What’s a Girl to Do? My Lake Story

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Big Dick

I lived a very secretive sex life.

Some random background: My good friends think my number is 3, but the reality is that it’s a good bit higher than that. Although, I’m extremely shy and quiet, apparently I have a pretty high sex drive. In college, my roommate of four years dated the same guy the whole time, and basically lived with him while in college. And, I now have my own place so essentially, I’ve always lived alone. I point that out for two reasons: 1) perception is extremely important to me so if I believed that someone would find out, I would not go through with any hook up, and 2) without a roommate, that obstacle was often missing. Needless to say, circumstances afforded a lot of ‘transgressions’ that I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten away with.

This took place the summer between my sophomore and junior year in college. I always stayed in college thru the summer and took a much lighter load than normal – often choosing for the more difficult classes so I could just focus on that one class. This was the case that summer, so I had a lot of free time.

There was a guy I met that summer – very cute, smart, etc. Let’s call him Jeff. We seemed to just click but there was never any movement from him on a romantic level. Jeff later confided in me that I was intimidating and out of his league, but that’s exactly how I felt about him. In any case, we were just friends. He had two friends that went to another college, fairly close by – let’s call them Marc and Andrew. Andrew’s parents owned a lake house, boat, etc. So, the short version is that he asked me to the lake for the weekend, and for me to bring two of my girlfriends. I invited Lisa and Jennifer. Since Jeff and I didn’t have Friday classes, he suggested I ride up with him and Lisa/Jennifer to ride up after their class on Friday. Duh, spend an hour in the car with a hot guy – no brainer. That decision, almost by itself, afforded the perfect ‘storm’ for the rest of the weekend.

Jeff and I arrived at the lake house where Marc and Andrew were already there. I was impressed and immediately texted my friends to let them know that the guys were cute, cute, cute. Hot would have been more appropriate. I got no reply. A few hours later, the girls texted me with drama back at campus, and it was then that I learned that they were not coming. Needless to say, I felt uncomfortable being the only girl but I was kind of stuck. And, I didn’t want to make Jeff drive me back. Not to mention, I liked the guy so hanging out with him was kind of the point of the trip…secretly hoping he’d make a move.

So, there I was in quite a dichotomy. I felt guilty that my friends didn’t show, but the guys assured that it was cool. I could tell they were disappointed. Needless to say, it took me a while to get over it, but they genuinely wanted me to stay, so I did. We hung out at the pool (this lake house was amazing…amazing view, pool, boat, etc).

Another sidebar: Lisa and Jennifer look amazing. While I think my rear end, legs, and belly look better, they both have boobs and are outgoing. Like it or not, this impacted my thought process in terms of what my outfits would be. Needless to say, a lot of thought went into my bikinis, cover ups, etc as I was concerned Jeff might venture his attention their way. It wasn’t a thong or anything like that, but let’s esenyurt otele gelen escort just say they weren’t bikinis you would go skiing in.

So, there I was – the only girl – in a bikini, surrounded by three very cute guys. I didn’t feel comfortable out of the water because of the hyper attention, and yet, in the water, it seemed that they gravitated towards me. Hahahaha. The attention was nice, but it took me a few beers to relax a bit. Their compliments certainly helped my confidence as well.

It was a fun, but pretty uneventful the rest of the evening. They manned the grill and I took care of the inside stuff. I liked taking care of them in terms of helping to create the meal, etc. It was almost like I became a bit of their waitress – they even teased me about it.

We played pool, and all that good stuff and it was about 1 am before I decided to go to bed. As disappointing as it was, it was clear to me that I was just a good friend – it became obvious Jeff wasn’t going to pursue me. The guy-talk even picked up and I just went along with it. Guys will be guys, right? Secretly, I hoped Jeff would come into my room but it wasn’t to be.

The next morning, I was the first one up as I’ve always been a morning person. That’s when I do my long runs, etc. The place was a mess so I cleaned everything up, spotless. And, I even made them blueberry muffins from the stuff I found in the pantry – not homemade, just the stuff you add water.

Andrew was the first one up and came into the living area/kitchen with his shirt off. Oh my god. He looked so amazing but I managed a straight face. But, as he complimented, and thanked me, for cleaning up and making breakfast, I remember wondering what it would be like to kiss him. I was never the type to initiate anything, but I definitely thought about what it would be like…all the time. Perhaps I was still primed from the night before.

Sidebar again: Kissing is my absolute weakness. A good kisser will make me weak in the knees every time.

It wasn’t long until the other boys got up and I was getting a weird vibe from Jeff. He, in a roundabout way, inquired as to whether Andrew or Marc had come in my room last night. Part of me thought this was a good sign; the other part of me was confused. I let it go but it was definitely on my mind. In retrospect, he wanted to come into my room but didn’t have the nerve (I learned this a few weeks later).

I made lunches and filled the coolers for the guys, etc. They were in awe and very appreciative. It made me feel good, especially given the circumstances.

We went out on the boat. The guys skied and I tried, but mostly sunbathed.

Sidebar: I love red bull and vodka – my favorite drink.

Jeff knew this and made me one. Then another. We were having fun, and I was feeling tipsy…and confident. Apparently, the guys liked my bikini that day. I certainly felt good riding around with three hot guys.

It was then that we went to the swimming spot and I decided to get back in the water. The guys were feeling really good too and the machoism was starting to show. We each had our noodles (floating thing) and they had their beer and I had my RBVs. We were floating and having a fun time.

