studied it a few more moments and a smile spread across my face.

OH MAN! She is so BUSTED!! I gleefully said to myself as I stuffed the picture back in the case and zipped it up. (Now I love my sisters mind you, but I was a little perturbed at the time that they didn’t even ask me to go to Europe. Not that I could’ve afforded it, It still would’ve been nice to have been asked: paybacks gonna be a bitch though)

I made my way back towards the house trying to figure how best to use this glorious find to my complete advantage. Thinking it would take some careful inspection of each and every picture and a good deal of planning. When suddenly, clarity started creeping into my mind. All through the day the farther back I went into the garage the older everything got. This case was all the way in the back and it took me five hours…


I started running to my room still carrying what I now knew to be a models portfolio case…


I got to my room in what would have been a world record if there was such an event. I slammed the door behind me and set the portfolio on the floor. I hurriedly kicked some clothes, magazines and boxes out of the way to make room, and immediately grabbed for the zipper on the portfolio. In my haste to confirm what I already knew to be true I nearly yanked the pull tab off the zipper, but then; success! The portfolio opened like a book and took up most of the floor, but there; lying before me were the answers I sought.

I dropped to my knees.

The large pieces of cardboard were in fact pages like in a scrapbook and there were dozens of them, all with various sized pictures on the front and back. (I need to interject again, My Mother and older sister Capri -it’s actually Caprice but she prefers Capri- often get mistaken for sisters. My obvious faux-pas was due to the age of the person in the pictures) There was no denying who the model was now though, as my mothers stunning green eyes dazzled me from the pictures below.

Thrown in between most of the pages were dozens more loose pictures, such as the one that fell out in the garage. There were literally hundreds of pictures in all. I spread out some loose pictures and stared at them so hard I thought I would see through them, trying desperately to prove to myself I wasn’t seeing what I was seeing. My prudish mother who never dated and hated cussing was laid out naked in every position imaginable. My head was swimming. An empty fluttering began in my belly.

One particular picture caught my eye. I picked it up and held it close to my face, studying every curve, every crevice. The picture was my mom on all fours with her beautifully tanned behind towards the camera showing the world where I came from, and at least part of me wanted to go back. (Actually the date on the back was from before I was born)

I was getting uncomfortably hard in my jeans and quickly pulled them down to give me a little “breathing room”. My dick sprang up and slapped my belly; I couldn’t believe I was getting hard looking at my mother.

( Now I don’t know penis sizes, At this particular time I hadn’t thought to measure, and my only basis for comparison were the pornos I’d watched. Compared to the male “actors” I figured I was larger than average. I learned differently)

It bothered me a little that I was getting hard as I looked at my beautiful mother, but I couldn’t stop, I was mesmerized.

My eyes focused on the little lavender phallus that my mom was inserting in her rectum, then back to the moistness of her pussy and once again to her rectum. Both looked so inviting, I wanted to be that dildo.

My upper lip began to perspire, my ears were ringing softly, moistness gathered under my eyes and my hand involuntarily raised so that my thumb could gently rub my hardening right nipple through the shirt I had on. Each gentle flick sending a surge of electricity to my ever hardening manhood.

I licked my lips and my breathing became shallow and erratic.

My friend was throbbing now. I set the picture maltepe escort down where I could still “study” it and gently squeezed the head of my cock to try and relieve some of the pressure…to no avail. It twitched, it throbbed and it started to ache. The squeeze turned into a rub, the rub turned into a stroke and then there was no turning back. I was pleasuring myself to an erotic picture of my mother. I continued gently flicking my nipple alternating occasionally when one started to lose sensitivity or get tender.

I also continued to study the picture of my mom and was fascinated with the moistness of her obviously tight, velvety looking, hairless lovehole. The way her asshole puckered around the toy. The gentle curves where her ass cheeks met her legs. The sexy dimples at the small of her back. The beauty of her perfect breasts dangling there begging for attention. The flawless olive skin that encased the perfect body. The silky black hair that framed the gorgeous face that looked into the beyond and showed nothing but passion, nothing but lust and pleasure.

