Sexy Shoes Ch. 07

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Marla, Julie, Lindsay, Joyce, and Jessica sat in their little cliché together on the sofa at the baby shower. Marla was eyeing Julie’s heels and figured by the way Julie was trying to avoid making eye contact, that she had given in to her son’s fantasy.

“These shoes are incredibly sexy aren’t they?” Jessica said dangling her five inch slides from her toes.

The ladies giggled seeing that they were all wearing the same shoes.

“Getting them has become very popular these days,” Marla said sipping from her cocktail.

“I would say so judging from the smiles on everyone’s faces,” Jessica said. “A whole lot of hip action.” She rolled her hips while she sat cross legged in a chair.

“That’s a beautiful ring,” Julie said noticing the diamond on Joyce’s finger.

“A whole lot of hip action,” Joyce said laughing.

All the ladies laughed and giggled.

“There is no shame in getting something nice and getting satisfied at the same time,” Marla said.

“Over eighteen years of getting no appreciation or satisfaction,” Joyce said. “Strange where you can find real love, satisfaction, and security from.”

“Definitely,” Lindsay said. “I never thought I’d have the guts to do something like that, but now I’m satisfied more than I thought I’d ever be.”

“I was scared out of my wits” Jessica said. “but the temptation was too great, and I’m glad that I finally gave in to it.”

“I know what you mean,” Julie said.

“I saw the signs before, but I kept ignoring them,” Marla said. “Thinking it was just another phase of life.”

“Me too,” Jessica said. “I pretended not to notice and offered more opportunities than I should have. The truth is that I was flattered and no one else was paying me any attention. It made me feel good about myself. I even lost fifteen pounds because of it.”

All the ladies laughed.

“I just couldn’t resist hmm…ah…it,” Julie said trying not to speak too direct.

“I think we are all talking about the same thing here,” Joyce said. “I don’t believe that any of us bought these shoes ourselves.

“They finally got something right,” Jessica laughed.

“Yes,” Marla said.

“I believe it was meant to be this way,” Joyce said. “We are peeking right about the time they are able to make up there own mind about what they really want.”

“It’s weird, but think about it. We want it just as bad as they do,” Lindsay said. She lowered her voice, so no one else outside their little huddle could hear. “I know we’re talking about our son’s here.”

All the ladies leaned in and nodded their heads.

“There is no mofos porno one I could ever love more than my son,” Lindsay continued. “It was my job to protect him while he was growing up. He’s the only one who’s life I’d put before myself. And now that he’s all grown up, the way we express our love for them has changed. Some of us become depressed because they hold it all inside. I mean, really…look over there.”

The ladies looked over at the other women at the party and nodded their heads in agreement. They also noticed that some of the women were becoming curious about their conversation.

“Ladies, I’m only a few miles from here, would y’all care to continue this conversation at my place?” Jessica asked.

The ladies looked at each other and nodded in agreement. They gave their good wishes to the guest of honor as they filed out of the party. They followed Jessica to her upscale suburban home. Marla was clearly impressed. She socialized with Jessica, but had never been close enough to be invited to her home.

“Welcome to my humble home ladies,” Jessica said leading the small group through her foyer.

“Humble, huh?” Marla said putting her hand on the cock of the life size statue of David.

They gathered in the den, which was always setup for entertaining guests. Jessica mixed cocktails while the ladies got comfortable. It didn’t take long for Lindsay to start up again. She had a lot on her mind that she wanted to express.

“I think we were given a warning when they said that it’s normal for boys to have fantasies about their mothers,” Lindsay said.

“They should have been straight instead of making it seem like some kinky little secret thing that we have to suppress,” Julie added. She was feeling more comfortable once she realized that they all were talking about and experiencing the same thing. “That’s the real cause of depression, in my opinion.”

“No doubt, you are correct,” Jessica said pouring the drinks.

“We’re supposed to just give up the only real love in our lives,” Joyce said. “He’s my son, for goodness sakes. How am I supposed to reject him?”

“You’re not,” Marla said. “But they aren’t boys, they are men. Because they are your sons, they won’t treat you like the sorry ones you married. They will love you for just who you are.”

The ladies all agreed to that.

“And the sex is better too,” Marla added hiding behind her drink and looking around at the ladies.

To her relief, the other women laughed and nodded their heads. All of them seemed to exhale at once.

