Instant Possession

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Singing Karaoke was the one thing she could throw herself into to keep the ache of her needs at bay. Well actually singing and drinking did that in tandem. So there she sat nursing her second Long Island Ice Tea waiting for her name to be called. She was excited to sing as the song she had chosen was a fast paced crowd pleaser and she often left the stage to roars of clapping and hugs as she made her way back to her seat. Then there it was, her name was called through the sound system. The encouraging applause pulled her from her chair to the microphone as if by an invisible force.

As she had hoped, the song she sang was warmly greeted with praise and she left the state feeling a little lighter with each step as she returned to the bar. Upon arrival, she noticed a full Long Island Ice Tea resting beside her almost empty glass. She looked around and saw that both seats on either side of her were empty so she had no clue where the drink had come from. She sat and glanced at the bartender who told her that a ‘hottie’ had taken care of it for her. Again, she began to scan the room searching every unfamiliar face for the slightest clue on who to thank for their generosity. She had no luck. She warily sat down, grabbed the lighter glass with one hand and guided the straw to her wet lips with the other. She quickly sucked every last drop of the cool tart liquor down her throat, then removed the straw and placed it in the full glass and began to repeat the process, only to be startled by a voice.

“If you devour cum from a cock the way you are inhaling that drink, I’d love to be on the receiving end of it.”

What had he just said to her? Did she hear him right? Who would have the balls to say something that sexually overt to a perfect stranger? These questions collided in her bead as her body betrayed her as hot slick wetness gathered at the valley of her legs under her dress and her nipples screamed to be released from their confining fabric cage. She had to admit, that was one of the most unique and yet somehow extremely effective pick-up lines she had ever encountered.

“Excuse me?” She said as she looked up to the source of the erotic question and hoped the warmth of embarrassment from her body’s reaction was successfully hidden. Her eyes found a distinguished man with salt and pepper hair and piercing blue eyes. Her breath caught and she looked away in hopes of recovering from yet another flash of heat between her legs. She wasn’t certain if it was the alcohol or just pure lust that had her in her present state. Drinking made her horny and made her lose those last inhibitions that kept her from just doing instead of always trying to do the right thing.

“I think you czech couples porno heard me. And the offer stands if you are interested.” He said as his gaze moved from her eyes to her lips. She couldn’t help but lick them out of sheer nervousness. A low growl erupted from his throat as her tongue caressed and moistened her top lip. Yet another explosion fired from her now aching clit. The dress she was wearing began to feel like sandpaper against her erect nipples. Once again she felt her face turn hot and looked away. His palm and fingers cradled her chin and brought her eyes back to his.

“You don’t have to look away from me. I can see my bluntness has both embarrassed you and interested you. The question is which sentiment will win the battle?”

Oh My God! Was this really happening and to her? How could he see the war raging not only in her head with the intense want to do exactly as he was suggesting, sight unseen and stranger unknown, but also the battle between her body and the dress that created a cruel barrier between her and some resemblance of release if only she could touch herself. She straightened on the bar stool to remove her face from his hand and to gain some composure.

“As intriguing and interesting as your offer sounds,” the alcohol brazenly spoke, “You don’t know a thing about me.”

His eyes widened and a smile broadened his lips as he realized she wasn’t put off by his forwardness. “So let us get to know each other and see where your mouth ends up later.”

There was no point in trying to hide her face as she blushed from his ‘to the point’ tactics. Unless some major red flags developed in the next few hours, she knew exactly where she wanted her lips, both pairs, to hopefully be by the end of the evening; wrapped around this confident and dominant man’s cock and savoring each inch of it. They talked, exchanged stories, and even commiserated like old friends for the next few hours. Each time her name was called to sing again, his fingers lingered on her hand until the last second of space separated them. Upon each return, his hand instantly touched some portion of her body, her back and shoulders or gently tucked strands of hair that had fallen in her face. Each touch was nothing short of pure electricity to her. Goosebumps rose in sheets with every slight touch of his fingers. Again, she couldn’t be sure if it was all him, or the continued drinking or both. The fact was, she didn’t care.

Before they knew it, it was 2:30am. She had indulged in five Long Island Ice Teas but they had been spread out over the 6 hours she has been here altogether. She wondered if the benign flirty conversation over the last few czech estrogenolit porno hours had squelched his earlier desire for her. She grabbed her purse and they rose to leave. He followed her to her car. Her Barbie car convertible could not have been parked in a more opportune location. It sat away from the building and in the edge of the parking lot light system.

