My Latin Lover

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I didn’t expect to meet Julio today, or any other day.

Our paths might never have crossed but my friends and I decided to see a movie at the Luna. We had time to kill beforehand so we arranged to meet at a cafe on Oxford Street. I was late as usual and struggled to find a parking spot in the pouring rain, a cold wet day in August. My umbrella turned inside out as I got out of my car and struggled with it, feeling the rain lash against my back, inadequately dressed for the weather, my shirt and skirt becoming soaked.

“You need a hand?” said a voice behind me, gesturing to my umbrella, and I looked up into the face of Julio, whom I didn’t yet know. Before I could say anything he took my umbrella and turned it out the right way, smiling at me and handing it back. He himself had no raincoat or umbrella but ducked his head and strode off down the street without giving me a chance to speak. Just my luck I thought, he was gorgeous. The stereotypical tall, dark and handsome man. I thought I heard a trace of a Spanish accent and he certainly looked exotic, dark hair and eyes and darkish skin, full lips. Javier Bardem, I thought, that’s who he reminds me of. The Spanish actor who often featured heavily in my sexual fantasies. Oh well, never mind. I headed down the street in the same direction he’d gone to meet my friends Marie and Joy at the cafe.

The place was packed but they were already sitting at a table and had ordered me a latte. I gave my friends a wet hug then gratefully slipped into the seat they’d saved for me, shaking off my wet umbrella and putting it by my feet. My long hair hung in damp ringlets, dripping over my shoulders. Marie handed me a napkin, and I began trying to dry myself off a bit.

“Thanks,” I said. “I must look a mess, I got caught in the rain.”

“Obviously,” said Joy laughing, “But you look great, even dripping wet. You need to wear a few more clothes though K. Shirt’s gone a bit see through!”

I looked down and noticed my shirt clinging to me so I hunched over the table. Joy began regaling us with an account of her weekend, I sat listening but a bit distracted thinking about how cold and wet I was and how the thought of the man outside made me feel a little warmer. I held my cup in both hands, feeling warmth return to my fingers slowly and enjoying the sensation of the warm liquid sliding down my throat as I sipped.

“Look I’ll be back in a sec, I can’t relax till I’ve used the bathroom and cleaned myself up,” I said to my friends.

“Ok K, we’re not going anywhere!” Marie laughed.

I negotiated my way through the crowd and found the bathroom. I stood at the mirror and got out my compact, patching up my smudged mascara and lipstick. My hair was ok though damp, I turned on the hand dryer and stuck it under there for a few moments. A girl walked in giving me a smile and a nod. I flung my head back and looked in the mirror – much better. My sheer crossover top was a little damp and my nipples because of the cold were clearly visible through the fabric, but I could live with that. I looked pretty good for a drowned rat. I took my handbag and pushed the door open, rounded the corner and bumped straight into him.

Him, that I’d seen outside.

“You look a little dryer now,” he smiled. “Little less stressed too.”

I managed to speak this time. “Thanks for that before. Feel better now too, bloody rain!”

“I know, it’s full on, I’m housesitting nearby and the roof has a leak. Been up all night putting buckets underneath! And the woman who owns the place has this stupid little dog who barks at the rain. Driving me nuts,” he laughed, looking at me the whole time.

“Good area to be housesitting though, so much to do around here. I live in the hills and it’s really quiet,” I said. “I love Leederville, cool shops, nice cinema…” I broke off, realising I was rambling.

“What’s your name?” he said.

“Oh. I’m K. What’s yours?”

“Julio. Didn’t want to keep talking without knowing your name. D’you want to have a coffee with me, or…”

“I would but I’m here with friends. Sorry, I would really like to, but…”

“It’s ok, I’ll be here for a bit, doing some study in the corner there, better than being there with the dog at home. Say hi again before you go?”

“Yep for sure,” I said, smiling. He took my hand and leaned down to whisper in my ear “You’re beautiful.”

I felt a strange liquid feeling in my legs as I felt his lips close to my ear, the words warm and sensual. I didn’t know what to say, felt his lips brush my skin as he whispered to me. Those lips were so full and I wondered for a moment how they might feel elsewhere on my body. Shakily I returned to the table and sat down, trying to chat normally to my friends but feeling elated at what had just happened and wanting badly to go and sit at Julio’s table and whisper back to him what I was feeling. Now and then I glanced over there and each time we made eye contact and smiled. He didn’t appear to be doing a lot of study. He was studying me instead.