“The weirdest thing for me is that he shows me naughty america porno more love than anyone has ever in my life, but he’s not the least bit possessive,” Marla continued.

“Tell me about it,” Lindsay said touching Joyce’s arm.

“He told me that since I like sex so much that I should charge for it,” Marla said laughing.

“Why not,” Jessica said. “There are millions of women who are not able to embrace what nature is trying to show them. There are more than that many young men out there who desire their mothers, but can’t have them. These young men are willing to pay to have someone to pretend to be their mother for a little while.”

“My son told me that a few of his friends wanted to pay me to role-play with them as their mother,” Joyce said. “I knew these young men, so I didn’t want to do it. It’s one thing to do it with my son. What happened was that I was talking with one of them and he told me that he was in love with his mother, but he couldn’t express that to her. He wanted me to be his mother for a little while. My son almost begged me to do. Next thing I know, I’m making sandwiches in only my heels and apron.” Joyce laughed.

“My son suggested I join an escort service that catered to that fantasy,” Jessica said. “They sent over a woman to talk to me about and the next thing I knew I was buying my son a sports car.”

“Weren’t you afraid of someone finding out?” Julie asked.

“No, they wanted pictures of just my body, not my face,” Jessica said. “The young men try to find women who have bodies like their moms.”

“Yeah, I figured that one out, but I was talking about older men that might know someone you know,” Julie said.

“Oddly enough, older men tend to go after younger women,” Jessica laughed.

“Imagine that,” Lindsay said rolling her eyes.

“How much do they pay?” Marla asked.

“We charge the young men two hundred an hour,” Jessica said. “It’s not to much where they can’t afford it, but it’s enough to keep away the sickos. We also restrict some zip codes.”

The ladies laughed.

“However, there are some referrals that I take,” Jessica said. “I’ve taken one of the lady’s sons that work for the agency. He is really something. Hung like a horse and knows how to use it. That’s the other benefit about doing this. When these young men look at you, you can feel their desire. They are not cold and heartless, but you’d have to protect yourself.”

“Condoms?” Julie asked.

“Yes, but I was talking about not falling for them,” Jessica said. “They are pretending that you are their mother, public agent porno so they’ll express there love to you. The best way to protect yourself is not to let them kiss you on the lips. If you simply ask them not to kiss your lips they won’t, because they’re essentially good boys.”

“It sounds so easy,” Marla said.

“The first thing I did with the money was get a divorce from my husband,” Jessica said. “With the most of love and support I get from my son constantly, what did I need with a jerk in my life?”

“When do you find time to do all of this?” Julie asked.

“Let me ask you this,” Jessica said. “Since you have been with your son, when was the last time that you had to ask someone to take out the garbage, let the toilet seat down, do the laundry, take something out for diner?”

The ladies laughed knowing that the little annoyances had gone away.

“I use to do about nine to four before my divorce,” Jessica said. “but now I make my schedule around the guys that I see on a regular basis.”

“I’m doing the days, because its like a well satisfying job to me,” Joyce said.

“My son was seeing Joyce before we got together,” Lindsay said. “I start taking calls tomorrow.”

“How can I start?” Marla asked.

“Are you interested too, Julie?” Jessica asked.

Julie nodded her head to affirm.

“Well, the good thing is there are young men on waiting lists to have their own fantasy mom,” Jessica said. “You’d need a number to be called by the agency. You’ll have to make arrangements with the young men as to when and where you’ll meet. All I have to do is to get a few nude pictures of your bodies to send to our web master and you’re set. I can do that now.” She got up and left the room.

Julie knew that Marla would fit right into the escort business. She had her concerns, but being able to divorce her husband was the best selling point for her. She figured that Marla would be out for the sex just as much as the money.

Jessica came back with a small digital camera and a laptop. She turned on the laptop and got on the internet web site for the escort service. Right from the front page, it was clear that they catered to the mother and son fantasy. All of the women’s faces were blurred, but their bodies were shown with style and class. The only thing that was really recognizable where the five inch high-heel slides that some of the women wore.

The ladies called their sons to let them know that they were out socializing and didn’t know when they’d be home. Their son’s wished them a good time and didn’t probe any further. They all loved the level of trust they had with their sons.

It seemed to get dark quickly and Jessica suggested her hot tub and more drinks. The ladies jumped on the idea. They stripped and got into the hot tub naked. They were loud and drunk in no time. Jessica took pictures of some of their antics.

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