Technically We’re Estranged Ch. 03

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All characters are 18 years or older.

This story is the continuation of my Technically We’re Estranged series and I suggest reading the first chapter before continuing. TWE is intentionally shorter, and hopefully you enjoy the tease. It includes incest, exhibitionism and voyeurism through the internet, and masturbation.

Stephan and Mel interact a little more directly – Cam to Cam.

Thanks to Ante_matter for his editing.


In my defence, Mel was getting as into our online relationship as I was.

It had been two weeks since I discovered my cousin, living half a world away, was spending her free time as a camgirl online. That first time I watched her dance and masturbate for the camera had been one of my most surreal sexual experiences, full of long-forgotten desires and nostalgia for the girl who had been one of my closest family members. I hadn’t known why she was doing it, if maybe her divorce meant she needed the money or something else was going on in her life, so I dipped into my considerable savings and sent her a grand worth of ‘tips’ anonymously.

If I’d known that was how I would get Mel back in my life, I would have sent five. She was still camming and sending out pictures over snapchat to her viewers, still bantering over twitter with guys who wanted to get into her pants, but every picture that went ‘wide’ was quickly followed by another one just for me. Always a little dirtier, a little more personal. If she flashed her tits on snapchat, I got a pussy shot. If she mooned in a picture for twitter, she sent me one spreading her cheeks.

We hadn’t sent any more videos, not since that second day, but we were constantly flirting. She joked to me that her nurse friends thought she had a secret boyfriend, and I told her my secretary had been asking the same questions. Kik, an anonymous chatting app, was our main avenue to talk and talk we did – about everything. Surfing, college days, food, movies. I learned her friends names and she found out I was a lawyer.

And every day in the early afternoon I logged onto the camming site and watched my Mel slowly tease her way to naked, masturbate herself to orgasm at least once, and then sign off. She still had no idea on the other end of the screen her cousin was watching, falling for her more and more.

DellaLightful: Did you like the show?

She asked me that almost every day. Over the past two weeks I’d tipped her nearly three grand in american dollars until she had made me promise to stop, telling me she felt guilty I was sending her so much.

OverCsSteve: Of course I did, you are amazing.

DellaLightful: 😀

DellaLightful: Can I tell you a secret?

OverCsSteve: Only if it’s dirty 😉

DellaLightful: I wasn’t even watching the cam or chat while I was getting off. I had the pic of your dick maxed on my monitor.

I raised my eyebrows and blinked, looking down at my phone. The door to my office opened and Bella poked her head in, checking if I was ‘still busy’ with my afternoon activities. Seeing I wasn’t actively jerking off, she swept into the room and sauntered over to my desk, hips swaying and a smile teasing her lips.

“Show over?” she asked.

I didn’t respond, typing quickly back to Mel.

OverCsSteve: Wow. I don’t know what to say.

DellaLightful: You don’t have to say anything, but sooner or later you need to send me more.

“At least tell me your cam-girlfriends name, Stephan,” Bella said, sitting on the far corner of my desk and peeking over it at me. She pursed her lips in mild irritation when she found that I had already done up my pants. Ever since she had walked in on me taking a picture of the mess I had made when Mel sent me a personal video of her coming, Bella had been trying to get a better look at my dick.

I shook my head and breathed out through my nose before answering. “Why do you want to know?”

She shrugged nonchalantly but we had worked together long enough I knew she was putting on an air. “Oh, I’m just curious is all. She’s got you all worked up and that little clip you let me see was especially hot.”

She had blackmailed me into seeing ‘that little clip,’ though I knew it had been a harmless threat. That had been the first time Bella had admitted to me she liked women as well as men, openly insinuating she would be on break masturbating in the washroom right after seeing it.

She was a beautiful woman in her mid twenties, the same as Mel and I, but she was a native Australian where I had immigrated permanently from the US after attending university and law school on student visa. Long, dark hair, that classic aussie smile and accent, and her bikini-ready body had all been a bonus through our couple of years together; she was also a fantastic legal secretary.

“Well you’ve already seen her, kartal escort bayan so you don’t need her cam name.”

