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She came home early, to get everything prepared. All his favorite foods were made and waiting, the house was clean, the table set just so. Her grandmother’s candlesticks stood on the table, just to add that little bit of ambiance.

A little bit of time before he got home. Just enough time to get ready.

She went upstairs into the bathroom and fixed her hair, curling it just a little, to give it some shape. He liked it loose, falling down her back, so she didn’t bother to do more than curl it and run a brush through it. Next, a little bit of makeup, just to accent her god-given gifts. He doesn’t like women who wear a lot of makeup, and that’s perfectly fine with her.

After that: clothes. Something special. Or maybe, something she has but hasn’t worn in a long time, but knows he likes. Hopefully it still fits. There it is, tucked away in the back of her closet. Oo, didn’t realize it was that small. Was she ever really that size? Well, here goes nothing…

Oh, my. A little tight. Must have put on a few pounds since she wore it last. But, the mirror says it still looks good. Maybe even a little better than before. The stretchy fabric definitely hugs her in all the right places. She looks curvier than she recalls being in this dress. And the skirt at mid-thigh… Did she ever really have the nerve to wear this in public? Oh well, tonight nobody else will see.

Shoes. Hmmm… Not those… not those… definitely not those… Ah yes, there they are. Perfect. Heel a comfortable height, but still high enough to be special.

Well, what does the mirror say? My oh my. Well, if she was the type, she’d certainly want to go out with herself. He should like this a lot.

Back downstairs, and wait. Should she get something to read to pass the time? No, it would be better if it looked like she was waiting just for him.

Finally. Seemed like hours. Need to get the candles lit before he gets in the house so she can meet him at the door.

Oops, the door handle is turning. Light, candle, light! There! Dash over to the door before he’s completely in the house.

Oh, poor boy! Looks like a rough day at work. He looks the wrong direction at first but then his eyes light on the candles on the table. He starts to speak but she holds a finger to his lips to silence any questions. She reaches up and straightens his tie and coat, then stretches up to kiss him gently on the lips.

This is the first he’s really gotten a look at her since he got home. His eyes sparkle at the sight. A smile she hasn’t seen in a long time brightens his previously drawn and weary face. He holds her at arms’ length to get a better look, even steps back a little. His eyes devour every curve the clinging dress accentuates. She gives a slow little runway turn so he can appreciate the complete package. And appreciate he does. He definitely isn’t tired any more! Promises are being made, and she can tell he intends her to keep them.

After it’s certain he’s gotten a good look, she takes his hands and pulls him to the table and indicates he should sit. When he’s seated, she gets the plates she prepared earlier and sets one at each place. She offers for him to pour wine, which he does gladly. While he pours, she sits, conscious of the squeeze of her dress on her body.

As they eat, meaningful looks pass between them over the candles’ light. Slight smiles on each face persist even as they eat. She’s pleased he’s enjoying himself, he’s pleased at the view and the excellent dinner. The love in the air is palpable. They almost feel they could ataşehir escort reach out and grab some of it and save it for later.

At one point during the meal, she drops a shoe from one foot and reaches it out to him, tucking it under his pants leg. He starts a little at this, he isn’t used to playing footsie under the table. She runs her toes up and down his ankle and calf as far as she can. He’s having a little trouble concentrating on his meal, but that’s okay. Finally she removes her foot from inside his pants leg and starts to caress up and down his legs with that foot.

Eventually he abandons all pretense at trying to eat and simply looks her in the eye while she teases, a coquettish look on her face while she does so. Her foot rubs up and down, up and down, then reaches in to go as far between his thighs as possible. Her legs are too short. Darn. He laughs as she tries to rub his crotch with her foot under the table, mostly because of the look of concentration on her face while she grips the table’s edge as she strains to tease his jewels with her foot.

After a few moments of this, they both burst out laughing. Smiling broadly at one another, they both lean in over the table and kiss. Quickly they finish their meal, eager to continue on with some of the promises made earlier.

They both rise from the table, picking up their dishes as they rise. Without a word, they step to the sink and place their dirty dishes in the basin. She turns to leave, but finds herself trapped against the counter by his body. With a grin, he reaches around her and turns on the water.

When the basin is full, he turns her around and has her start washing. Now, she’s never done dishes in clothes like she’s presently wearing, so she’s really careful not to splash water on herself. When she finishes one dish and rinses it, he takes it and begins drying.

Halfway through the dishwashing, she finds him not at her side. She quickly finds where he is when she feels his hands firmly gripping her hips and his body press against hers. This is when he finds out for certain she hadn’t bothered with panties when she dressed. She feels his crotch jump against her rear at the discovery.

His hands reach around and caress her tummy, up and over her firmly encased breasts, up each side of her neck and into her hair, then down her sides and to the hem of her short skirt. The sensation is positively electric. Since she’s pressed against the counter, he can’t reach around her more down below, but apparently that’s not his present intention. He pulls his body away from her, she feels his hardness leave its place against her butt, and he picks up the glass she finished cleaning earlier and starts drying it.

After only a few minutes, the rest of the dishes are all clean and put away, and she turns from the sink and wraps her arms around him tightly. She loves how well their bodies fit together. He loves how her body feels pressed against his. She is so soft, so warm. He is almost frightened by how much he loves her…

Reluctantly, she finally releases him, takes his hand and leads him upstairs to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, she turns to him once again and kisses him deeply. She can feel his stiffness press into her belly, and the sensation makes her already damp sex even wetter. They both are feeling the pressure of their arousal build even more. The setting and her Promise’s imminence serve only to increase the sensation.

