Meeting Darkness

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It was raining out again. The cold, rawness that made the world dark and damp sent shivers up and down my spine. But that was the least of my discomfort. Call it butterflies or call it knots in your stomach, they were still uncomfortable. My right leg was near drilling through the floor as well; the nervous bounce that I briefly paid note to. As my mind raced with a million scenarios, I couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle.

For being so comfortable, knowing someone as well as we know each other, why on earth am I so jumpy?

That was a simple question, with an even simpler answer. How can you not be jumpy, when you’re meeting your soul mate for the first time? How can you not have massive butterflies in your stomach, when the mere mention of that person always made your heart leap from your chest? And here I was, sitting on the edge of the bed, my fingers twisting with each other, and my leg still drilling away. The anxious feeling was making me nauseous, so I began to pace across the hotel room, peering out from the heavy drapes every so often.

We’ve talked about this, its been planned for months. Its Darkness… your Darkness…

Shaking my head to try and break the nervousness, I walked back across the room and glanced into the mirror. I decided on a simple outfit, knowing fully it wouldn’t matter when scattered across the room. A pair of jeans that fit snug to my hips and thighs, and a decently revealing tank top. My hair was down around my shoulders, strands often finding their way across my cheek, and I was barefoot. The rain fell harder against the balcony outside the room, the wind added to the storm, and I couldn’t help but get worried something might’ve kept him. I always worried about him. It was like second-nature. I had nearly lost him once, completely, so the thought always burned in the back of my mind. Sure, I was reassured many times, and while I believed him, I still worried. A noise outside the hotel door made me nearly jump out of my skin, yet no further movements brought a wave of calm and disappointment over me. Where is he? Aurora, calm down…relax…you`re getting worked up. Relax.

I tried to reassure myself, but clearly my thoughts did nothing to soothe my nerves. Suddenly, as if he could feel my anxious aura, a knock radiated from the door.

This is it. He’s here. Breathe Aurora, breathe.

I can’t even begin to explain the feelings that pulsated through my body at that moment. My heart was nearly ready to explode within my chest and the knots that plagued my stomach now felt like they consumed my entire insides. As I peered through the peep hole, the `fish-eyed` view of him appeared. There he was, as handsome as I’ve ever seen him, and it was right then where he completely took my breath away. As I reached forward to grasp the handle, a static shock let out, jolting me back to reality. With a long, deep sigh that escaped my lips, I opened the door, and his form slowly came into view. Darkness was drenched from the storm outside. His t-shirt stuck to him in large patches, and his hair was wet and matted to his head. The jeans were soaked from the bottom up to his shin, and his shoes made a slight water-logged squish.

As my eyes took him in, they slowly made their way up to his face and locked with his own gaze. A curl in the corner of his mouth formed into the devilish grin that made me melt and go weak in the knees.

“Hey baby” His words were soft, his eyes not leaving mine for a moment. “It’s raining out” he said, the chuckle I love so much following it.

“So I see. Don’t worry, darling… I`m quite sure we’ll be equal with wetness very shortly” I replied, knowing what the statement would bring. In a swift motion, he brought himself into the room, dropping his bags and closing the door. I barely had time to move to let him in before I was pressed against the wall, and his hands cupping my face. Darkness pressed against me, his mouth a breath away from etimesgut escort my own. If I thought my heart was beating violently before, this surely outdid the feeling ten-fold.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for over a year, Aurora” And with that, his lips locked with mine.

I closed my eyes, savoring the soft flesh of his lips, tasting the Marlboro on his breath. They say first kisses are like fireworks shooting, the world nearly spinning off its axis, or something along the lines of complete and utter explosion. This kiss was none of those things. How can you describe a kiss that has been dreamt and thought about every single day for over a year? A kiss so passionate, so filled with love and devotion that all other romantic kisses in books and movies couldn’t compare. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet couldn’t compare the devotion this kiss expressed. Nickie Ferrante and Terry McKay in An Affair to Remember couldn’t get the need and completion right. Even Jack and Rose in Titanic couldn’t touch the sense that there was nothing else in the entire world better.