“You know her real name then?” Bella asked, picking up on my too-detailed retort. All the reasons she was so good at her job were also why I had never fooled around with her, even when she had offered freely.

I hesitated before answering and her eyes lit up, “Hah, you do know it. That’s alright though, you want to keep her secret. Just tell me her screen name.”

I took a deep breath and sighed it out; in all honesty Bella could just access my computer and look it up in my internet history. As the only other employee in my little firm, and already knowing I jerked off to porn in my office, there hadn’t been a reason for me to limit her access.

“It’s DellaLightful, one word.”

Bella immediately pulled out her phone and typed the name in, flashing me the screen to confirm she was looking at the right profile screen. I nodded in resignation, Bella could now watch the same shows as I was.

She gave me a little sigh and leaned down, kissing me on the cheek before standing. “Why so scared, Stephan? Think she might fall for me instead of you?”

“No,” I said, my emotions somewhere between embarrassed and pouty.

She chuckled and shook her head, “It’s the internet, bossman. You only find love in real life.”


DellaLightful: I was wondering if you could do me a favour?

Mel had messaged me sometime in the night, which was earlier in the day for her since she lived in Texas. Most days now I woke up to a couple of naughty photos and some messages from her, along with the ones she sent out to all of her followers on social media.

This morning was different. There were still the teasing pictures of her cleavage and underwear sent over snapchat, but just that one message waiting for me.

OverCsSteve: Sure, anything.

She would be in the middle of her shift at the hospital, and just the thought of Mel in her scrubs gave me a woody as I sat eating breakfast. Her long blonde hair tied back, revealing her round face and dazzling smile, her bright blue eyes flashing with mischief. I eventually got a message back just as I was pulling into my parking spot behind the building my office was in.

DellaLightful: I was sort of wondering if you would cam-to-cam with me during my show tonight?

I didn’t know what to say. Mel wanted to watch me, watching her. It sounded extremely erotic, sitting there knowing she could see me stroking myself while she ground a dildo into her pussy. There were also a lot of problems with it.

DellaLightful: I know it’s kind of weird. And you don’t have to show your face!

DellaLightful: I just can’t get you out of my head, I want to see you get off to me.

DellaLightful: You’re like the best part of every other guy who watches me.

What do I even say to that? I took my time answering, even though she was probably on pins and needles waiting for my response. I walked to the elevator and took the ride up to think. She wanted to respect my privacy, but she also wanted this enough that she wasn’t trying to bribe me or sway me one way or the other.

I knew my cousin. When she really wanted something from someone she cared about, she didn’t play games or trivialize. She asked sincerely and believed the person she was asking cared as much for her as she did for them. She’d been like that since we were kids, and I had always followed through for her when she asked me. I guess I can’t stop now.

OverCsSteve: Yeah, I think I can do that. I’ll figure something out.

I sent the message once the elevator had opened and I had reception again, stepping out into my lobby. Bella was already at her desk, typing away dutifully but taking the time to look up at me and smile. “Good morning, Mr. Tanner. Coffee this morning?”

I was always Mr. Tanner out here, where Bella was the professional. Even in my office, in private, I had been Mr. Tanner when we were discussing business. Now it was odd hearing her call me by my last name; over the past two weeks we had talked more in innuendos and openly about my online ‘relationship’ than we had the business.

“Not this morning, Bella, thanks. I do have a favour to ask though. If you can find the time this morning, could you express order a decent webcam for my computer?”

She raised an eyebrow and I knew she was on to me. “It’s for a client meeting, he wants to talk over skype,” I lied.

“One of your clients wants to talk over skype?” she questioned. It really was a dumb lie; I was the defence lawyer for multiple criminal organizations across Australia. My practice was literally built on protecting criminals, and it paid exceedingly well because they knew I took precautions like not doing stupid shit.

“New prospective client,” I clarified. “Unassociated with our usual escort maltepe clients.”

Her eyebrow remained peaked as she looked me up and down, lips pursed in judgement. “I can take care of that, Mr. Tanner,” she finally said, but in such a way that I wasn’t sure she was talking about the webcam so much as a more personal need. “I would be more than happy to.”

I nodded and smiled, all of my training as a lawyer required to make it not look sheepish, as I passed her and entered my office.

