Ken and Sarah Ch. 01

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Sarah and Ken had that young obnoxious love that was obvious to all around them. Always acting flirty and more, they caused many a person to roll their eyes are their various PDA moments. Like many lovers their age, they had started having sex several months ago. While it was merely “conventional” at first, they were now exploring and pushing their new found boundaries, trying to eliminate many of them. Given their recent graduation, they had plenty of time to spend exploring each others bodies waiting for college to start.

And explore they did, often several times a day. They role played, and tied each other up. They spanked, and Sarah even allowed Ken to finger her ass but was adamant about “No sticking your dick up there, I ain’t ready for that yet.” They read and watched videos they found online, sometimes separately, sometimes together. With each one, they were trying to find ways to push the excitement and thrill even higher using different positions and situations like sexual thrill junkies.

Some of Sarah’s favorite videos included people having sex in public. She and Ken had started being more daring in when and where they had sex. She got an extra a thrill from the risk some someone seeing them while they had sex in front of the window with the blinds open, or out in the woods near a walking trail, or by the lake. A couple of times they’d heard people walking by and wondered what it would be like to be found.

Sarah had started watching videos of couples having sex at college parties on her own. The thought of being watched by strangers, rather than just the possibility, turned her on even more. She could be the girl being pounded doggy style while a dozen people looked on. But these were anonymous guest. Would this really happen when she went to college? She kind of hoped so, but wondered what would happen if she looked over and saw someone from a class at the party.

These videos progressed to watching orgies, where everyone is having sex, watching and even joining in. She wasn’t sure she could do that, but it didn’t make it any less exciting. She wasn’t sure about telling Ken about her new found kink, fearing it might put him off. The risk of getting caught was one thing, but to be on display… Sarah didn’t even know who they’d do it in front of. She knew several friends who were having sex, but would they be up to having in their house in front of each other?

Kerry was Sarah’s closest friend. As a wallflower, Kerry wasn’t nearly as experienced as Sarah, barely even making it to second base herself. Anything under the clothes, and she started swatting away her boyfriend’s hands like a jacked up wild octopus.

Sarah had being giving Kerry a blow by blow report of everything she had done, and it was making Kerry a bit envious, if truth be told. Her stories had started to excite Kerry, even though she was too nervous to explore her own sexuality. That was allowed wasn’t it?

Kerry hadn’t even blown her own boyfriend. She was nervous and afraid she’d screw it up some how. “Can I just watch? I want to know what I’m supposed to do, ” she asked. She had finally let her boyfriend grope her over her shorts. With summer here, she wanted to have short frilly skirts, and knew that soon she would be wanting to go further. Her boyfriend had been waiting, but she didn’t know for how much longer.

Sarah never shared her private kinks with Kerry. So it wasn’t like Kerry knew Sarah wanted to be watched. But Sarah did, and she figure Kerry would be safe. She could play teacher, showing off her skills, and it could add for some extra excitement.

Sarah gave in after several days of Kerry pleading with her. Of course the invitation to watch was only, “if I can convince Ken”. Sarah tried to sound reluctant, but like a good friend. In reality, the more she thought of it, the more she knew she’d get off on it. She had even started putting it into her fantasies for when she masturbated.

Sarah figured Ken would be easy enough to convince. Ask him anything during or right after sex, and he’ll agree. Sarah and Kerry set a date for just a couple days later with only needing to get confirmation from Ken. Sarah thought he agreed a little too easily, but that was quickly dismissed out of hand.

On the day of “the viewing”, as they called it, Ken came over to Sarah’s house like every other day that week around 10AM. They started making out, and soon they were both mostly naked.

Sarah never minded being naked. The less she was wearing, the more fun they were having. If she had everything planned right, she was often naked before Ken even came over.

Ken and Sarah were so into it they had forgotten about Kerry. That was until they heard the door knocking, and more and louder knocking. Ken was also naked at this point, his stiff cock in Sarah’s hand. He quickly threw on his shorts and went to the door – his cock forming an arrow in his shorts, pointing to where he was going.

Answering the door, he was slightly flushed from his hands on workout he was getting, but welcomed Kerry in.

