Surprising Mom Ch. 3

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Another week had passed. I continued to watch and re watch the videos of the awesome three sum I had with my mom and Aunt Brandi. As I watched the tapes I constantly jacked off. I was beginning to wonder if I could ever run out of cum. Sometimes I was cumming 6 or 7 times a day. I knew I had to fuck my mom again and I wanted Aunt Brandi too. It was just a matter of getting those two together.

It was late and I drifted off to sleep. I woke up to hear a noises from within the house. Quiet noises, but otherwise noises that were strange. As I laid there I figured out that they were coming from the direction of my moms room. I quietly reached for the remote and turned on my TV and spy camera. The lighting was dim but I soon knew what the noises were. My mom had the neighbor boy who was home from college in her bed. I couldn’t believe it, My mom was on her knees on her bed giving the neighbor kid a blow job.

I watched and became aroused. It was actually comical because he must have crawled in through my moms bed room window. As I watched and stroked my cock I saw the kid begin to thrust his hips. I knew he was cumming. It seemed odd however because he was cumming in my mothers mouth. Next I saw my mom lay on her back and she had her legs bent and parted. She pulled the neighbor kid down between her legs. I swear it was like she was teaching him. First he kissed and licked my moms tits. Then he kissed his way down her stomach. Then he seemed lost. My mom guided his head and held it at her wet pussy. He must have started licking because the next thing I knew my mom had her back arched.

My mom stopped him and pulled him up on top of her and then she wrapped her legs around him. His cock slid into her and he began pounding her. I knew he was inexperienced because he lasted about two minutes before he pulled out and came all over my moms stomach. He nervously pulled his clothes on. I was right, he crawled through my moms bed room window and disappeared into the night.

I could tell my mom wasn’t satisfied as she reached over to her night stand and retrieved her dildo. She held her toy in her right hand and spread her wet pussy lips open with her left hand and slowly slid it all the way in. I just watched as my mom laid spread eagle on her bed right in front of my camera fucking herself with a dildo. I began to match my strokes with her strokes. My mom continued to slide her toy in and out of her love hole. Soon she started thrashing her head from side to side. She started ramming her pussy with the dildo. My mom’s back arched up and I knew she was cumming. Just then I began to spurt. I forgot to grab a tissue. My cum shot out and landed on my face and my chest. I watched the monitor and my mom followed her routine. She placed her toy back in the drawer and put on her robe and headed for the shower.

I grabbed a tissue and cleaned myself up. I shut off the camera and TV and went to sleep. In the morning I met my mother as usual in the kitchen for breakfast. She acted as if nothing happened last night. My mom broke the ice. She said, “I have something to tell you and I don’t know how your going to take it.”

I just sat there looking at her. Before I could ask her what it was she said “your dad is coming over and is going to stay for a few days.” I couldn’t believe it. The man who abandoned me and my mom a long time ago thought he could waltz right back in and pick up where he left off. I said “for how long mom?” She replied “three or four days.” All I could think was “wonderful, just fucking wonderful.” She said, “he will be here tonight.”

I went to my room because I had to think. I asked myself, “why would my mom let the man who cheated on her and even hit on Aunt Brandi back in the house”? I couldn’t believe it, I actually felt threatened. I was the man of the house and that’s how I liked it. Then I thought, “what if he tries to fuck mom”? I just couldn’t let that happen.

Evening came and there was a knock at the door. My mom rushed to it and opened it. It was my dad. My mom put her arms around him and gave him a hug. My dad rubbed her back and then let his hands slide down to cup her ass. My mom brushed his hands away and told my dad to go to the kitchen to meet his son. My dad walked into the kitchen and shook my hand. The only thing good about his hand was the fact that it was just on my moms ass. I didn’t like him. I could tell he was a player. A big time loser. He had long hair and a couple of tattoo’s on his arms. He looked like a biker guy.

We all sat around and watched TV. It was getting late and my mom brought out a blanket and a pillow for my dad. He looked at the blanket and said “are you serious”? “I cant sleep with you tonight”? My moms face turned red. I’m not sure if she was pissed or embarrassed. She said “nope, you get the couch” as she threw the pillow at him. My dad looked at me and before he could ask I said “forget about it” He had a disheartened look on his face and ataşehir escort then realized he was sleeping on the couch.

