Self(ie) Motivation

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“See? I told you.” Bella shifted sideways and made room for Vince as they peered through the gap in the curtains. Her twin brother hadn’t believed her at first, but now there was no denying the evidence as they watched the scene unfold.

There had been whispers about Glenda Willis ever since she and her husband Mark first moved into next door seven months ago, but mostly it had been put down to wishful thinking by the men, and sour grapes from the women. Sure, she liked to flirt and waggle her ass when guys were watching, and she wasn’t afraid to show as much tit as was legally decent, but on the rare occasions anyone dared ask about her rumoured dalliances, she merely flashed them a saucy grin, refusing to confirm or deny. There were also those who suggested that if Mark spent as much time with his mouth on his wife’s big nipples as on the neck of a bottle, there would be nothing to gossip about.

Then a few nights ago Bella has been making out in the dark of an adult movie theatre, or more accurately she had been looking alternately at the action on the screen, and the action around her whilst her date fondled her boobs and tried to insinuate his other hand into her jeans. Suddenly she pushed him away and sat bolt upright in her seat. Further along the row, her profile intermittently lit by the flickering screen, Glenda Willis was slouched in her seat with a man’s face buried between her not quite naked breasts, and his hand under her skirt. It was impossible to see who she was with, but from the slight build Bella knew it sure as hell wasn’t her bull of a husband. After a couple of minutes the guy raised his head and whispered to Glenda, and the pair rose and headed away along the row in the direction of the exit.

Consumed by curiosity, Bella thought fast. “Oh damn,” she whispered urgently to her date, the lie coming easily. “My monthly just started. Give me a couple of minutes.” Grabbing her purse she headed towards the rest rooms, and slipped out through the side exit, just in time to see her quarry climb into a cab. Running to her car, she slid behind the wheel as the cab purred past, and she eased into the traffic a couple of cars behind. She had no idea where they were going, but she just had to find out who Glenda was with, so she followed. To her surprise she realised they were heading towards their home, so she eased off the throttle and took a short cut through the back streets, knowing that taxis always took the longer route to ‘pad’ the meter. She was pulling into the double driveway behind her brother’s car when the cab turned the corner, and she dashed into the house and straight to Vince’s room.

“Quick Vince,” she panted, “Glenda just brought a guy home. Let’s see if we can see who it is.”

Hastily tucking the glossy magazine he had been looking at under his pillow, he followed his sister outside in time to see a single light come on in the main bedroom of the house next door. Hidden from the road by a flowering cherry plum tree, the pair peered through a narrow gap in the curtains to see their neighbour’s visitor sitting naked on the bed, with his back to the window as he watched her remove her bra before stepping out of her panties, her mouth slack with lust as he pushed a finger into her vagina.

“Holy shit, look at the size of those tits.” Vince whispered. “Those nipples are fucking enormous.”

Bella felt a nagging suspicion as she watched, a suspicion that was confirmed moments later when the couple exchanged places. The watching twins gasped in shock to see the grinning face of Rick, Glenda’s twenty five year old son. Apparently he had escaped his wife for a while, and now he was eagerly mauling his mother’s tits as he jammed his cock into her pussy.

“Fuck, that is so hot!” Vince panted, tearing feverishly at his sister’s jeans, pushing them down to her knees along with her panties. Eyes riveted on the erotic action inside the room, Bella braced her hands against the window frame, grunting as her brother’s cock drove into her wet pussy. This was even better than the first time they had fucked, just over a year ago on their eighteenth birthday, and she pushed back as her orgasm crashed through her, sending her cum pouring down the insides of her thighs. All too soon it was over, and Vince was pumping his cum into her cunt as Rick collapsed on top of his mother.

At home ten minutes later they sat grinning at each other. “Christ, that was awesome,” Vince whispered. “Everyone figured someone was fucking her, but nobody could have imagined it was her own son.”

Bella nodded. “Yeah, it was a bit of a shock.” She looked at him for a moment, then, “Would you do it with Mom?”

He shrugged. “Sure, but it’s never gonna happen so it’s not worth thinking about. How about you with Dad?”

“Yeah why not? I used to think about it a lot before you and me started fucking. Remember a few years ago when they went to that club every month until about three years ago?”

