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She had known she wanted him from the very moment she had laid eyes on him, of that she was absolutely certain. Jessica eyed him up in much the same way a lioness might regard a lone wildebeest, and licked her lips. He wasn’t overly attractive at all, he was remarkably average in virtually every respect. He was in his early forties with a gradual (albeit still noticeable) receding hair line. His slightly too tight jumper and shirt combo betrayed the dad bod that hid underneath that was just shy of a full blown beer gut.

His seemingly permanent five o’clock shadow on his jaw was peppered with grey, and his face was lacerated with wrinkles and laugh lines. Vague curly plumes of hair poked out from under his sleeves and occasionally through his shirt when he accidentally missed a button in the morning. He was almost old enough to be her father, and was hardly a silver fox in that regard.

The mug he kept at the office was a Star Wars one, he laughed too loud at his own bad jokes and at every office party he would sing Don’t Stop Believin’ at the top of his lungs and off key. Dave Ward was hardly an Adonis, and Jessica had claimed much more sought after prizes.

No, the thing that made Jessica Darleston so desperate to have Dave was the little gold band on the fourth finger of his left hand. It was the photo on his desk of himself stood beside a beautiful, though tired eyed, blonde woman and their two sons. There was nothing that Jessica loved more than married men. The more wholesome they were, the more delicious she found them. There was something so tempting about making good men fall, about corrupting and seducing honourable, doting husbands and fathers, and wrapping them around her little finger. Once you had them, they were yours forever.

Oh the bad husbands were fun too of course, but the thrill was far less intense with them. Men who cheat on their wives only did so for about three reasons: Loneliness, Desperation and Greed. By far the most common of these were the greedy men, those who had probably forsaken their marriage vows during the reception with a drunk bridesmaid. These were the men who only ever wanted more and more and more, and were never satisfied. More than anything else, they were the easiest to ensnare. Simply wear something a little revealing and glance at them over the rim of a drink, and they’d have you pinned against the wall in a cubicle in the men’s room in no time. They were fun, sure, they were the bad boys who grew up but never grew good.

Every girl who had ever wanted the wrong boy at school was all too familiar with the greedy husband. Obviously there was something about fucking a man who evidently cared so little about other people that he’d throw the sanctity of his marriage away for a skirt who’s name he didn’t even know that made her skin tingle. But it wasn’t a hunt, there was no thrill of the chase. The moment you made eye contact, everyone knew how the story was going to end and the payoff didn’t have the same electric thrill.

The lonely men were the ones Jessica always felt kind of sorry for. They all had different reasons for being lonely of course, some had frigid, prudish wives who would be better suited to a convent than a marriage bed, or perhaps they were married to modern, career driven women who spent more time on the road than they did at home. Occasionally they had married the female equivalent of the greedy husband who wrapped her legs around every man that wasn’t her husband for the price of a fruity cocktail and cab fare. Whether she was a greedy slut, a thoroughly modern go getter, or a nun, they always left their poor hubby all pent up with nowhere to go. Nine out of ten times if he cried after sex, he was a lonely husband. Through the tears they would always thank her.

There was the intermingled sensations of humiliation that they had just committed the carnal sin against their marriage, muddled with the elation of finally being able to release in a way that they hadn’t been able to for too long, years in some cases. And just like with the greedy husbands, they were all too easy to claim. A little bit of tenderness, a hint of human connection and they crumbled like old cheese.

But then you had the desperate men, and these were the absolute best. Desperation came in many forms, but always it could be used to her advantage. Desperate husbands do not want to cheat on their wives, no, they’re entirely too good for that. They are happy, they keep a photo of their family in their wallet, they probably haven’t even looked at a porn site in years regardless of how much action they’re getting. No, desperate husbands do not want to cheat on their wives, they have to do it. Desperation could be induced in many ways: place them in a compromising situation and do not let them out; offer something that appeals to their unyielding primal urges; push them too far so they can never come back. Oftentimes, if you offered them something they did not get at home, he couldn’t help but want it more and more and more.