DellaLightful: OMG, thank you. I can’t wait. Just you saying yes has me way horny.

Along with the message she sent me two quick pictures. The first was her in profile as she took a selfie in a bathroom mirror. She was pointing to her boobs, which clearly had nipple bumps showing through her scrubs and a goofy ‘worried’ face. The second picture was down her pants, pulled out from her body along with the front of her panties, showing her bald mound and a dark stain on the white fabric of her underwear. She was soaked.

Taking a chance, I took a quick picture of my hardon tenting my slacks and sent it back.

DellaLightful: Fuck, why would you do that!? Now I want to get off right this minute but I can’t!

OverCsSteve: I work most of the day hiding a boner because of you. You can be patient.

DellaLightful: Ugh, why are you so awesome but suck so much? I need to get back to work.

She sent one last photo, which was just her face as she flashed her baby blues and made a sad puppy face at the camera. I laughed so hard I nearly dropped my phone, remembering all the times she had done that to me and my friends over the years. At one point in our junior year of high school someone had made a picture similar to that into a poster with captions like ‘Mel is not happy’ and ‘Do It for Mel.’ She was a meme before internet memes were popular.

Eventually Bella came into my office around mid morning holding a boxed webcam. “So, what kind of client are we talking about?” The professionalism had faded now; not gone but certainly more personal.

“Corporate,” I said, practically reciting the lie I had developed over the past couple of hours. “An American looking to invest in the Australian market. I think he googled ‘Attorney in Australia’ and I had the most hits.” Not an untrue fact, considering my name ended up in the papers and on the web whenever a criminal skipped through the justice system.

Bella frowned slightly, realizing she might have been guessing wrong. “Oh, well, when is the meeting? I’ll make sure it’s in your schedule, Mr. Tanner.” The professionalism slid back into place as she handed me the box.

“Tomorrow morning,” I lied yet again, “I wanted to make sure I had it all working before then.”

Bella smiled politely and nodded, backing away towards the door, “Alright then, I’ll make sure to fit it in.” Just as she was about to exit she turned and looked back at me, her eyes slightly hooded as she bit her lip in a curious but sexy pose. “There isn’t anyone scheduled to come in this afternoon, Mr. Tanner. Are you expecting anyone not on the calendar?”

“No, there shouldn’t be anyone coming in,” I replied.

“Good,” she was using a slightly huskier voice that sent a tingle through me, “Just so you know, during your break I’ll probably be taking mine as well. If you hear anything out here, it’s not an emergency.” She gave me a pointed look and then closed the door.

My hot ass secretary is going to masturbate at the same time as me, watching the same girl as me.

I had to drink an entire glass of water to get rid of my dry mouth as I contemplated everything that was going on.

It took me way longer than necessary to get the webcam setup. Beyond the standard plugging it in, making sure it worked and everything, I took an inordinate amount of time making sure it was positioned correctly – high enough that she’d be able to see my chest if I unbuttoned my shirt, but not so high as to show my face. Triple check that it was firmly held in place so that there wouldn’t be any accidental moves and my face came into the frame. I even went so far as to move a couple of the items I had behind my desk just in case they would give too much away or cast a reflection of something else in the room on a shiny surface. Finally it was done and I sat back down to work.

DellaLightful: Hey, are you ready?

It was right about that time when Mel usually logged on to her cam account. She’d gotten home from work, quickly ate something and changed into whatever she was going to wear for the show. Usually we’d would have been chatting back and forth a bit, but we had both been quiet today. I know for me it was the nerves of this new step and I had to wonder if she was feeling the same thing.

OverCsSteve: Yeah, I have it all set up.

DellaLightful: Want to test it out quick before I go online?

OverCsSteve: pendik escort Probably a good idea, smartypants.

This was it, the big moment. The website had a built in cam-to-cam feature that I had to initiate. From what I had gleaned from watching other girls on the site before I found Mel, most of the time they charged for something like this. I took a deep breath and arranged myself, then sent the request. A little black window appeared in the corner of my screen and quickly resolved into a view of me from upper chest to knees, sitting in my office chair. Three dots kept blinking across it, waiting for an acceptance from her end, and I realized there was an ‘open mic’ symbol on. I quickly clicked it off and a moment later the blinking dots disappeared and a small green one lit up in the corner. I was live.

