The Golden Tempest Ch. 02

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In my room, Sarah took her time sucking my cock on my bed. Despite being slow and methodical from last time, I covered my mouth nonetheless to suppress the joy I was receiving.

After all our parents were only a floor below us.

Like a professional, my sister took long deep gulps of my harden member. Her throat became well-adjusted and I felt little to no teeth. From time to time she would lick the underside of my penis. Tracing the veins with her tongue before licking the mushroom head like it was ice cream. Then she swallowed my member once more that almost broke me in two.

It took all my might not to call out Sarah’s name. Our parents were only a few feet below us and could easily hear anything. The only reason they were not suspicious for they thought I was fixing Sarah’s smartphone. Which was expected since I was the family tech genius.

Feeling my climax coming, I let out a little gasp that could easily ruin everything. Yet I was quickly silenced when Sarah grasped my balls. Telling me silence was golden if I wanted my orgasm.

Taking my pillow, I put it over my head to silence the coming climax. While thanking God that I liked thick pillows. For my orgasm caused me to scream so loud I feared that our parents would hear us. Yet it was successfully suppressed by the pillow I had.

As I slowly breathed my way back to reality, I saw my load dripping from Sarah’s mouth. Like Ice cream, my sister licked any remains around her mouth. But unlike my blow job, Sarah did not gracefully relished it. Instead, she quickly licked up any globs before cleaning any leftovers with some tissues.

“Did you enjoy that, Philip?” Sarah asked with a scowl on her face.

“Yes.” I said breathlessly.

“Do you want me to do it again?”


“Then you better shape up.” My sister said as she threw a video game gift card at me. “Because the way you were drooling over me was enough for both of us to get into trouble. You don’t want our parents finding out, do you?”

I quickly shook my head. Knowing all too well the wrath both of us will face if our parents will do if they found out.

“Good.” Sarah said as he gently took hold of my chin. “You are to stay here and play your little video games. If you are to come out of this room, you are not allow to look at me, touch me, or even speak to me unless its family oriented. Understood?”

I quickly nodded as fear and lust over took ataşehir escort my mind.

“Good.” Sarah said as she gave me a deep and wet kiss. “Now remember. No playing with yourself when I am in the house. I want you to fill me properly like the man you are.”

As Sarah made her way out of my room, my eyes were glued to her gorgeous firm ass. That despite wearing black short, her ass looked like a fresh ripen peach that was recently picked from a tree. Making me glad that my orgasm took a lot more out of me than I expect.

Otherwise, I fear I would disappoint my lovely sister when she can fully open her legs.


Obeying my sister’s orders to the letter, I played my new video games with the gift card she gave me. Distracting me from doing something stupid and keeping me sane form the long painful wait.

God bless Valve for Counter-strike.

The only time I saw my sister was for dinner. As promised, I did not stare at Sarah nor interact with her in any inappropriate way. I treated her like any man with his big sister.

When dinner time was over, I got back to playing Counter-Strike. However I was getting my ass kicked by some underage racists who was calling me every derogatory term under the sun.

Having lost my will to play video games, I exited out of the game to regain some sanity. Before I could turn off my computer, a text from Sarah appeared on my smartphone. I open the text and quickly lost my breath.

Sarah sent me a picture of her perfect clean shaven pussy. That despite having her thong on, she pulled to the side to show her steaming wet cunt . Her lips were engorged and her clit was harden to that of a stone. A sign that she was in heat.

Before I could drop my pants, my sister sent me another text but in all caps. It had only five words but it was enough to turn me into a mindless animal within seconds.

It read:


Throwing my phone to the side, I rushed to my sister’s room with great haste. Ignoring the fact that our parents were only asleep a few feet away. But the picture of my sister’s divine sex destroyed any civility in me. Thus all common sense was thrown right out of the window.

When I got to Sarah’s room, she threw off the sheets to expose her naked body. While spreading her legs that exposed her hot soaking pussy that made Hell worth suffering for.

Thus I damned myself once more as I pulled kadıköy escort out my cock and started to fuck my sister.

