Mae Day

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Female Ejaculation

My name is Carlos, and I am 26 years old. I got my PhD in statistics last year, and am currently working as a data analyst for an NHL team. I know, it’s unconventional to have a Chicano working in hockey, especially when I never played the sport (I played baseball in college), but this was a great opportunity in a sport where statistical analysis is just ramping up, so I accepted the job.

We aren’t as busy in the summer, so yesterday (Tuesday) I decided to go for a run in the woods on a hot humid day. I love hot weather, and feel I get my best workouts in the humidity. I had my shirt off in the heat, and was on a technical trail heading up a steep, rock strewn stretch to a beautiful overlook when I first saw her standing with her back to me next to a picnic table. I was a little taken aback; you don’t usually see people at the top of this trail because it’s a difficult climb, especially so on a 90 degree day. But there she was.

The first thing I noticed was how small she was, maybe 4’11”, and thin, a size 1. Her hair was dark and long, with a pony tail coming almost to the small of her back. She was wearing runner’s shorts that came down just below her ass, and a small shirt that showed a little bare back above the waistband of her shorts. As I got closer, I saw she had nicely muscled shapely tanned legs on her tiny frame, along with lightly defined triceps and biceps in her firm arms. She finally heard me and turned toward me and I audibly gasped! Her breasts were enormous! They looked almost freakish on that tiny frame, stretching out the material so the bottom of her shirt in front was straining to cover them, and her flat, tight stomach was visible below her top. I was mesmerized.

When she saw me, I watched her eyes go from my face to my chest and stomach. As a young athlete who still works out every day, I am, immodestly, quite muscular, with broad shoulders, a trim waist, muscular chest, and ripped 8 pack abs that I am so proud of. Continuing to run toward her, shirtless and with the sweat pouring off me in the heat, I saw her glance drop below my stomach to my groin area. Her eyes widened when she saw my 8″ cock, which was distinctly outlined beneath my soaked running shorts. She looked up quickly, clearly embarrassed, as I drew near.

“Wow, I’m surprised to see anyone else up here.” I said.

English was a bit of a struggle for her, but she responded, “You are very fit to be able to run up this mountain.”

“As are you,” I replied, soaking in her magnificent body with my eyes. She was older than I originally thought, maybe 50, but it was hard to tell because her skin was still tight and almost wrinkle free, and her body was strong and firm, as well.

Her name was Mae, and she was Chinese. I asked her what she did for exercise – Tai Chi mostly, and long hikes – and we talked workouts for a while, before moving to other subjects. We were very comfortable with each other from the start. Mae was intelligent, well read, and incredibly sweet. It wasn’t easy not to stare at her magnificent breasts, but her dark eyes were enchanting, beautiful and deep, making it easier for me to not appear a perv. Over the next half hour I learned her favorite movies, books, writers, things to eat and cook, and we even talked a little sports.

“So what brings you to the top of this hill on such a hot day?” And all by yourself, too.” I inquired.

“I always hike alone,” Mae responded.

“Why?” I asked.

“When I came to this country it was to marry.” she replied. “I was 17 and my husband purchased me from a small village in northern China. şişli escort He was much older. He was a good husband, and provided well for me, but he did not want me to go to school or work, just to be a wife for him. When he passed away 2 years ago, my English was poor, and I did not have any friends in this country. So after he died I stayed alone and focused on my reading and exercise.”

“Don’t you get lonely?” I asked

“Of course,” she replied softly.

“Then why not try to get out and make friends?”

Mae looked up at me with sadness in those hypnotic dark eyes and admitted she was scared. “I am…”she paused, looking for the right word, “not worthy.”

“How can you think that? You’re wonderful! Intelligent, sweet, and very beautiful.”

Mae blushed and looked down. A tear rolled down her face. “Oh, Mae. Come here, give me a hug.” She stood and I took her in my arms. I tried to be nothing but a nice supportive friend, but when those perfect breasts were squeezed against me, my penis stirred. And when she looked up at me with those dark eyes, I was erect. I tried to keep my groin away from her so she wouldn’t notice, but as she stared at me with longing in her eyes, I let my lips meet hers for a small kiss.

