Seducing My Daddy

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“Do you want to watch a movie Daddy?”

Scanning our DVD collection, I pick out a romantic comedy and show my father, who’s almost finished washing the after-dinner dishes. Mom’s working late so won’t be home until the early hours of the morning.

“Sure baby, put it on and I’ll be there soon. You should go change into some warm pajamas and get a blanket or two for us to keep warm under as well – it’s going to be a cold night.”

After the sofa is set up with pillows and blankets, and the movie is all ready to watch, Daddy comes and sits next to me under the covers with his arm around me. Just like he suggested, I’ve changed into a pair of warm grey track-pants and a baby blue singlet – not exactly the warmest top I could have changed into, but I’m too stubborn to wear an ugly long-sleeved shirt.

“Ready?” I look up at him and smile – even sitting, he’s easily a head taller than me.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” I know Daddy doesn’t enjoy romantic comedies as much as actions or thrillers, but I also know he’ll do anything to make me happy, so I give him an appreciative kiss on the cheek and press Play.

Halfway into the movie, Daddy’s head is resting on top of mine and I can hear him softly snoring. It’s not unusual for him to fall asleep relatively early – he works hard being a personal trainer at the local gym and is often ready to go to bed by the time he returns home. He’s a young parent – as is my mother – I was born when they were both 18, and they hardly look old enough to be my parents even though I’ve recently had my own 18th birthday.

Daddy interrupts my thoughts by shifting his body so that one arm is still around me, but the other – which was previously resting on his own thigh – is resting on mine. Instantly, my legs are covered in goosebumps, as if a sudden warmth has run through me. I’ve never had overly sexual thoughts about my father before, but his strong hand resting on my small upper thigh is creating an unfamiliar feeling between my legs.

To be blunt, I’m a virgin. I’ve only ever had one boyfriend and we didn’t have sex; I only gave him head one night when we were home alone. That’s not to say I’m not attractive – I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve been approached by talent scouts for modelling agencies more than once – I’ve just had no desire to waste my time on the immature boys at college. They like to stare at my D-cup breasts submissive cuckolds porno and my long legs but that’s all they care about.

Daddy shifts again and this time his arm that was around my shoulders is now around my waist between me and the couch, and his head is nuzzled in the curve of my neck. I can feel his steady breath which reaches the top of my breasts. His hand has also inched further up my thighs and now the tips of his fingers just barely touch between my legs. I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I’m confused at how I could be getting so turned on when it’s my father. It’s so wrong, but I’m too horny to care. Carefully – without moving my body too much as I don’t want to wake Daddy – I begin to remove my track-pants and underwear with the hand on the other side of my body from him. Once they’re down past where his hand was resting, it gently falls onto my pussy. The smallest moan escapes my lips.

Suddenly, Daddy begins to stir.

Oh god, how will I explain this if he wakes up?

“Baby?” He murmurs.

Oh no…

“Mmm you feel so good, come to bed baby…”

Wait a minute, he’s sleep-talking. Oh thank goodness.

Then, his fingers begin to rub my clit ever so gently. I softly moan yet again as he unknowingly pleasures me in his sleep.

He murmurs what sounds like my mother’s name as first one, then two fingers dip into my pussy. I reach down and place my hand on his as he fingers me.

Daddy jumps at the touch and awakes without warning, lifting his head and looking at me with sleepy eyes. It takes about two seconds for him to realize that two of his fingers are in my pussy, and when he does, he jumps back until he’s on the far end of the couch.

“Oh, oh no, what was I doing?? Krissie? You’re my daughter, that’s so wrong. That’s so wrong.”

Part of me wants to think that he’s trying to convince himself more than me, but the other part is terrified that I’ve ruined our family forever.

Unfortunately, I’m still too horny to care about anything except getting off.

“No no Daddy it’s okay. I liked it. I want more.”

I completely remove my pants and underwear that were around my knees and begin removing my singlet too when he lunges forward and grabs both my wrists in one hand.

“Stop, it’s wrong, I don’t want this.” He growls.

“Then sex parties porno why are you hard, Daddy?”

