Mrs. Asken’s Dilemma Ch. 02

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Mrs. Asken’s Dilemma: Tom’s convalescence.

Tom slept a long time after the bath his mother had given him. He was empty from the exertion. He was aware of his anus being, not sore, but exercised. His mother’s gentle washing of his ass led to a powerful orgasm as she manipulated Tom’s prostate causing him to ejaculate a week’s worth of semen onto the bed. Tom was too weak to consider all that had happened. He just knew that he was home and his mom was taking care of him. All he could do was let her.

Janet carried the tray upstairs to Tom’s room. Soft-boiled eggs and toast with coffee and cream. She called his name musically as she approached the room. He rolled over on to his back as she entered the room. His erection was visible under the tented sheet. Janet smiled as she looked at it and then at his eyes.

“Somebody is glad to see me this morning!”

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t know. I just woke up when I heard you.” Tom did not try to hide his erection or seem very contrite in his apology.

“Do you need to relieve yourself again?” Janet asked.

“Yeah, maybe I do,” Tom replied matter-of-factly.

Janet put the tray down and went for the urinal. She held it in her right hand as she came near the bed and reached for the sheet. In one motion she pulled the sheet away to see his naked penis staring at her. She smiled again and gently slipped the bottle onto his waiting cock. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and with her left hand steadied his cock, the flat of her palm resting on his balls. She felt his warmth. His piss streamed into the bottle. She smelled its earthy aroma. When he was done, she gave his balls a gentle squeeze as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Just yesterday at the doctor’s office she was scared witless about how to care for Tom. Thirty-six hours later and she was acting like cool and collected. At least on the surface. Inside she was memorizing every glimpse of him, every breath, every movement. She was burning up.

She returned from emptying the urine bottle and noticed that Tom had his hands behind his head again and was proudly showing off his erect penis to her. She raised an eyebrow and titled her head to the side in mock shock.

“Yes? May I help you?” she asked coyly.

Now it was Tom’s turn to plead forgiveness. “Sorry, Mom. I guess I need to show more respect. I’ll cover halkalı ucuz escort up.”

“It’s okay sweetheart. I think it’s cute that you let your mother see you naked. It’s like when you were a little boy running around the house naked.”

“Well, actually, Mom, I sort of wanted you to see me like this.”

“Oh?!” Janet replied. She moved to the bed and sat next to him. She leaned her body over him and supported herself with a straightened left arm on the other side of his body. In this way, her hip was touching his and the inside of her arm rested against his other thigh. She could see him and his cock in the same view by merely shifting her eyes a bit.

“Tell me more, son. It’s okay. You can be honest with me. We have plenty of time together as you get stronger.”

“Well, the thing that kept me going when I was in the woods all alone was remembering how you took care of me when I was sick. I just kept thinking that you would protect me and make me safe. Like when I was a boy and you let me run around the house naked. You always made me feel safe. So, being naked in front of you…well… it makes me feel safe again.”

Janet was touched and tears came to her eyes. “You said yesterday that you had dreams. Were those the dreams you had? Of me taking care of you?”

“Yes. But there were others too. You might not like those, though,” Tom looked down hoping not to break the comfort of the moment.

“You can tell me, sweetheart. Mommy wants to hear all about your dreams. You’re safe again with me. You don’t have to cover up in front of me,” she encouraged him to go on.

Tom began. “Well remember giving me a bath yesterday? I actually dreamed it would happen. I wanted you to wash me all over. I thought how great it would be if you washed my bottom like when I was a kid. When you did that for me, it was a dream come true. Really, Mom, it was.”

“It didn’t go too far? I mean, I didn’t hurt you?” she wanted to know.

“No. It was better than I could have ever imagined, Mom, and I want to do that again. And more. No girl has ever been so good to me. That’s sort of why I went on the trek. I figured if I was more of a hero, girls would like me more.”

“Oh, Tom, that is so not true. I’m a girl and you don’t have to be a hero to me. I love you just the way you are.”