I went to bed and fell asleep. A short while later I was awakened by voices and a commotion. Again it was coming from my moms room. I grabbed the remote and turned on my TV and spy camera. There was my dad trying to get a piece of mom. She was trying to get him to leave her room but he just wouldn’t. Then I noticed that he was naked and his cock was hard. He pulled the covers off of the bed and there was my mom only wearing her nightie. My dad grabbed her by the nightie and yanked her out of the bed. He slapped her across the face and tore the nightie from her body. My mom was now naked.

My dad forced her face down into the pillow and got behind her. Still holding her face down in the pillow my dad reached under my mom and lifted her ass up into the air. My dad took his cock and shoved it into my moms cunt and started fucking her doggy style. My dad started raping my mom. I could tell he was fucking her against her will. She was fighting it. She was also trying to be quiet so I wouldn’t hear her. My dad kept holding her hips and ramming his cock in and out of her pussy. My dad smacked her ass. Then he smacked her ass harder. The second smack I could hear in my room as I watched them on TV. I was so turned on from watching my dad force my mom I started to stroke my cock and stroke it fast.

I grabbed a tissue and shot my load as my dad slapped my moms ass yet another time. Then it looked as if my mom gave up and just laid there so he could fuck her and get it over with. But then I realized that my dad was no longer raping. I could tell my mom was cumming. She buried her own face into her pillow so her cries of pleasure wouldn’t be heard. My dad slapped her ass again and again. My mom kept cumming again and again. Finally my dad pulled out of my moms cunt and started to pump his cock. Just as he began to cum on her ass I too came. I loaded up another tissue as my dad came on my moms hot ass.

My dad got up and walked back to the living room and my mom just laid there motionless. I feared for my mother. “Did dad rape her” I wondered, or “did he just wear her out”. My mom laid there naked and motionless for a few minutes. Finally she got up and wiped my dads cum off of her ass. She sat right in front of her mirror where the camera was and began to cry. She sobbed and sobbed. I felt so bad but there was nothing I could do. How could I go comfort my mom? I was pissed. Real pissed. I had to get my dad back!

The following morning mom went to work as usual. Dad said he was going to the mall to buy some clothes. I wished he was never going to come back, but he was. I was home alone. I knew just how to get my dad back. My dad was the jealous type. My mom told me he got into many fights when other guys even looked at her. My mom told me years ago that she threw dad out because he kept making a play for Aunt Brandi. Aunt Brandi told my mom she thought he was hot but she wouldn’t do anything with him because he was married to her. I knew exactly what I was going to do.

I went to the phone and called Aunt Brandi. She answered and we made small talk Then I told her that my dad was over and invited her to come over so we all could watch a movie together. She seemed thrilled about it and said she would be over around 8:00pm. Knowing my aunt I didn’t have to ask her to wear something sexy because I knew she would.

I went to the bathroom and took a shower. I grabbed my moms razor for her legs and touched up my pubic area. I went over my balls carefully and in no time they were as smooth as baby skin. I walked to my room and put on a thong and a pair of loose shorts. I pulled a polo shirt over my head and went down to the living room.

My dad was sitting there watching Jerry Springer so I sat down on the chair next to the couch and watched it with him. I couldn’t believe I was in the same room with this ass hole. Springer had on a show about incest. A brother and sister who were fucking and a mother who was fucking her son. “How fitting” I thought to myself. Dad just sat there drinking a beer while he watched TV. I wondered how he would react if I told him that my mom was fucking me!

A few minutes later I heard a couple car doors slam then I heard moms key turning the lock on the front door. Mom and Aunt Brandi both walked into the house. Mom went to her room to change and Aunt Brandi went and sat down next to my dad. Boy did my aunt look hot. My dad stood up to greet her and he hugged her in the same manner as my mom as his hands slid down and cupped her ass. This time however my dads hands went lower and slid up under Aunt Brandi’s skirt and cupped her ass. I looked as her skirt rode high and she had on a thong along with stockings and garters. As they hugged he kissed her and I could see their mouths open to allow each others tongues to meet. Aunt Brandi broke the hug and kadıköy escort kiss and sat down on the sofa.

