My Birthday Boots Ch. 02

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“More wine, sweetheart?”

Without even waiting for an answer, Daddy filled my wine glass to the brim with more Chardonnay. Already light headed from my last three glasses, I laughed. I couldn’t believe I was sitting here, on our back deck, getting drunk with my daddy! “But Daddy,” I said, my words slurring together, “I’ve already had so many… I’m not sure I should” — hiccup — “have anymore.” I wasn’t a big drinker — in fact, the most I’d ever had at one time was maybe a wine cooler and a half — and the wine Daddy kept giving me was making everything hazy. My head felt warm and fuzzy, and everything suddenly seemed super funny.

“Daddy,” I giggled, taking a sip of my drink, “you wouldn’t be trying to get me drunk, would you?” I shook my head at the thought. Daddy knew he could have me anytime and anyplace he wanted. Since taking my virginity on the night of my eighteenth birthday several weeks ago, we’d pretty much fucked, sucked and humped each other like crazy every night since then. Sometimes Daddy liked to dress me up like a street whore straight out of Pretty Woman — complete with heavy makeup, thigh high stockings, and my birthday boots, of course. On those nights, I’d fuck him hard in his bedroom, leaving red lipstick stains all over his cock and sheets.

But most nights, Daddy just liked screwing in my bedroom, on my little twin bed covered in stuffed animals. When I asked Daddy why he preferred my room, he just said that he liked to be reminded that he was fucking his baby girl. He’d leaned in and tweaked my nipple (something he liked to do a lot — not that I minded) and said that it was the dirtiest sex he’d ever had.

Daddy swallowed a drink from his own glass of whiskey and laughed. “Oh, baby. I don’t think I need to get you drunk to have my way with you.” His studied me, his eyes dancing mischievously. “I do, however, admit to having an ulterior motive for giving you so much wine tonight.”

That was confusing. Really? What did he have in mind? I felt excitement mixed with a little fear. Knowing my Daddy, it could be anything. I tilted my head back and looked at the stars. Yes, I thought to myself, I’m definitely up for anything.

We’d spent the day swimming in our pool. I’d had a couple of girlfriends over, so I wasn’t able to touch Daddy in the way that I’d really wanted. He’d been nice and polite to my friends, but had spent most of the day hunkered down on his lounge chair, surrounded by a pile of work, and only jumping in the pool every once and a while to cool off. I remember feeling jealous as my friends preened and posed on their rafts whenever he was in the water. They were always saying how hot Daddy was. Sheri, my best friend since the second grade, had spent the last two years swearing that she’d love to fuck my dad if he ever gave her the chance.

I was seriously considering not inviting her over anymore.

Now that everyone was gone, I could stare at my Daddy all I wanted. His swimsuit hung low on his hips, accentuating his hard abs. His torso was bare, and I longed to run my tongue up and down his firm chest. For a man in his mid-forties, he was in great shape.

I was still in my swim suit, too, and it was obvious that Daddy was enjoying finally being able to stare at me. My long blonde hair was innovia escort still slightly damp, although my cherry red bikini had dried a while ago. Knowing that I had my Daddy’s attention, I grazed my fingers over my tits and purred. “Daddy, this wine is making me so horny…”

Daddy laughed. “Does my baby girl wanna fuck, hmm?”

I nodded eagerly. Yes, yes, I soooo wanted to fuck.

He nodded to the half-finished drink in my hand. “Well, then,” he said, his voice stern, “you’d better finish that glass. We don’t waste anything in this house, baby.”

If all that stood between me and my Daddy’s big beautiful cock was this glass of wine, I could have it gone in two seconds flat. I tilted my head back and opened my throat — the way Daddy taught me to when I was sucking his dick — and downed the drink. Swiping the back of my hand across my lips, I set the glass down on the patio table and stood up. The ground seemed to tilt a bit, and I had to rest my hand on the back of my chair to keep my balance. Trying to clear my head, I mentally scolded myself for drinking so much.

Another not so pleasant side effect of all that wine was that I suddenly had the urge to pee. Bad.

Daddy rose and drew me into his arms. Reaching back, he untied my bikini top and released my tits. They bounced lightly against his chest. “Daddy wants to fuck you out here tonight, Princess.” Taking my hand, he led me over to the lounge chair he was using earlier that day. Dropping his swim trunks, he lay back on the plastic cushion and looked up at me. His rock hard cock hovered over his belly, jerking slightly in the soft breeze. “Come here, baby,” he commanded, his voice hoarse. “Come sit on Daddy’s dick.”