So, as my lips were locked with the man of my dreams, no words to describe it were necessary. As the kiss intensified, the pounding in my chest changed from anxious to an intense want of him. His body was against my own, I could feel the warmth radiating through his damp clothes, and the pounding in his own chest matched mine. My arms reached up, wrapping around his neck to hold him closer, but he had other plans. Grabbing both hands, he raised them over my head, pinning them against the wall with a strong grip. His free hand traveled down the length of my body, then slid up under my shirt to caress my side. I could feel the kiss fill with desire, and I reciprocated with my body pressed harder against his. It was if he had a map of my body, knowing which spot turned me on, which touch would send shivers throughout, how to grip and make me whimper through his kisses.

I was still restrained by his grip, as his hands began to work at my jeans. Unbuttoning, unzipping, then sliding them down over my hips to let them pool on the floor. As they did, Darkness lifted my right thigh to hook around his waist, then switching hands on the grip of my wrists so that he may lift the other. Darkness continued to kiss me, yet traveled down my jaw to my neck, kissing and biting it as I moaned with pleasure. His hands released from their grip on my wrists, as he pushed his hips harder against mine to pin me to the wall. As he did, my shirt was quickly pulled up and off my body and thrown to the floor. He parted from the kisses he gave and looked deep into my eyes at that moment. No words needed to be spoken between us, and as he carried me to the bed, I couldn’t picture any place I`d rather be. Laying me down on the bed, I watched as he removed his clothes. These actions had played over and over in my mind, yet having it actually happen before me made the cotton against my swollen sex moisten with desire. My delicate fingers began to pull at the band of my panties, teasing as I tugged it down then back up again. How I loved to get him worked up! Darkness’s eyes widened with hope, then an evil grin painted his face as I made him wait just a bit longer.

When he crawled up on the bed, and made his way between my legs, I could see the bulge that was threatening to pop from his boxers. Instantly my hands reached out and touched the soft flesh of his chest and shoulders, nearly melting at the fact I was able to touch him this way. Finally. A hard and passionate kiss to my lips made my core burn stronger, followed by trembles of desire as he made his way down the length of my body with bites and kisses. I knew what he wanted, it has been spoken of many times before, and the visible dampness on the cloth made it apparent I wanted it too. I watched as he leaned forward, pressing a thumb against the soaked cotton, rubbing the swollen mound beneath it slowly. etimesgut escort bayan He breathed me in while his eyes toured my flesh like an animal ready to consume its prey. I watched as Darkness once again made the devilish smile before leaning down and biting at my sex over my panties. A whimper escaped my lips as my eyes fluttered closed and he quickly removed the cloth that separated him from my sex. It was then when he buried his face deep within my glistening folds, sucking at the hidden jewel, then letting his tongue glide over the delicate flesh. He devoured my sex, biting and humming against my clit, then teasing my hole with the tip of his tongue. One hand gripped my thigh, holding me close to him as I squirmed about with pleasure. The other made its way between my legs, two fingers sliding in and out of my core while his mouth hungrily feasted on my bright pink and throbbing pussy.

This continued on, his mouth happily devoured my wanting sex, satisfying his intense hunger for me. The strong fingers within my core curled and caressed my walls as he switched from two and three fingers then back again, holding my release off until he was ready. He then removed his fingers, sucking at them hungrily to enjoy my juices, and buried his face once more in my delicate folds. The hot and passionate tongue penetrated my core, pushing in and out of the hot sex, while I cried out for him, wanting and needing more.

Darkness… I love you. Fuck baby, I love you so much.

These thoughts replayed over and over in my mind as my climax steadily approached. I knew he could feel me tighten, as he abruptly stopped what he was doing and rustled around between my thighs. I kept my eyes closed, unable to move as my body ached and burned with the want of a release. How I wanted to please him! I wanted him to glow as I cried out in the throws of passion, releasing all the love and dedication for him that he built up both physically and internally now and over the time we’ve known each other. It was then where I felt his hands grip my hips, pulling me to him as he forcefully pushed himself deep within me. I arched up against him, completely thrown off guard by his sudden penetration. My walls squeezed around his stiff cock, completely enveloping him as he stretched me beyond belief. I cried out then. It was better than I could’ve ever imagined! Each push growing harder and faster within my sex, his grip tight on my hips as he thrusted over and over.

