Bound for More Ch. 02

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Bound for More – 2 – Taken, on a Ranch Tour

I was still mostly asleep. Not sure if I was dreaming or… I don’t have that many sexual drams, that I can remember anyway, but my mind was full of last nights intense fisting session with DDT (Daddy Dom Tom). I was laying on my stomach and thoughts of his meaty paw stretching and working its way in and out of my cunt made me moan in my half sleep. I swear I could still feel the heat of his hand on and inside of me. My pussy ached from the extreme attention and the waking dream felt as if my hole was still being teased.

I suddenly realized it was! Daddy was laying on his side with his hairy chest laying on my arm and half on my back. His hard and leaking cock was nestled into my hand at the side of my body… I was clutching it and he gently pistonned his hips, fucking my hand. He was giving light kisses to the back of my shaved head and purring sweet and nasty nothings into my ear. But his hand, or at least his fingers, were caressing my very sore and wrecked ass lips. They were engorged with blood, and despite the tenderness, my hole was hungry and inflamed with desire. He teased it, a single finger circling the red pucker. Then up and down the slit of my hole. My cheeks spread on their own begging for the attention. He wet his middle finger with spit and pressed it into my ass hole, just inside the swollen flesh. He did not even enter the sphincter. Just teasing it. Testing the resolve of the sphincter, to see if it would resist or swallow his finger. Teasing.

His words drifted into my dream state. “What a pretty pussy. Look at those pink swollen lips. Hungry for more of Daddy’s cock and fist. My sexy cub and that insatiable cunt.” His other arm was under my upper chest, and he cuddled me into him, wrapped in his hairy warm embrace. He continued to play with my aching sex as my conscious mind came to the surface and I woke completely. “There’s my boy. I was beginning to wonder if you were playing possum, the way you were moaning and sucking on my fingers with that sexy pussy of yours.”

A warm smile spread across my face as the full realization of last night came back to me. And the feeling his attentions to my hole this morning. The arm underneath me pulled tight me into him. Suddenly my backside was pressed against DDTs chest. His rock hard cock replacing his fingers in the cleft of my ass. It was slick with his precum and I moaned in soft delight. “I’m sure this is going to hurt a little cub, but Daddy needs to fuck that sweet hole this morning. I have a load boiling in my sac and you are going to have to take it.”

I was scared. I had never experienced anything as incredible as last night, but the marathon fisting and fucking left my ass truly spent. Even his light teasing of my tender hole was on the edge of tolerability. And yet my sphincter opened right up and let his slippery meat slide deep inside as he pushed greedily into me. I let out a load groan of pain and pleasure. Daddy raised a hand and clapped it over my mouth. He held me tightly against his body. His hairy frame pressed tightly against my own. His warmth emanated from his core and irradiated me. It was like a spell and I fell under it completely.

His hand dropped from my mouth and moved across my hairy pecs, down my chest and across my abs. Coming to a rest on my caged clit. He cupped it in his big hand and he growled as he felt the pooling drool. “Such a good boy,” he purred in my ear, “leak for Daddy. Show me how much you love me using that slut hole, even after it has been abused like a whore’s twat, sloppy, and sore. My cock just fell into that cavern of a cunt this morning boy. I don’t know why your moaning. I can barely feel the sides of your chute, you are so stretched out.” He taunted me. Alternating between affection and pig Daddy. It drove me crazy. Of course he knew that. That is why he did it.

The slightest move of his hips caused my insides to scream. His cock grazing my prostate made my eyes roll back in my head. “Holy shit boy!” Daddy said suddenly. He lifted his hand from my locked cock and it was covered in a thick, white, milky, sticky mess. It looked like he had dipped his hand in a glaze. Apparently I had shot my load. The nerves in my anal canal were firing so intensely, I had not even been aware of my orgasm. When he saw just how much I had cum, and realized I was not even aware of it, Daddy shot his load too, hard and deep inside me. His hand returning to my sticky cage. Holding me in place as he thrust and buried his cock as deep as physically possible.

Daddy brought his hand up to my face and held it right in front of my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and licked my clit juice from his fingers. It was a thick and heavy load, saved up over the past 6 days. DDT sucked a little of my cream off his fingers as well, before pushing them back in my mouth. We just laid there for a while catching our breath. His cock was still stuffed in my used hole. I bet it looked ataşehir escort bayan like ground hamburger at this point. I wished I could have seen it. The idea made my dicklet swell in its device. It did not help that I felt Daddy flex his still hard cock inside me.