“But, Daddy,” I started, crossing my legs slightly and trying to be inconspicuous about it at the same time. “I really have to go inside first…”

Daddy raised an eyebrow. “I don’t think so, baby girl.” He frowned, reaching out and grabbing me by my bikini bottoms. Roughly, he yanked them down.

I trembled as a little pee escaped.

“Now,” he said, looking slightly scary, “get over here and sit on my dick.”

As I lifted my leg to straddle his cock, a little more urine trickled out of my cunt. “Daddy,” I whimpered. “Please, I have to… I have to go…”

“Go where, Princess?” Daddy asked softly, rubbing his cock against my slit. “Do you have to go to the bathroom? Hmmm? Is that it? Do you have to go pee?”

Embarrassed, I nodded.

Without warning, Daddy pushed his cock deep into my cunt. I squealed at the sudden pressure. I had to pee so bad it hurt. “Daddy,” I gasped. Daddy laughed, evil and low. “All that wine catching up with you, huh, baby girl?” he asked, pumping me roughly again. “That’s what Daddy was hoping for…”

I drew in a sharp breath. What was he talking about? Surely he didn’t want me to… to…

“Pee on me, baby,” he instructed. “Just go to the bathroom now.”

“Daddy, no!” I cried. “It’s… No, Daddy, that’s gross!” I couldn’t imagine peeing on anyone. Ever. The thought had never even entered my mind.

But it had obviously entered Daddy’s. He frowned up at me. “Daddy wants your pee, baby. Don’t be like your mommy, sweetie. She was such a frigid bitch — never wanting istanbul escort to make Daddy happy. Never wanting to fuck Daddy.” He ran his hands over my thighs. “Are you like your mommy, baby? Is that it? Will Daddy have to get his pussy elsewhere?” He drew his brows together and pretended to think. “Maybe… Maybe your friend, Sheri?” He pushed his cock deeper into me. “Yeah, I bet she’s a slut. I’d bet she’d love to piss on your Daddy’s dick…”

No! No, no, no! I was not like my mother — who’d left us when I was ten — and there was no fucking way that Sheri was ever going to screw my Daddy! He was mine! All mine!

My chest heaved in anger at Daddy’s words. It was obvious that he wouldn’t mind stuffing his dick in Sheri’s hole. Well, I thought, I’ll make him so happy he’ll never want anyone else again! “Okay, Daddy, okay… I’ll do it. Just please fuck me and only me! Please?” I bit my lip, angry tears burning my eyes.

“Daddy’s all yours, Princess. All yours forever, if you want.” He brushed his thumb against my clit and I jumped. “But Daddy has needs, and he needs a slut that can fill them. Can you be that slut, baby? Can you fill Daddy’s needs?”

“Yes, yes!” I promised, my heart swelling. “I’ll do whatever you want, Daddy! Anything!”

“That’s better, Princess. Now, pee,” he demanded. “Pee on Daddy, baby. Piss all over Daddy’s cock…”

I squeezed my little pussy as hard as I could. The pressure from Daddy’s cock was intense, and at first it was hard to get anything to come out. But then, almost when I was ready to give up, a small steady stream of urine started to flow. I furrowed my brow, concentrating so hard that little beads of sweat popped out on my forehead. The flow increased, gushing out of my pussy and pooling around the base of Daddy’s cock before trickling down his balls and seeping into his ass crack.

“Yes, baby girl… Yes!” Daddy’s breath came in ragged gasps. His eyes were closed and his head was arched back against the lounge chair. I could swear he was laughing, giddy. “God, Princess… Daddy can feel your pee — your hot nasty piss — all over his dick!” Daddy’s whole body shuddered, his hips jerking uncontrollably. “God, so dirty, so nasty, my baby girl’s piss all over my dick… Daddy wants it baby… Daddy wants more… Give it to your Daddy, baby!” he grunted, thrusting his dick into me harder, faster.