Sliding one hand up my thigh, he pushed my knee to my chest, gaining deeper access to my throbbing core, yet not easing up on the pumping. I opened my eyes briefly, gazing up at him as his face contorted with pleasure and force. Darkness didn’t let up, he kept pushing harder and harder. My sex was nearly screaming out with pleasure and passion; each thrust slamming against my hips, our skin slapping together. I felt myself tightening again, as did he, and he rolled me over onto my hands and knees. Gripping my waist, he slammed back within my core, yet it was different this time. Now it was if an enraged animal was tearing me in two. He drilled into my sex, barely letting me breathe between thrusts as my body slammed against the bed. I couldn’t hold myself up, the pleasure was overwhelming; realizing this he took a fistful of hair in his hand and pulled back, making my back arch. I felt my sex scream out with pain and pleasure, the mix causing my body to shake uncontrollably.

Harder and harder he pushed, my whole body lurching forward as he showed no mercy whatsoever. I cried out again, my neck painfully twisted up, my back arched, my body completely his. I could hear his passionate moans as his cock grew within my sex, caressing the most pleasurable spots within me as his own ecstasy rose. I tightened up again, my body clenching around his throbbing cock and my breathing painfully faltered. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My release was more like a escort etimesgut massive explosion. No pleasure I’ve ever experienced was as powerful and pleasurable as this. I felt my walls grip hard around his relentless thrusts, while hot juices flowed and coated each others sex. Darkness released my hair then as I buried my face in the mattress, screaming out as another wave of passion escaped my core with extreme force.

He continued, thrusting himself within me while my waves of completion pulsated through my body. I grew weak, and went limp against the bed, as his thrusts slowed slightly. His hands gripped my hips, pulling himself from my soaked abyss. Quickly he turned me over and crawled up so that his painfully swollen and drenched member hovered above my lips. Hungrily I took him in, letting each inch deep within my mouth, tasting our juices on his hot flesh. He began to pump between my lips as my tongue curled around his length, caressing and tasting each part of him. My hands reached up, grasping his hips and forcing him deeper within my wanting mouth while tightening my lips around him.

Fuck you taste good, baby.

It was if I had never tasted anything more delicious in my life. He was burning within my mouth, yet I continued. My eyes gazing up at his handsome face as his jaw clenched and eyes closed tight. It was coming. I could feel him tighten, see the strain in his face as he breathed hard and uneven. I dug my fingers into the soft flesh of his ass, gripping hard and pushing him deeper. My tongue hungrily caressed and stroked his length as he slid back and forth between my lips, all the while he tightened and grew hotter and harder. With a final hard thrust, he drove his cock deep within my mouth, letting the head hit the back of my throat before exploding his hot seed within. As if I had never enjoyed something more, I devoured each drop, continuing my sucking as he shot jet after jet down my throat.

Darkness buckled forward, gripping the headboard as his thighs began to shake with pleasure. He pulled out, unexpectedly, and shot another wave over my face, neck and chest. I could feel the hot seed spreading over my skin as he whimpered with ecstasy. As I glanced up at him, his face expressed utter exhilaration. I knew at that moment I had pleased him completely, and knowing such filled me with a joy I could not express. Quickly I cleaned up a bit, before looking up at him with a soft smile. Exhausted, he collapsed onto the bed beside me, his arms reached out and drew me in close to him, our lips meeting once more, this time with kisses of undying love.

Our sweat covered bodies shook with passion and exhaustion, as our hearts pounded within our chests. My lips found his cheeks, nose, forehead and then lips again. It was if I could not get enough of him, couldn’t be close enough. His eyes found mine, and with the same smile that completely made me weak, he sighed happily.

“I love you, baby” His voice was soft, weakness apparent from our activities.

“And I love you. For eternity.” My voice cracked slightly.

His fingers combed back strands of hair off my face as we laid there for a moment. Watching him closely, curiosity sparked within me and I had to ask.

“What`s going on in that mind of yours, my love?”

A sparkle caught his eyes then, and his lips curled into an evil smirk. I laughed, knowing fully the man I was tangled in bed with had the ever dark mind. His hands gripped my waist, and quickly pulled me over on top of him. Glancing down at him I realized nothing in this world could get better than this. Everything felt so natural with him, so complete. Not that I am getting sappy, but it was utterly true! There was no question on what felt good for the other, there wasn’t a need to `test the waters` with each others bodies. It was if we always knew what would please the other. It was if we just fit.

As I perched on top of him, he let out a deep evil chuckle, gripping my thighs harder as he did. Moving me slightly on top of him, he forced his way back into my sore sex, pushing me down upon him. I let out a whimper, my eyes widened at his completely devious expression.

“Remember, you said you wanted and looked forward to the pain, love”

To be continued…

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