After laying like that for a while, he slowly pushed me off his dick and back on my stomach. He pushed me at an angle on the bed, still face down. Then he rolled between my legs and spread my cheeks wide. “Hold this open for me son.” I did as he asked and reached back and pulled my cheeks wide. He growled affectionately and hungrily. He blew across my swollen pucker and goose pimples raised on my crack, across my buns, and up my back. God, my hole was so sensitive now. But he did not stop there. He let his tongue lightly run across my raw pussy and then just watched as another ripple of goose flesh rolled across my skin.

I gasped at his attention. He would give my body a few seconds to adjust to the sensations and then he would amp it up a little more. His tongue licked my cummy ass and my body betrayed me again. His tongue parted my sphincter and I spasmed. He licked out my chute and I shuddered. I could not understand how he could manipulate my body so easily. He was blowing my mind just by eating my ass like this after he just fucked a load deep in there. Not to mention how raw and tender it was after the ferocious session last night.

Daddy rolled off me with a big, relaxed smile on his face. His nose to chin soaking wet from my flooded cunt. I reached over and kissed him… very appreciatively. He pushed my head down to his cock for cleaning. I obliged him happily. Then he rolled over and spread his legs, pushing his sexy fuzzy ass in the air. So again, I obliged, and ate my DDT”s hot musky hole. Every day should start like this.

Finally, it was time to roll out of bed. It was already 10 am… half the day gone for a rancher. He told me his hired hands were looking after things so he could relax with me this weekend, but he did want to show me around the property. I wondered what the hands might think if they came up to the barn and saw that sling hanging up out there… and OMG, all the toys left out on the table. I was laughing to myself and mortified at the same time. Well, it is his business. He did not seem to be worried, so why should I?

We ate breakfast. Something lite and healthy… coffee, yogurt, berries, and oatmeal. A nice hot shower after breakfast led to a little more play time. I dropped to my knees and sucked Daddy a little more as he started to soap up his face and hair. I released his cock as the soap ran down his body when he stared rinsing. Then Daddy stood me up and turned me around pushing me up against the wall of his oversized shower. He tugged on my hips pulling them back to his groin. I felt his hard cock again press into my ass. No lube… he just pushed into my loose hole. Then he stood there for a minute till I felt the full feeling in my belly. He was pissing in me again.

He smacked my ass a couple of times, signaling that he was pulling out and he wanted me to clench up and hold his piss in. Then he handed me the soap and I lathered up his hairy solid frame. I loved feeling every inch of his sexy body. Washing his pits and big biceps, his strong thick ass, feeling his squishy Daddy ass hole. Kneeling at his feet and washing them too. I was his and this allowed me to show him my affection and appreciation. Once Daddy was rinsed off, he stepped out and let me finish cleaning up… inside and out.

Daddy was already outside in the Jeep by the time I finished dressing. So I went out to jump in for my tour. But when I went to climb in he stopped me, asking, “what do you think your doing boy? I did not tell you to get dressed. Go strip down. Leave your clothes here. There are a pair of boots in my closet that will fit you. You can wear those and a ball cap. Strip out here. I wanna watch.” So I stood back from the Jeep and stripped off my shorts and t-shirt. I was already wearing a ball cap, so I left it on. He nodded and I ran back inside to leave my folded clothes and put on the boots as he had instructed.

Finally, I was ready for him to show me around. I jumped in the Jeep and he pulled out with a little peel of the tires in the gravel. He was dressed in the 501’s from yesterday and a black tank top that stretched across his burly chest… the hair spilling out. The cowboy hat topping off his butch look. He looked over at me and growled, “your supposed to be looking at the ranch.” I laughed and took a look around. It was beautiful country side. He had a few horses and a couple small herd of cattle. We drove for a while on a little path through the fields and he pointed out different things of note, or a new calf etc.

