Meeting a Married Man

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As soon as she walked into the bar, every mans head turned in her direction. She was stunning. More beautiful than he could ever have dreamed of. He stood from the corner table, he had picked, and smiled warmly at her as her eyes searched for the man in which she had agreed to meet. Once her eyes caught his, she knew immediately that he was the man she had been speaking to online for the past few weeks.

Slightly unsure of herself and nervous, she walked over to the table, telling herself to get it together.

Her almost black hair was wavy and long, falling past her shoulder blades. It was well maintained and had a shine whenever the dim lighting caught it. The black 4inch heels, she wore, clicked on the floor with every step. The mans eyes scanned her entire body. Seeing how the heels elongated her already long, slender legs. Her legs then disappearing halfway up her thigh, under the tight black dress she wore. It showed her every sumptuous curve. She had a perfectly round ass, flat stomach, waist that narrowed and then full DD breasts. Her dress was very low cut, the V stretching a few inches past her cleavage, down her stomach. He admired her light naturally tanned skin all the way up her throat where she wore a dainty silver necklace. Her body was a piece of artwork and her face matched. Beautiful full lips, tonight, covered in a deep red lipstick. Her cheek bones and jaw line well defined. But her eyes were the main attraction. Piercing blue and large. They looked innocent but sexy.

Just looking at her had him hard and she knew it because she had spent the few seconds walking to the table, scanning him also. His hard cock was visible under his dark, well-fitted jeans.

As she approached the table, he said, “Alice. Nice to meet you. You look amazing.” His voice made her entire body tingle.

She nervously smiled at him, “Likewise. And I like your chosen venue.”

He smiled back but his grin was less friendly, more alluring and wicked.

They both sat, across from each other, as if it was an interview. “I ordered you a glass of red. Your favourite.”

She took a sip. The red liquid disappearing down her beautiful throat. “Thank you.”

He took a sip of his own glass and noticed how Alice was shaking a little, nervously. It made his cock twitch.

They spoke for a while. About lots of different subjects. Work. Life. Hobbies. There were no pauses and they had started a second glass of wine. It had all been very innocent until he said, quite suddenly, with no warning, “I cannot wait to taste your cunt.” Alice almost spat her drink out but managed to remain composed. “Are you wet?” He asked.

She was. She had been the moment she had seen him. She could feel it between her legs. She hadn’t warn panties in anticipation and had waxed herself completely bare. She knew that’s what he liked. She nodded, nervously.

“I want you to push your fingers inside your cunt, coating them with your juice and then place your hand in mine.” He put his large hand on the table, palm up. To anyone looking at them, it would have looked like a romantic gesture. “Now,” he demanded.

She shuddered and sincan escort became instantly wetter. She slid her fingers between her legs and gasped. She hadn’t realised how much she needed to be touched in that moment.

“Do not masturbate.”

She pulled her fingers away, instantly missing the touch. Placing her hand in his, her fingers glistening. The man took her by her wrist and brought the hand up to his face. She felt embarrassed that people might be watching.

He took a deep breath, taking in her intoxicating smell. And then finger by finger sucked each one of them. “Fuck,” he sighed, “your taste is delicious.”

Alice wanted him. Her whole body reacted to everything he did. Her lower stomach was burning with need. And he knew that. Without another word, he stood. His cock still hard and her wrist still in his hand. He threw down some cash onto the table and pulled her out of her seat and out of the bar.

His 6 foot towered over her 5’5 even when she was wearing her heels. He was strong and masculine. She could feel the coolness of his wedding band on her wrist. This just made her even more turned on but also made her feel guilty that this man did not belong to her, but another woman.

He was desperate for more of her. He wanted control and hated losing it but she just had that affect on him. On the quiet main road, he pushed her back into a wall and kissed her lips hard. She could taste herself from when he had sucked her fingers.

With no warning his hand was in-between them, under her dress and inside her bare, warm cunt. She moaned into his mouth. This is what she had dreamed of for the past few weeks – even the feel of the cool wedding band inside her, on his finger. With his other hand he placed it around her throat – not tight but with enough pressure to make her more breathless than she already was.

People walked by but he had strategically made it so people would just think the were a horny couple kissing. They had no idea that his fingers were feeling every inch of her wet insides.

He found her G-spot and caressed it slowly. He did not want her to orgasm just yet. She moaned more into his mouth and as if like torture, he stopped kissing her and moved to her neck. Now she would have to hide her moans by herself. He nipped the skin at her neck and then bit hard causing an amazing feeling between her legs.

He knew she would soon make too much noise for the street so he removed his fingers and stuck them inside her mouth so she could taste her sweetness. Like a good girl she licked his fingers clean.

Alice came close to his ear and whispered, “fuck me.”

This made him want to drag her down the alley next to them and take her. But he knew he wanted to enjoy this. Make her scream more than what she would be able to in public.

He had a room booked at the hotel just next door. He took the room key card out of his wallet and gave it her. “Room 248, in there. Be ready for me.” And with that he turned and disappeared.

This had not been part of what they had spoken about so she was a little confused but she needed him so she headed sincan escort bayan to the room. She wondered if he just wanted to go grab a drink beforehand.