We sat for a while drinking more coffee pendik escort then Marie realised the time and asked if we were ready to go. I stood up, feeling a little dizzy.

“Are you ok K, you almost fell over then,” said Marie.

“Yeah. Yeah I’m fine. A bit dizzy – look why don’t you guys go on to Luna without me, I might go home and lie down, feeling a bit weird,” I said.

“Are you ok? You sure?” Joy looked concerned.

“Yep I’ll be fine, go ahead and I’ll text you later. Just tired I think,” I answered.

They were hesitant about going but I convinced them I’d be ok so they left. I realised that Julio had been watching from his table in the corner the whole exchange. I felt bad about not going with the girls but I did feel weird. Not in a bad way though, a lightheaded feeling and a definite arousal, knowing that Julio was in the same room as me. I picked up my things and walked to his table.

“I’m not going without saying hi,” I said, and sat down. He smiled and pushed his coffee cup towards me and I took a sip from it knowing his lips had been on it and watching him watching me.

“Hi,” he smiled.

“Hi,” I said. We sat and chatted for a while, or I chatted while he just smiled and watched me. He seemed comfortable with me and I with him. Now and then he would add to the conversation. He was originally from Guatemala and had an Australian accent peppered with a strong Hispanic flavour. I watched his mouth as he talked and listened to his accent which was already making me feel aroused. His lips were just so sensuous and full. He had chocolate brown eyes which were magnetic but the lips just kept getting my attention. He’d stopped talking now and I realised I was just sitting there gawking at him while he smiled at me.

“Let’s go, you follow me,” he said, and without any further thought I did.

Julio walked with me in the rain back to my car, where he slipped in next to me. His car was parked further away so I offered to drive him to it, then follow him. My car was small and his shoulders wide, they touched mine as we sat side by side. My hand touched his knee now and then as we changed gears. We reached the carpark and he jumped out, saying “See you in a minute.”

I had a brief moment’s hesitation as I followed him to the place he was staying. I didn’t know him and here I was going to a private place with him where anything could happen really but for some reason it felt ok. Never would have thought I’d find myself going to the house of a stranger.

The drive was short and I pulled up behind him in the driveway of a block of townhouses. Julio went to the front door and I got out of my car, locked it and walked up to where he stood. As he turned his key we heard the little dog he’d mentioned yapping, and we both laughed. Julio held the door for me and I stepped into the entry of the townhouse, the dog now snapping at my heels. Julio shooed it away and we stood watching it race around the room, side by side.

“Do you want a coffee or something?” he said, and I shook my head no. Julio looked down at me and moved closer, his hand on my hip now. He pulled me in towards him and kissed me. His full lips completely covered mine and I could feel his small patch of facial hair beneath his lips tickling my mouth and chin. His warm tongue moved into my mouth and his teeth caught my bottom lip, just gently, and let it go again, his lips never leaving mine. I felt his hand come up to my face and slide behind my head, his fingers entangled in my long curls, pulling me closer still and kissing me harder, more urgently.

I felt a hot shiver all over my body and a distinct warmth between my thighs as Julio tightened his grip around me, kissing me all over my face. I felt I could stand there all day and just be kissed by him. I had never been kissed so sensually and arousingly before. I had to stand on tiptoe to reach him and felt myself becoming more and more lightheaded with every kiss.

“I wanted to do this as soon as I saw you, god the things you do to me,” he muttered in my ear, and I melted into him, he began biting at my lobe, sliding one hand down my back to knead my ass and the other hand slowly down my throat to my breast, where he squeezed and kneaded, moaning as he felt their soft fullness and my hard nipple pushing at the fabric of my shirt. His thumb found the nipple easily and he rubbed it across as he massaged my breast, still exploring my mouth with his own. He began kissing down my neck, every movement of his lips and tongue sending thrills of arousal through my whole body. I could feel my underwear sticky and damp between my thighs as Julio now licked down the length of my throat then back up to my ear, still holding, kneading and squeezing my breast, now moving his other hand around and doing the very same to the other breast, pushing aside my top and sliding his hand inside my sheer bra where my hard nipple met the skin of his fingers, then his mouth nipping and biting at my nipple through the bra.