Kerry was wearing a tight shirt and short skirt. It looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra, but with her small breast, he wasn’t sure. She smiled nervously at him, looking at his thin frame. Ken was decidedly average looking. Tall, and not unattractive, but not one of those chiseled athletes.

He led her back to Sarah’s room, where Sarah had finished stripping down and was laying on her bed. She didn’t bother cover up for Kerry. They’d seen each other naked while changing before, but being naked was nothing like being watched while giving a blowjob. Granted, this nakedness was more sexual in nature… a thought that gave Sarah chills as Kerry smiled at her.

It wasn’t casual like when they’d change to go swimming. You could see her hardened nipples and the slight bit of sweat that had formed from the previous making out she had been doing with Ken. Her breathing as mostly returned to normal so her breast were not heaving nearly as much now, but you could still tell there was a slightly sharper rise and fall to her bosom. Kerry had noticed that she had trimmed her bush a little more than she normally did. Her legs were parted, and you could see some puffiness between her lips.

Sarah got up and walked over to Ken. Kissing him deeply, she had one hand draped over his shoulders, and the other she reached for his shorts. She didn’t even acknowledge Kerry or the smile she gave. She unbuttoned his shorts and pulled his hardening cock out once again. Stroking it up and down, she made sure he was nice and hard.

Opening his fly so she had full access to him, Sarah then got down on her knees putting her face right in front of Ken’s cock. She looked over at Kerry and winked at her. A sly smile spread upon her lips “Is this what you’ve been wanting to see?” With that she slowly started to suck on the knob of his circumcised cock. Slowly she moved up and down and around. Keeping one hand on his cock, she pumped him in rhythm with her bobbing head.

With her other hand, she rubbed her taught belly. Her hand moved up and down, sometimes getting up to her breasts, pinching a nipple, sometimes moving down and brushing against her own pussy lips. Sarah was drawing this out – wanting to make him last, so Kerry could get a good show.

His shorts slid just a bit down his legs. He didn’t want to move too much while he was enjoying the oral ministrations of Sarah. Ken always let Sarah set the pace. He stood there, making sure to not quicken or push Sarah farther down than she wanted to go. That was one thing her learned that she didn’t like, and it nearly ended their sexual relationship as it was getting started it. He secretly hoped that she would push herself further trying to impress her friend.

He just watched his cock disappear into her juicy lips, while she played with her ample breasts. He liked watching her play with herself, and often convinced her to masturbate for him after sex. She gladly would do so, as it often made him hard again quickly for another round of sex.

Kerry just sat there transfixed. She didn’t normally look at porn. While she had stumbled across some still images, it was nothing like watching it in action. She found herself getting turned on.

She wasn’t sure who to watch more, Ken with his hard cock, or Sarah as she expertly handled it, and her body at the same time. She watched her friend take about half of the 8 inches that protruded from Ken. Seeing her first live cock, she didn’t know if it was large or average. She figured it wasn’t small, and whatever the size, it was having an effect on her. Her nipples had stiffened, and pussy was wet, and her mouth was dry. So dry it was barely a whisper “can I try?”

Did she say that? Did she really want to try sucking on a cock? Maybe they didn’t hear her, maybe they were ignoring her, too caught up in their own actions. Kerry reached her hand out and put it on her friend’s shoulder, “Can, can I try? I’d like to try that.” She licked her lips, hoping to find a voice she didn’t think she had in her. Her brain was off at this point, and other parts were taking over.

Sarah wasn’t sure. Did she hear her wallflower of a friend speak? Did she really ask that question? Sarah and Ken were wanting to expand their boundaries, it had only been between the two of them. They hadn’t even talked about adding a third. Sure Sarah had seen threesome videos online, even masturbating to many of them, but they were of two guys pleasing a girl, or a wimpy guy watching his wife get fucked by a well hung stud, not a girl sharing her boyfriend. Was she really willing to go from exhibitionist blowjob artist to letting her friend blow her boyfriend? Especially right then without talking about it first?

She had pulled her mouth off of Ken’s cock trying to think. But before she could make up her mind, Ken shifted over to be in front of Kerry.

Kerry had been laying on the floor, almost touching Sarah. She had a perfect view of his cock going in and out between Sarah’s moist lips. Kerry had been so excited, she had undone several buttons on her shirt without realizing it, so she could rub her own breasts. Ken leaned down and unbuttoned her shirt the rest of the way.