She rode the lift to the second floor. Checking how she looked in the mirror. Her red lipstick had smudged so she quickly re-applied and also made her hair look less dishevelled.

She found the room when the lift doors opened. And she took a deep breath, calming herself. She had never done anything like this before. Never slept with a married man. Never been taken as roughly as what she had discussed with the man. Never even had a one night stand.

Alice scanned the key card, opened the door and took a single step before she felt a hand on the middle of her back. She was pushed inside the door with making her stumble, her body fell into a wall. She panicked and quickly turned herself around to see the man.

He grinned, scaring her as she was unaware what he was truly capable of. Shutting the door behind them he started undoing the buttons of his light blue shirt. Alice was breathless and her body ached to feel what he could and would do to her.

Once his shirt was on the floor, he unbuckled his belt and jeans. He pushed her further into the wall and kissed her hard.

He was ravenous for her, not allowing her to breath between his kisses. His hand groping her body. Feeling the material of her dress.

She managed to take a huge gulp of air as his mouth wandered to between her breasts. He masterfully removes the straps of her dress from her shoulders, revealing her amazing bra-covered breasts. Through the lacy material he could see her hard nipples. He pulled her bra under her breast and bit down on one, making her gasp. At this point she even considered using her safe word that they had agreed upon due to the harshness of his teeth but then she saw his hard cock. All her worries melted away and it was as if he knew he had been too brutal as he kissed her nipple – almost like an apology.

He had pulled his jeans and boxers off and stood in front of her naked. He was so very attractive. Him catching her off guard like that had made her question if she really wanted this but now, imagining his cock inside her, made her realise this is what she needed.

He bent his knees and brought his face to her level. “Why are your clothes still on, Alice?” He spoke with his sexy voice. He did not allow her to respond as he wrapped his hand around her throat and pulled he a little further from him so they were not flush together. He then grabbed her dress from her waist where it had stayed after he had revealed her breasts. He tugged it over her hips and let it pool at her feet. Now she stood in her heels and black lace bra. “Remove your bra, now.” He demanded. But she must have taken too long because he grabbed hold of her hair and pulled it so she lay on her tummy, on the bed. He straddled her just above the ass and made quick work if removing her bra.

He then forced her over so her back was to the bed. He could now enjoy the view of her beautiful breasts in full with nothing in the way. Taking one into his mouth, he sucked escort sincan and then bit down, not as hard as before but hard enough to hurt a little. She enjoyed a little pain, though. Alice moaned and placed her hands in the mans hair but that just made him grab her wrists tightly and hold them above her head.

He reached with his spare hand between her legs and felt how wet she was. “Wet for a married man. You are such a whore. Maybe you are not even worthy of my cock. Maybe I should just fuck your mouth and go.”

Helplessly she cried, “No, please. I need you to fuck me.” She did. Alice wanted this man more than she had ever wanted anything in her life.

He circled her clit with his fingers and then squeezed. She moaned and squirmed but his legs were keeping hers open and his hand was still keeping hers away from him. “Please.” She cried, “please fuck me.”

And with that he took his hand off her wrists and lightly slapped her across the face. It stung just a little and it caused her nerves inside her pussy to tingle. He had made her even wetter. He then slapped her breasts and nipples a little harder. She moaned and yelped and screamed. His other hand still between her legs, he continued circling her clit, she could feel an orgasm looming. “Don’t you dare cum, Alice. You may only cum when I say you are allowed.” He warned. But she couldn’t keep it in. This had been building for weeks and now he was biting her breasts. She knew she’d have a couple of bruises in the morning and this just tipped her over the edge. She screamed with pleasure. Her legs bucked against his fingers and her eyes rolled back.

He smiled, as if he knew this would happen. “I told you not to cum!”

He didn’t seem overly unhappy as he got in position over her still turned on body. The man lined his cock up to her pussy. Before pushing it inside, he rubbed it against her swollen and sensitive clit. She was ready for him to begin building another orgasm inside her and he knew that as he slid his cock inside of her.

She was wet and ready but still so very tight around him. It felt glorious. She was everything he wanted. He started by fucking her slow but strong. He could feel every inch of her. When he knew she was ready for harder, he sped up until he was pounding into her cunt. Making her moan so loud, her nails now digging into his back. He kissed her lips, tasting her mouth. It made him lose all control. He fucked harder than he had ever fucked anyone. He hoped she wouldn’t even be able to walk afterwards. He placed his hands round her throat and started to play with her breath – allowing her to take a couple breaths and then completely denying her for a few seconds. The sounds she made as she gasped were so very sexy. And she enjoyed the breath play, it was bringing her closer and closer to her second orgasm.

When he was about to cum, he flipped her on to her tummy and brought her ass up a few inches by manoeuvring her knees. Within seconds his cock was back inside her cunt.

The new position sent her crazy. It was a new sensation and she moaned, “I’m going to cum again.” And with that her orgasm took over her entire body. At the same time he came inside her and then flopped all of his wait onto her, breathless and exhausted.

He had taken her in every way he had wanted. She was everything he could have dreamed of. But even though he was tired and he knew how wrong of him it was, he knew he needed more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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