Vince had a vague recollection of a period of around six months, when his twitter porno parents had a night out every few weeks, but at the time he hadn’t taken much notice. He nodded uncertainly, wondering where this was leading.

Assuming that he knew all about it, Bella continued. “Well when they came home I used to stand outside their door listening to them talking. Dad would tell her which women he had fucked that night, and she told him which men had fucked her.”

Her brother gaped at her stunned. This was the first he had heard about it. Their oldies had always seemed so proper and respectable, so it was hard to get his head around the idea of them acting like that. “You’re kidding aren’t you? How come you never said anything?”

“I figured you already knew. Anyway afterwards I would lie in bed playing with myself, and imagining mine was one of the cunts he stuck his cock into.”

Vince sat shaking his head in disbelief. “I’ll be fucked.”

His twin giggled at his unintended pun. “Maybe you will at that. Mom may not be as unattainable as you think. Come to that, Dad might not be either. If we work it right. We’ll just have to change their attitude towards incest.”

The thought of his mother spreading her legs for all and sundry was giving him a hard on, and grabbing Bella’s hand he dragged her to her room. This time as he thrust into her, in his mind’s eye it was his Mom he was fucking, his Mom’s tits in his mouth as she heaved up to meet him. When they finished they put their heads together, and by bedtime they had worked out a rough plan on how to help each other achieve their aim, agreeing that patience was the key.

The next day, Saturday, they both had a chance to lay the groundwork. Vince and his father were cleaning the pool ready for the summer, and the women were busy spring cleaning the house. Trying to keep his voice neutral, he asked “What do you think of incest Dad?” As soon as the words were out he knew he had the answer. From the way Kevin stiffened and avoided his eyes it seemed clear that he had thought about it before now.

“What made you ask that?” he muttered.

“Oh I dunno really. I heard on the grapevine that Rick next door was giving it to Glenda. I mean everyone reckons she’s getting it somewhere, so that could be the answer.”

His father relaxed visibly, so Vince knew he had at least partially taken the bait, and his reply seemed to confirm it. “Anything is possible I suppose. I can’t say I’d blame him if he was. The way she puts everything on display would give the Pope a hard on. Anyway, they are consenting adults, so what they do behind closed doors is their business.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” It seemed significant that he hadn’t actually said he was against incest, but it was better not to push it. Vince knew Bella was almost certainly having a similar conversation with their mother, so having sewn the seeds the only thing to do was wait. And hope. He let the matter drop, and started packing away the pool equipment, before heading in for lunch. As they took their places at the table, Bella flashed him a grin and a conspiratorial wink, which he returned with a discreet ‘thumbs up.’

Nobody said much during the meal, and although he told himself it was only his imagination, Vince had the feeling that his mother Jenny was studying him thoughtfully when he wasn’t looking. What was more, he had definitely never before noticed Kevin looking at his daughter the way he seemed to be now. Wishing he could read his parents’ minds, but relieved that they couldn’t read his, he looked from his mother to his sister. The memory of how Jenny’s image had superimposed itself on Bella when they had fucked yesterday made his cock stiffen, and he pushed away from the table.

“Come on Sis, I need a hand getting the pool chairs out and dusted.”

Her thoughts appeared to mirror his own, and without the customary protestations she followed him outside. Out of sight of their parents, she turned to face him, the glint in her eyes matching the gleam in his. Her arms entwined around his neck, and she leaned back against the fence behind the shed, pulling him to her as he pushed his cock up through the leg of her micro shorts. “Oh god,” she gasped as she pushed back at him. “What did you say to Dad? Did you see the way he was looking at me? He looked ready to swallow my tits, bra and all.”

Her brother laughed without breaking his rhythm. “Yeah I noticed, but that was all down to him. All I did was ask him what he thought of incest, because I’d heard that Rick was sticking it to his ma.” He gave a final thrust as he pumped his cum into Bella’s cunt. “I wish Mom had looked at me the way Dad was looking at you though.”

She adjusted the crotch of her shorts over her cum filled hole. “Give her time. She’s not as outgoing as Dad. It will take her a while for the idea to sink in.”

They distributed a few plastic chairs around the pool and returned to the house just in time to catch the tail end of a conversation. “… not suggesting xhamster porno you do anything Jen. All I’m saying is I heard that Rick is screwing his mother. I don’t even know if it’s true, but if it is it sounds kinda hot in a weird way.”