Eventually he stopped on a little hilltop that overlooked a good portion of his ranch. We could see several head of cattle grazing in the distance. We got out and escort kadıöy walked over to a fallen tree. He told me how strong winds in a storm had broke it. There was a 18″ wide, 8′ tall stump that was splintered at the top. And the top of the tree laying beside it… propped against the stump about 3′ off the ground. DDT opened a cooler in the back of the Jeep and pulled out a couple of iced beers. Then he walked over to the fallen tree and hopped up on it. He sat the beers beside him and swung his boots as he waited me for me to follow him. Like a puppy I eagerly joined him, but he made me stay standing on the ground between his legs. He opened the first beer and took a big swig. He leaned over and I reached up to meet his kiss. His lips were still cold and wet with the beer, as he parted my lips with his tongue. I opened my mouth and it filled with beer. He pulled away and nodded at me to swallow. He looked deep in my eyes as I did so, and said “Good boy!”

He leaned back a little and opened his jeans, releasing his erection. With one hand he swigged the beer again. With the other, he pulled me onto his cock. I took him into my mouth and sucked. I tasted his clean musky flesh and noticed the sweetness of a drop of precum. “This is picture perfect,” he said absentmindedly as I continued to suck on his meat. “Can I take some pictures of you out here?” He asked spontaneously. I grunted my affirmation, without pulling off of his sweet cock. Then he took another drink and suddenly I felt a cool fountain of beer spilling down my back and into the crevice of my ass. I started to jerk up off his cock and his other hand clamped down on the back of my head, driving his cock deeper into my throat. He laughed playfully but his cock got harder as the sadist in him enjoyed the tease.

He finished the beers, sharing them with me only by literally feeding them to me. Then he jumped down and went over to his Jeep and fiddled around in the back. When he returned he had a camera. A nice camera. So much for this being spontaneous, I chuckled to myself. He had me stand up against the stump and took a few pics of me. Then he had me turn around and took some pics of my backside. “Hrmmm,” he muttered thoughtfully. “Maybe some pics with you tied up?”

“I am all yours Daddy,” I replied. So he went back to the Jeep and returned with some rope. He had me hug the stump and took some time tying my hands. He was very careful about the ties. Not only were they secure but comfortable, but he made them look nice… for the pictures. He tied another rope around my waist and the stump, again taking his time. He made sure I was comfortable in the restraints then he brought out a bottle of water and had me drink. He finished me off with a rope gag.

DDT started taking pictures of me tied up like that. He spent a while taking a lot of angles, from up close and far away. He’d get down between my legs, and capture my locked clit leaking, to a panorama of the vista with me bound to the stump as the center piece. He made me feel so desired just be taking pictures of me bound and naked for him.

Suddenly there was a squawk from a radio he had in the Jeep. Apparently there was trouble with a cow that had broke through a neighbors fence and they need help corralling it back onto the ranch. He made sure I was still comfortable, and told me he would be back in just a few minutes. He jumped in the Jeep and sped off.

I was a little surprised that he would just leave me tied up out here. But I supposed it was safe enough. It was a pretty big ranch and I doubted there was really anything that would hurt me. After what I assumed was about 20 minutes I heard a vehicle approaching. Daddy was returning… Or so I thought. It was a white pickup. And two beefy men got out and walked over too me. They were very good looking… probably both in their early 30s. They were both fit, but not thin and I could tell they were solid. Both wore white T’s and old faded jeans with cowboy boots. One had a cowboy hat, and the other had a baseball cap on.

“What do we have here?” The first asked the other. “Looks like somebody snuck onto the property and left us present. They were laughing and rubbing their crotches. I could not say anything because of the rope gag DDT had left in my mouth. I was a little nervous… and definitely embarrassed. Here I was tied and naked… exposed and helpless in front of these rednecks.

“Well T, how can we say no when its gift wrapped for us?” The other man said to the first. He put his hand on my bare ass and wasted no time finding my swollen pucker. “Whoa T, you gotta feel this sloppy cunt. It’s been well used already.” With that, he pullss my cheeks apart and T went to one knee to take a closer look.

“Damn, that is one destroyed ass hole Jace. I bet he wouldn’t even be able to feel your little cock. Would you boy?” he asked Jace, and then addressed the second half to me. I just mumbled into the rope in reply, to maltepe escort which they both laughed.

“Fuck you T, I am not that little.” He opened his fly and pulled out his cock, already stiff. He was a a little above average, not quite 7″ and average girth. While I was very nervous about what was going on, I could not help but leak a big dollop of precum, which T saw since he was still on his knee looking at my spread ass hole.