My mom returned to the living room. She too looked hot as she changed into a short black sun dress and black heels. Those heels accented my moms legs so nicely. I could tell my mom wore no bra as her nipples were clearly visible. I don’t know why, but every time my mom is with her sister it gets to be like a beauty pagent to see who can out do who. I sure didn’t mind. The ladies both sat on each side of my dad. They had their legs crossed and were dangling their heels off of their toes. This was beginning to drive me crazy.

I got up and went to my room and grabbed the last of my stash and went to the kitchen and mixed my mom and my aunt my special drink. I walked back to the living room and handed each of them a glass. They began to drink as they continued to talk. Soon I could tell from their eyes that they were falling under my power. I slid down to the floor and told my aunt that I was going to give her a foot massage. “Oh yes baby” Aunt Brandi stammered as she raised her foot to me. I slid off her sexy heel and began to rub her foot. I looked at my mom and I saw in her eyes that I had her too. I looked at my dad and he was looking at me a little funny. I just had to tease him. I raised my aunts foot to my face and began to kiss her foot. I slid my tongue across all of her toes, Finally I took my aunts big toe into my mouth and sucked on it through her stocking. I bit down and pulled her toe out of my mouth and scraped my teeth on it. My aunt tossed her head back and mumbled how wonderful that felt.

I motioned for my mom to raise her foot to me and she did. I removed her pump and began to kiss her sexy toes. My dad was getting pissed. Since she wore no stockings I slowly began to suck each toe one at a time in and out of my mouth. My mom also had her head tilted back. She reached over and began to hold her sister’s hand. I continued to tongue my moms toes. Aunt Brandi lifter her foot to my mouth and slid her toes into my hungry mouth along with my mom. I began to feel up both ladies calfs. Right now my cock was rock hard . I looked at my dad and I could tell his cock was hard by the bulge in his pants. My plan was working. Now I had to put it into full swing.

I got up and told my dad to come with me. I walked down the hallway telling him that I had to show him something. He followed as planned. I opened the door to my mom’s bed room and my father walked past me. It was then that I hit him. I hit him in the back of the head so hard I knocked him to the ground and knocked him out. I went to my room and got my supplies. I returned and my dad was still out cold. Quickly I began to undress him. I pulled his shirt over his head and then off his arms. I unbuttoned his pants and slid them off of his legs. finally I took his boxers and pulled them off of him. I took my dad’s naked body and pulled him up to my mom’s chair. I tied his arms behind his back. Then I tied his ankles together. I wrapped the rope around the chair over and over until my dad was securely tied and could not get up. I was going to pay my dad back.

I returned to the living room to see that my mom and aunt started with out me. They laid across from each other sucking each others beautiful toes. I reached out with my hands so I could pull them off the sofa. They held their hands out to me and I grabbed each one. I helped my mom and aunt to their feet and we proceeded to walk to my mom’s bed room. As we entered They saw my dad tied to the chair. I returned from my room after turning the VCR and spy camera on. The ladies just looked at my dad all tied up. His head began to move and then he opened his eyes.

My dad just looked at all of us. I walked over to my mom and stood behind her. I slid my hands around my mom and felt the front of her through her hot black short dress. I let my hands cup my moms breasts, the whole time I was starring at my dad. My mom just let out a soft moan. Aunt Brandi just stood there with her eyes glued on my mom and me. I told my dad “I am going to show you how to tread a lady dad.” “I’m going to show you how to be a real man and make sweet love.” “I’m going to show you how you should have loved mom.” With that I slid my hand off of my moms globes and up to the thin spaghetti straps that held her tiny dress on her hot body. As I slid the straps off of her shoulders I stepped back and watched as her dress fell to the floor. There stood my mom in only a thong and heels.

I kissed the back of my moms neck, Using my tongue I kissed my way down her neck and then her back. I sank to my knees as I kissed my way to her sexy hot ass. I slid my fingers under the waist band of her black thong and slowly began to pull it down. I looked into my dad’s eyes as the string slowly came out of my moms ass and I could tell it was getting to him. My dad’s cock was rock hard. I slid the dainty piece of material bostancı escort bayan down her sexy legs and my mom instinctively stepped out of it. She was now only wearing her heels.

Dad began cussing at me. “You fucking bastard what the fuck are you doing, have you lost your fucking mind.” I walked to Aunt Brandi. I thought to myself “too bad Aunt Brandi isn’t my dad’s sister.” I stood in front of my aunt and cupped her face and kissed her full on her hot mouth. I pulled my lips away from Aunt Brandi’s so my dad could see what I was enjoying as our tongues continued to intertwine in mid air. I reached around my aunt and unzipped the back of her top and unfastened her skirt. Her skirt fell right to the floor. I pulled her top off of her and there she stood in the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen.

