Dreams Ch. 01

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If you wish to start the story straight away and not read the Preface, just scroll down to where chapter one starts below. The Preface is to provide some explanations as the Dreams series continues from where my other multi-part story Power Play left off.

Notes from the author: This story series is a direct follow-up to the 23-part story “Power Play” (check my profile), which can be considered ‘season one’ of the series, “Dreams” being its season two of this completely – and unashamedly – unbelievable (in the sense it is a flight of fantasy and quite likely quite unrealistic!) series.

This is really simply to say that this and most other of my stories are essentially pretexts to explore my fantasies and characters are fantasies as well: female characters are typically very young, often “barely legal”, extremely horny from the beginning or surprisingly quickly able to metamorphose from shy, cute girls to supremely confident in bed sex-obsessed sluts who will do anything required of them and will submit to anything, ranging from threesomes to fucking machines. Male characters unquestionably sexually objectify them, giving to out-of-control lust and expecting them to submit and obey. A perfect union of sex-craving bitches having unrealistically long sex with equally sexually charged and demanding studs.

In other words, it’s essentially porn written down. There is a thread running through all the stories to say that giving in to drives and temptations is simply natural. I make no excuses for the fact that narrative plays second fiddle here to the descriptions of pussies, tits, cocks and balls – it is sexual fantasies that these stories are about most of all. Enjoy at your peril. 🙂

The story, as opposed to “Power Play” is written in 3rd person narration (the previous narration was told from Stuart’s 1st person perspective). It is an omniscient narrator; that is to say, one that has access to everyone’s minds (or their gutters). However, you will find that all sex scenes are written from the male perspective. I do not want to pretend even remotely how things might feel for a woman (not being one) and it goes with the mood of these stories that this should be written from male perspective. The times when sex is presented from a woman’s perspective can be counted on the fingers of one hand – I am doing it only when there was no other choice. You will find the stories are told from the perspectives of a variety of characters (albeit typically in 3rd person), so the perspective will “jump” from one character to the next.

“Dreams” will consist of 15 parts/chapter and has an overarching narrative leading to a climax at the end of the season (climax in more sense than one!), starting slowly in the first three chapters, properly picking up from chapter four and growing in intensity from there. The chapters are longer than in “Power Play” in general, so you will get more out of each instalment. I am not expecting everyone to have read the full 23-part “Power Play”, of course; therefore, below in the “Plot and Characters” section, before the story begins, there is quick overview of the main characters in “Dreams” so bare basics are known to all of what had happened before.

The story is being written as we speak – it’s not been finished yet. Barring unforeseen circumstances in my life (and you never know these days), you should expect at least one chapter every 10-14 days.

I have taken feedback from other users of Literotica before and now more carefully proofread my stories – hope it results in a better reading experience.


What is Dreams?

Dreams is a company offering to match people wishing to fulfil their erotic fantasies and lose their inhibitions. Much like online dating websites, it asks customers to enter their details and their fantasies on the website and then matches them to others seeking similar experiences. Encounters take place inside a hotel building where different rooms cater to different tastes and wishes, including a swimming pool, a classroom for student/teacher fantasies and a room with a fireplace for those more romantically inclined. Customers are charged a monthly fee. Although some will unavoidably see it as a glorified brothel, the co-managers Hollie Allerton and Katherine ‘Katie’ Richards see it as a place where inhibitions are lost and people are happier, stating being opposed to ‘wokery’ as their ideological motivations for having established the place.


A divorced ex-university professor fired from the establishment after accusations from students that his conduct “denies them their lived experience”. Disgruntled and after liberation, attracted to Hollie Allerton, he fucks her the same day more than once, followed by fucking Jessica Owens. Offered a position at Dreams, he accepts. On his first day, he meets, fucks and falls for Jill Spencer and takes part in her interview (see more below). Stuart had been friends for many years with Katherine ‘Katie’ Richards; initially unaware of her position at ataşehir escort bayan Dreams (see more below), he fucks her during the same evening of Jill’s interview.


