Snuggling with Daddy

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Snuggling with Daddy while Mom Snoozes Nearby

“Ooh, I feel something hard, daddy,” Heather said in a playful shame-shame voice.

She was in her oversized T-shirt nightie, sitting on the loveseat, on top of Caledon, her stepdad.

“Right…,” she wriggled her body into him, “…there.”

Heather’s mother Mary was slumped over the sofa, the light of the TV flickering on her sleeping face. Just in case she woke up, Heather also had a blanket covering both her and her stepdad. They had been watching a horror movie. She told her mom some parts were too scary, and she wanted to curl up next to Caledon for the last scenes, so she could hide her face in his shoulder ahead of the jump scares.

The movie was over. She was still on his lap as the movie’s credits rolled.

“It’s nothing,” he said.

“Like hell, it’s nothing.”

She brought her face close to his. One of her pigtails got in his eyes. He pulled his hand out from the warmth of the blanket to pull the hair back. He reached back into the blanket to keep his arms tight around Heather like they were for the last half hour.

“Why are you so hard, daddy?” she pressed on.

“Ignore it, bumpkin.”

“You’re horny again,” she accused him.

“That’s your imagination.”

“All those half-naked women getting chased by the crazy guy make you horny?”

“Please,” he replied.

“Horny for me?” she squeaked innocently, grinding into him again.

He shifted uncomfortably. “No, it’s, it’s, uh, a natural reaction to…physical stimulation…leading to unexpected…arousal…”

“Just say you’re horny!” she cried out.

“Hush!” he shushed her.

They looked at her mother on the sofa, who snored a little.

They looked back at each other.

Heather leaned into him and said softly, “I’m horny, too.”

Low, ominous music played over the movie credits on the screen.

She kissed his cheek very slowly with a moan. He pecked her back quickly and turned away. She licked his cheek with another low aroused moan. Under the covers, her hands were over his. She took one of his hands and brought it down to her thighs.

“Baby,” he began.

“Hush,” she whispered.

She rubbed that hand on her thighs. She pulled up the hem of her T-shirt. She played with his fingers. Then she made one of his fingers poke her underwear. She put her lips to his ear and went:

“Mm,” with a soft giggle.

“Okay,” he said, exhaling. “Movie’s over. We should, you know…”

“Make out?”

“No, we should…”

“Ooh, make love?”

“No, stop, we should…”


“We should turn in! Say goodnight. Geez.”

He shook his head and started pushing her off. Instead, she leaned into him.

“I’ll go if you tuck me in.”

“You’re too old for that. College age. czech first video porno And…and…” he lost his words when she put his fingers to her underwear again.

This time she put her mouth to his ear, said, “Ooh,” and licked the ear.

“Heather…,” he complained weakly.

She writhed back and forth on his lap, feeling his hardness.

“Oh, man,” he muttered.

She rocked away on him faster. She stopped to reach behind her. With a mischievous grin, she unbuttoned his pants without looking.

“Ooh, no, hold on, hold on,” he protested.

She used two hands and unzipped his pants while he kept the blanket secure up to their necks.

“Baby,” he panted. “Mom’s right there, come on.”

“Then don’t wake her,” she purred.

She lifted herself a little and lowered her underwear. She started grinding her bare ass into him again. She played with his fingers again and brought them between her legs as she opened them. This time his finger touched a wet, hairless pussy.

“Oh, mama,” he said as he felt the wetness.

She still had control of his fingers and she dipped one finger deeper inside.

“Oh, jeez,” he said.

She groaned a labored “Unh!”

The music was getting louder.

Heather pulled her panties down and completely off before snuggling back into her stepdad’s arms.

“Bumpkin, please.”

“I’ll try to be quiet,” she whispered impatiently. But when his finger brushed past her clit, she cried out again, “Ah!”

“For fuck’s sake,” he said hoarsely through clenched teeth.

She giggled at him. She reached behind her again, grabbing for his cock.

“There it is,” she said, releasing the cock from his underwear.

With her hand twisted behind, she was still able to stroke it. He threw his head back on the loveseat and sighed.

“You like that, daddy?” she said quietly.

“No,” he said.


“Ooh, fuck,” he moaned.

“Sit back,” she whispered into his ear before facing forward.

He leaned back, pushing his body down.

“More,” she commanded him.

They slid down further on the love seat. She leaned back. She placed her bare feet on his thighs. She lifted her body up and waited.

He sighed, cursed, and then grabbed his cock and held it firm for her, feeling around for the right opening. And she slid down on it, guiding it inside her.

She gasped. “It’s too big, daddy,” she whined.

“Oh, come on.”

She giggled a little but continued. “Too big, too big, too big, ugh!”

“You’re crazy, bumpkin.”

He held her tiny, soft waist tightly with his big construction worker hands and started drilling his cock into her fast. The blanket fell to her waist.

She stopped making jokes. Instead her mouth czech gangbang porno was agape, her eyes wide, her voice stuck at her throat, as he drove into her again and again rapidly. A low groan from her escalated into another cry.

