I Hear a Knock 02: I’m Out Mowing

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I am out mowing the front lawn when I see you coming toward me. Your long dark hair is flowing behind as you walk. You are dressed for the warm weather. You are wearing a cute sundress and some sandals. “Good morning, Anna. What’s up?”

“Good morning, Mr. Johnson. My car won’t start. I was wondering if you could take a look at,” you say with a big smile.

“Sure, Anna, let’s go see what’s going on.”

As we walk back toward your car, I can’t help but to think back to last week. I haven’t been able to forget the fantastic blowjob I got in your bathroom. I am hopeful you are just luring me over to your place for a repeat performance. But, no, it looks like your car really can’t start. I ask you if I can give it try. As you slide out of your car, your dress slides up your leg revealing your smooth thigh. You catch me looking and give a smile. I get in and try the key and nothing. I get out and tell you I will be right back. You ask if I’d like something to drink. “Yes, please some sweet tea.”

I walk back to my house and come back out with my battery tester. You hand me my tea and take a big swallow. I hook up a couple of grup porno cables and ask you to turn the key. Just as I suspected, your battery is dead.

“What do I need to do?” you ask in a little-girl kind of voice.

“I can run you up to the auto parts store to go buy a new one,” I reply. We agree to meet over at my truck in a few minutes. I go in and put on a clean shirt. I come back out and you are standing next to my truck looking as lovely as ever.

We ride to the store in relative quiet, listening to some music on the radio. You seem surprised that I like alternative music. I tell you, “I’m might be old, but I still like to rock.”

We return from the parts store. I grab some tools and the battery as we head back over to your place. I remove the old battery and put the new one in. I finish the job, look up, and you are standing in the doorway between your house and the garage. Your dress is pulled up and you are rubbing your pussy through your panties. In your best sultry voice, you say, “I find men who can fix things really hot.” You turn and walk into the house. I follow you in.

You turn around hd porno and wrap your arms around my neck. We kiss like lovers who haven’t seen each other for a long time. Our tongues touch and I begin to explore your mouth. You suck on it as we continue our passionate kiss. I break our kiss to tell you that my hands are all dirty. You command, “I don’t care, grab me!” We start kissing again as my desire for you grows in my pants. My grubby hands are clutching and caressing your breasts. The front of your dress has dirty handprints all over the front.

I reach up under your arms and pick your petite body up. Still kissing, I carry you over to the kitchen table and set you down. I stick my head under your dress and move in towards your pussy. I breathe in deeply the sweet aroma that I’ve jacked off to since you gave me your panties. My dick is as hard as it has been in years. I kiss your slit through your wet panties. I can feel the heat coming from your mound.

I pull your silky, pink panties to the side revealing your tight, glistening slit. The dark patch of hair above your smooth pussy is beautiful. I move in towards latin porno your clit. I kiss it while your curly hair tickles my nose. I slowly lick you from the bottom of your crease to the hardening nub at the top. “You taste wonderful,” I moan.

“Oh god, please don’t stop, Mr. Johnson,” you beg.

I work my tongue into your wetness licking and lapping up the sweet nectar. As you continue to squirm and wiggle under me, I move slowly toward your clit which has revealed itself through your glistening lips. I gently lick and tease your button. I tongue you from your tight little asshole all the way up to that landing strip. As your moaning continues to grow, I know I am making progress toward my goal of you cumming in my mouth.

My attention continues to focus on your clit. I lick you harder and faster. You grab the back of my head and force my face deeper into your cunt. Your orgasm makes you groan and growl like an animal in heat. You force your crotch into my mouth as I lick and suck your juices. You explode as you cum, drenching my beard with your pussy juices.

You slowly regain your compose as I gently kiss your mons and inner thigh. You pull me up so you can taste your own essence on my lips. You kiss me deeply with love and appreciation.

“Oh my god, Mr. Johnson! Where did learn to do that?”

“Years of practice, my sweet Anna, years of practice.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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