Mum’s New Body Ch. 02

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I awoke the next morning, in mum’s bed, with a banging hangover. I was alone. I looked at the clock on the wall and it said it was just after 11am. As I sat up I started to wrap my mind around the previous night. I’d come home from university, mum looked incredible, we were drinking together in the hot tub, we’d had sex…

I said it over and over in my head, that I’d had sex with my own mother. I watched as she swallowed my cum, she took my cock, I licked at her pussy. After the hot tub we’d come up to bed, drank some more and carried on having sex. My headache was bad enough without trying to sort this in my head.

What was confusing me was that it had happened so suddenly. One minute we were drinking together and then the next her hand was down my shorts and we were kissing. It just didn’t make sense to me. Part of me had clearly wanted it to happen, as thinking back to it I could feel my cock starting to stir.

I got out of the bed quietly, trying to work out if mum was still in the house or not. I peeked out of the bedroom window and saw her car was gone. Good, she was out. I went straight for the bathroom and got into the shower. I stood for a good 10 minutes just letting the warm water wash over me. I’d found in the last year of being a student that there’s nothing better for a hangover than a long, hot shower. I tried again to work out what had happened in my head, but it just made the headache worse so I finished my shower, dried myself off, threw on a pair of tracksuit bottoms and wandered downstairs on the hunt for some painkillers and coffee.

I walked into the kitchen and on the counter, next to the kettle was a note with my name on it. I opened it up, half dreading what it would say.

“Alex – Last night was amazing. Thank you so much. Please stay around the house today as we should really talk about what happened. I’ll be back around lunchtime. Love, Mum xxx”

Well, fuck. At least I had the potential to get some answers as to what happened. I figured I had a couple of hours until mum got home so I made a coffee and swallowed some painkillers. While standing in the back garden having a cigarette, I looked over to the hot tub, where all the action had started off last night. Mum’s bikini was still strewn by the side of the tub, as were the two wine glasses we were sat, empty.

The sun was starting to beat down and even though I was only wearing the tracksuit trousers, the heat started to get a bit much for my hungover body, so I came back inside to finish my coffee just as the postman came and knocked at the door.

“Parcel to sign for,” he said, thrusting a little PDA into my hand, “for Ms Roxx…”

“Who?” I enquired.

“Emilia Roxx,” the postie said with some unwarranted hostility, “Look, are you going to sign or what?”

“Well there’s no one here of that name,” I countered, “My mum’s name is Emilia Jones.”

“Look, kid. I’ve been delivering parcels for Emilia Roxx to this address for months, just sign the fucking box so I can get on with my work.”

Surprised at the tone of the postman, I scribbled in the box on his PDA and took the parcel from him as well as a hefty pile of mail. Placing the box on the kitchen table I looked through the letters. Half of them were plain white envelopes addressed to Ms. Roxx, a few others were bills addressed to Mrs Jones and a couple were addressed to me.

Something didn’t sit right for me. Why was mum getting post delivered to her in a different name. She’d never changed her name from Jones after dad had left and her maiden name was Christer, so only God knows that this Roxx business was about.

I grabbed my coffee and sat on the sofa to watch some TV. As I flicked through the channels I noticed some opened mail on the shelf underneath the coffee table. I don’t know why, but curiosity overcame me and I grabbed the little pile. It was all addressed to Emilia Roxx. As I flicked through the letters, they were all cheques, made to Ms Roxx for a lot of money. £5000, £3000, one was as high as £12,500. I looked at the letters themselves, which were invoices marked as “Paid in full for service rendered” from places like “Paul Allen Productions”, “Sight To Behold” and “Skin Talent Agency”. None of this was adding up. My headache had gone, but my head was as confused as ever.

Before I could reach over to my laptop to start looking for these businesses, I head mum’s car pull up. If we really were going to talk I guess I could ask about what this Emilia Roxx alias was all about.

Mum walked into the house and called my name, I yelled back that I was in the living room. She walked in looking şirinevler escort absolutely stunning. She was wearing skin tight yoga pants, so tight I could trace the edge of her thong through them, a low cut red blouse and knee high, leather high heeled boots. I instantly felt a reaction in my cock, though I was sitting in such a position that I was hoping she couldn’t tell it.

“Morning sweetie,” she chimed, “how are you feeling today?”

“A bit hungover and a lot confused,” I replied. She looked at me with a sliver of sorrow in her eyes. I wasn’t sure if it was because she didn’t want to talk or if it’s because she didn’t like that I was confused.

“I understand, sweetie,” she said as she sat next to me and crossed her legs. God, her legs looked so good in those yoga pants, “I take it you saw my note?”

I nodded. She sighed and turned to face me directly.

“Look, I’m sorry about what happened. I don’t know why it happened, just when we were in the tub for the first time in a long time I felt like I could be open with someone and I think the wine helped to lower our inhibitions.”

That was not the kind of explanation I had been expecting and, in fact, it wasn’t even that satisfactory an explanation.

“Mum, look,” I started, “that’s not what I’m confused about.”

“Oh, really?” she said, clearly quite surprised.