“I can see how a man might think it’s hot Kevin, because let’s face it most guys have different moral standards, but I’m not sure I could do the incest thing myself.”

“Yeah, fair enough hun. It’s your call, but remember you felt much the same about swinging before you tried it, so you c…” He broke off when the twins entered the room, so anything else he may have been about to say went unsaid.

Vince hid his elation at what he had managed to hear. Unknowingly, his father had been pleading his son’s case, so that might help in the future. More importantly, his mother hadn’t actually rejected the idea. She had only said she wasn’t sure.

In the course of the next couple of weeks he worked on her patiently, complimenting her on her general appearance, and initiating the occasional not too improper ‘accidental’ contact. She had flinched away at first, but by the end of the first week she accepted it provided it wasn’t too blatant or intimate. Almost imperceptibly her acceptance morphed into expectation, still within limits, and he eased off a little to allow her time to start missing the odd touch here and there.

The first overt move didn’t come until the weekend. Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny, and Kevin’s suggestion that they have an afternoon poolside barbecue was met with enthusiasm. His added suggestion that they invite Glenda and Mark was less enthusiastically greeted by Jenny, mainly because if it warmed up enough for swimming, she didn’t want her own modest figure compared unfavourably with that of their slightly younger huge busted neighbour.

It was as she was knocking on Glenda’s door to ask her and Mark over that Jenny realised her real problem. The difference in their figures was just an excuse. What really concerned her was losing Kevin. If what she had heard was true, a woman so desperate for sex that she did it with her own son would hardly draw the line at stealing another woman’s husband, especially when her own husband was usually too drunk to perform.

It wasn’t the thought that Kevin might fuck Glenda that bothered her, it was who she was and where she lived. In the half year they were swinging before the novelty wore off, they had both fucked more people than they could count, but that didn’t matter because most of them they never saw again, and the rest they saw once a month at most. This was different. They saw each other most days, even if it was only over the fence between the houses. If Glenda discovered what a great fuck Kevin was she might want more and more, and he was not the sort of man who could turn it down if it was served on a platter.

Glenda accepted the invitation readily, but it took the lure of free booze to persuade her husband, and when the pair turned up Jenny fought to hide her resentment. Mark had changed into casual slacks and a polo shirt, but his wife was an eye popper, in a bikini top that looked at least two sizes too small to contain her voluptuous breasts, and bottoms that barely covered her mound. The effect wasn’t missed by anyone, least of all by Vince who stared openly. To Jenny’s surprise and relief, after a brief appraisal Kevin looked across at his spouse, rolling his eyes to the heavens.

Mark took a seat beside the spa end of the split pool, and nodded his thanks when Vince handed him a beer before dropping into a chair beside him. Minutes later Bella emerged from inside the house, wearing a somewhat less revealing bikini, and suddenly feeling overdressed for the occasion, Jenny went inside and donned a modest one piece swimsuit. Abandoning his futile attempts to strike up a friendly conversation, Vince took a pull of his beer and studied the three women. Bella and Glenda were undoubtedly eye candy, but there was something appealing about his Mom’s demure outfit that kept drawing his eyes. He quickly sought the the pool when he felt a stirring in his groin, and after the cool water calmed him a little he climbed out, looking guiltily at his mother, who smiled in amusement.

Unable to meet her eyes he shifted his gaze to his father, hoping he hadn’t noticed, and breathed a sigh of relief to see his Dad hunched over in his chair to conceal a growing erection as he stared at Bella. Jenny saw where her husband was looking, but she couldn’t feel too resentful because if he was admiring his daughter, at least he wasn’t ogling the big titted slut from next door. Besides, she herself was having trouble keeping her eyes off her son’s cock, outlined under his wet shorts, not that there was any harm in looking. This was something else she could blame on Glenda. If they hadn’t found out that Rick was screwing her — it was strange how idle gossip had become fact in her mind — it would never have occurred to Jenny to look at her own son in that way, xnnx porno and she was pretty sure that Kevin wouldn’t be drooling over their daughter’s pussy. At least she didn’t think he would be.