Like a earthquake, the lust I had for my sister shook her bed. Banging against the wall that was louder than a bomb going off. Yet it was deafen by my sister’s screams as I took her like some feral animal.

I don’t l know what about my sister that was driving me insane? Was it her steaming twat that tighten around my cock? Her perfect breast that bounce with each thrust. Or was it her screams that destroyed anything civil that was conditioned into me?

I did not care in that moment. For this goddess was the only thing that mattered to me. Even if our parents caught us in the act, my sister was worth all the punishment in the world. For it was not everyday a goddess like her would spread her legs.

Not even for me.

Like a pressure cooker, the need to cum was overpowering my mind. Causing me to fuck Sarah with unbirble force. Out of instacts alone, my sister used her legs to pull me in closer. Making her scream louder than humanly possible.

We were in paradise.

But like all good things it was bound to end. With one final thrust, I shot my load into Sarah’s tight twat. Paralyzing me with bliss that I thought was not possible. Making me regret wasting my life watching porn when I could have this goddess before me. Thus I collapsed onto her as my little death took me away.

As I slowly woke up, I looked into Sarah’s green eyes to see how my love was doing. Like the goddess she was, she had a dreamy look of achiving her own climax. That despite the fucking I gave her, she was perfectly content in that moment.

Making me more grateful to have my sister Sarah as a lover.

“You did well, baby brother.” Sarah said as she gave me a kiss on the lips. “A lot more than last time.”

“Let’s say I have a pretty good teacher.” I said as I gave her a wink.

Sarah giggled at my unitened joke. Then we kissed each other once more before cuddling with one another. Relishing each other’s hot and sweaty bodies like we have all the time in the world. Making each second a blissful day in heaven.

Yet I could not help but be disturbed. We made love like wild animals and our parents have not heard us. In fact, the house was so quiet that I thought Sarah and I were the only ones here.

Something was not right.

“Are mom and dad home?” I asked.

“Of bostancı escort bayan course they are.” Sarah said with a evil grin. “It’s just that the sedative I gave them will give us all the privacy until the morning comes.

“Here watch this.”

Sarah got out of bed and went to the door. From there she put both hands on the door and stuck her butt out. From there she gave her butt a hard slap that could be heard all over the house. Causing her to moan like a bitch in heat.

“Oh baby bother.” Sarah called out as she slapped her heart shaped ass once more. “Your cock is so big. Please fuck me some more!”

There was a long silence as the sound of our father snores echoed across the house. Leaving nothing but relief in my heart and my sister’s wicked grin to make me hard again.

“You are evil.” I said as made her way back to bed.

“Is that a complaint or a compliment?” My sister asked.

I did not answer her with words. Instead I gave her a tender kiss as we relish this temporary haven from the outside world. Experiencing a bliss that no pill nor liquor could give us.

Still…I don’t want to drug our parents every night to have sex. I don’t want them to die of a overdose or wake up from a underdose. Lord knows the drama that would come if they caught us.

Still, I can’t live a night without Sarah. We just started this beautiful relationship. We can’t hide it like Romeo and Juliet. It would only drive us insane to no end. Thus we needed a better solution to do this every night.

“We need our own place.” I said as I felt my sister’s breast up.

“Good luck with that.” Sarah said. “We need a high paying job just to afford a apartment in Colorado. And that is in the projects mind you.”

“True. But I am not having you drug our parents every night. Can’t we take a trip. Somewhere far away were no one knows us?”

Like a light bulb, my sister’s smile brighten the room. A sign that she found the solution to all our problems.

“Let’s take a trip to Dayton.” Sarah said with a evil smile.

“In Florida?” I asked.

“Of course. Spring break is coming and it’s far from anyone we know. Plus you can see me in a wet T-shirt contest.”

The moment Sarah said “wet T-shirt contest” I almost lost my mind. Just imagining cold water making my sister’s shirt transpart was enough to break me in two. No to mention wearing a white lace thong that could make slaves out of millions.

I did not give my big sister a answer. However, I did agree to her plan when she saw my flaccid cock turned hard once more.

Thus our little vacation was put into action when Sarah gave me her now infamous sloppy blowjobs.

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