And of course, one could never overlook the appeal of sheer, czech experiment porno unbridled seduction that forced them to stray. Of course once you pulled them past the point of no return, they were yours completely, the fun part was getting them there. None of them would ever want the Mrs to find out that they’d been a bad boy, and there was nothing like a little blackmail to keep them on a tight little leash, sometimes literally.

If Jessica had wanted, she thought, she had two numbers saved in her phone of adorable little pets she had managed to claim before that had been desperate husbands. She felt herself drip slightly at the prospect, but focussed her mind on the task. Two pets were fun, but a third would be a truly delectable menagerie of adoring men. Ultimately, the desperate ones were the hardest to claim, but they were far and away the most enjoyable. Greedy husbands used you, you were a pretty thing to get their rocks off with and then they’d discard you. Fun in it’s own way perhaps, but not always the intended feeling. Lonely ones were too grateful for the most meagre human contact, they were too pathetic to even turn into pets. But the desperate ones, they surrendered to you. They retained just enough of their pride when you were finished with them to know that you owned them now and she felt a shiver go down her spine as she plotted her devilish scheme.

As luck would have it, her opportunity veritably landed in her lap. Dave was supposed to give a presentation to a panel of different regional managers on Thursday and had been working with Eric on it. Eric, unfortunately, had broken his leg while out hiking and would still be in the hospital when the presentation was due to be given. Without a single second of hesitation, Jessica had offered to step in and help get everything ready. Their boss thought it would be a good experience for one of their more junior members to see how things worked, maybe make an impression with some of the other managers and so she had agreed to let her work on it.

Jessica spent the next two days working tantalisingly close with Dave, helping develop and edit the presentation. Dave knew his stuff, so much so that Jessica was genuinely impressed by his competence. He did, however, still have a more limited understanding of PowerPoint and as such she was able to teach him a trick or two. She made herself amiable, affable and enjoyable to be around, as well as being genuinely willing and hard working. Phase one of her plan was going smoothly, luring the poor creature into her trap with a false sense of security. As far as Dave knew, Jessica was just a hardworking, diligent colleague. He hadn’t the faintest clue that there was anything lurking behind those liquid emerald eyes. As the presentation neared completion, she was left with the full comprehension that Dave easily could have carried the whole event without her support. But she was hardly there for her corporate pride, and her time to strike was coming closer and closer.

Thursday came and the presentation went off without a hitch. The regional managers seemed suitably impressed, even though the representative from the North East could barely keep his eyes off of Jessica. She had never seen someone drink so much water in a half an hour meeting before. Once the meeting had concluded, the managers all stood, albeit one or two after a little bit of strategic repositioning under the table, congratulating themselves and shaking Dave’s hand as they filed out into the hallway.

As they passed Jessica, they all smiled at her rather sheepishly as she ushered them out. Not that it was much of a surprise, Jessica had gone out of her way to make herself as irresistible as possible. Her bright red hair was styled elegantly almost into wings that bounced around her ears as she moved. She had picked out her satin off white blouse that shimmered under the halogen lights of the office so that it looked almost like it were woven from pearls, with a plunging neckline that left sufficiently little to the imagination. Just in case, she had intentionally selected a black, lace bra that peeked delicately out from under the blouse ever so slightly, just enough to be noticable and draw the eye. She wore a charcoal grey pencil skirt that came to just above her knee with sheer black tights underneath. In short, she had tried to make herself up to look like a slutty secretary from an upscale porno, and everything about her screamed raw seduction.

At last, they had the room all to themselves. Dave heaved a satisfied sigh of relief and passed some banal comment about thinking that went well. Jessica agreed. She sauntered over to the door as Dave began packing up the projector and sorting out its assorted wires. With a deftness in her touch that would make a card counter blush, she locked the door and leaned up against it, her hands splayed out behind her, her head leaning on her shoulder exposing her pure, pale, perfumed neck. A little show of vulnerability to set the scene, though all she was really doing was showing him czech first porno video she was available. Dave heard the click of the latch and turned to ask what was going on, but seeing Jessica as she was made the thought stop at the back of his throat. Jessica just smiled, her lipstick blood crimson splitting into a smile at him. Slowly she drew herself up and with an exaggerated stretch that pulled her slightly too short blouse up just a touch and began to strut towards Dave, who had only just began to sense the danger he was in.