“We shouldn’t,” she said.

“It’s OK,” I replied. Then I leaned in for another kiss, this one with light tongue. I met no resistance, so I deepened the kiss, full tongue.

“That’s so nice,” I said when we broke apart for a second. Mae just sighed, and came up for another kiss. It was fabulous, and I was rock hard and no longer worried about her knowing it. As we kissed with sweat pouring off us in the summer heat, I started to explore her fabulous body with my hands, while pushing my huge cock against her stomach. I started rubbing my hands up and down her back, moving under her half shirt up to her bra, crushing her massive tits against my bare stomach and chest. Then I moved my hands down to her hips, pulling her into me. I positioned my right leg between hers, and started to grind my rock hard cock against he pussy. She moaned when I did, and I put my hands on her tiny ass cheeks and pulled her harder into me.

This was the most amazing moment of my young life. I moved my hands up to her lower back, under her shirt, then started to pull her shirt up over her head. She grabbed it with her tiny hands and shook her head, “No.”

I nuzzled her neck and ground my dick deliberately against her sopping wet cunt, and her resistance faded. I had to pull the shirt out in front to get it over those magnificent breasts, and was rewarded with the sight of this stunning woman in her white bra which shone against her tanned stomach and shoulders. It was a 3 hook bra, and I struggled a bit to get it undone, but I finally did and it dropped to the ground. My jaw dropped. Her tits were the most incredible things I had ever seen! Huge, especially in contrast to her small frame, firm, perfectly round, cream colored, with beautiful pink eraser sized nipples. I was captivated. I spent some time on Kauai surfing, and a term they used there to express surprise, “Wop yo jaw,” perfectly encapsulated my reaction.

Mae mistook my hesitation for something else, and tried to cover her breasts with her small hands, but there was no way they were even close to doing the job.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “they are so ugly.”

“Are you kidding?” I exclaimed. “They are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.” I slowly moved her hands away and began to explore. Mae moaned as a lightly brushed her nipples with escort ankara my fingers. I then moved my head down and started to lick and suckle her hard left nipple, while rolling her right nipple between my fingers.

“Does that feel good?” I asked.

“Yes,” Mae replied, “my breasts are very sensitive.”

I played with those perfect giant tits for a good long time; honestly, I could have stayed on them forever. But we both needed release. So I picked my head back up until my lips found hers in a deep, soulful kiss. Then I moved to kiss her neck, licking down to her breasts, past to her stomach, spending time on her belly button. I finally arrived at the top of her shorts and started to pull them down. Mae moved back and put her hands on the waistband of her shorts, stopping me.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m going to lick your pussy,” I replied with a lascivious grin.

“No!” she exclaimed. “That is dirty. It is disgusting there.”

“Not to me,” I replied, as I pulled her shorts and panties from her grip and lowered them to the ground, simultaneously pushing her back so she was sitting on the edge of the picnic table.

Mae was clearly uncomfortable as I started to explore her soaked cunt. I spread her lips, exposing her beautiful little pink bud. She was tense as a started to flick her clitoris with my tongue, squeezing her legs together as if to push me away. But I was not going anywhere, and after a few minutes she relaxed and started to make small, mewing sounds. She was enjoying her first experience with cunnilingus! I moved my hands up to those magnificent globes, lightly rolling her hard nipples in my fingers while my tongue explored her clit. It didn’t take long until she started to moan.

“Oh! Oh! What is happening to me?” she cried. “Oh GOD! OH! OH GOD!” Mae screamed as she had the first orgasm of her life. She started to shiver as she came, and when she was finished I came up, my face dripping with her pussy juices, for a kiss. Mae’s eyes were filled with tears.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

Mae put her arms around me and held me close. “That was amazing,” she sighed. “I have never felt anything like that in my life. I almost fainted.”

I smiled and leaned in for a kiss. “Congratulations on your first orgasm, Mae!”

Then I stepped back to look at this amazing creature in front of me. Fully nude and soaked with sweat, 4’11”, maybe 95 lbs, beautiful dark eyes, long black hair, thin muscular frame, shapely legs, tiny feet, and incredible large breasts. I moved her to the edge of the table, positioned my body between her legs, then pulled down my shorts. Mae’s eyes widened when she saw a 8″ long, thick, hard cock.