I escape his firm hold and stroke the growing bulge in his jeans. He lets out a long sigh and I take the opportunity to quickly undo the button and unzip the fly. He doesn’t try stop me as I reach into his briefs and pull out his cock. I’m taken aback by it’s size; much bigger than my ex boyfriend’s. I lean down to take it in my mouth when Daddy pulls me back up by my hair.

“Krissie, please…” He’s trying to be firm but I can see the desire in his eyes.

Without a word, I softly push him so his back is against the couch, and get up to kneel on the floor in front of him as I take his huge cock in my mouth. He quietly moans and runs his fingers through my hair. I know he has finally given in as I kiss and lick the tip, swirling my tongue around it, then running it up and down the bottom of his shift. He lets out a low guttural growl as he grabs a fist full of my hair and shoves his entire cock into my mouth. He face-fucks me until I can’t take it anymore and need to stop and breathe. During this time, he leans forward and peels off my singlet and un-hooks my bra all in a matter of seconds, letting my large tits hang freely in front of him. I knead them in my hands, pressing them together, playing with my nipples – teasing him – until he pushes me backwards so I’m lying on the floor on my back. I reach down and slowly stroke my clit as he slides off his jeans and briefs and removes his shirt, revealing his god-like body in all it’s naked glory.

“Mmm Daddy… I want you so bad.” I moan as I spread my legs wide for him.

“Soon baby, Daddy needs to take care of his little princess and pleasure her for as long as possible…”

He leans down and buries his head between my legs, licking and sucking my clit like there’s no tomorrow. My body is quivering as I climb higher to my first ever climax. Daddy grabs my thighs and spreads them further apart as he plunges his tongue into my pussy and begins tongue-fucking me before returning to my clit. My body convulses once more and I scream “Oh fuck! Daddy!” as my orgasm hits me. I grab a handful of Daddy’s hair to keep his mouth on me as I grind my pussy against his face. My orgasm lasts so long and I know he can’t breathe – especially with my thighs pressed against spankbang porno his head – so I eventually let go of his hair and he gasps for breath.

“Oh, Daddy…” I moan with closed eyes.

I open them slightly to see him lean down again and gently kiss my inner thighs, then kiss my soaking wet pussy once more.

“You’re such a good girl baby, Daddy’s little girl…” One more gentle kiss on my pussy… “We can’t tell Mommy okay, Daddy’s not ready to share his little princess yet.”

Yet. I barely have time to consider that promise before I feel the tip of Daddy’s cock against the entrance of my pussy.

“Daddy? Please be gentle, I’m a virgin.”

The confession seems to shock him a little as he considers taking his own daughters virginity. It takes him a few seconds to respond.

“I will be baby, don’t worry. You’re safe with Daddy.”

Without another moment’s hesitation, he slowly enters my virgin pussy. He holds his dick in me about halfway for a few seconds, then pulls out almost completely before ramming back in and fucking me with reckless abandon.

It hurts when he breaks through my hymen – I attempt to ask him to stop or slow down but I can’t possibly get any sound out besides my loud moans. Daddy’s dick feels so good inside me; I never want him to stop.

Just then, he pulls out. I look at him and pout like I usually do when I don’t get my way. He smiles, “Get on your stomach baby.”

I roll over onto my stomach and bring my knees in so my back is arched – I’ve watched enough porn to know that all men love this position.

Daddy grabs my hips and thrusts into me once again, hitting my G Spot perfectly and launching me into another orgasm. I’m not down from my climax yet but he reaches around and flicks his finger over my clit with perfect pressure and furious speed. I’m screaming with pleasure by now. Daddy’s grunts match the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. He collapses onto me causing my body to lie flat on the floor, still thrusting into me as he roughly grabs one of my breasts with one hand and wraps the other hand around my throat as he empties himself into me. I only just stop my orgasm when he pulls out – cum still on his huge cock which is slowly becoming softer.

He lies next to me on his back as I turn back over and crawl down to his dick and lap up the small amount of cum on it as well as on his balls. Daddy groans and pulls me back up by my hair to lie on his chest. He kisses the top of my head and rests his hands on my ass,

“I’m going to own that ass tomorrow night, my darling.”

I smile and kiss my Daddy’s chest as we both drift off into perfect slumber, anticipating the potential events of tomorrow night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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