“Shit Jace, this fucker is leaking. He wants it. He took one look at your little pecker and started getting wet. And did you see this? He has a cage on his little dick.” He exclaimed. Jace dropped to his knees to get a closer look as well. Now they both had their hands on my ass taking turns fingering my sore pussy. “Taste it Jace, a fuckhole like that has gotta be tasty,” T encouraged Jace.

T held my cheeks apart as Jace dove in and tongued me. I threw my head back and shouted into the rope gag. Where was DDT? How could he leave me here like this? I was turned on and scared at the same time. These guys were hot, but I felt like I was doing something wrong. I belonged to DDT. “That’s some good ass right there T,” Jace mumbled with his tongue still buried deep in my hole. So T pushed his face in beside Jace and started lapping at my ass too. They took turns tongue fucking me… at times they both tried getting their tongues in my hole. Fingers, and tongues, my sore hole started opening up more and more to their assault.

T stood up and whipped out his cock. I could see it was bigger than Jace’s but not as big as Daddy’s. He spit in his hand, and rubbed it on his cock head for lube, then pushed into my backside, as Jace scooted between our legs and licked at my taint and hole. I could feel his tongue slobbering on me as T’s cock sunk to the balls in my ass. T let out a long groan of pleasure. He did not wait for me to get used to his cock, he just started to fuck me… and hard. I was moaning into my gag in vain. Jace stood up after T began to pummel me. He was stroking his own cock as he watched T fuck me. Then he pushed T aside “Let me in there before its too sloppy,” he demanded and practically fell into my ass. Neither one of them were gentle. It was a rough fuck, but I could not help but stream precum from my clit. My sensitive pussy was enjoying every second of the poundings.

Then I heard a second vehicle pull up. They had only been there about 15 minutes before DDT returned. But they already had both taken a couple of turns fucking me. When they noticed the Jeep, they both jumped back and yanked up their pants. You could tell they got very nervous. As DDT got out of his Jeep and stormed up, T started to stammer, “Tom, what are you doing here? I thought you were out of town!”

“What the fuck is going on here? I told you I would be here this weekend. This is MY BOY! What were you doing with him?” Daddy demanded. I could here the fury in his voice. “Were you fucking him?”

“W-w-well you see Tom,” Jace started. We thought you were gone… and that some guys had come onto the property to fool around. He was tied up and obviously… He likes to get fucked. You should have heard him purring boss!”

“I have heard him shithead!” Daddy shouted. “He is MY BOY, Dammit!” I thought Daddy was going to hit Jace he was so angry. “So you both fucked him? I was only gone for a few minutes… and you both fucked him?” DDT had not even addressed me yet. I was still tied up with spit and ass juice dripping from my gaping hole. “Get over here.” Daddy commanded his two ranch hands. He pointed to the fallen part of the tree as he pulled off his thick leather belt. “Drop your pants and bend over.

“But boss, we didn’t know he belonged to you. We just found him out here like this.” T whined. It sounded like he was about to start crying. But both he and Jace dropped their pants and bent over the fallen tree. DDT grabbed a couple more of pieces of rope and tied their hands to the tree so they could not get away. They both had thick muscular butts, but T’s was smooth, with milky white skin, while Jace was fuzzy with dark brown skin. I could not even tell his ethnicity… he was just sexy. Somehow, he was even sexier as Daddy took the first swing of his belt and left a red stripe across that brown fuzzy skin.

I stood there, still bound to the stump, as Daddy proceeded to whip each of them over and over with his belt. Their asses were very red, T’s white skin now glowed. I could tell Daddy was getting turned on as his tight 501”s were barely containing his big hardening cock. “So you both fucked my boy?” He asked them again. They both nodded yes through their tears. “Well, if you fucked him, I guess turn about is fair play.” He informed them.

“But… he can’t fuck us?” Jace said. “His dick is locked up in that tiny cage.”

“He’s not going to be the one doing the fucking, dumbass!” DDT said, and Jace’s eyes widened in terror. Daddy popped his fly open and his hard tool flopped out. “Knowing you guys, you were not gentle fucks… so I am gonna give you the same. If you want any lube, you will have to supply it for each other.” With that, they both started spitting on each other’s asses… with very little even getting close to their targets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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