My legs were shaking, my nipples always so sensitive and if touched maltepe escort the right way, I could climax from their stimulation. Julio knew just how to touch and kiss, I don’t know how much time passed with us standing there kissing and touching. I hadn’t kissed for so long in many years, kissing usually led straight to fucking in my experience but Julio wasn’t tiring of this. He continued mouthing my nipples through my top then moved his face back to mine where he covered my mouth fully with his own, sucking my lips inside his, until I couldn’t help but imagine how those lips and tongue would feel on my lips down below, my hot and now aching and throbbing pussy. I started to imagine that tongue flicking across my hard clitoris while those full lips sucked my tender labia right inside them, like a French kiss on my mound.

I closed my eyes and leaned into him, pushing my crotch against his and feeling his hard cock press against me. I ran my hands down and squeezed his buttocks while pushing his hips against my own, feeling him thrust almost unconsciously. Julio ran his hands down to my ass and pulled up my skirt, sliding a hand inside the back of my black lace underwear and kneading my full cheeks in the same way he was still kneading my breast. His lips were moving all over my face now, from my eyes which he kissed, running his tongue over the lids, I never realised how sensitive my eyelids were until that moment. I felt his mouth exploring my cheeks, my ears, then my neck again. His whole body was in tune with mine, I felt no concept of time while we stood there so lost in each other. I couldn’t believe that this time yesterday we’d never met.

Without saying anything Julio took my hand and led me to the steps leading upstairs, motioning for me to go first. He walked close behind me up the steps and caressed my ass through the velvet of my skirt as he followed me. My legs felt shaky as I mounted each step, I knew things would go further but it had been so long since I’d slept with anyone other than my partner, I felt nervous and slightly anxious but also on fire about the possibilities.

We stepped into the bedroom and Julio began kissing me again, this time reaching for the hem of my shirt and lifting it over my head so I was just standing in my skirt, boots and black bra. My nipples stuck through the sheer fabric and for a moment once again he sucked and nipped them through the fabric. I was soaking wet by now and aching to be touched. He reached behind me pulling me close to his chest to undo my bra. My breasts fell free of their constraints and he took them both in his hands, murmuring and marvelling at them, squeezing and rubbing them and using his amazing mouth now all over them. I stood and ran my hands through his thick mane of dark hair as he did so, bringing him closer. Julio put his face between my breasts and squeezed them together, I could feel his tongue and mouth working at the soft skin between them, his hands pulling and pinching at my hard nipples.

Julio gently pushed me backwards onto the bed, still touching and kissing me. I struggled with his zip, wanted to see him, but he was too busy with my body to make it easier for me. He laid me down and sat back on his knees for a moment, admiring my body, his face looking intense and his eyes burning into mine, then moving over my body. He put his hands on either side of my neck and stroked them down to my breasts, lifting them and pushing them together, his palms grazing my nipples, sending fresh waves of desire down to between my thighs. He leaned down to kiss me once again, his lips moving over my face, his knee between my legs and rubbing against my pussy, running a tongue once again down my breasts, down over my belly to the waistband of my skirt which was still on.

Julio pushed my skirt up to my waist so that my thighs and underwear covered mound were exposed. He tongued my belly button as his hand slowly slid up my soft thigh, stopping briefly at the triangle of sheer black lace and rubbing gently there. I caught a wave of my musky scent as he touched me, knowing I had soaked through my pants and how damp my inner thighs were. I tried to raise myself to touch the bulge in his pants again but he gently pushed my hand away. I could see he wanted to give me pleasure so I laid back again, shaking in anticipation and my breath becoming rapid as his hand just gently grazed my mound.

He parted my legs and moved in between them kneeling, his knees holding my thighs apart. His free hand explored my nipple still, rolling it between his finger and thumb, now and then rubbing his thumb over the tip. His hand dipped between my thighs and rubbed now the wet centre of my underwear, just his fingers stroking up and down over my slit. I ached for him to slide his fingers inside me. He pushed gently at the gusset and the fabric gave way under his fingers, now pushing at the opening of my pussy, the fabric and his fingers both entering me. I knew I was dripping wet, my thighs fell open and I let him sink his panty covered fingers inside me. He leant down and buried kartal escort his face in my crotch, breathing in my scent deeply, murmuring and moaning as he did so. His face was almost as hot as my flesh there and I could feel his breath on my aching labia.