Aunt Brandi had on this bra where the material was under her nipples and they were completely exposed. I moved my aunt to stand right in front of my tied up dad and bent her over in front of his face. I stood behind her and reached around her and cupped her beautiful tit’s. “Too bad your not gonna get any of these dad.” I said as I unfastened the sexy bra. I pulled the material away from her perfectly tanned breasts and they hung freely inches from my dad’s face. Next, I turned my aunt around and had her bend over again. I crawled around to the front of my hot sexy aunt and began to pull the waist band of her thong down. Slowly I pulled the sexy thong down past my aunts ass only inches in front of my dads face. The string came out of her ass crack and then the material was pulled down her sexy legs. My dad’s cock was rock hard. Pre cum was oozing out of it. I told Aunt Brandi to go keep my mom company. I picked up my moms thong and my aunts thong and walked over to my dad. I put the crotch of my aunts thong to my dad’s lips. My dad did what any male would do and began to lick the wet spot of her panties. He did the same to my mom’s thong. I placed both thongs on my fathers lap.

I returned to the bed where my mom and aunt were embracing in a sultry kiss. I sat up on the head board and called for my two beautiful vixens. “Come here girls and show dad how you really like to suck cock.” My mom and aunt began to crawl towards me ever so slowly. With my legs spread wide Aunt Brandi and my mom were able to kneel side by side. They each took turns sucking my cock, occasionally both of them sucked it at the same time. Their tongues would dance over each others.

I looked at my dad and saw the fury burning inside of him. His cock was rock hard. “But were all family, its so wrong” my dad moaned out. My mom and aunt stopped for a second and looked at my dad. “Fuck you” was my mom’s reply and “You’ll never get this you ass hole” came from my aunt. Both ladies returned to sucking my member. “OK girls, time to show daddy how you make me cum. My balls began to tighten. Mom and aunt Brandi were cheek to cheek. They began to pump my rod with their soft fingers and they opened their mouths. I began to pump cum all over their faces. Jet after jet of my cream landed on their mouths, cheeks, chin, and even on my mom’s eye lid. My mom and aunt began to suck me again to clean me up but it only gave me another erection. The diva’s turned to each other and began licking my seed off of each others faces. I looked at my dad and realized his balls were in agony. I’m sure if he just touched himself he would shoot his wad. I couldn’t let that happen.

I rolled my mom onto her back. I told Aunt brandi to hold my mom’s legs hi up over her head. Aunt Brandi positioned herself over mom’s face and reached out for my moms ankles as I lifted her legs up over her head. My mom’s pussy was glistening with wetness. Her Pussy lips were opened up like that of a flower. I climbed up and positioned my cock head right at the entrance of my moms wet love hole. “No you fucking bastard,” I heard my dad yelling. I looked over at my dad as the tip of my cock touched my mom’s waiting wetness. My dad’s eyes were fixated on my cock and his ex wife’s pussy. “Your a sick mother fucker” my dad yelled. I continued to look into his eyes as I slid the head of my cock into my mother’s wet pussy.

Her pussy was so hot. Slowly I inched my cock all the way in until my balls rested against my mom’s ass hole. Aunt Brandi settled in as I looked at my mom’s face to see her ecstasy from having my cock shoved in her hole. My mom was busy tonguing her sister as Aunt Brandi had lowered her hot cunt to my mom’s lips. I began thrusting in and out of my mom’s glistening love hole.

The action was hot. I settled into a good rhythm as I fucked my mom. Aunt Brandi turned my moms left foot towards her face and began sucking my moms sexy toes. That was too much for my mom to handle as my mom began thrusting her hips back at me. She was on fire now, fucking her son with a wild animal like passion. I could hear her moaning into Aunt Brandi’s pussy. The vibrations from my mom moaning into her sisters cunt caused Aunt Brandi to moan loudly. “Oh my fucking god, I’m cumming, oh fuck yeah” Aunt Brandi moaned loudly as she returned my mom’s toes back to her waiting mouth. Her hips began to gyrate as she rubbed her pussy all over my mom’s face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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