“No, we’re both adults and these things can happen,” I said, brushing off the explanation as it really wasn’t what was confusing me any more, “No, what’s confusing me is this.”

I produced the pile of post addressed to Emelia Roxx. I saw that she instantly went a bit pale as if she hadn’t expected me to find them.

“I can explain…” she started, “it’s… well… you see…”

“Mum!” I interrupted with as much authority as I could muster, “Please, who is Emilia Roxx?”

She shifted uncomfortably in her seat. I could see she was desperately trying to find the words to explain. This in itself made me worried, my mind immediately wondering what she had gotten herself into.

“Well?” I said after a few seconds of awkward silence.

“I’d really rather not say,” she said, sheepishly looking away.

“Mum, what’s going on? Why are you getting sent money from these companies, why are you having all this post delivered in another name?”

“I’m sorry, Alex, I can’t tell you, it’s too embarrassing,” she said, I could hear her voice starting to crack.

“Mum, after last night I don’t think there’s anything that we can keep from each other for the fear that it’s embarrassing.”

She turned to look at me. She locked her eyes with mine and I could see that she was thinking intently on what to say next. Eventually she let out a deep sigh, “I guess you’d have only found out on your own.”

“Found out what, mum?”

“Emilia Roxx is me. It’s the name I use for my new job.”

The new job! Of course, she’d never actually told me what she was doing for a living, but she said it was excellent money, easy work and was over all, a lot of fun.

“You have to change your name for your job?” I asked, slightly puzzled.

“Well, I didn’t have to, but it makes having a life simpler.”

“Eh? I don’t understand,” I said, still struggling to put the pieces together.

“Let me show you,” she said, picking up her laptop. She clicked away a few times, then placed the laptop on the table and hit “play” on the video she had loaded up.

The video started with two guys sitting in an office, talking to each other in graphic detail about one of the secretaries in the office.

“What is this?” I said, only to be shushed and told to keep watching.

After a few minutes of fairly terrible dialogue, one of the men on screen summoned someone into the office. Imagine my heart falling out of my chest when it was mum! Dressed in a short skirt, tight blouse, heels and stockings, she walked into the frame and within seconds both of the men on screen were pawing at her.

“You’re…” I started, unable to find the words, “a porn star?”

I looked over and she nodded at me. I could see how ashamed she was, she was blushing immensely.

“After I caught you jerking off to that video,” she said, “I was initially really upset. But I watched it back, realising that the woman in the video was my age. She was sexy, vibrant and she inspired the desire of men around the world. I did some research, I watched other videos of older stars and I saw that there was a desire for it.”

I sat in complete, stunned silence.

“So I thought, if those women could do it, why şirinevler elit escort couldn’t I?” she continued, “I joined a gym, lost weight, I ploughed my life savings into the surgery for my boobs, a tummy tuck and a slight lift. I was betting on myself. As the months went on and I got slimmer and slimmer I became obsessed with this idea that I would be in these movies. No one had ever really desired me since your dad and his desire became for guys. It was such a huge knock to my confidence and I was desperate, this seemed like the only way I could see to get back to me.”

“But, mum! Porn?!”

“You don’t know, sweetie, but when I was a teenager and in my 20s, before your father, I was sexy, all the guys wanted me and I loved the attention. I wanted the attention back. The holiday I went on was a lie. I was in London, auditioning with agencies, doing screen tests, buying outfits and meeting established stars.”

My silence resumed, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Eventually, Skin Talent took me onto their books and started getting me work. In the past few months I’ve made quite a few scenes and made more money than I did in the last two years of working at the office.”

I looked back at the screen, there was my mother, squatting down, taking turns sucking two massive cocks. My mind was swimming, I absolutely couldn’t believe what I was seeing and believing.

“I…” I started, “I just can’t get my head around this… My own mother is a porn star…”

“I’m sorry, honey,” she held my hand, “But it’s making me feel amazing. I can understand if you have a problem with it, though.” I looked back up at her, she now looked really ashamed of herself. I looked back at the screen as the scene switched to her lying on her back, being fucked by one of the guys and sucking the other one off.

“What I don’t get, mum, is why last night happened. I’m shocked that this is what you’re doing for a living, but it’s your life and it’s not up to me to judge you if it’s making you happy, I just still can’t work out why we had sex.”

“Well,” she said, slightly hesitantly, “One of the companies I work with, they pay a lot of money for talent who are willing to make… taboo scenes.”


“Yeah… scenes of incest. Sisters, mothers and grown up children, that kind of thing. I was offered a huge amount of money to do a taboo scene so I started looking up taboo porn and seeing what kind of thing I would be doing…”


“… and well, I found it really hot. But the more I read, the more I watched, I started imagining that the scene was being played out by me… and you…”

I could feel myself getting hot. Between the sight of mum getting double penetrated on the video and what she was telling me I could feel my heart start to race and there was definitely movement in my cock. I hadn’t even realised by mum’s hand was on my knee at this point.

“…so I booked to do the scene. It was really hot but I got far too into it. When I came I called out your name. That was two days ago and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.”