Disappointed with her ex-boyfriend and lover Jack Carruthers, whom she dumped, Jill is advised by her friend Stace Wheeler to log her details with the Dreams website and arrange for a meeting. Jill’s Catholic family doesn’t know about her actions and she is petrified of them finding out – she calls her mother ‘woke’ and ‘feminist’ and fears being an outcast for ‘having sex out of wedlock’. Jill is Stuart’s first ‘customer’ at Dreamsthat same evening; after a romantic-to-wild sex encounter, they fall for each other and become a couple. Hollie offers her a job interview later the same evening. This involves an entire evening of fucking the same evening in different configurations: lesbian couple, lesbian group, straight sex with a man and, eventually, a savage session of her being screwed in MMF. She lands the job that same evening.


Hollie is a co-manager of Dreams(with her partner Katherine – see below), responsible for customer satisfaction. She set the initial organisation up together with ‘Katie’ (see more below). Having previously worked in IT in education and known one of the people who worked with Stuart at the university, she lured him and attracted him to her. After fucking him and setting him up with Jessica Richards (see below) to fuck her as well, without him knowing that was his interview for a position at Dreams, she eventually offers him the position and invites him to visit the Dreamshotel. She oversees Jill’s interview and eventually offers her the job.


She is a co-manager at Dreams, responsible for budget and expenditure. She is a long-standing friend with Stuart since their school days. For years, their relationship had been purely platonic. During Stuart’s divorce, she offered him his friendship and fiercely supported him, but it was only when he meets her on the day of Jill’s interview that this changes and they fuck that same evening.


An 18-year-old girl employed at Dreams. She is in an unhappy relationship with a boyfriend (unnamed and unknown so far). In a session, together with Hollie, she fucked Stuart as part of his interview prior to his employment at Dreams.


She does not appear in ‘Power Play’. She is Jill’s sister.


Jill’s friend, briefly introduced, although sketchily, in “Power Play”. She told Jill about Dreams in the aftermath of her breakup with her ex-boyfriend Jack.


Jack used to be Jill’s boyfriend until she dumped him shortly before starting to work for Dreams. He was accused of not caring for her pleasure in bed.


A 23-year-old young woman, a Dreams employee. She lesbian-sucked and fucked Jill as the first part of her interview.


A 31-year-old young woman, a Dreams employee. Together with Hollie, she was in the second part of Jill’s interview in a lesbian trio.


A 24-year-old young man, a Dreams employee, who fucked Jill during her interview.


A 35-year-old, extremely confident employee of Dreams; together with Stuart, he fucked Jill in a savage MMF as the last and deciding part of her interview.

There are other characters, of course, but they only appear once and are thus not part of this list.

Ok, enough of the introduction. Let’s get on with the story.



Katie, in full businesswoman attire – white jacket, white – perhaps slightly too tight-fitting – trousers and leather high-heeled shoes – sat down in her office. It was always quiet in the mornings first thing on Mondays, and she liked to get through her emails that would’ve undoubtedly arrived in her inbox over the weekend. She liked being ahead of the game.

She smiled to herself, thinking of just last week alone as her email client was opening. This job was unlike any other. What a step-up from her previous job!

It wasn’t really part of her own job description to be reading new customers’ profiles and their applications for future meetings; it was really Hollie’s job. Still, she could not resist at least from time to time reading some applications. On Mondays, there were always a few minutes available before things sped up over the week and it made her horny to read about people’s pent-up desires. It never got old. She got copies of their website applications anyway.

This one was interesting.

Name: Mike Anderson

Sex: Male

Age: 24 years old

Interested in: oral sex (cunnilingus and blowjob), 69, reverse cowgirl, face-sitting, face-fucking, anal.

He did not expect all of that to happen, but specifically wanted FFM and was asking if he could see their photos. Can they be my age or younger? “Perv,” Katie half-laughed, almost escort kadıöy inaudibly.

Reason for meeting: My girlfriend categorically said to me on many occasions she won’t agree to a threesome.