Of course by now it was too late. She had him right where she wanted him. Jessica had decided to forgo a shower that morning, instead choosing to daub on a little perfume instead. The result was that in this tight, enclosed room, was a heady aroma of flowers, citrus, and her body. A cocktail that now seemed to flood and intensify in the cell she had crafted, assaulting Dave’s olfactory senses. Dave was well and truly entangled in her web, and no matter how he might want to struggle, he could not avoid her devouring him,

Dave staggered backwards, leaning clumsily against the conference table, gripping the edges tightly to try and steady himself as this succubus twenty years his junior came towards him. Her eyes were burning with a carnal hunger that made his mouth dry and his palms sweaty. He thought of his wife, of his two sons and attempted to stammer his way through a protest at the unfolding scene before him. Jessica simply stuck one finger out, nails glistening the same colour as her lipstick, and pressed it to his lips. He felt cold to the touch and he whimpered so deliciously as she slipped her finger between his lips gently before withdrawing and placing it on her own lips, engulfing the digit to the knuckle.

Jessica drew herself forward and placed her hand delicately on his crotch stroking gently, feeling the stiffness straining under the fabric. This was her final gambit, the last part of the plan. Everything could fall apart here, but if she kept him as he was, he would be undeniably hers in a few moments. He had not yet crosse the point of no return and his marriage vows at this point were still intact. Another few seconds and this would not be the case, but if he rejected her advances at this most crucial stage, he would be lost to her forever. She kissed his neck delicately, the salt of his cold sweat sending a thrill through her body. He whined slightly, but could not usher a word. The whine faded into a moan as her hot breath tickled his skin. She pushed her body against him and pressed her scarlet lips to his. Her tongue ventured unbidden past his lips. He was utterly passive at first, not fighting her, yet not engaging with her either. The gods flipped their coin in Jessica’s mind as her final gamble played out.

She rolled her tongue around his own twice, stroking his bulge through his trousers gently. She slipped her tongue under his and pulled back, coaxing him into her mouth. This was it, her last play, last chance to influence the coin that had not landed yet. It came up in her favour as Dave’s tongue invaded her mouth following her. She felt a wave of relief as his tongue sparred with her own. She had him now, of that there was no longer any doubt. What was to come next was simply to seal the deal completely. She was a little surprised to feel his hand cupping her buttocks, but it was not an unwelcome experience. He’d be spending a lot of time with his face pressed against them, she thought, might as well let him get used to them.

She pulled out of the kiss and looked Dave in the eye. He was totally transfixed, lost in a trance of lust and confusion. Better not to give him a chance to break out of it. She licked her lips slowly, making sure that he knew precisely what her intentions were, before placing her free hand on his chest and sliding down his body with the grace of a jungle cat. As slowly as a drifting glacier, she pulled her hand down his body until she had both pressed against his quivering bulge that was protruding from his trousers. With the skill of a xiaolin monk, she unfastened his button and unzipped his fly. She pulled them down to about mid thigh, taking the boxer shorts with them as well, unleashing the cock that had been straining so hard for so long.

What she was met with left her suitably surprised. He wasn’t especially long, maybe a little over five inches. He was uncut, and had apparently never been introduced to the concept of manscaping as the base of his cock was consumed in a thick, wiry, salt and pepper afro. No, what Jessica found impressive was the sheer girth of the thing. She could readily believe it was over two and a half inches across, and if someone were to suggest it was perhaps a full three inches, she would readily believe them. Coming face to face with this little log of a cock made her mouth water.

Gingerly, she ran her fingers along its length, feeling him twitch and bounce under her delicate caresse. The sideways smiling slit in the middle of his purple, turgid head began to drool a sticky, czech game porno salty sap. She wrapped her fingers around it, enjoying the fact that the tips of her middle finger and thumb didn’t quite meet. Slowly and extraordinarily gently, she began to pull back the skin unsheathing more of his beautiful glistening phallus. With a subtle bend in her wrist with each stroke, she twisted her grip on his shaft, eliciting another almost pathetic groan of pleasure. Dave was utterly mesmerised by the sight of her at hip height, the forbidden nature of the act he was allowing to be committed, the risk of being caught, and the static electricity that seemed to pump through his lower abdomen with every jerk of her wrist. She was loving how hot he felt in her hand, how heavy he was. SHe made sure to hood his gorgeous purple head with each pull back so as to coat it with the precum that was leaking so steadily from him. She wanted him wet, sensitive and ready.