I was slick and wet with sweat. Once I started peeing, I couldn’t stop. It felt so good — so naughty, wrong and sexy… I allowed my little body to be bounced around by Daddy’s thrusts, which was splashing my hot pee everywhere. My big tits flopped wildly — slap, slap, SLAP. I reached my hands up and tweaked my nipples hard. “Daddy!” I cried, feeling that familiar warmth spreading in my pussy. My breathing was short, choppy. “Daddy, I’m going to cum! I’m… I’m cumming!”

My pussy spasmed, coating Daddy’s dick in frothy white cum. “Fuck, Daddy, Daddy! Fuuccck!” My bladder now empty and my energy spent, I collapsed onto Daddy’s chest.

Daddy was still pumping his hips furiously, pushing his dick deeper and deeper into my tight cunt. The night air was filled with the wet, slurping sounds of our sexes bumping together. “Oh, my sweet baby girl!” Daddy panted into kadıköy escort my hair. “Fuck yeah, Princess… You’re so sexy, so slutty. My dirty baby girl — fucking and pissing on her own daddy…” He reached down and smacked my ass. “Such a bad little girl! What a nasty little Princess!”

Content after my orgasm, I nuzzled Daddy’s neck. “Oh, Daddy,” I breathed. I licked my way up his neck and bit down lightly on his earlobe. “I love your big Daddy dick,” I whispered in his ear. Saying the words caused my heart to thud faster, filling my body with a second wind. “It feels so good in my pussy… Mmmm… Yes, so good…” I placed my palms flat against Daddy’s chest and pushed myself up slightly. I stared down at him, my tongue trailing a wet path over my lips. “Cum for me, Daddy. Cum in your little girl… Give me your hot daddy juice… I want it so bad…”

Daddy’s eyes practically rolled back in his head. “Oh, yes, baby. My little girl knows how to make her daddy cum, doesn’t she?”

I bounced my pussy hard against him in answer.

“Yeah, Daddy… Do it for me… Cum inside your little girl! Oooh, yeah, Daddy… Fill me up… Shoot your hot man cum in my little girl pussy!”

“Fuck, babyyyy!” Daddy’s hips were a blur, and I knew he was close. The lounge chair creaked in protest as our fucking grew more and more frantic. The metal hinges screamed, and I could practically feel their vibrations in my pussy.

“Daddy’s cumming, baby! Daddy’s cumming in his little girl!” Daddy’s hips jerked, bouncing me around like a rag doll. “Aghhhhhhh… Fuuucckkk!”

I felt the now familiar twitch of Daddy’s cock as it shot stream after stream of burning cum into my cunt. “God, yes!” I hissed, clamping my legs around Daddy’s hips and pushing down hard on his dick.

“Oh, baby,” Daddy sighed, struggling to catch his breath. He pushed his dick roughly into me one last time. “Umph! Daddy’s little baby is such a good fuck.”

I lay back down, mashing my tits against his chest. “I love having sex with you, Daddy”. I sighed, relishing the feel of his cock still nestled in my pussy. I felt the cool night air kiss my sweat and piss-soaked body and shivered.

“Daddy loves having sex with you, too, baby.” He rubbed his hands slowly up and down my slender back. We stayed like that for a while, our bodies slowly relaxing into each other. Just as I started drifting off to sleep, Daddy planted a kiss on my temple. “Baby?” he asked. “You awake?”

“Mmmm…” My eyes slid open and I stretched. Stifling a yawn, I whispered, “I’m awake.”

Daddy’s fingernails skated lightly across my lower back. “You don’t have plans tomorrow night, do you?”

I wanted to laugh. The only plans I had lately involved Daddy. And he knew it.

“No, Daddy.” Fully awake now, I pressed my pussy against his crotch. “Why?”

“I have a work problem that I was hoping you could help me with.”

“Oh.” I tried to conceal my disappointment. I had been hoping that Daddy had some fun, kinky kind of plans for us. Not boring law work stuff. “I’m having an important business dinner tomorrow night with someone from work, and I was hoping to, uh, introduce you to him.” Daddy reached down farther, cupping my ass. “Maybe you can help me sway his mind in a direction that would be more beneficial for the firm.”

I raised my head and looked down at Daddy, my brow furrowed. “How would I do that?”

Daddy laughed and pulled me back down to him. He bit my earlobe lightly. “Daddy will tell you how, baby girl,” he whispered in my ear. “Daddy will tell you exactly how.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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