“There we go again,” Katie whispered to herself. The amount of people they saw as their customers here, who were unfulfilled, denied pleasure and happiness because of some pre-conceived ‘moralities’ was astronomical. Mike’s next sentence simply confirmed it. She thinks it’d be immoral. I can’t wait any more, though.

It was fascinating what people were putting into these messages out of their own accord. There was no compulsion to write that – the reason for meeting rubric was actually optional. It was there because it was felt it might be easier sometimes to assign the correct Dreams worked to the customer, particularly where people were shy or unsure, but there was no pressure to write anything, really, and it was not required. Yet, most people did it anyway – as though nobody had ever heard them. (They probably haven’t.)

Anyhow. In the photo, Mike looked quite hot – well-built, tall (he put in 6’2 as his height), short dark hair, and the smile looked friendly. Although the final decision always rested with Hollie, she was sure she’d agree with her that Jill and Nancy would be great for this one. They’d sure enjoy him.

Well, that was fun. The next email was regarding their 2-year budget plan. Even in the solitude of her office, she cleared her throat and opened the attached budget spreadsheet, feeling less Katie and more Katherine already.


The man was speeding up. His large manhood was spreading her insides apart and it felt… divine… He wouldn’t stop, holding her hips tight in place, two of his large hands resting powerfully on her buttocks. In between her moans, she sensed as though she wanted to get away, but then she didn’t really – she wanted more and more.

There was another feeling lingering somewhere beyond her, but she could not quite put her finger on it. It made her think of another voice from another world, but, too engrossed in groaning and focused on her rear, she let that go.

She wouldn’t be able to get away from him anyhow, even if she wanted to. Her head was buried in a young woman’s crotch and she was licking her there… overwhelmed and overpowered. Grunting and out of control, she felt powerless and yet, despite herself, loved it. They were grunting themselves some pretty bad words at her (ones she didn’t think she’d ever be able to use), particularly the man, who would finish his demanding utterances with questions about whether she was a good girl. Suddenly, she became aware of her nipples: they were hard rubbing against the white sheets of the bed.

“—ly – fast!” Now it really did seem like a voice.

The man’s thrusts behind her doubled in force and she felt so much heat and tension come to her abdomen, feeling as though being repeatedly opened up, that the resulting pleasure – forbidden and dark, but (or hence?) desired – produced growls some place she didn’t recognise as being herself.

She moaned loudly into the woman’s crotch. She felt the man seize her hair. Faced with the merciless, she could no longer contain yelling. Digging her fingernails into the sheets, consumed by the never-ending, ever-rising pleasure, she attempted to crawl and felt goosebumps all over her.


She woke up with a tremendous, frightening start. She didn’t notice really bumping her head against the headboard. Hot sweaty flashes jerked her body; her palm ran across her forehead and cheeks, completely drenched.

“You coming? I’ve been calling for 5 minutes!” The voice from before was mum downstairs. Her heavy, sticky eyes found the cross on the wall opposite. Curled up, she realised with sudden terror her other hand was inside her pyjama trousers at her crotch. She yanked it out violently and groaned with dread, forcing herself to sit up on the bed against the headboard with her knees pulled up to her chin.

“Coming!! Five minutes—” Her voice was shaky as were her limbs, but she thought she managed to shout loud enough to be heard downstairs. She waited to see if it was heard while her heart continued to pound. It all felt like haze, a blackout.

“All right!” The voice from downstairs sounded satisfied.

Lily slowly moved her legs to the edge of the bed. What was that dream just now? The thought terrified her. She pushed her head between her knees and breathed heavily, trying to calm and console herself. The pictures from the dream were still quite vivid in her mind—looking hard at the cross, she tried to push them out of there, but all that looking at the Christian symbol did was bring more shame. Abruptly, heaviness welled up in her chest and tears came. She could only use the duvet to grind her eyes into to try and stifle the emotions, but stopping her teeth chattering was impossible. And the images wouldn’t go. They were too close and she didn’t understand why.

She forced herself to get up, maltepe escort although she had no notion anymore how much time had passed since she woke up. It might have been a minute or twenty. Probably not more than five, though, since there were no more renewed shouts from downstairs.