“You don’t have to be naked, or topless, to give a blowjob, but guys like it better if you are.” Kerry pulled her shirt off, she had this innate desire to please Ken for some reason, even though they weren’t dating.

Her small perky tits were exposed to the cool air, jutting out further than normal as she pulled her hands behind her. She hadn’t worn a bra today. She thought it would feel sexier as she learned how to give a blow job. Now they were exposed, her nipples hardened from watching her friend give a long slow blowjob.

Sarah couldn’t say a word, not that it would have mattered. This was clearly going to happen, and she could only sit back and watch. Ken took his hands, and ran them over Kerry’s chest, feeling her breast. He pinched the nipples, giving them a little pull she caused Kerry to lean closer toward him. His cock was almost touching her face, as she looked up at him.

Ken smiles. He liked the look of desire on Kerry’s face. He thrust his hips forward ever so slightly, so his cock smacked her lips a couple of times. “Start with just a little kiss on the tip,” he instructed.

Kerry did as she was told, giving it a couple of closed mouth kisses, till she opened over her mouth and took most of his bulbous head past her lips.

She remembered Sarah licking his cock up and down, so she withdrew him from her mouth and followed up with a couple of long lollipop licks that covered most of the shaft before she allowed the cock back into her mouth again. She could only take an inch or two at first. She mimic’s Sarah’s technique, but without going quite as far.

This was the first cock she’d ever let in her mouth, and she was bound to enjoy it. As she relaxed, she found she could take a couple more inches, getting just over half of it in her mouth. She moved up and down, slowly, just as her friend had, taking every bit as much as she had.

As Ken offered his cock to Kerry, Sarah started to subconsciously hump against the floor. Was she was enjoying watching HER boyfriend get a blowjob from someone else. What should she do next? Just watch? Should she start to suck on his cock too? May she should start to touch Kerry, stroking her back and legs, pulling her skirt up so her boyfriend could see more of her.

Ken enjoyed this. Kerry was only the third girl to give him a blowjob, but he was going to enjoy every second of it he could. He didn’t know when, or how often he’d get to experience other girls, so he wanted to make the most of what he had.

Kerry was a natural. Her mouth, which had been dry when she asked, was now moist and willing to please.

Ken looked over at Sarah. She was expressionless, but seeing her pelvis moving up and down, he knew she was turned on, which got him only harder.

“He’s so hard” Kerry said as she pulled her mouth off his cock with a ‘pop’. “I didn’t know they could get that hard.” Kerry was totally fascinated with Ken’s cock. She held it in her hand, running it up and down, feeling the bumps and ridges along the way. She stared in wonder, and just as Ken thought it might be slowing down, she opened her mouth wide, and swallowed as much as she could. It went every bit as far as it did the previous time, maybe a bit further. She relaxed as best she could, and started wondering if she could get him to cum.

She scooted herself up a little, making her arch her back more. She managed to push her chest out, and put her arms in close, giving her more cleavage to show for anyone who wanted to see. Sarah took this time to reach back and pull her skirt higher. Sarah was naked, but Kerry was looking sexy. Topless, smiling with a cock between her lips, and a short skirt showing off her ass.

Ken’s cock twitched with excitement. Sarah noticed. She looked him in the eye, then watched his cock disappear deeper into Kerry’s mouth again. Back and forth her head went. Sarah licked her lips, knowing she had to get involved again. Watching was fun, but this was her boyfriend, her friend, and she was playing odd man out at this point – she didn’t want to be the proverbial third wheel. Watching had made her even more horny than she normally was, and that was saying quite a bit.

Sarah looked back up to Ken and winked at him when she saw him looking. “Was she giving me the OK to go farther?” he wondered. “Can I fuck her friend? I know I’d like to experience someone new, and a threesome would be hot, but I don’t want to risk what I’ve got with Sarah. Of course watching the two of them together would be hot too.”

Sarah started to stroke Kerry’s back. Running a finger up, then down. Each time, she went a little further down, till she found her fingers running over her friend’s ass. Her hand didn’t go back up, but under the skirt it went, lifting the hem to it was even higher so it was more a belt than a skirt – her cheeks exposed to the cool air. Her pink thong now showed.