Surprise, surprise, the topic of sex came esenyurt rus escort up. And, of course, being the only girl, the questions started – what do girls like, etc. A lack of judgement on my part, I revealed that the biggest turn on for me was a guy to be a good kisser. Obviously cute, but also confident…and a good kisser. Like I said, weak knees.

They wanted to know how many guys I had kissed, etc, etc. And, pretty soon, the guys were being guys and they wanted more specifics. I remember the question being asked, “You don’t have to tell us who, but how many of us would you kiss…under the right circumstances, etc” Of course, they sheepishly chose ‘none’, to which I shook my head no, then “one” and again, shook my head no..until we got to three. I blushed, but said that they were all classified as kissable guys. I remember that being the start.

Pretty soon, they wanted to know who the best kisser was – among them. I blushed, and protested but eventually wore down to the peer pressure and being the object of their attention, etc.

“Fine,” I agreed. So what, it was just kissing I justified. No harm, no foul. right?

Each guy kissed me…right there, in the water. They were probably 20-30 second kisses. I knew I was in trouble as the last guy pulled away. For starters, they wanted to know who was the best and there was no way I could ever choose one. But, internally, I was on fire. I remember brushing against their legs under water, their hands on my waist, or thighs, and their kisses. I was in trouble, I knew. I started to feed off of their attention.

The conversation went downhill fast after that…we discussed bjs, sex positions, you name it. Never give a guy a recipe to follow to seduce you – “bad” idea. 🙂

The circle kept getting tighter and tighter, and I began to feel their legs brush against mine under the water. It seemed innocent enough but we all knew it was strategic.

The kissing competition started again, but this time they lasted longer. And, their hands wandered under the water. And, I was taken away from my noodle, essentially using theirs to float. I remember pushing their hands away under the water, knowing that it was obvious to the other guys they whoever was the target at that time was trying to cop a feel.

Somewhere in the giggling, the kissing, and the touching, I let their hands linger a little longer.

My hand was taken and placed where they wanted it – everyone single one of them was rock solid. Talk about an ego booster. whoa. I was extremely turned on at this point and the protest got weaker, and weaker.

“Someone needs to get naked,” Jeff laughed. I remember glancing at him, and playfully splashing at him as I was in Marc’s arms. It was three against one and even though I verbally protested, it wasn’t long before my bottoms and top had been untied, and floated to the surface of the water. I blushed, but made no attempt to regain it.

More kissing.

“Stacy. What do you want to happen?” The guys asked.

“I don’t know…but this is a bad idea,” I giggled.

“We think it’s a great idea,” they retorted. I don’t remember who said what, but they were pretty convincing. lol

“Oh really? I’m sure you aren’t concerned about your reputation,” I blushed, pretending to esenyurt türbanlı escort be offended yet making no physical effort to end it.

“If it’s your reputation you are worried about, we promise it will never leave this lake.”

“Right…” i said doubtfully.

The next few minutes were spent convincing me it was a good idea, and that nobody would ever find out.

Meanwhile, I’m naked, and am being groped under water by Marc when he starts to kiss on my neck.

I let Marc play for a while before I made a failed attempt at returning to my noodle. Jeff intercepted and grabbed me and pulled me over. I giggled.

I was out manned, and loved every minute of it.

“Can I kiss you again?” he asked. I shook my head yes. The next thing I know, I feel him trying to enter me under the water. I stop him.

“This is so not a good idea,” I giggle. But, I wanted it.

“We won’t say a thing.”

“What if another boat comes by?” I ask.

“They can’t see anything.”

I blushed. “Not in the lake…sex in the water is kinda overrated,” I giggle.

You’ve never seen three guys make their way towards the ladder on the back of the boat. I was escorted up the ladder, completely naked and taken into the cabin of the boat.

Andrew came up behind me and started kissing me on my shoulders and neck. Jeff kissed me from the front and Marc turned on some music. By the time he returned, I was lowering myself to my knees, blushing, as I watched them remove their bathing suits.

They stood there looking down at me, me looking up at them, as I sucked each one of them. I remember the awesome feeling of seeing their facial expressions, and hearing them comment on my bj skills, knowing I was the one making them feel good and being so turned on by it. This went on for a few minutes until I was pulled up and led over to a little couch.

Somehow, they all worked it out. I was laid on my back and Jeff began to lick my pussy. I orgasmed quickly and it was downhill from there.

Nobody expected this to happen so nobody had condoms. It was discussed, but I told them not to worry about it that I would take them in my mouth when they were close. I had just kicked it up a notch.

Jeff entered me and I closed my legs around him as he began to bury his cock inside of me. After a bit, one of the guys walked up beside me and I knew immediately what he wanted and started to suck him.

None of the guys lasted very long and they took turns fucking me and me finishing them off in my mouth.

“Oh my god, such a naughty girl” was a normal comment. “so fucking hot,” they smiled.

For the rest of the day/night, sex was out in the open. We did some more skiing and drinking and an hour or so later, I was having sex in the cabin again…with whomever wasn’t driving the boat or skiing.

I was on cloud nine. The barrier was broken and I remember later that night, having sex with each of them again, but not together. This was in a separate room. To me, that was a lot of fun too. It made it more personal and I could devote my entire attention to them. Condoms were used so it was a different experience altogether.

Jeff spent the night with me that night and we woke up early the next day. I blushed for the first 15-20 minutes the next morning, but the guys were cool about it. I hugged them, then Jeff and I got in the car to come home.

I was sore, but remember thinking what/ and how that all came about. He assured me that nobody would ever know and as far as I knew, nobody did.

Jeff and I hooked up many more times until he graduated. I never heard from Marc or Andrew again, but wonder if I will…ever. 🙂

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