She leaned against the wall of her room, only now beginning to see the surroundings properly. She reached for her gown thrown over the back of her desk chair near the window. Breathing heavily, catching her breath finally properly now, she put the gown on and decided it’d be best to think of other things and put the dream behind her. Start the day, do things and it will be okay.

The door creaked slightly as it always did. The familiarity of it put her more at ease as she was walking down the stairs to the kitchen.

“There she is! Finally! The princess has risen!” Her mother never lost an opportunity for sarcasm, particularly of the misplaced type.

Lily avoided responding to that and sat at the table, eager to lose herself in the common and the routine. “What are we having?” she asked. The 18-year-old was keen to get back to her mundane, but safe, existence.


Lily’s estranged sister, Jill, woke up in a large detached house in Pinner, north London, about 4 miles away. Her eyes were encouraged to lift by the rays of sunshine now strong enough to push through the bedroom curtains. One of the windows was slightly open, she noticed, and she felt the warm morning’s breeze caress her naked body. She loved sleeping naked, particularly after making love to Stuart.

She yawned and stretched her young flexible body awake. Disappointed that her lover wasn’t in the bed anymore, she was quickly reassured by the sounds of the coffee machine coming from the kitchen, just two doors away from the bedroom. She glanced at their bedroom alarm clock and it was clear why he had left – it was already 10am. She had slept well.

She rose and opened the wardrobe at the wall and chose a light-blue t-shirt to put on and silk panties of the same colour. She didn’t care to wear anything else.

Jill still couldn’t quite believe they were able to live in this house. Looking out of the window, she enjoyed the view of their beautiful garden. A little path of stone slabs led to the back of the house through a gate from Park View. Lining them up were several circular flowerbeds of orchids, dahlias and English Roses, looking spectacular and gorgeous, particularly now in the summer. Jill drew back the curtains, pushed the windows wide open and shut her eyelids, letting the breeze and the warm sun dance across her skin. She stretched her long arms as high as they would go arching her breasts to the front, enjoying the tickling sensation of the shirt against her nipples.

And that was just the garden. The whole house was huge: ten rooms, not including the kitchen, the bathroom and two sizeable bedrooms. Some rooms were just for lounging, others for guests. One they’d turned into a TV room, another into a mini library. She would’ve loved being able to read more, but she was too tempted on most days by Stuart’s sexy body and books were left to wither while most nights were spent making love or fucking, depending on their mood. There was the swimming pool, too, with views of the same garden. Absolute bliss, basically.

It had been now almost a year since their first meeting and her interview at Dreams. It had been an amazing twelve months. The house, most astonishingly, was a gift from the company, who were paying the bills. Both Stuart and herself received constantly very high feedback from the customers and Katie and Hollie were very keen to keep them on (not that they were going anywhere else!) and apparently felt that, since they were an established couple, they needed a house of their own. But never, in her wildest dreams, would she have believed she’d be living in a small palace such as this!

Happy as she was, both at work where she had now been screwed by dozens of different men and made love to by different women, ranging from romantic-like encounters to obsessive savage group sex, she had cut her ties with her family. Her life choices would simply destroy them, she justified it to herself, but the truth was she had been estranged from them for a good few years anyhow. They knew she’d broken up with Jack, of course, but not a word about Stuart. There was little contact, but at Christmas and Easter she found herself pretending she still lived in her previous place. They bought her lies, amazingly. Sometimes an email came, asking her if she went to Sunday services, which she simply cringed at.

Her younger sister had turned even more devout than their mother – to the point Jill really didn’t want to speak to her. The divide between them and what they wanted to do in life could not be greater. Jill learned to hide the dread of worrying they would one day find out where she works, normally finding consolation in Stuart’s arms. For now, though, lying to them through her teeth, normally on the phone and occasionally by answering emails seemed to get her by. Yep, a family that never really talks, never really cares, but is only anxious whether she goes to church and whether she’s keeping her virginity intact until getting married. Well, she certainly hasn’t been doing either one of those!

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