As they reached the car, she placed her hand on the handle to open it. In one graceful, yet forceful move, he removed her hand, spun her around, trapped her between the door and his body and pulled her into a mind blowing kiss. She melted against him as one of his hands tangled in her hair and cupped the back of her neck and the other found the solid nub of her nipple as he rolled it between his fingers over her dress. Gasps and groans escaped her throat as she fought to keep her balance. He too was finding it hard to keep from stumbling as the blood rushed from his head to his cock. He yanked open the door behind her, pulled her to him and turned around so that he could sit in the driver seat with his legs handing out the door, feet firmly planted on the ground.

He then turned her around to face away from him and ran his hands up her thighs under her dress in search of panties that were now nothing more than an annoyance to keep him from what he wanted. To his delight, he found no such boundary and eased her legs apart with both his hands on her inner thighs. His fingers found her clit and her cunt simultaneously. Oh Hell, she was so wet. Actually wet was an understatement. She was dripping with anticipation as she slapped her hands against the car, searching for anything that would help keep her standing so she could continue to receive this delicious assault on two of her most intimate places.

A whimper rose on the slight wind as he removed his hands to free his almost painful erection from his pants. As soon as this necessary and yet slightly gratifying chore was accomplished, his hands returned to her body. One hand on each of her hips guided her to a sitting position upon his lap. She rose slightly and pulled up the back of her dress with one hand, which reaching between her legs to sheath his cock in her throbbing pussy with the other. Fireworks of ecstasy exploded in her brain as his cock greedily filled her eager yet tight cunt. Liquid heat gushed from her tunnel and ran down the length of his shaft as he realized she had just had her first of many orgasms of the night just from him invading her beautifully crafted cunt.

He too felt the instant build up when he buried himself deep inside her. She felt so warm, so tight, so wanting, so needing, so accommodating czech first video porno all at the same time that it took great resolve to stop himself from emptying his load upon entry. He eased her down slowly and deliberately to calm his urge. The tip of his cock had reached the end of her tunnel and her ass barely caressed his lap. Oh God, how amazing it felt to have his prick buried to the hilt in her velvety cunt. He wanted just a few moments to relish in the feel of it; of her.

His hands pulled her back to his check as he slid them over her shoulders and own underneath the bodice of her dress. The cool spring air gave his hands a slight chill. Her pussy contracted around his cock as his fingers jolted her breasts with their touch. He massaged and kneaded her breasts, working his way to her nipples with each pass. This delight, he found the harder he pulled her erect nipples way from her body and pinched them, the more her pussy seemed to be milking him without movement; just from clenching and unclenching of her soaking, hot and strong tunnel. Moans of exquisite pleasure streamed from her lips in between shallow breaths. He began to kiss and nibble her neck as he continued his pleasurable torture of her breasts. The harder he pinched and pulled the louder her moans of pleasure grew, to the point where he had to remove one hand to place over her mouth. This seemed to excite her as once again her cunt massaged in his cock with involuntary contractions.

He needed to feel her gush around his head and shaft again, so he extricated his hand from her breast and pushed at the small of her back to move her forward. As if instinctively reading his mind, she began to slowly rock back and forth on his cock, grinding him deeper into her with every backwards motion and ever so slightly releasing him with every forward motion. The friction building on the underside of her clit left her craving release. Her pace quickened incrementally until she was riding him bent over at the waist using the car door as leverage to keep the rhythm going. Again, hot waves of liquid surged and encased his cock before forcefully flowing from her pussy. But she didn’t stop; her pace continued as before and within a few minutes, the glorious shower of her juices drenched him once again. Her pussy became tighter with every release, bringing him so close to his own. He placed his hand on her shoulder to cue her to sit up a bit. Without a word she instantly complied. Again, as if reading his mind, she began to stroke her cock with her cunt, bouncing up and down with the use of her leg muscles. She squeezed and released her pussy in time until she felt his entire body go tense and his hands clawed at her hips in pure animal release.

He pulled her to him and laid sweet approving and appreciative kisses on her exposed back and neck. She turned her head and their mouths met in yet another earth shattering passionate kiss. Can you possess someone after one fuck? He wasn’t sure, but he knew he needed to have her again and soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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