She was a goddess!! How could I have lived with this woman for 18 years and never noticed the raw sexuality she possessed?

I had no lubrication and I couldn’t be bothered to get lotion, I was transfixed on the picture in front of me. I was like one of Pavlov’s dogs though, holding back my drool, so I did what came natural. I stopped my stroking long enough to spit into my hand and smear the spit on the end of my hard member. Ahh! I muttered, as I was free to stroke as quickly as possible now.

I continued stroking, flicking, staring, stroking, flicking, staring. My tempo only slowing when I needed to rewet my penis. I was getting close to what promised to be a spectacular orgasm. My breathing was erratic, my body was on fire. Thousands of tiny pin pricks coursed over my skin. I could no longer focus on the picture it was just a blur, but no matter; every detail was emblazoned into my mind. I put my head back and closed my eyes and there she was my beautiful mom, my fantasy come to life. A smile spread across my face as a feeling of total freedom and total happiness surged in my soul. I continued pleasuring myself. The turmoil in my ball sac let me know I was close to flooding the room with my load. My cock started to pulsate. My impossibly beautiful, sexy as hell mother still a vivid picture in my mind and then…

“Priest, are you home?”

“Unh hunh!” I responded, still stroking, still flicking, still smiling. I could hear the front door closing. “I had time!” I thought to myself

“The garage looks great baby, you deserve a special treat”…

“OH GAWD!! Treat me good baby!” I muttered to myself still stroking, still flicking, still smiling.

“What’s that Hon, I didn’t hear?” she responded.

“Oh shit!” She was right outside my door…it was too late I was way past the point of no return. “Noth…ing” I blurted

“Well sweetheart, I’m taking you to dinner.”

“I’m cu…mmming!” I half replied back.

“No rush.” she stated. “I need to hop in the shower.”

“Shower!?” I quickly remembered a picture I saw

earlier… there… there it was. I focused as best I could through bleary eyes on a picture of my mom standing in a shower facing me. Her wet jet black hair hanging over one side of her face. Her beautiful olive skin glistening with wetness and lather as she provocatively reached up and tweaked the underside of her hardened nipples. Water cascaded down her belly dripping from her cleanly shaven womanhood that was just hinting at the presence of her pouty inner lips. I stuck my tongue out and flicked it in mock oral as she looked longingly into the camera with her incredibly green catlike eyes, lustfully begging me to climax… I did.

That picture coupled with my mother’s sing-song voice trailing down the hall sent my body rigid. The first shot of cum escaped me like a bullet. So incredibly intense it shot six feet in front of me, leaving a trail of sperm across the portfolio and carpet. I quickly grabbed a shirt that was lying on the ground next to me and held it in front of my dick as I continued to explode. Trying desperately not to yell out as a massive amount of cum was collected into that poor shirt. My body rocked back and forth as I convulsed upon my knees. My head felt like it had a spin cycle and jerked around violently. My heart felt like it would explode and my ass cheeks were starting to spasm. I shuddered as the last stream of cum left my cock and I collapsed towards the bed. The muscles in my face felt tight as they slowly relaxed into an utterly blissful smile. I milked my tender cock of its remaining fluid into the makeshift cumrag and rested there. My knees on the floor and my head resting on the edge of the bed. My ass muscles slowly unclenched. My breathing became bearable again and my heart tried to remember what normal was. I was content to lay there as the world came back into focus….But!

I heard my Moms shower go on and I popped up. Quickly, I mopped up the cum from the first shot… (Luckily the pages had clear plastic over them)…and then hurriedly gathered the pictures, stuffed them back into the portfolio, slammed it shut not bothering to zip it and shoved it under the bed. I ran around the room gathered the loose clothes and the cumrag and threw them in the hamper.

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