After several minutes, she steps back from him and starts to loosen the tie she had straightened kadıköy escort earlier. Slowly, torturously, she moves, her deliberateness going against everything her body is trying to tell her. She wants in the worst way to throw him on the bed and ravish him, just as she imagines he would like to do to her, but she knows the longer they wait, the better the result will be.

Once she has dragged the tie out of his collar and removed his jacket, she begins working on his shirt buttons, placing a light kiss on the skin beneath after releasing each one. When his shirt is open and loose, she reaches around his body again, delighting in feeling his bare skin against her hands and arms. She presses into his body, regretting not removing her clothes before his, so she could feel her bare belly and chest against his.

Eventually, she reaches up and pulls the shirt from his back, both of them laughing when they find she forgot his sleeve buttons. After some fumbling and giggling, they get his shirt undone, and she once more pulls him into her.

He marvels at how fabulous she feels in his arms. It’s a sensation he cherishes. He loves the curves of her body against his. He adores the soft, pliable features pressing against his own firmer ones. The degree to which he loves her can’t be measured.

When she pulls away from him again, she begins work on his belt. In a few short movements, the belt is off and laying on the floor. She pushes him gently down to the bed and kneels to untie and remove his shoes. Then his socks come off, and she laughs when he wiggles his toes at her.

She pulls him back up, but remains on her knees, a position she knows he enjoys. She runs her hands up and down his legs, caresses his firm buttocks, then comes around and undoes the button of his trousers, then slowly pulls on the tab of his zipper.

A thrill of ecstasy courses through her body when she sees his hardness through the tight material of his underwear, and the dark, wet spot at the very tip. She leans in and licks at the damp circle on his shorts, causing a low moan to escape his throat. But before she can treat herself to the sight of his hard, throbbing shaft, she needs to get his pants off.

Reaching around his body, she pushes her hands into his now-open pants and slides them down off his butt and to the floor. She grabs each pant leg for him as he steps out of his clothes. Now he just stands before her in his strained underwear. She wants to just yank them down as much as he wants her to, but she restrains herself yet again.

From her place on the floor, she slides her hands up his strong legs and slithers a finger of each hand into the leg hole of his shorts. A hiss leaves his mouth as she slowly works her fingers toward each other, finally slipping down to either side of his sac.

She delights in the sensations she knows she is causing him, and his breathing is becoming more labored all the time. She wiggles her fingers against the softness between his legs, and knows that soon the hardness above it will be making her squirm.

Finally, she decides the tease here is enough. She pops the fingers out from beside his genitals, reaches up and quickly strips his underwear from his body. His stiff manhood nearly hits her in the nose as it bounds back up from being carried down with the waistband of his shorts.

Now standing nude before her, he wonders what is next. He is now completely unclothed, while she still wears what she had on when he got home.

Reaching up as far as she can from her bostancı escort bayan kneeling position, she bends her fingers a little and starts her hands down his body: his chest, his stomach, just misses his genitals, down his legs to his feet. She continues this until she is nearly as far around his body as she can get. By this time, his hardness is within inches of her mouth, he can feel her breath on his body. He yearns to just take her, but he equally wants to see and feel what she will do next. He knows what he *hopes* is coming next…

To his incredible delight, she leans forward a little and opens her mouth. He can now feel her hot breath travel down from the tip to almost the base of his stiffness. She just holds her mouth in this position, not taking him in, just breathing on it. It would be just a short thrust of his hips, and he would be in… The temptation is great, but she is playing some sort of game, and he wants to see where the game is going…

He almost yells his disappointment when she pulls her head back from his crotch and stands up. His protests die quickly, though, when she reaches to the shoulder straps of her dress and pushes her hands through. As she figured, the dress clings too tight to her to simply fall down, so she grabs the top and pulls it down.

A gasp of pleasure comes from him as her beautiful breasts come into view. He gasps again when she continues peeling the material from her body. Her tummy is revealed, followed soon thereafter by her damp sex.

She steps out of the puddle of material at her feet and kicks it away. Still in her shoes, she steps up to him and luxuriates in the feeling of his bare skin against her own. She presses her breasts into his chest and feels his hardness press into her belly.

Tilting her head up, she finds his lips ready to meet hers. They stand there for what seems ages, not wanting to break the embrace, their lips locked in ecstasy.

Eventually, though, she pulls away and sits on the edge of the bed, turning him to face her as she does so. His manhood points straight at her, and she knows that he is eager to take whatever she is ready to give.

Taking his hips in her hands, she pulls him toward her, and as she is doing this, she leans forward…

An audible moan comes from deep inside him when she opens her mouth and takes him in. She follows her mouth’s movements with a hand lightly wrapped around him, and uses the other to fondle between his legs. After the events of the evening, though, he is too close to the edge, and reluctantly pulls out of her silky hot mouth.

As gently as she had pushed him to the bed to remove his shoes, he urges her down to the mattress. She knows what he wants, and is prepared and willing to give it to him.

Laying back on the bed, she slowly spreads her legs, inviting his entry. accepting the invitation, he lines himself up with her opening and pushes forward.

They both gasp as his length slides into her hot wetness. For a moment, neither of them move. They both know each other well enough to realize that, as aroused as they are, it won’t take long for either to climax.

After a long, luscious soak, he slowly begins moving his hips. Once again, both moan at the feeling of his stiff length sliding in and out of her warm, soft depths. As both knew before starting, the buildup to their climaxes is swift, yet intensely satisfying. At the same time he thrusts deep into and his member empties itself into her, she shudders with her own fantastic orgasm.

Later, after both have recovered their breath, and the covers have been pulled over their nude, satisfied bodies, they cuddle together, basking in the glow of their love.

Just before they both fall asleep, she whispers to him in a quiet, adoring voice, “Happy Birthday, Daddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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