With both hands he reached underneath me and slid down my pants, which were bunched up in between my thighs, peeling them away from my slick flesh. He put a juicy finger to my lips and my tongue darted out to suck it, tasting my own arousal and enjoying the sensation of his finger sliding into my mouth. His other fingers explored my lips now, parting the swollen flesh and sliding gently inside my wet pussy. Julio moved his finger inside my mouth in unison with the finger deep inside me and I eagerly sucked and licked it, imagining what his hard cock might feel like, his taste in my senses.

My skirt was still caught up around my waist, Julio pushed it up further and kissed down the length of my body. My hands went to my own breasts and I pushed them together so he could lick and suck both nipples at once. I felt so close to orgasm just from this stimulation, knew how quickly I would come once he touched me again. His tongue continued its journey down my torso, once again to my navel which he lapped at, then past my skirt to my soft dark hair. I nearly went crazy from the thought of those expert lips on my pussy, wanted him to just bury his whole face there and as if reading my mind he did, opening his soft mouth wide and almost engulfing my whole sex, those soft lips mouthing my own nether lips and his hot wet tongue exploring every crevice and fold, drawing them out and nibbling then licking, teasing around my clitoris which felt ten times larger and harder than normal, moving his tongue inside me and licking the soft walls of my pussy, then running back up to the apex of my pussy where by now my clit must have been sticking right out of its hood.

I felt Julio’s hand move inside me now, I don’t know how many fingers he had slid inside but I felt him stretching me gently, rubbing deep inside me at my gspot, almost painful but exquisitely slow, coupled with the sensations from his mouth now on my lips again I felt myself becoming dizzy, faraway, just lost in the pleasure he was giving me. I felt a well lubricated finger slide into my ass, a slim finger which gave me no pain, as he pushed the hood of my clit back and began sucking on it gently. I really thought I might pass out now with the things he was doing to my body, it seemed every part of him was involved in making me feel good. My hands squeezed and kneaded my own breasts, pinching and pulling at my nipples now, my hips beginning to grind involuntarily, my breathing getting faster and faster as Julio just consumed me, body and soul. I began moaning, to me it seemed loud but it might have been in my head for all I knew because I possessed no sense whatsoever.

I had never felt such sensations in my pussy before. My whole being was centred there, on Julio’s hands and mouth touching and caressing every small part of me, seeming to instinctively know what made me feel good. He relished tasting and touching me and made few sounds except small appreciative moans similar to my own. I felt his soft hair brushing my thighs and even this aroused me. I could feel myself now beginning to climax, internally and externally, my clitoris becoming harder and my legs starting to shake violently as I did so. The pleasure gathered deep inside me and took me over and he didn’t relent, kept up all his hand and mouth movements, I came the hardest I had ever come, over and over, gripping the sheets beneath me and almost screaming as I did, my head so dizzy, almost hyperventilating. Still Julio didn’t stop and it almost hurt but he kept licking and sucking at my clitoris and labia until I felt the next wave of orgasm coming, my juices now running down and soaking the bed, my thighs clamping around his face, which was hot and sweaty and soaked with my come. I had trouble catching my breath and Julio eased his movements now just lapping at my lips, gently nipping at my inner thighs.

Aftershocks of pleasure kept hitting me as he laid down next to me and kissed me. I loved the taste of my juices and the smell was so arousingly musky. Julio spread my thighs and massaged my mound again, I could feel my inner lips so fat and swollen now that they protruded from between the outer ones. Julio rubbed and massaged me there as we continued to kiss, my whole body slick and his skin too, my hair dishevelled.

“Julio, I want you to fuck me, have you got anything?” I whispered to him.

“No, damn, I haven’t, I wasn’t expecting this,” he answered.

“Ok, next time. But I want your clothes off, want to see your cock,” I growled at him.

I slid off my skirt and pulled him up a little, pulling his shirt off over his head. His skin was brown and he had a smattering of chest hair, his chest strong and well built, his skin soft. I could see a trail of dark hair leading to below the belt of his jeans, I followed this trail with my tongue, straddling his thigh and rubbing my wet slit on him as I did. I undid his jeans and slid my warm hand inside his boxers. His cock felt hot and wet, a patch of precum on the inside of his underwear. I withdrew my hand and licked it off, hot and salty, a taste of him.

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