There were already a few of Mel’s regulars in the chat room so we couldn’t talk there. I lifted up my phone and pointed to it, then messaged her.

OverCsSteve: Is it working?

DellaLightful: It is, omg this is so cool.

DellaLightful: Nice bod, business man.

I pantomimed laughing and then messaged back.

OverCsSteve: You should probably log on, the natives are getting restless.

Half a minute later my phone pinged, and by this time I recognized the distinct noise that a snapchat had come through. I opened it quickly to see Mel smiling into her camera, her tits pushed together by a white bra and a lifelike dildo resting in her cleavage. The message on the screen read, ‘Showtime? Showtime!’

Twitter blooped at me soon after, and then the white, empty box in her room on the site blinked black, the spinning ‘buffering’ symbol accompanied by cheers from the quickly growing chat room.

Looking at the picture she had sent already had me getting a chub and I shifted my dick in my pants to get more comfortable. As Mel’s camera blinked into life she was looking down at her phone, pressed a button and then looked up, smiling broadly.

She started saying hello to her regulars and my phone buzzed in my hand. I had another message from Mel.

DellaLightful: Already getting hard? Don’t get off to quick, I want this show to last 😉

I rolled my eyes, which she couldn’t see, and flashed her both my middle fingers and wiggled them. On screen Mel scrunched up her nose to stop herself from laughing and interrupting what she had been saying. The first half hour of the show went mostly as normal, with Mel interacting with the chat room and acting sort of goofy. The countdown to get her out of her grey tank top and yoga pants went fairly quickly; Mel wasn’t in the top twenty girls on the site yet but her rise up the ranks had been fairly meteoric.

When Mel took off her shirt, I unbuttoned my own shirt and let it fall open a little, revealing my chest and abs, my tie loosened but still on. I could see Mel’s eyes wandering over to the side of her screen, checking me out, while she played with her tits in her bra for the room.

She picked up her phone while she was responding to another regular asking how her day had been, and mine quickly buzzed.

DellaLightful: Oh yeah, baby. Take it off!! Woo!!

OverCsSteve: One for One, every time you take something off I will too.

Mel checked her phone on cam and smirked, letting out a, “Mhmmhmmmhmm.” Then she looked at the screen and licked her lips.

Choober54: Look at miss popular

69Noscope69: I’d fuck that mouth so hard

P1ran1s: What do you keep looking at?

Choober54: Dellas milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Hornd0wg: Hi I’m new and I think ur gorgous.

Choober54: Or are you inviting a friend over for the show?

Hornd0wg: gorgeos*

B.e.a.utifELLA: Damn girl, I’d sit on your face any day.

The chat room was flying but Mel still managed to respond to the reasonable people quickly. “Aw, is Choober jealous? And I’m not looking at anything Piranis. Hi Horndog, thank you.” She raised an eyebrow at the sitting on face comment, “Sorry, Beauti-fella, I don’t give rimjobs.”

Choober54: Crap, now My Milkshake is stuck in my head.

B.e.a.utifELLA: Thats fine, I want your tongue on my clit anyways. And call me Ella, cutey.

Toemageddon: Hey sexy, cn we c feet in highheels?

P1ran1s: Oh come on Della, are you watching porn again?

Hornd0wg: Oh wow, you actually talked to me *blush*

I clearly facepalmed at the last remark, even though she couldn’t see my face, and Mel had to stifle a laugh as she was responding to people.

“Choober, serves you right. But it’s stuck in my head too you bastard,” she smiled and started the song in the background, mouthing along to the words and bobbing her head when she wasn’t talking. “Ella, that’s kinda hot actually. I don’t think I’ve ever had a girl be so forward about watching my room before. Are you gonna stick around? And Piranis, yes, I’m watching porn again. It’s a guy with a super hot bod and it’s getting me all worked up for the show, so stop complaining.” She stuck out her tongue at the camera. “Horndog, of course I’m going to talk to you. Just be nice and hang out and we can be friends.”

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