She leaned in closer to Kerry, face. Ken’s cock right there moving in and out of Kerry’s mouth as she bobbed back and forth. Whispering in her ear, “move faster if you want him to cum.” If her friend wanted to learn, she might as well learn. “Stroke the shaft with one hand in sync with your mouth. The cup his balls with the other…”

Sarah started to rub her friend’s ass. Kerry didn’t stop her. She was too involved with the blowjob she was giving. Any thought of her mind being in control was gone. Kerry spread her legs a little further apart, not even realizing she had done it. “Does she want to be play with her?” Sarah wondered. “Only one way to find out…” Sarah let two fingers slip between her friend’s legs.

“I wasn’t expecting that!” Kerry thought. “How did she move my legs apart? Wait she never touched them – I spread my legs for her.” Her friend was playing with her pussy lips, through the thin cloth. Unlike her own boyfriend, she wasn’t pushing Sarah’s hands away. If anything, she wanted more.

Her friend for all these years had gotten further than any boyfriend had. Maybe she should allow his hand to rub outside her panties next time. This does seem quite fun, but maybe it’s the hard cock in my mouth and hand. Sarah started pressing harder. The thin material allowed Kerry to feel the hard press, and it started to spread her pussy lips. While Kerry had been too shy to even masturbate by herself, she started breathing harder, and soon she’d orgasm if her friend kept it up, and she knew it.

Her thong was clearly soaked with her own pussy juice. Her friend was making her even wetter than she already was. She had never been so turned on, and wasn’t really thinking anymore. Her body had a mind of its own, as she pushed back against Sarah’s hand.

Sarah knew she was still horny, but she was surprised at how horny wet she still was. Giving a blowjob always got her wet, because she knew what normally came next. But now she was wet from watching one. Why was seeing her boyfriend being pleased turning her on so much? This was even better than the video they made a few weeks ago.

Ken was watching as Sarah rubbed Kerry. He couldn’t see too much of just how far they were. Was Sarah inside Kerry’s panties, or was she just rubbing outside them? The thoughts drove him wild and combined with the blowjob was getting ready to send him over the edge.

He couldn’t take much more of it. He wanted to hold off, afraid that if he came they’d stop playing with each other, but biology had a stronger hold on him than his self-control. He tried to warn Kerry, through clenched teeth “I’m gonna cu…” and then he did. Kerry was starting to pull back already as part of her stroke so only most of his first shot hit her in the mouth. She closed her mouth taking what was left and a second shot on her face, dribbling down her lips and chin. As she backed up a third and fourth shot hit her chest.

By now Sarah was on Ken. She moved in and locked her mouth around his cock, and sucking and stroking his cock, she coaxed the next few shots of cum out of his dick and into her waiting mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, coaxing every last little bit out, licking the hole at the tip. She looked up to him and smiled, making sure he saw her swallowing all she took in.

Ken leaned back and rested. It had been a powerful and fantastic orgasm. He had never held out that long before, and his own orgasm was intense, leaving him breathless. It was probably going to take longer for him to recover than normal, but it was worth it.

Kerry looked at her friend. She had swallowed the half shot she’d gotten in her mouth, but was afraid to get any more. It’s not that she disliked it, but all of a sudden, she felt nervous and shy again.

It was weird for her. She hadn’t thought of her friends watching her as she sucked his cock, but now she started to realize how exposed she was, and not just from being topless. She had cum splattered on her chest, and face, she was half naked, and her panties were totally soaked. She was happy knowing that she caused a guy to cum from her first blowjob, but also confused as she didn’t know what to do next. Her mind was racing to find answers, yet she couldn’t help but to smell the sex that was all around her.

Sarah looked at her. Taking a finger, she scooped up some of the cum that splattered on her friend’s face. Gathering it up with her finger, she brought it to her mouth and seductively swallowed that bit of cum as well.

“Don’t mind if I do,” she said with a mischievous smile, “unless you’d like to try some.”

The cum on Kerry’s chest was a bit more spread out. Sarah was tempted to lick it up, but wasn’t sure Kerry would want her molesting her chest. At the same time, she almost didn’t care, she’d hate to let it go to waste. Ken watched, hoping that Sarah would go after it.

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