My Big Futa Sister Ch. 05

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Author’s Note: Be sure to read the previous chapters.


Last night was amazing. I got back together with my ex girlfriend Allyson and after our date, we had sex at her place. I was dreaming after I went to sleep. Me, Allison and Allyson were having a three way. Allison was fucking my ass with her cock while Allyson was blowing me. I actually did talk in my sleep. “Oh Alli(y)son.” Not exactly specifying which one and then woke up around 7:30am to Allyson giving me a blowjob on my morning wood and cumming in her mouth.

She then swallowed my load. “Good morning Nick.” She said cheerfully.

“Good morning Allyson. This is a nice surprise.”

“I saw you were hard and thought this would be a nice way to wake you up.” She said.

“Well, it was great. Last night was amazing.”

“Yeah it was.” She said lying down back next to me on the bed.” I’d like for us to hang out all day today but unfortunately I have class here in a little over an hour and a half. Then work shortly after.”

“Ah that’s too bad, but I understand. I have stuff to do at my sister’s house today anyway with the move in and everything.”

“I definitely want to do this again. I’ll look at my schedule at work to see when my next day off is. I’ll have class but we’ll have time for each other the rest of the day.”

“That’d be great. I need to check my schedule too. I go back to work tomorrow after the I’d requested the last few days off cuz of my Aunt’s wedding.”

“Yeah. Looking forward to it.” She said as we hugged in bed while still naked. “I have time to fix breakfast if you have time to stay.”

“I’d love to. I can even help you too.”

“That’d be great. Thank you.”

So we got dressed and we made breakfast. Nothing complicated, just bacon, eggs and toast. So we sat down to eat and we talk a bit more. “Maybe some day soon me, you and your sister could all hang out together. I’d like to get to meet her and get to know her this time around.”

“Yeah, I’m sure she’d like that. I’ll ask her later today. I’ll let you know.”

“Ok. I think it’d be cool if we all hung out together since we’re back together and all.”

“I agree. It’ll be great.”

We talk until we finish our breakfast around 8:20 and Allyson has to finish up getting ready for class. “I’ll let you go Allyson. I gotta get to my apartment and finish moving the rest of my stuff out and and finish unpacking at Allison’s.”

“Ok Nick, I’ll see you again soon. I love you.”

“I love you too Allyson.” I said then we kissed. I then left to head back to my apartment to grab what little I had left to take to Allison’s. It was only a couple more boxes. Before I took the stuff out to the car, I texted Allison to see if she was awake to see if I can move the stuff in. I don’t have a house key yet which is what we were going to do while we were out and going to the grocery. While I waited, I just watch YouTube on my phone since I packed away the TV and moved it already. She texted back close to 9am and said I could come over now. So I take the rest of my stuff to the car and drive to Allison’s. I arrive there and she comes out wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt to greet me and gives me a hug and we kiss. We take the rest of my stuff in and we sat down in the living room to talk.

“So how did your date with Allyson go last night?”

“It went really well actually. We’re officially back together and after we ate at Jack’s, we went back to her apartment, had a couple drinks and we hung out more and… I spent the night there.” I kind of paused there not knowing how she’ll react even though she said it was okay.

“Oh that’s nice. Did you two… sleep together?”

“Yeah, we did. Things kinda got passionate when we were talking about our beşiktaş masöz escort relationship prior to breaking up and we had sex.”

“That’s great. Glad you two are back together.”

“Yeah. It is.” I said still kind of nervous and slightly guilty about the whole thing.

You know it’s fine little brother. I said I was okay with it. You don’t have to hesitate in telling me these things.” She said hugging me and then whispered in my ear. “And like I said, I can get to “know” her as well if that’s possible.”

“Yeah. I guess it’s just all new to me. I’m not used to it.”

“It’ll be ok Nick. It’ll all work out. Besides, I’m looking forward to tonight.”

“I am too Alli. The nice dinner and afterwards.”

“Speaking of that, I was wanting to go shopping and everything here in a little while just to get everything done.”

“That’ll be fine. We also gotta stop at the hardware store to get a spare house key for me.”

“Right. How does a steak dinner with mushrooms among other things sound?”

“Sounds great.”

Around 10am Allison gets ready to go and we head out. While we’re on our way there, I bring up what Allyson said this morning. “Oh before I forget, Allyson had mentioned she’d like for all for three of us to hang out together someday.”