“That’s halkalı üniversiteli escort the point, Mom. You do love me. That is why I can be myself around you. And I want you to be yourself with me, too. Now that Dad is out of the picture, I know that you have been lonely. Why can’t we help each other? My body is weak, but so is your heart.”

Again, the dilemma. She wanted to let go and to explore this arrangement Tom suggested and at the same time knew the danger of an incestuous relationship. They could both get hurt. But the image of her handsome son lying there beneath her completely exposed seemed to beg her to relax. He was all innocence. What could be more innocent than the love between a mother and son? Where was the line that got crossed between a mother taking care of her little boy? When did it suddenly become wrong?

“Oh, honey, I don’t know. There is a line we can’t cross.”

“But, Mom, I need you to help me. I can’t do it myself.”

That made sense to her. She was supposed to be nursing him back to health. Maybe if she concentrated on that, she could get through somehow. Focus on Tom’s needs. Yes, that was it. Tom was most important here.

“I see. Yes, you’re right. I want to get you back to health and help you recover. Whatever it takes.”

She tried to reassure him with her voice. Naturally, she reached her left hand out and began to soothe him by rubbing all over his body. Then both hands began to massage him. When she worked her way down his sides she saw a pool of clear liquid had gathered under the head of his penis. She dipped her fingers into it rubbed it into his skin. She understood that he was not only erect, but aroused. His body told her it needed attention.

She grasped his penis and began to stroke it. All the while they continued the conversation about what he needed from her. He told her about his other dreams, letting her cover him with kisses, taking him in her mouth, letting him suckle her breasts again. All these dreams Janet interpreted as signs of what he needed to make a full recovery. It was all for Tom, she reminded herself.

Before very long, she felt his cock harden in the extreme. Looking down, she saw the head get deeper red in color. Then his balls contracted and Tom’s breathing deepened. He arched his back. Janet continued haramidere escort the same pace slowly letting his orgasm build. She felt the first bolt of ejaculate surge under her hand and then saw it stream out of the end of his cock. It flew upward with such force that it landed on his shoulder. The second and third bolts did likewise, only losing a little distance in their flight. The last three spasms produced heavy white semen but they landed near his navel. She held his cock until the last throes of his orgasm had waned. Then she felt it begin to wilt in her hand. Like a flower whose glory had shown during the early morning died as the heat of the sun drained it.

She had drained her son and felt proud of herself. She was caring for him better than when he was a little boy. She was caring for her man-son.

Tom was exhausted. He smiled at her and tried to speak. She reached up to put her fingers to his lips. Janet did not realize that they were covered in Tom’s semen until several drips fell to his lips. He licked them automatically and smiled at his mother. He tried to thank her but fell instantly asleep.

Janet stared at the semen lying in puddles on Tom’s skin. Then she broke through the fence around her heart and wiped the hot spray with her fingers. She brought them to her mouth and tasted it. It was nearly tasteless, she thought. She wondered if that as another sign Tom’s body was giving to her about how he was recovering. As he gets stronger, she thought, his sperm juice will taste different.

Then, without hesitation, Janet leaned over her son and started licking all the semen off his body. Her tongue trailed all over the course of his trajectory sopping up and curling into her mouth every drop of his liquid seed. Her lips sucked against him as she tried not to leave any trace. She rolled the semen around in her mouth and tried to savor it, trying to sort the various flavors as the moisture moved across her tongue. She wanted to remember it as a baseline for comparison.

When she had cleaned as much of his skin as possible, she looked again at Tom’s face. It was angelic as he slept. Then Janet pulled her head down toward his limp penis. She was not going to stop until she had cleaned it too. The shriveled penis reminded her of when he was much younger. She took his little limp penis in her mouth and sucked it trying to pull the remains of his ejaculation out. Janet liked the way it felt in her mouth and decided to use that feeling as a baseline as well. She would be able to compare the strength of his erections against that information and judge how well he was recovering.

Janet was gaining confidence. It was all for Tom, after all. That was all that mattered.

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