He wrapped one arm around her and leaned forward, dipping his other hand between her legs and stimulating her.

With clanging, thunderous music playing over the scrolling credits, Heather let herself get louder.

“Oh, God,” she said. “Hmm, oh God!”


“Daddy!” she cried out, grabbing the armrests, bouncing on his cock.


The shrieking music suddenly cut out. He stopped suddenly. Heather collapsed on him and moaned loudly, then she quickly gasped when Caledon covered her mouth.

She looked back at Caledon. He was watching Mary.

They looked at her mom who stirred, but to their sighing relief, was still sleeping.

He started fucking her again, slower this time. She had her hand between her legs, stimulating herself. One of his hands was inside her T-shirt, grabbing her small breasts, while the other hand still covered her mouth.

She whispered through his fingers, “Ooh, daddy, I love your cock,” before letting a finger into her mouth.

“I love yours, too,” he panted as he continued, picking up speed again. “Your pussy, I mean, princess.”

She shook her head, pushing his hand from her face. “Queen,” she said dreamily.

He laughed a little and banged into her harder, making her yelp. “Princess.” He nodded towards his wife sleeping on the couch. “That’s the queen.”

She lowered her legs between his legs. He gritted his teeth and groaned. She pushed the erect cock down with her, making it hurt a little. Then a lot.

“Ah,” he said. “Ow, ow, okay, okay, right now you’re the queen,” he relented.

She giggled and leaned back on him, kissing his cheek, lifting her ass to release his cock.

They took a second to recover, then she disappeared under the blanket, turning around and sliding down between his legs. He could see her feet sticking out from the bottom of the blanket. And he could feel her tongue slide up his drenched cock.

Under the blanket, she stroked his cock and kissed and licked it. He put a hand on the blanket over her head. She put the entire cock in her mouth and sucked and sucked, her head bopping up and down under the blanket.

He bit his lip and stared at his sleeping wife while Heather nursed his grateful cock. He winced his eyes and faced the ceiling when she had a hold of his balls. He gritted his teeth when she played with them, pinching them in her fingers. And he panted over and over when she put those balls in her mouth while she stroked his cock with a strong, determined hand.

He covered his mouth with one hand brazzers porno and grabbed her head with the other as she returned the cock into her mouth.

A powerful orgasm overtook him. He groaned behind his fingers as he ejaculated. He threw his arms over the armrest and let them dangle as his body went limp.

She coughed a little under the blanket.

She noisily continued sucking on his cock. He grinned a weak, knowing smile when she made a loud slurping sound as she sucked cum into her mouth.

She reemerged from the blanket, like a mouse peeking out, with a silly grin on her face as she opened her mouth, showing him all his cum. He waited with a smile. She closed her mouth and her eyes and swallowed and showed it to him again.

“All gone,” she sang, crawling up.

“Good golly gosh gee willikers,” he sighed. He whispered, “I love when you slop it up like—”

He stopped talking when she kissed his lips three times, kissed his nose, and then curled up on his lap again. They sighed in each other’s arms as another movie started.

“It’s late, you two,” her mother said, making them jump.

“Shhhhhh,” Caledon said, trying to curse but unable to finish the word until Heather elbowed him into silence.

Mary was half-asleep, staring at them with half-open eyes.

“Heather needs…to go to sleep. She’s registering for…school…tomorrow…morn…”

Mary couldn’t finish as she trailed back to sleep with a soft moan.

Heather made a face and a clicking sound with her tongue.

Mary heard it and groaned as she turned on the sofa. “That or find a job, young lady?”

Heather pouted. “Blah, blah, kiss my ass, mom,” she mumbled when she was sure Mom was back to sleep.

Her stepdad chided her. “Hey.”

She tried to kiss him one more time.

“Don’t talk to your mom like that.”

She was still trying to land a kiss while talking. “Let’s go on a date tomorrow.”

“You heard her.”

She managed to kiss his forehead. “Take me shopping.” Another kiss. “Or the movies.”

He shook his head. “Go to bed,” he said.

She stood up with an angry stomp. He lifted her shirt and gave her a little spank making her yelp.

“Git!” he said.

She stood there and frowned, crossing her arms, swinging her bare foot as the T-shirt slid over her bare shoulder.

He smiled at her. “I’m off tomorrow. I’m taking you to the college.”

She jumped with joy. “Really?”

When he nodded, she gasped and took his face in her hands and snaked her tongue into his mouth. He had an eye on Mary while she kissed him noisily.

“Okay, now am-scray,” he said.

Heather lifted the blanket and scooped up her underwear from the floor. Caledon reached under the covers to cover himself back up.

Heather was making her way to her bedroom and turned back one more time to blow her staring stepdad a goodnight kiss before disappearing.

“Oh, fuck me,” he muttered to himself as he turned off the television.

He picked up his wife and carried her off to their bedroom, hoping Mary wouldn’t want sex tonight. In the morning he’d have his energy again, he hoped.

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