Vince was feeling rather smug as he stretched out on a garden lounge. Through half closed eyes he could see his Mom struggling to keep her eyes from wandering to his dick, and over the rim of her glass Glenda was enjoying the same view. He watched as Jenny took a long drink. ‘That’s the way Mom,’ he thought. ‘Get a couple of drinks down you and I’ll step things up a notch.’

Kevin stood up suddenly and moved towards the pool. “Oh well, I’ll just have a quick dip, and then I’ll start the barbecue.”

“Good idea,” Jenny retorted ambiguously, suspecting that he was more concerned with subduing his stiff cock than with cooking. “Come on Vince, I could use a hand fetching the steaks and stuff from the kitchen.”

He allowed her a couple of minutes before following her inside. Covering a platter of steaks with a tea towel to keep off the flies, she picked it up with both hands and held it out. “Here, take this to your father.” Ignoring the platter he reached past it and brushed his palms across her breasts. She looked down at his hands in shock. Every other contact in the past two weeks could have been passed off as accidental, but this was blatant and she felt she had to say something. “Vincent! I’m your mother!” She tried to sound stern, but she was unable to keep the tremor out of her voice, and

with a faint smile, he took the platter from her nerveless fingers and took it out to the barbecue area.

Jenny struggled to regain her composure, then followed with the salads and cutlery, knowing she had to avoid being alone with him. Not because she didn’t want him to touch her again, but because she did and it was wrong in so many ways.

After they had eaten Bella put her own plan into action, wandering around taking candid snaps with her smart phone as everyone took to the pool. When she decided she had enough to suit her purpose, she casually placed the phone on the chair beside her father’s and jumped into the water beside her brother. Glenda chose that moment to climb out of the pool, and stand grinning down at the expression on Vince’s face as he gaped for an instant at the wet fabric clinging to her mound in a perfect camel toe, before she turned away in search of another drink.

Seconds later Bella nudged him as their father heaved himself from the water and collected a fresh drink and returned to his chair. “Keep an eye on Dad.” she whispered. It took a few minutes for Kevin to notice the phone, then he picked it up and began scrolling through the snaps. He flicked through almost disinterestedly until suddenly his eyes widened, and he looked sharply towards the pool. “That’s the one!” Bella giggled. “I took a selfie when I was getting changed.”

Realising he had been caught, their father hastily put the phone back on the seat and made a show of looking round for his beer. The image of his daughter standing before her bedroom mirror, with the camera held below her firm breasts, naked as the day she was born, with her pussy as bald as the day she was born burned into his brain. He hunched over again to hide his erection, not daring to move for several minutes, until it subsided enough for him to risk standing and drop back into the relief of the cold water.

As dusk fell and the temperature dropped, one by one everyone transferred to the warmer water of the heated spa. Figuring it was time to up the ante, Vince slid in between his Mom and his sister, and under cover of the steam of the spa he slipped his hand down to cup Jenny’s sex. She froze for an instant, then pushed him away. “No Vince,” she protested in a quavery whisper. “Your father …” He withdrew his hand immediately and she sighed, relieved that he had given up, but disappointed that he had given up so easily.

About ten minutes later Bella nudged him. “I need to pee.” As she climbed from the spa, the pressure he had been trying to ignore in his own bladder became too much. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on until his sister finished in the toilet, so he sneaked into the shadows between the shed and the fence.

“I wish women could do that.” The slightly slurred voice startled him as he was shaking the last drops, and he turned to see Glenda close behind him, swaying slightly on her feet and peering at his cock.

“Do what?”

“Pee standing up.”

He stared openly at her large boobs. “There are plenty of things women can do standing up.”

“Oh? Like what?”

“Where’s Mark?”

She shrugged. “He went home ages ago. Now like what?”

“Like this.” He pushed a hand inside her bikini top and tweaked her nipple.

“Hmmm, OK. Anything else?” She leaned closer, pressing him against the fence, and lifted one leg slightly as he tugged her briefs aside and thrust into her. “Oh god yes!”

She clung to him as fucked her urgently, seeking release from the tension that had been building up all afternoon. “Fuck, I needed that!” she gasped as his cock exploded inside her. “Thanks babe.” She kissed him lightly. “I’d better get home now. Say thanks to your folks.” He watched her totter away on even shakier legs, then returned to the spa.

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