“That’d be great. It’d be great way to move closer on all three of us having a life together.”

“Yeah. I still don’t know how we’re gonna get to that point though.”

“We’ll figure something out.”

“Yeah. Hopefully soon.”

So we arrive and we go into the hardware store and get the extra house key made. I pay and we then head to the grocery. It wasn’t a long list but just stuff we need for tonight’s special dinner and a few miscellaneous things. Steaks, mushrooms, potatoes and some random other stuff. We also decided on a nice pie with whipped cream as the dessert. I couldn’t wait for tonight. I would live the very fantasy that got me attracted to my sister in the first place. Every time we were alone in an aisle I would grab her ass. I saw her getting a bulge in her jeans. She gave me a flirtatious look and to hide her bulge she walked behind me and get close enough to where her bulge was touching my ass. She’d do the same to me in the next aisle we were alone and I would get hard. She’d even took it one step further and brushed her hand against my hard on. Shortly after that we were in the check out line and went back in the car and made out once we put everything in but we held back from doing more since we were waiting for tonight.

It was around 12pm when we got home. We weren’t gonna start making dinner for another couple hours or so, so we both continued to unpack some more of my stuff in what would be “my bedroom” but really since I’ll be sleeping with my sister it’ll just be a spare room. I guess it’ll be a sort of man cave if anything or the beginnings of one. We finished unpacking my stuff and were carrying the empty boxes to the garage. After that we just relaxed and cuddled on her couch and watched TV until it was time to make dinner. Allyson all of a sudden texts me telling me her schedule and asking if I told my sister about all if us hanging out one day and told her I did. I then told her I’d get my schedule tomorrow at work. We only talk for about another minute until she had to get back to work. “Love you <3" She sent. “Love you too.” I sent back. “Hey Allison, when do you start work again?” “In about a week, why?” “Allyson just texted me her schedule. Her next day off is on Thursday then on the weekend.” “That sounds nice. We’ll be able to do something then.” “Hopefully. I still gotta get my schedule and then we’ll see.” So we went back to cuddling beşiktaş otele gelen escort on the couch until around 4:30pm then we started to cook dinner. We both put our potatoes in the oven wrapped in foil. I cooked the steaks while she sauteed the mushrooms and peppers. We get done around 5:15 with our potatoes being done. We got some shredded cheese and bacon bits for the potatoes too. So we both dig in and dinner was absolutely delicious. I cooked the steaks perfectly, she sauteed the mushrooms and peppers perfectly, the potatoes were just right, everything.

“That was amazing. Everything was great.” Alison said.

“Yeah, you did great on the mushrooms and peppers.”

“Same with you and the steaks. Just perfect.”

With that we clear the table and put the plates and the other dishes we used in the dishwasher to clean. Now we moved on to dessert. She starts to cut the blueberry pie and when I went to get the whipped cream, I still don’t know why I did but I took the whipped cream and sprayed a little on her cheek. She just wiped it off with her finger and licked it and just looked at me in a seductive way and I noticed a bulge in her jeans

“Do you want to skip dessert and have the “real dessert?”” She asked.

I looked at the whipped cream can and had an idea. “Why not both?”

With that she dropped her pants revealing her almost completely hard cock. She then took everything else off until she was completely naked. I did as well. Her cock was completely hard and she laid back on the kitchen table, her cock was laying on top of her stomach. I took the whipped cream and sprayed it on her cock and on some on her breasts. Completely covering her balls, cock and some of her tits.

“Talk about a banana split.” She said winking

I began slowly licking up the whipped cream I put on her balls savoring each lick. “Mmm, that feels good.” She moaned. I then started slowly licking the whipped cream off her shaft. Once again savoring each tongue full of it that I lick of her amazing hard cock. The combination of the whipped cream and the taste of her cock was delectable. Once I finished with her cock, I entered my cock in her pussy and started thrusting her while I licked the whipped cream off her tits. Her nipples became hard and I licked them and fondling her breasts while I was fucking her. My thrusts became faster and faster and her moaning grew louder. I then came inside her. I slowly pulled out and saw my cum leaking out of her pussy.