She began rocking back and forward as she stroked, undulating her body in time with her wrist. Then, with virtually no warning whatsoever, she opened her mouth and engulfed the first three inches of him. Dave moaned audibly and he shivered violently as he plunged into the hot, welcoming cavern of Jessica’s mouth. Her tongue slid expertly under his shaft pressing lightly against him. She felt him twitch and jump deliciously in her mouth. Now he was all hers. After today, she could send him a text message whenever she wanted and half an hour later he’d be on all fours, his tongue buried deep in her ass as deep as could, slurping out the semen the other boy had left inside her. With each slide of her head, she was claiming more and more of him.

She drew her head back, her tongue making sure to keep the pressure up on his od so sensitive head. She stopped with her lips,glistening with saliva and expensive lipstick. She gave him no rest, no time to collect his thoughts. Thoughts would be of no use to the toy he was becoming. She’d suck all of them out of him before she was through. Her tongue ran circles around the ridge of his head, making him whimper like a puppy.

With a gulp, she pushed herself forward. While Dave was hardly the largest she’d ever taken, his genuinely impressive stoutness still left her mouth feeling delightfully full. His wife had been a lucky woman to have had this inside her. But now this cock belonged to Jessica. His amazon rainforest of pubic hair went into her nose and started slipping past her lips each time she drew back. It almost tickled her every time she plunged him into the hilt. It was less than ideal, but not exactly a deal breaker for her. She’d gone down on stoner hippy chicks at festivals before, the sort of girl whose bush would likely respond better to a machete than a razor or wax, so it wasn’t anything she wasn’t used to. Besides, she could fix it later for future play sessions. It might be entertaining to watch him lose it for him, to see and hear him shriek as the wax pulled away the cloud of hair at the base of his dick. The idea only made her suck him more hungrily.

Jessica no longer had a gag reflex to speak of, but by trying to swallow as he entered her throat allowed her to squeeze his cock and try to milk the semen from him through a bizarre peristalsis. Dave was no longer even attempting to keep his voice down, screaming guttural moans and grunts, sounding more and more like the pig she would make him into. Jessica didn’t really know anything about Dave’s wife, but she imagined that she had never given him head like this before.

Her right hand krept up the inside of his leg and gently cupped his bulbous, furry testicles. They felt heavy and full. Jessica wondered how long it had been since his wife had last emptied them. Must have been quite a while from the looks of things. From the way Dave was bucking his hips erratically under the assault from her lips, she knew he wouldn’t be able to last too much longer. She increased the intensity, fucking him with her throat, her fingers massaged his balls with the delicacy of a kitten’s paw. Her head pumped forward and backwards more and more violently, going from tip to base and back again faster and faster. She left streams of saliva dripping and splashing with each thrust, her lipstick staining his cock red as she gulped and slurped up and down his cock. Her fingers started doing a juggling act with his balls, rolling them daintily as he began to murmur something about being close.

Jessica put her other hand behind his balls and pushed against the hard meat of his body. Instantly she felt a change as his cock stiffened even more in her mouth and his testicles lurched up toward his body. He let out a bestial roar as orgasm shuddered through his body. What Jessica had not expected was doe Dave to grab her head and push his dick even further into her throat. She could barely breathe, the scent of his sweat pushed into her nostrils as her nose was forced through the storm cloud of pubes against his body. Her pussy dripped at the sensation and she let herself go limp, letting Dave unload a frankly staggering amount of semen into her throat. Eagerly she guzzled it down to the very last drop, each fresh rope of ejaculate cascading almost directly into her stomach. Had it gone on much longer, she may have struggled, but after the first few spurts, what had started like a fire hose had become more of a leaky tap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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