My hard on was raging by this point and no matter how I sat I could tell that she knew it. I was still in stunned silence, I didn’t know what to say to her. I looked back at the video screen just in time to see the scene end as both guys came on her face and neck. As the screen faded to black, we both sat in silence.

“Here, let me show you something else,” she said, picking up the laptop. I was slightly excited and full of trepidation about what she could possibly have to show me. She placed the laptop back down and hit play.

The scene started up with mum dressed in a tight dress, heels and wearing glasses. She was in a classroom. She turned around and dismissed the class but asked one girl to stay behind. It was a busty blonde girl, wearing the clichéd slutty catholic schoolgirl uniform, you know the type. The dialogue was awful but within a couple of minutes teacher was disciplining the student. I’m not sure how French kissing is a punishment, but porn doesn’t have to make sense.

As I watched my mother undress this young star, I felt her hands on my shoulder as she leaned my back on the sofa. I didn’t resist, but it was blatantly clear now that I had a huge erection as my jogging pants were completely tented. Mum leaned back on the sofa too and watched the scene with me. Just about at the point that the video showed mum going down on her pupil, I felt her hand on my bulge.

“You’re enjoying this one?”

I just nodded, without taking şirinevler escort my eyes off the screen.

“That’s good, sweetie.” She slid her hands under the waistband of the trackies, gently grasping my cock. I felt a rush of excitement, more profound than last night. Slowly she started to move her hand up and down. My breathing quickened and I began to unconsciously moan at the feel of her touch. With her free hand, she pulled the drawstring of the trackies and undid the knot, before pulling the waistband down and releasing my length. I looked down as she did this, I was harder than I think I’d ever been.

She opened her mouth, taking the head into her mouth and starting to suck me off in that expert way she could. On screen the student had undressed her and was now going down on mum. The sensory overload was almost too much, I had to really concentrate to try and calm down and not cum, so I could savour this experience.

As mum got into the rhythm of sucking me off, I reached over with my left hand and started rubbing up and down her back, which she seemed to like. She was lying forward, so I couldn’t reach round to touch her tits or grab her ass, but I was just content in this position, watching her suck me off and watching her on the laptop having her pussy eaten.

As the action changed on screen to mum fucking the poor girl with a very large strap on, she stopped sucking me off and stood up. She made a show for me of lifting off her blouse, which she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, then unzipping the boots and sliding them off. She turned around to face away from me, grabbed the waist of her yoga pants, then with an exaggerated movement, bent straight forward to slide them down, giving me an amazing view of her firm ass and the tiny pink thong she was wearing. With a similar movement, she slid the thong down and even from across the room I could see that she was dripping wet with excitement.

She moved back over to me, leaning forward to kiss me as she pulled my tracksuit bottoms off. She sunk to her knees, leant forward and pushed her boobs together, enveloping my cock. She made gentle movements up and down with my cock nuzzled tightly in her cleavage. I moaned, it felt so good.

“Do you like this, baby?” she said, holding my eyeline with her own.

“I love it, mum.”


I reached down and felt her firm tits as she used them to jerk me off. Suddenly, I felt like I was going to peak. She must have sensed it too because she leaned back and let me cock go free. She looked back at the screen,

“Do you like seeing your mum fuck girls?” she said, with language I could have hardly expected from her,

“I do, it’s really fucking hot,” was about all I could reply, such was my excitement.

“I like her, we’ve done a few scenes together,” she said, full of mischief, “maybe one day I’ll bring her home for you.”

“I’d like that.”

Without saying another word, mum climbed up and straddled me. She lowered herself gently onto my cock and suddenly I felt the heat of her pussy. She slid down it slowly, gently gyrating her hips on it. I leaned up and kissed her deeply as she did this. Gradually she started to speed up her gyrations till she was practically bouncing on my cock. She began to moan loudly and in time with her bounces. Without warning she grabbed onto my shoulders and dug her nails into me as she succumbed to an enormous orgasm.

“Fuck, sweetie,” she panted, “I love your cock.”

With that she continued to grind hard on my dick. I reached behind her and held onto her tightly as I started to thrust into her, fucking her as hard as I possibly could. Staying power be damned, I was desperate for her.

“I’m gonna cum…” I said as I felt the pressure building up.

“Cum in me, baby,” she replied.

“What?!” I protested.

“Cum in your mummy, fill me up!” she yelled.

“Oooooh fuck!” I yelled as I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as it swelled up.

“YES!” she yelled as she came, only for seconds later my orgasm to arrive. What felt like an unending stream of cum filled her hot pussy as I kept thrusting into her until the very last of it had left my body.

She leaned forward, moaning and kissing at me like a woman possessed. She didn’t get off me for a minute or so and as my erection started to subside I could feel my cum dripping back onto my cock. She clambered off me, went onto her knees between my legs and sucked at my ever decreasing erection, cleaning my cum and her cum from my body.

She came back up onto the couch and laid down with her head on my chest.

“I love you, Alex,” she said.

“I love you too, mum,” I replied. I was completely spent and I could tell she was too.

She fell asleep on my chest, naked and full of my cum. I watched the end of the scene on screen, as mum had finished fucking her student and they kissed as the scene faded out. Before I knew it, I was asleep too.

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