I then laid on top of her with our hard cocks pressed against each other and we made out and then caught our breath for a couple minutes. “Well Nick, now that I’m all dirty, why don’t we head into the shower?” She said giggling. We got up off the kitchen table and headed upstairs to her bathroom. She steps into her shower and starts stroking her now flaccid cock. She slowly strokes her cock until it gets hard again. I was watching, getting more and more turned on by the second as she prepared herself. As it got hard, she started rubbing her balls. When it became fully erect, she signaled me with a come hither motion with her finger. I stepped in the shower with her and got on my knees. I licked the entire length slowly and also slowly stroking it. Her cock pulsating in my hand as I stroked it. She took her cock and rubbed the head around my lips then I put the head in my mouth and started sucking. Slowly bobbing my head on her cock. The head still had the taste of the whipped cream on it so it tasted sweet.

“You’re amazing at this Nick, keep going.” I take the entire cock in my throat and she’s fucking my throat just like at the wedding. Only this time I take my time and I keep sliding her cock up and down my throat, beşiktaş rus escort savoring the combined taste of the whipped cream that still lingered and her natural taste. “I’m gonna cum Nick! Let me pull out, I wanna give you a facial.” She pulled her cock out of my throat and stroked it to finish so she could cum. “Here it comes Nick!” I open my mouth to catch any cum that goes in. She starts ejaculating and it unleashed stream after stream of her thick, juicy cum. I was able to get some in my mouth and swallowed. It covered my face in what it seemed a split second then I felt her cumming on my body. She put her cock back in my mouth and she finished unloading the last couple thick streams down my throat.

I wiped away the cum from my eyes and saw I was absolutely covered in her cum. It looked she had poured a gallon of cum on my face and body. She then put her hands on my shoulders and guided me to lay down and she started licking the cum off of me. She swallowed the first few mouthfuls of cum but then the next mouthful she and I cum swapped. She then go back to swallowing her cum and we cum swapped. When she got to my face, what I didn’t get already from my tougue’s reach she licked off my face and with that mouthful of cum, we made out. Swapping the cum back and forth until I eventually swallowed it. We then laid there in the shower for a couple minutes once again catching our breath.

“Wow. That was some load wasn’t it Nick?”

“Yeah. That was super hot.”

“Now let’s get cleaned up and spend the first night in our bed.” So we both took a shower together and cleaned each other up. While I was washing her back, I slid a couple fingers in and fingered her pussy. After she came, she got hard again and she turned around and we held each other with her cock sandwiched between us. We took turns licking the head. We were only able to fool around for the next couple minutes before the hot water starts to run out. We dry ourselves off and head to the bed.

We’re still at each other as we climb on the bed. She lays down on her back as I do anal with her. I thrust into her and after awhile her cock starts to twitch and she cums on her face. It wasn’t a nearly big of a load as it was in the shower but it still was a good amount. I came inside her ass soon after. She licked the cum off her face. She then reached under her pillow and pulled out her pink translucent dildo she found in my backpack. She starts deepthroating it and goes about halfway down and she uses her finger to tell me come closer and she put the other end of the dildo in my mouth and moves her face close to mine which causes me to deepthroat the other half of the 18 inch dildo. We make out while the dildo is in our throats and we stop after awhile.

“Oh Nick, tonight was wonderful. I’m so glad we’re doing this.”

“Yeah, I am too Allison. Tonight couldn’t have gone any better.”

“Oh, I have a feeling in a few months, it will get even better.”

“Yeah. It will.” I say not exactly knowing what she meant at the time. “I love you Allison.”

“I love you too Nick.”

We cuddle up with each other and eventually fell asleep. It was our first night together and it couldn’t have gone any better.


Author’s Note: Hey all, again sorry this came out after a long time since the last chapter. Just the combination of real life stuff like work, other personal things and a tad bit of writers block hindered things and didn’t give a lot of extra time (not even time for Red Dead 2) but soon after I submit this, I’ll begin working on Ch. 6 (thinking I’ll do maybe a small time skip in that Chapter or in Chapter 7 as it would maybe push the story further without it becoming same old same old.) And as far as I’m gonna take this story, that’ll be determined at a later time. Right now I’m thinking maybe at most 10 Chapters depending on where I go from this point but we’ll see. Also this chapter is a little bit shorter than the last one but I felt it made a lot of progress throughout the story. And like always, constructive criticism is welcome and I thank you all for reading. Catch you all later.

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