“Oh, it is so big.”

“Am I bigger than your husband?”

“At least twice. I am not sure you will fit in me.”

“I won’t hurt you, Mae. We’ll go slow.”

She nodded and I lined my cock’s head against her vagina. Mae spread her pussy lips and guided me in. Getting the head in was difficult. I could see it was hurting her, so I took my time, but soon the mushroom top made it all the way into her soaked cunt. The rest went in more easily. I started slowly, moving the whole length of my cock in and out of her tiny pussy. The look on her face was so erotic; her eyes were partially closed with a dreamy look, she was lightly biting her lower lip, and she was moaning softly. I picked up my pace and started fucking her harder, her monstrous tits swaying up and down as I did. Then I put my hands under her little ass and effortlessly lifted her off the picnic table, my cock ankara escor never leaving her drenched cunt. Sweat was pouring off us as I began to lift Mae up to the tip of my cock, then lower her back to the hilt. I was starting to lose control, impaling this incredibly sexy older woman on my big cock. Every time she came down, her clitoris bumped against my pubis, and before long she was clawing my back and wrapping her legs around me hard. She was cumming again! This one was just as intense as her first, and when it was over she was like a rag doll in my arms.

But I was far from finished, and all control had left me. I laid Mae down on the table, her little feet on my shoulders and started to pound into her tiny cunt over and over like a piston. I held her arms over her head with my right hand, and mauled her enormous tits with my left. I was like an animal, and Mae was so fucking hot, her giant breasts bouncing up and down in rhythm with my thrusts. It was easily the most erotic moment of my young life, and it took all my concentration not to cum. I never wanted this to stop, my rock hard cock sliding in and out of her small wet pussy, so I thought of anything but how sexy she was. Baseball stats, optimal hockey line-ups…they helped, but after some minutes I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer. Just as a started to shoot my sperm deep into Mae’s womb, she started groaning and moving into me, her cunt spasming – she was having a 3rd orgasm! We came hard together, and I sent wave after wave of sticky thick cum into her cunt, shuddering as a finished.

We collapsed together on the table, drenched in sweat. “That was amazing,” I sighed.

She nibbled my neck and agreed. After a few minutes of rest we sat up to drink some water she had with her, both of us still naked. My cock started to twitch looking at her fabulous body, and she seemed to sense it. Mae took my semi hard dick in her hand.

“It is so beautiful,” she said. Then she bend down and kissed it. I moaned, now fully erect, and she got on her knees in front of me and started to kick our juices off the sides of my cock. Mae may not have known about cunnilingus, but she knew what to do with her mouth on a cock. She took my head in, then swallowed as much of me as she could, all the while looking up at me with those beautiful eyes. Her right hand moved up and down on my shaft in rhythm with her mouth over the other half of my cock, while her left hand massaged my balls. She was amazing!! It didn’t take long before I was ready to shoot another load. When I was just about to cum, I pulled out of her mouth.

“I want to cum on your tits,” I panted.

She smiled and shook her head and started masturbating me over her enormous breasts with her small hands. It was incredible.

“Oh fuck,” I screamed, as I shot load after load of sperm all over those perfect breasts.

“God, you look so hot,” I moaned. She was on her knees, my cum splattered all over her tits, her tiny hands still around my cock, and those enchanting dark eyes peering up at me.

She stood up and we held each other in the hot summer sun on the top of our hill. I asked if I could see her again, and we exchanged numbers and made plans for the weekend. I would cook for her at her gourmet outdoor kitchen by her pool. I guess her husband really did take care of her!

We dressed and I walked her down the steep rock strewn trail to a beautiful pond where we found a boulder to swim from. We both dove in, fully clothed as there were people around, cooling off in the crystal clear water. We were parked in the same lot, so I walked her to her car and kissed her goodbye.

Today is Wednesday, and we’ve talked/texted 3 times since our encounter yesterday. We re not scheduled to see each other until Friday night, but I don’t think either of us will be able to wait that long…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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