Mum’s Adult Slave Son!

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As 19 year old Kelwin knelt, he was overcome with love for Emery, and also with love for Mother, who had begun dominating Kelwin and his siblings after they turned 19. raised him well. ,

Mother had trained him to stand at attention, naked except for thigh high fishnets and high heels, his nipples encumbered with biting clamps.

Kelwin’s darling wife Emery might think that these rat-traps hurt Kel’s nipples, but Mother had taught him early on that pain was something you could resist.

She would often attach little weights to Kel’s nipples and then use her cat o nine tails and whip him, making him dance naked to the forbidden rock and roll songs!

“But Mummie, it’s just the Beatles” Kelwin would beg, tears streaming down his cheeks. “Most of my law school classmates are listening to obscene rap music!”

Mother was so beautiful, her breasts heaving in her low cut silk kimono.

“Strip off your clothes, Kelli…you’re going to learn that when Mummie tells you that you can’t listen to that filthy music, you’re going to listen to her!”

Kelwin’s cousin Abraham would be moaning in the basement—

Mother would have put him in the pillory and given him a vicious paddling with her big wooden fraternity paddle.

Abe, a college student, had argued that at nineteen he sarıyer escort was too old to have to be in bed by seven-thirty…couldn’t he go out with his friends from the Econ seminar?

But Mother was quite strict, and besides, she enjoyed riding Abe’s face in the evenings.

No, he wasn’t mature enough to go out with girls or have a beer.

If Mother had to, she’d invite his college friends over and let them watch her change Abe’s diapers and put hot pink nail polish on him.

Mother didn’t fool around! Kel had learned this, as he’d had the infantilism treatment.

And Kel’s sister Yvette would already be in the corner, her nude, adorable cheeks scarred and her knees scabbed from kneeling on jacks—

Mother’s punishment for when she perceived that Yvette had been spending too much time in front of the mirror.

Vanity was a sin only indulged by Mother, who was quite proud of her curling raven locks.

Yvette’s breasts, full and gourd-like, much like Mummie’s, would also have the signs of the swinging cat, long red streaks…and she would shiver in the corner, crying uncontrollably. Mummie knew best, though.

Kelwin would finally strip off his clothes—it was so embarrassing, she made him wear Eton suits to college—

Yes, wide sefaköy escort collars, velveteen ties, short pants and high socks—and if he was caught letting the socks slide down his ankles, there was trouble!

Then, standing naked and vulnerable in front of Mother, except for his chastity lock on his pecker (Mother abhorred the sins of masturbation)

Kel would wait patiently as Mother snapped the sharp steel clamps on his nipples, and then he’d wince as she began attaching the heavy weights.

“No, not the weights, Mommie, please!”

Kel would back off, but Mother would pull one of the steel snaps painfully, to bring her darling son forward again.

“No, you don’t, you bad boy! You’re going to learn not to listen to forbidden music. You can listen to Gregorian Chants if you want music.”

And oh, how those nipple clamps had hurt!

Mother would then order naked “Kelli” to roll on his fishnets and put on the six inch pumps, and begin to dance!

And then she’d begun swinging the cat, and making him jump around, miserably, while playing “Paperback Writer” or “Back in the USSR” so she could truly show Kelwin the futility of being addicted to such damaging tunes!

Kel learned however that pain is relative. Certainly, his nipples felt silivri escort as if they were being ripped off as the weights danced and bounced around on his narrow chest, but that was just for a little while!

He had to try and ignore the intense feeling of pain from the clamps, and of course the vicious cuts from Mother’s whip.

Oh, the nine tails cracking the sides of his hips as he stumbled about, trying to dance without displeasing her.

Kel had always been quite aroused by Mother, her breasts bouncing in the nearly open robe.

They were not related after all. She’d picked him up in an orphanage when he was small, and really, this should have made him grateful, though of course he sometimes bucked at her strict regimen.

But how many boys his age were experts at bringing a mother to orgasm, shuddering orgasms with his mouth as she sat on his face for hours?

And Yvette, his foster sister was quite beautiful and honey blonde.

Sometimes she would crawl into his bed at night, having stolen Mother’s chastity key. Yvette only could take out her anger against Mother by bullying poor Kelwin!

She’d tie his wrists to the headboards and then unlock his little belt and begin stroking his penis, rubbing it and sometimes even riding it, but always short of giving him an orgasm!

“Oh, no you don’t, Kelwin” she’d croon, having cum four or five times herself. “I’m locking’ you back up again, and you better not tell Mama.”

If Kel looked a bit truculent, Yvette would take her high heel off and pound it into his hard cock until it was tiny and bleeding!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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